Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 12) Unexpected

Edan's POV.

I knew she was lying, she hadn't eaten anything. I hadn't seen her left her office for once. My mind was still pondering on what just happened a while ago. I still didn't get it. Why she acted that way when I touched her? The moment she looked at me, I sensed a fear in them. I saw a deep thing hidden in those eyes, and something made me feel that there was more to this strong Emma. She wasn't what she seemed.

But I was not going to lose. I would get her even if I have to take it slowly. I always get what I want, and I would get her too!

I heard the door open and looked up. She walked slowly towards my desk, her head looking straight, chin up but her eyes not looking at me. I could see she was avoiding me.

"Emma," I said slowly. She didn't answer

"Emma look I'm-"

"Only my friends and family are allowed to call me by that name which you're not. So with due respect Mr. Wilton, call me Miss James." She said in one breath and then turned her face to look down.

I stood up from my seat and walked towards her. At first, she didn't flinch or moved. She looked okay and she knew how to hold up her stance high. She looked brave, she seemed strong.

"Emma," I whispered going closer to her. I reached for her hand to hold it but she instantly back it away and then she started to back away, taking steps at a time. She looked at me and then give me a glaring warning - a warning saying me to stay away from her.

But I wasn't going to listen. I quickly grabbed her hand before she could move out. She sucked in a deep breath. I knew she was troubled right now and I wanted to be the one to comfort her. Although the cause of that trouble was me but now, I wanted to be the one to soothe it as well. She tried to free it but my grip strong.

"Let me go," she said with gritted teeth but I didn't listen. I held her chin gently and she flinched. I lifted it up so that she was looking straight into my eyes. Her eyes were red and puffy and I could tell she had cried. She quickly averted her eyes, freeing her chin from my grip as my heart clenched.

But why?

"Look I'm so-sorry," I stuttered a bit as I had never said that to anyone before. But why did I said it? Why did I feel her pain? Maybe it was because the cause of her pain was me.

She looked at me surprised as well and this time I saw her eyes softening a bit. She opened her mouth to speak, she tried to talk but no word came out of her mouth.

"I know you haven't eaten anything," I changed the subject, but she didn't respond and I was sure now that she hasn't eaten anything.

"Come eat with me," I said while taking her hand moving towards the couch.

"I'm not hungry," She finally spoke and tried to free her hand once again but I didn't let it go.

"Okay then just sit with me," I took a seat on the couch but she remained standing.


"Please," I cut her stammering surprising my own self. Fuck! What was going on with me? First sorry and now please? Damn it! My tongue wasn't in my control right now.

She didn't say anything and I made her sit on the couch. I was still holding her hand not ready to leave it yet. I think I went overboard earlier - a lot, I think.

I think I really acted like a jerk - or I just realized it this time. I didn't let go of her hand though, maybe I thought if I will, she'll run away. I didn't want that. I wanted to have her trust even if I have to take it step by step.

And after that, what you'll do? You'll crush her?

My inner voice asked as I bit my lips thinking on the thought. I don't know...

The door opened and a tray full of food was brought in. I had already ordered some food beforehand.

The food was placed on the table in front of us and I ordered the lad to go. He went out with the tray. I let go of her hand after assuring that she won't run away. I started to put a piece of fried chicken along with macaroni and cheese on the plate and offered that plate to Emma, but she shook a no. However, her stomach had decided something else. As I was drawing the plate her stomach growled a bit.

"Looks like Miss James, your stomach is thinking opposite of it." I chuckled as she got a bit embarrassed, her face slightly red.

"Are you going to eat? Or should I feed you?" I smirked. Her eyes shot up and she hurriedly took the plate from my hand.

"Good girl," I patted her head slightly, a smile on my face. She was surprised but didn't say anything. After about half an hour, we were done.

"Thank you, sir." She muttered.

"No need to. I thought it's a good way to apologize for my behaviour. I am sorry Miss James," I said politely.

