Destined to Love

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(Ch. 11) Horrible Memories


I woke up at 7 on hearing my alarm. Today I was very excited because I was going to see my family. I went in the washroom, brushed my teeth, took a shower and coming out headed towards my wardrobe.

I stood in front of my wardrobe to decide upon a dress. I decided to dress formally because in order of getting late I could go to my parent’s house straight ahead. The past two days were a lot hectic as I have to review a lot of documents and then call the clients to set the dates for meeting. The most surprising was that jerk of a boss of mine not once acted like s jerk. He didn’t interfere once in my any matter and we would have only normal business talks.

That was strange.

Shrugging the thought away, I turned my attention to my hanging clothes in wardrobe. I decided to wear the dress, I bought whilst shopping with Alice.

I changed into my dress. It was black with a neckline and it reached just above my knees. It was a bit tight, hugging my body showing my slight curves. I was not usually used to this tight clothes but Alice insisted me to buy it.

My back was half bare. Taking my black clutch having a small silver strap, I dropped my phone in it. I put on some liner, a little mascara and my strawberry lip gloss. I put on my black pencil heel, let my brownish black hair fall on my shoulders. They were a little wavy but I love them the way they were.

“Woah! Emma, you look gorgeous.” I jolted at a sudden voice.

“Kate! you frightened me. I didn’t know you were up!” Kate looked at me, mouth open. Her hair a mess as she was still in her pajamas.

“I am now. So a date?” she smirked.

“No. A family dinner.” I said while taking my denim black jacket in case if it gets cold.

“OK. Have a nice time.” Kate said to me and then went back to her room, yawning. She had a day off from her job today so I was pretty sure she’ll spend her day sulking.

I went in the living room and putting my jacket on the couch, went to the kitchen for a quick breakfast. I ate a toast and drink some coffee. I looked at the time as it was 8:30.

“Oh no. I’m going to be late.” I hurriedly sip my coffee and grabbing my clutch, went to the bus stop. Taking the drive of half an hour, I was standing in front of the office. I looked at the clock showing ten minutes past nine. As the cold breeze struck with my bare arms, I shivered and then remembered.

“Shit... I forgot to bring my jacket.” I muttered under my breath.

I don’t have enough time to go back as it was already 9:10 so I decided to give it up. I went to the 24th floor. I was late today and I wondered.

Will he scold me? Or punish me? No, he can’t do that. Or can he?

He’s my boss though. But I’m too Emma James! I won’t let him get me.

I opened his office door and went inside. He was reading some files and by the look on his face, I could tell he was in a bad mood.

Good! Just great!

Edan’s POV.

I was in a damn bad mood right now and it was all mom’s fault. She just wants me to settle down and have a real girlfriend. I had refused her thousand times, for god sakes I was only 23. I want to enjoy my bachelor life. I was a player! I don’t do dating and other shits. But unexpectedly my mom arranged a blind date for me. A girl named...

What was her name?

Aahh... Yes! Sara Lill! That was her name. She was fine. Yeah! A bit sexy too but I hate her. She was damn so clingy and won’t just keep her shit mouth off. I rejected her on the spot. A one night stand would be fine but whole life with her.

I would rather die.

She started crying as she was a mommy-daddy girl, but do I give a fuck?


My mom was a bit angry but she knows well that I couldn’t like her, that snotty big mouth. That girl cried but who cares? Well I don’t. I don’t give a fuck about her.

I looked at the time as it was 9:10 already.

Where the hell was Emma? Did she quit or something? She can’t do that but what if she ran away? She is so darn stubborn and she can do anything. I have never met anyone like her. She is somehow challenging and I love challenges.

I heard the door open and as I looked up. My eyes widen and for a moment, I wasn’t able to believe that this was the same Emma from that day or from past three days. Her beautiful hair were on her shoulders like a silk cloth. Her legs long and slender and her dress showed her light curves on the right places. A small cleavage visible from his dress as I couldn’t seem to breathe. Her long thin arms and those beauty bones on her neck... No one had ever made me feel like this. Usually its the opposite of this situation.

What is this damn thing?

Why couldn’t I get her out of my mind? Why couldn’t I seem to function when she’s around? Maybe the answer was simple she wasn’t attracted towards me. I was sure once I will get in her pants I will forget her and I’ll be back to my normal player self.

Hopefully yes...

“Miss James you’re late,” I said coldly whilst making my mind clear.

“Yeah. I know that. You don’t need to tell me that.” She replied sharply.

So? Today she’s feisty.

“Miss James no apology?” I said, a playful tone in my voice.

“Look who’s talking? The jerk boss! Let me remind you, my so forgetful boss. You didn’t apologize me in the first place and secondly, you made my life as hell. So we’re Even Steven.” She said, her hands on her hips.

