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(Ch. 10) Plans with Family

Emma's POV

I opened the door to my apartment and as I entered, a mouth-watering smell engulfed me. My stomach grumbled just by the little sniff of it. I walked into the living room. Putting my bag on the couch, I headed towards the kitchen as I stretched myself to ease up the stiffness of my body. I looked in the kitchen and saw Kate making food and by the aroma of it, I could tell it was going to be delicious.

"Hey, Kate! I'm back." I smiled.

"Hey, Emma! Welcome home." She turned around to face me. She was wearing an apron in front and her hair rolled up into a messy bun while her one hand holding the spatula. "So how was your day?" She asked. A heck shitty day, I would say.

"I'll tell you later on. Right now, I am starving. So what you makin'?" I looked at the pans enjoying the aroma of it.

"I am making some Chinese food," she said, "I was in a mood of having some continental dish so I ended up deciding on chicken chow-mein along with stir fried noodles. Hope you like them."

My eyes widen in surprise. "You know how to cook Chinese food?" I asked because I was shocked - not a lot but a little.

It'd be the first time I'd be tasting some Chinese food made by her. Mostly we would have some normal usual food - easy to cook, like some rice with mashed potatoes or some other quick recipe. Sometimes we'd order some junk food for dinner - depending on our mood mostly. Our lunch was mostly from the cafe as we were on duty at that time, so this was going to be my first real tasty meal at home.

"Yeah, my mom used to love Chinese, she taught me," she answered, her eyes filled up with tears on the mention of her mom as her voice lowered. Her mom died in an accident when Kate was only 15. After that, her father took care of her as much as he can. But now, he was not in his best health and Kate was trying her best to support him.

"You know what!" I tried to cheer her up. "I bet it's going to be delicious. This aroma is just too hard to ignore. I'm starting to starve already."

"Wait until you taste it. I assure you, you wouldn't have eaten anything as delicious as this," she bragged as I chuckled.

"I believe in you," I told her smiling and gave her a hug. "How much time will it take?"

"Not more than half an hour," she smiled as she mixed up all of her ingredients. She had all the vegetables sliced and all the spices ready. The noodles were boiled too and just needed to be stir fried.

"Great! Then I'm gonna go take a quick shower and change my clothes. I'll be back."

She nodded and I came out of the kitchen. I took my purse from the couch and went to my room. Putting my bag on the bed, I stripped out of my clothes and hop into the shower. After taking a shower I changed into a loose shirt and shorts. There were still 15 minutes left for dinner so I took out the phone and called my mom.

"Hey, Emma! How's my baby?" She chirped as soon as the call connected.

"Hey, Mom!"

"So, how come you called me? You never had much time for me. Tsk... tsk..." My mom complained making me roll my eyes as my lips curled into a smile. She was always like this - a little too dramatic and always trying to bring out the fun in everything.

"Mom you know I love you and I call you every weekend and whenever I get time." I retorted.

"What? When? I don't remember,"

"Mom! I know you are messing with me."

She started laughing, "Yes sweety, I am just teasing you," Yup, that was my mom.

"Mom! I want to tell you something important."

I wanted to tell her about my job, I knew she would be thrilled to know it. "Wait! You got a boyfriend. Right? Oh, I'm so happy for you. Finally, you moved on. I can't wait to meet h-"

"Mom wait!!!" I instantly stopped her before she could continue to make all my future plans with my imaginary husband and then imaginary kids. God! My mom could get so out of control sometimes. She wanted me to get a boyfriend and move on but I couldn't afford another heartbreak. I have been through enough already and I don't have the strength to afford one more.

"Then what dear? This isn't the news?" My mother said, her voice a little heartbroken. "No mom. There is something more important than that."

"Oh no. Miss James don't tell me you're pregnant, I'm too young for a grandmother." She said angrily and I slapped my hand against my head.

What? Gosh! Mum!

"MOM! Stop your guessing! Just listen to me," I groaned. I so hate when mom do this and her guessings. She could be so out of control sometimes - or maybe all the time.

"Okay then tell me."


"I got a job as PA of CEO of Wilton's co. Eeehhhh!!!" I finally told her with a shriek.

"What you said is true, right? It isn't a joke or something?" She asked confirming and I confirmed it. "Mom it's the truth. An absolute true," I giggled.

"Oh my baby! I am so happy for you. I already knew that you would succeed. I am really really proud to be your mother," I heard her cry a little. "Mom! don't start crying."

"These are tears of joy, my baby," she told me as a smile formed on my lips.

"So how are you thinking to celebrate it?"

"Hmmm," I started to think. I didn't have a plan or didn't even thought about one. "I seriously don't know about that," I replied honestly.