She just nodded and then said, "I should go now, I... I have some work to do." With that, she turned around to leave but I stopped her. "By the way Miss James, call me Edan."


"That's an order Miss, or else I'll call you whatever I like."

She gave a slight nod still looking towards the exit direction, and went to her office as I smiled. Well, I think I can do this slowly... Not need to make a rush. But in the end, she was going to be mine. I smirked.

And I was gonna prove it.

Emma's POV.

I wasn't going to say yes to his offer but when he apologized, my heart softened. Damn you heart! Why you had to act like that? Couldn't you be a bit harsh and rude? I didn't want to accept his offer. I just went there to show him he hadn't affected me in any way, I didn't go there to have lunch with him.

Argh!!!! Damn my soft side!

But still, he apologized and then said please? I couldn't believe it. I wasn't expecting that from him. I was expecting some rude remark from him - knowing the arrogant jerk he was. However, when he gave me the plate and how my stomach growled. Damn! I was beyond embarrassed! But one can do nothing when the food is delicious.

My mood was better now - thanks to Edan I would say. I was glad he apologized and realized his mistake. I looked at the time to see it was almost five so I packed up my things. I took my clutch and went to the lift. As I reached the ground floor, I heard a loud thunder.

"Oh no! That's not good!" I muttered to myself.

I walked to the front door, looked out and to my dismay, there was a storm out there, it was raining heavily.

"Shit! Now how am I supposed to reach the bus station?" I whispered to myself. God knows, when this heavy pouring will stop. Uuh! this damn rain, just stop!

I was waiting for the rain to stop. I have been standing here for half an hour now but the storm was getting worse and worse by every minute.

Damn rain. Just stop!

"Waiting for someone?" I jolted at a sudden yet familiar voice. I turned my head to see Edan. He had an umbrella in his hand and was ready to leave.

"Mr. Wilton," I started.

"Care to come with me, cupcake?" He smirked and my eyes widen at the way he called me. Cupcake? What the hell?

"What? I told you not to call-"

"I told you to call me Edan or else I'll call you whatever I like," He reminded me as I pursed my lips in a thin line.

"Oh," I couldn't say anything else. What kind of thing was that? Come on! Who says that? Call me by my name or I'll call you whatever I like?


"So are you going to stay here? Because this rain isn't going to stop sooner." He stood next to me. By this time almost the whole office was empty. All other employees have there own car and some had taken rides from others as I was a newbie here so I couldn't request a ride from anyone and besides I have to go to my parent's house.

"I can drop you," he offered.

"Thanks for your offer but I'm not going home, I have an important thing to attempt," I replied politely.

"Then I can drop you there."

"It's a little far from this place," I replied looking towards the rain.

"Where?" He asked me.

I gave him the destination which I don't know why I did. I guess I didn't have any other thing to do.

"Great. I'm going there too. I have an important meeting there," he replied showing his thousand dollar smile and I had to admit, he looked even younger when he smiles. I have noticed him smile for the first time. And there... my heart did something strange. It felt like it just skipped a beat. Wait, what? No! That can't happen. Must be my imagination. Emma! Snap out of it! I closed my eyes and counted to ten and then opened them again.

He was looking at me, still waiting for my answer. "I..." I didn't know what to say. I wasn't having any other choice though.

"I'm not hearing any other excuses. Let's go, my car is just parked outside," he said and took my hand before I could protest.

He opened the umbrella and having no other option, I scooted a little closer and went under it with him. As we reached the door, I shivered a bit. It was cold out there. God! Why did I forget to bring my jacket?

As I was just going to step out the door, Edan stopped me. I took a look at him as he removed his coat and put it around my shoulders. I looked into his eyes, surprised.

"Don't want you to catch a cold," he chuckled while holding the coat on my shoulders. I could smell his cologne and the same muscular rosewood scent. Good gracious! I felt my cheeks warm up.

"Let's go, I don't think you want to get late for your date." His voice became a bit cold the other instant and my mind got confused.