Hot headed and Sexy!

I like it...

“So Miss James! I guess I have to punish you then.” I said with a smirk as I stood up from my chair.

“Well, I like your dress. I might say you look beautiful today.” I said while getting closer to her.

“I can see you had done a great effort to impress me,” I smirked as she rolled her eyes.

“What? To impress? Who? You Jerk?” She scoffed.

“Why would I impress you? You jerk. I had dressed like this for someone special not for someone jerk bastard!” She yelled at me as I tensed.

Someone special? Who was this someone special?

“Who is this someone?” I hovered over her, my eyes intense dark. The thought of someone with her boils my blood.

Damn! Its just been few days and I was acting like a possessive boyfriend!

Darn it!

“I don’t think so there is any need for me to tell you that!” She snapped.

“Well Miss James let me remind you, I am your-”

“What? Boss? I already know that. Tell me something I don’t know.” She said interrupting me.

The last two days were spent fine but today, I believe it’s gonna be fun.

She was so stubborn and challenging, she wasn’t a bit afraid or intimidated by me.

So different!

“Then I will tell you something you don’t know Emma,” I said getting closer to her. As I get closer, she stepped back, her eyes wide opened as she stared at me bewildered. I took another step forward and she did backwards. We were taking our steps when her back hit the wall.


I put my arms on the wall, blocking her and now she could not escape. I lean in, our body and faces a few inches apart. She was wide shocked. I noticed her cheeks which became a bit red and I smile inwardly proud of me in control. I lean closer so that my mouth was near her ear.

“You...” I said while licking her ear as she flinched.

“Are...” This time I nibbled her ear.

“Mine...” And this time I kissed her sensitive spot behind the ear.

She trembled a bit but hold on to herself. Her face red tomato and I chuckled a little as I looked at her face. After a moment she glared at me, her eyes blazing hot.

“YOU!” She yelled at me and started hitting me on my chest with her hands balled into fists.

Her eyes blazing with fire. her voice getting lower and lower and it felt like she was on the verge of crying.

What the hell?

“You bastard! Y-You jerk!”

“I hate you...hate you.” She said hitting me, her hit wasn’t painful, they were so light.

But... They did hurt!


I can’t seem to get what had I done?

She spun around in a flash and this time a slight sob left her mouth and I just stayed there confused. I had never seen that reaction before, usually, women will grin and beg me to take them right there but Emma!

She was so damn different.

Emma’s POV.

That jerk! Why he had to come near me? Why he had to touch me? This kissing, touching bring horrible memories to me. It brings back the memories of my boyfriend, my first love and it’s not easy to forget your first love. This touching bring horrible memories of what he turned into and how he tortured me. This closeness, this kissing creeps me out. It made my those horrible days alive before my eyes. He was my prince charming, my knight in a shining armor, my savior... And in the end... He ruined me. He took my trust and broke it. He ditched me and left me all shattered into pieces. My heart was broken, I was torn into tiny pieces. I spent a month in crying and to gather up my broken pieces and to arrange them.

From that day I made a promise to myself. To never trust a guy again and to never let any guy come near to me, but that idiot had to ruin it...ruin it...

I sobbed. I tried my best to not let him see me cry but this intimate things scares me. It hurts... It brought back those nightmares that had me up for weeks.

Damn that Bastard!

Damn him!

I held my arms and engulfing myself in my own embrace, I leaned against the tiled wall. My body shivered on remembering that dark night. That horrible night of my life. The night that changed me, that made me afraid of boys.

Emma snap out of it! You’re not that Emma. That broken Emma died three years ago. This is new Emma, brave Emma, fearless Emma... And you will show him, who that bastard is dealing with...

I reminded myself, straighten up and staring myself in the mirror, I wiped my tears and get a hold of myself. After half an hour I decided to just forget it. Washing my face and my smudged liner and mascara, I decided to keep my face simple. I came out of the washroom and went to my office. I looked at the files on my table and started reading them, indulging myself in work. It was lunch time but I wasn’t in a mood to go to the cafeteria. So, I decided to leave the lunch and stayed in my office.

My intercom beeped and with that... my breath hinged.

Should I pick it?

Yes, I will! I won’t show him that he had gotten me. I am brave Emma.

“Yes?” I said politely.

“Miss James, have you eaten anything?” He said, his voice laced with concern.

But why?

I had never heard his this tone before.

“Y-Yes.” I lied.

“Come to my office now.” He ordered me.

“OK.” I decided to follow his order. I’ll show him that I was not a cry girl or some vulnerable, pity girl. I was a strong person!

I picked up my bag and went through the small connected door to his office.

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