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(Ch. 13) Uninvited Guest

Emma’s POV

After one hour drive of continuous chattering, we finally reached my parent’s house. It was not a huge mansion but it was quite big and it was enough for our family. Our house consisted of all together 10 rooms with five on both floor. The lower floor had a living room, dining room and a kitchen with a small garden at the back of the house and a small pool. This was our home, our haven.

“This is your boyfriend’s house?” I turned my head to see Edan, his jaw tightened and gaze intense and I wondered why he looked like he was going to punch someone.

“Excuse me? What are you saying?” I asked him confused.

“Your date Emma! Look I’m not dumb! I know you had worn that dress for a reason and I know clearly that you’re here for your date.” He said coldly and I cringed at his damn thought.

Date? What the hell!

“What is wrong with you idiot!I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t do dating shits. And for your kind information, I hate guys and this is my parent’s house as they have invited me to a dinner. Idiot!” I shouted at him.

That idiot! He really thought that I was going on a date.

“Oh. My bad.” He started laughing and I must say he looked devilishly handsome while laughing this carefree like he was free from all the worries and there wasn’t a single thing disturbing him. I smiled a bit seeing him laughing at his own dumb assumption.

He really thought I was going on a date? But why he cares?

His laughter died down at once and I turned my attention to him to see what just happened. He was seeing me as he has seen a ghost or some alien with his mouth agape open.

“What happened?” I raised my eyebrows touching my face to see if there was something on it.

“You just smiled,” he said looking at me as his lips curled up in a sweet slight smile.

“So?” I asked averting my eyes from his heart twisting smile.

“It’s the first time I had seen you smile. You look even gorgeous with your smile.” My cheeks heat up by his damn comment and despite knowing boys and their rubbish make-a-good-expression comment, my heart made a small flip.

Damn! Why he has to keep making my heart flip!

“And more cute when you blush.” My eyes widen as my heart made another flip.


“Aah... By the way thanks.”

With that, I left the car to avoid further conversation and confusion. By now, the rain had stopped and taking careful steps so I won’t slip on the wet floor, I reached the door. I looked back to see the car was still there at its same spot and I wondered why hadn’t he left yet?

Well, I shouldn’t care less!

I turned my face towards the door and was going to knock it when it got wide open by my 6-year-old brother. He had grey eyes like mine and his hair was blonde like my dad’s which was a mess now and I guessed he must have woken from a nap.

“Sis...!” He said jumping up and down as I picked him up and cuddle him. I kissed his cheek as he giggled.

“How’s my little prince?” I said laughing and he continued giggling.

By then my 15-year-old sister came and hugged me.

“Sis... You made it.”

By then my mom and dad also joined us as they all pulled me into a warm family hug.

Can’t they wait for me to just come in?

“How did you get here? There was a terrible storm out there.”

My dad asked pulling away from the hug.

“Actually I got a-”

“And who’s in that car?” as I was going to answer him, he asked me and I looked back to see his car still there.

Why was he still here?

“Dad he gave me the ride to here,” I told him as I heard the engine of the car starting.

“Then we should thank him.” With that, he headed towards the car.

“Wait, dad!” I shouted but he didn’t listen. Before I could stop him, he was already talking to Edan.

Just Great!

Edan’s POV.

I was looking at Emma and her family. She was laughing, although it wasn’t clear from here but I could tell she was enjoying herself. By seeing them I could tell she really loved her family but I didn’t know she could be a loving person as well. I have always seen her fierce side but still it’s been only two days with her. I saw her cuddling her brother as he was giggling. I had never seen her like this before. This relaxed, this much joyful and this side of her was new for me.

A smile crept across my lips when I remembered her smile. She looked so cute with that sweet smile and when I complimented her, she looked even cuter when she blushed. It was strange for me. I have never seen a cute side of a woman. It was just about how sexy and how tempting they looked. It was never about cute or pretty or sweet. But in case of Emma, she made me said those words which I never thought I would say.

What was she doing to me? And this fast?

What the heck!

I started my car and as I was pulling away from the driveway, I saw a man approaching me which I assumed was Emma’s father. He gestured me to stop and I turned off my car and came out. He stood in front of me and I took a closer look at him.

“Mr. James?” I inquired as he looked at my face and then from head to toe.

“Oh. Edan! It’s you! It’s been a while since we last met.” He greeted me and pulled me into a hug.

“So how’s your father and how’s your business so far?” he asked me.