Date? What kind of date?

I didn't know what he was talking about and what kind of date he was referring to. I was in this confusion when he grabbed my hand as my heart skipped a beat again. What the hell was happening?

He led me to the front door and I heard a loud thunder as I stepped out. I hate thunders and storms since that night. That night of my life was the darkest of all and the loud thunder from that night still lingers in my mind. These are one of the things I became afraid of. Every thunder, every flash of lightning reminds me of that beast. I tried to overcome my this fear in the last three years but still, it sometimes scares me out. Inside the building, the sound of the thunder wasn't that audible but moving out, it was clear and vivid. I tried to keep my fear to myself as I didn't want to show it to him.

We were walking in the rain under the umbrella. There came another sound of thunder flash and I shrieked grabbing Edan's hand a bit tightly. He stopped for a minute and looked at me. He could tell very clearly that I was scared as hell. I let go of his hand as I felt ashamed.

"You're afraid of lightning?" He questioned me calmly with a surprised expression.

"N-No," as soon as I said those words, there came another rumbling thunder. The sky looked as if been divided into two halves by this horrifying bolt as the horrifying face of that monster came in front of my eyes making me shudder with fear and my body started to feel the pain like it felt that night.

"Aahhh!" I let out another shriek and I was pretty sure he had gotten the correct answer now.

Damn me!

I was so scared that I didn't even want to even move. I felt an arm around my shoulder and in a swift motion, I was in Edan's arm. With one hand he was holding the umbrella and the other was on my arm. I was just going to protest when there came another thunder, I shrieked again and scooted a bit not closer.

Crap! Damn this storm! Damn my stubbornness! I don't care what he thinks, I was dying here.

I felt his hand on my back as he held me close and I could feel myself a little calm now. But deep inside, my heart was beating faster and my breathing was rapid. My whole body tingling from his electrifying touch.

We walked slowly towards the car. He was right, his car was parked right in front of the building after passing through the drive thru. It was just a few steps walk from exit to there. We got in, he started the car and turned on the heater as I removed his coat and gave it to him.

"Thanks," I muttered.

"No need to," his voice calm, and he put the coat on the back seat. We drove on the road and my eyes fixed on my lap.

I didn't know he had a meeting there and this late? I had arranged his schedule and there wasn't any meeting in that area then why he lied? "You don't have a meeting there," I spoke up after a minute.

"Hmm?" His eyes on the road.

"I am your PA, Mr. Wilton, and I know there weren't any meeting of yours in that town."

"There is,"

"No, There isn't! I know your schedule better," I retorted and he didn't reply.

"Mr. Wilton tell me the truth," I folded my arms and stared at him.

"Okay! I'll tell you for one reason?" he said as he turned the car to left.

"Fine," I said to him.

I wanted to know why was he going there. If it was especially just for me, then I didn't want his mercy or something. Why was he even doing this?

"I'll tell you if you start calling me by my first name," he said with a calm posture but a smile playing on his lips.

"B-But it's highly inappropriate. You're my boss and I'm your PA, and although you're a jerk and a total idiot but still, I can't just call you by your name." I said not a bit ashamed of my words.

"You can call me a jerk and an idiot but can't call me by my first name? What kind of thing is that?" He chuckled.

"My kind of thing. " I shrugged and turned my face to look out of the window.

"Excuse me? I'm your boss, and if you're not calling me by my first name then I'm calling you by yours," he smirked again.

"Who are you? Mr. Bipolar? Why are you like this?" I rolled my eyes.

"Who are you, Emma? Why are you not attracted to me? Why you hate when I talk to you? Why are you scared of me? Why you hate guys or is it just me?" He retorted.

I got shocked at his questions and my tongue tied up as I didn't know the answers of them. I kept silent as I didn't want to discuss with him about my past. I didn't want to get involved with him. I will remain, Emma who hate guys; although he helped me today but still I couldn't just tell him all about me. I had only known him for a few days and I couldn't just trust him.


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