"Then join us for dinner, it's almost a month since we last met."

Mum was right. It's already been a month since I went to my parent's house. I really want to meet them all and this little celebration sounds like a great idea. I miss my family.

"That's great, Mom! The coming weekend will be fine. What do you say?"

"This weekend won't be possible. We have to attend Sofie's Sports Day in school on Saturday and then we will be visiting your Aunt in Seattle. However, you can accompany us there." She proposed.

"No mom. I'll pass," I replied because I didn't want to visit my Aunt. She always starts questioning me about my studies and it's fine but when she starts questioning me about my previous relationships, it hurts. I had tried my best to forget that man, and the damage he did to me along with the dark experience he brought to me, but still, whenever someone asks questions or mention his name, my all deep wounds start to hurt. It still hurts remembering.

"OK dear, your choice. How about Monday after the weekend?" She asked and I thought for a while but then refused.

"No mom! I'll be too tired to go to work the next day."

"Oh. Then come this Friday and you can also have a rest on Saturday,"

What mom said seemed like a good plan. Today was Wednesday so I'll be able to see them after the two days and then on Saturday, I can also have a rest. "Yup mom! That'll be great."

"Okay, then it's final. See you on Friday. Love you." She gave me her kisses as I chuckled. "Love you, mom. Also tell dad too."

"No. I won't tell him, just give them a surprise. " I heard her chuckle as I smiled at the idea. It'll be great.

"OK... Bye, mom."

"Bye, sweetie!" I was just going to hang up when she said

"Oh, Emma! Be there at 6:30 pm."

"OK!" I replied and disconnected the call.

6:30 isn't a bad time I would be free from work at 5 and then there be 1 and a half hour for me to reach to my parent's house.

I was in my own daze planning about my Friday night when Kate's voice came.

"Emma dinner's ready," Kate shouted from the kitchen


I went to the small dining table in the kitchen. The food smelled delicious and the presentation could just arouse anyone's hunger. My stomach grumbled making Kate chuckle.

"Dig in," Kate said and gestured me to sit.

"Wow Kate, it sure smells delicious." I took my seat and started eating. "Mmm..." I moaned savoring every moment of this delicious dish.

"It's fantastic. You're great kai!" I took another bite getting lost in the amazing taste.

"I told you so!!!" She grinned and I moaned taking another bite.

Damn delicious!

"So Emma how was your day?" She asked.

"Not so good," I said munching.


"You wouldn't believe my bad luck. The jerk who bumped into me and didn't apologize, you remember him?"

"Oh that Mr sexy pants?"

"Yay yay, that..." I rolled my eyes at the name she gave to Edan.

"He again bumped into you?" She said with raised eyebrows.

"No, it's worse than that."

"Oh wait. Don't tell me he works with you. Right?"


Why everyone just keeps on guessing! Can't they just let me finish? Impatient people!

"Then tell me!" She said taking a bite of her food.

"Hey! I am trying to tell you but you couldn't just stop with your talking!" I retorted.

"OK ok, Sorry, now tell."

"That jerk is my..." I clenched my jaw. "He's my goddamn boss," I gritted my teeth as his damn smirk face flashed through my eyes. God dammit!

"OMG! That sexy handsome guy is your boss? No way! I can't believe that." She was shocked looking at me with wide open eyes and the next moment, she started laughing making me frown.

I told her the whole story how I signed a contract and now I couldn't quit for three years and how I met Violet and Kevin. However, I didn't tell her about our little accident though. Besides, it does not have any meaning. It was just an accident. After explaining everything to her, she finally believed me and chuckled.

"That's why I thought that I had seen him before."


"At the day of your first encounter. I thought I had seen him before but I thought it was my imagination. He's really famous. I also heard some rumours about him dating a woman." I rolled my eyes on his relationship status.

Like I care...

"Kate! You should have told me before." I complained.

If Kate would have told me before, maybe I would have given a little attention to that and surf through the internet. I wouldn't be stuck with this dumb-ass of a boss. I would have been able to find out who that jerk face is and would have never accepted the job of Wilton's co. I heard that the CEO of that company was an old aged man but I didn't know that he had his son in his place now. God! What a bad luck for me to work under him!

"Sorry." She pouted.

"Never mind. Let's get some sleep." I tried to cheer up a little. I didn't want to ruin my mood by thinking about that jerk.

What's done was now done. Time had passed. Now there's nothing in mourning, but I won't let him win the fight. I will show him who he has messed with.

"Okay," She smiled.

As today was my duty, so after washing the dishes, I retired to bed. Before going to sleep, I set my alarm for tomorrow on my mobile hoping everything will be fine tomorrow.


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