“They both are great,” I replied smiling.

“Great to Know. And thanks for dropping Emma here. It means a lot to me.” He pat my back as I smiled.

“No need to...”

“Of course there is. Come join us for dinner.” He offered me and as I was going to say no, a thought came to my mind.

It will be fun to see Emma in this house where she grew and spent her life and by this, maybe I could gain her trust too.

“It’ll be great,” I replied agreeing to my this thoughts.

“Then come join us.”

I nodded and locking my car, followed him. I looked at Emma who was standing on the doorway and looked in our direction with a confused expression on her face. The rest of the family was already inside and she must be waiting for her dad.

“D-Dad what the-” she said as we approached her.

“I thought it’s the best way to thank him. After all, he brought you all the way from there.” His dad replied as she let out a groan of frustration and went inside.

“Sorry for my daughter’s behavior. She just hates guys and could not stand them.” He apologized to me as I smiled thinking about it.

Well, I know very well that...

I didn’t utter a word as we went inside the house and he led me to a living room . We sat on the couch and started talking about some business and our new projects. My mind was constantly drifting to where Emma had went as my eyes were in search of her. I hadn’t seen Emma since she left us in the doorway and now I was wondering where could she be?

“Excuse me, Mr. James! Can you tell me where’s the washroom? I need to wash my hands.” I asked politely.

“Oh! Why not? Just a right from here and then there are stairs, climb up and a left from there is the guest room. You can freshen up there.” He replied and I nodded. He went to the dining room and me towards the stairs.

I climbed the stairs and went towards the left. I saw almost 4 doors there and then opened the first one, it was a store. I opened the second one and it looked like a room as I decided to check in. The walls were painted with mauve color and there were white colored curtains hanging on the windows.

I glanced at the pictures hanging on the walls and I decided to take a closer look. There was a cute girl having a white bear in her hands, her eyes grey and hair blackish brown as she was smiling. I focused on the picture and wondered who was she. She looked like Emma. May be a younger sister of hers. But I could say she would grow up into one heck of a beautiful woman. I looked around and saw a dairy as I opened its first page.

“Emma’s personal diary. My best friend.” I read it as I immediately closed it.

I should not read it. It’s personal.

Emma’s Diary?

Then I bet the girl in the picture was Emma too.

I looked around the room and saw a picture on her bed stand. It was of her family. They all were smiling as Emma was kissing her mom’s cheek. I could also smell her sweet jasmine perfumed scent here. A smile crept on my lips without a reason. After having a tour around her room, I decide to head back when I heard her yell.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I turned around to see her glaring at me as she was standing in the doorway. Her hands on her hips as her eyes were shooting daggers at me.


“Looking for the washroom,” I replied innocently.

“Get out of my room.” She gritted her teeth and moved towards me.

“Oh! Is it your room? I didn’t know that.” I planned to play innocent. She gritted her teeth as I smiled inwardly enjoying teasing her.

“No wonder you look cute in that pic.” I pointed at the pic in which little Emma was in a bathtub, a huge smile on her baby face.

“How dare you!” She said while coming closer and it looked like she was gonna attack.

She moved towards me and I stepped aside and she fell on the bed. I let out a chuckle and this made her more aggressive. She again tried to attack but this time I caught her hands. She struggled to free her hands but my grip was stronger.

“You had a cute diary there,” I said while looking into her eyes and arousing her anger.

You are playing with fire Edan!

My conscience warned me and I couldn’t agree much. She wasn’t just a fire but a blazing hell and this hell was gonna burn me...

But I couldn’t care less because don’t know why but I was just loving teasing her.

Her eyes got wide and then she tried even harder to hit me. But I didn’t let go off her hands, she pushed me but was of no use. I was stronger and this made me smile victoriously at her. She groaned in frustration as she kicked my leg this time making me lost my balance. I tried to regain it but failed to do so as we both fell on the bed. Emma’s back on the bed and I was on top of her. Her furious eyes were replaced by startled ones as mine with more amusement. She was staring into my eyes and me in her grey ones. We both had forgotten our little fight and now we were staring into each other eyes. My eyes shifted to her lips.

Those cherry red lips...

Her lips parted as she closed them and then bringing her lower lip in between her teeth, she slightly bit it and now I wanna bite it, to taste her tempting lips.


I leaned in and she didn’t protest. I took this as my chance and lean closer as she was staring into my eyes with a mysterious expression in them. I leaned more and now our lips were a millimeter apart...

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