Destined to Love

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(Ch. 14) Family Time

Emma’s POV.

Right now Edan was on top of me and he was leaning closer and closer as my eyes were settled on his well-sculptured face. His muscular arms caging me and I don’t know why I wasn’t pushing him away. For some reason, I had become numb... I wanted to push him away but my body wasn’t agreeing with my mind.

What was wrong with me?

I was angry as hell when I found him in my room. Who knows what he was doing here? He may have read my diary and if he had... I was so gonna kill him. I had written everything in it; my first crush, my first boyfriend, my first heart broke... About that cruel night.

Everything! And if he had read it, I will be ruined. He could use it in any way. He could use it to blackmail me. But right now, my anger just vanished in thin air and I don’t know and I don’t seem to care... Right now, my mind was drifted to somewhere else, to someone else as I was looking into those blue eyes. By looking at them I became calm at once.

They are like a peaceful ocean. By looking at them my all furry seems to fade away.

I saw Edan getting closer, our lips a few millimeters apart and now we both were breathing one air. I don’t want to do this but why my body wants this? Why I want that lips on mine? Why my lips instantly felt dry? What were these electric sparks I was feeling? What was happening?

Emma! Snap out girl!

“Emma..!” I came back to my reality by the voice of my mom. I pushed back Edan as he fell down on the floor and I quickly get up.

“Emma dear... Dinner’s ready.” My mom shouted from downstairs and I thanked God for bringing me back to my senses.

“Coming mum,” I replied back.

I turned my attention to Edan, a smirk planted on his lips as he was still on the floor. His hands in his hair as he looked at me with a teasing smile. I don’t know what to say. There was an awkward silence between us and I was beyond embarrassed at my actions of not pushing him away and I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened. After a moment, I decided to break that silence.

“The guest room is the last room,” I said while pointing in the direction.

“What?” he said calmly.

“You said you’re looking for the washroom.” I reminded him as his eyes locked in mine.

“Oh... that.” He said still not leaving my eyes.

I averted my eyes to avoid his hypnotizing gaze. He stood up and brushed past me as he left my room and went to the guest room. I sighed and went downstairs but before that I put my diary in a drawer and locked it. I went to the dining room and sat on the chair. My father was sitting in front of me and my mom by his side, beside her my brother was sitting as my sister was sitting beside me.

“Where’s Edan?” My father asked as I shook my head.

“I don’t know.” I lied.

“I’m sorry for being late.” He said with a smile and sat right beside me as I felt like someone has connected me with a battery or high voltage source. I could feel electric sparks running throughout my body. I looked at him to see his eyes on me.

“So this is the gentleman who brought you here?” My mother started as we turned our attention to our dinner.

“Yes. He is the one.” My father replied for me.

“And moreover, He’s one of my best clients.” My father added.

“What?” I spoke at once completely confused.

Did I hear him right? This jerk is what?

“Yes, Emma. I had designed their each and every building. His father and I are really good friends. You know his father and I went to the same college.” My father explained, smiling at his old memories.

I don’t know what to say as I was completely shocked. My dad was an engineer and had his own well-built company of interior designing and had designed many famous buildings, hotels, offices. He had many people working underneath him, so there wasn’t anything not to believe but still, I couldn’t believe my ears. My appetite just vanished.

“So do you have a girlfriend?” My sister joined the conversation making me roll my eyes.

Just Great!

“Yes he have! Her name is Taylor Seville.” I said at once while my lips formed in a smirk and I turned my head to meet his amused eyes.

“No, I don’t have one. She’s my secretary only.” He smirked this time still having his blue eyes penetrating in mine as he emphasized the word only.


The next what my sister said made my bite stuck in my throat as I chocked on to my bite.

“Oh, Emma is single too. You can take her on a date.”

I quickly grab a glass of water and gulp it as I coughed. This helped me to get rid of my burning sensation.


“Sofia!” I whispered yelled at her.

“What?” She said innocently.

“Don’t play innocent with me.” I glared at her and I could tell that Edan was smirking right now and enjoying every moment of it.

God! Can I die for a little time?

My dad finally changed the topic but it wasn’t that good either.

“So how you both met?” My father asked me as I heaved a long breath.

Great! What a dinner!

“She is...“. “I am...” We both said in unison after a moment and we were again back to our staring contest. We looked at each other eyes for at least 2 minutes when my mom cleared her throat.

“Oh dear! Emma has something important to tell.” My mother broke our staring competition saying to dad and me.

“Oh, what is it?” My father looked at me and I just stared back blank.

I don’t know how to tell him when my jerk boss was sitting beside me.

Now what?

“Tell them.” My mother mouthed to me.

I gathered my confidence and replied.

“I got a job as a PA.”

Silent fell on the table but after a moment my whole family get off their seats except my mother and pulled me into a hug. My father kissed my forehead. “My baby girl... You finally got your dream job and at such a young age. I’m very happy for you. You had made us all proud.” My father kissed my forehead again.

“Thanks, dad,” I replied, smiling.

“So who’s your boss? I bet he’s handsome, sexy and charming.” Sofia said cheerfully, getting all dreamy. My eyes got wide and I don’t know what should I do now. I saw Edan grinning at me and I knew he had heard what Sofia just said.


“No, he’s not... He’s a complete jerk.” I said looking at Edan and this time I was the one grinning.

“Just sit down all of you. Finish the dinner.” My mom ordered as they all sat down.

“So sis... How long you’ve been working for him?” Sofia asked me.

“Four days.” By force, I would add.

“Four days? That less? No offense that’s why you’re calling him a jerk. You should give him some time, I bet he’s gonna change your mind about guys and you may find your love.” Sofia said dreamily as I just chocked on my own breath.

What the heck!

She should definitely stop reading too many romantic novels.

“Yes dear! We want the best for you.” My mother said while holding my dad’s hand making me frown.

Not them too...

“We want you to be happy with your love and forget about Den.” My father said as I tried to swallow my anger and stood up. I had enough of this conversation.

“I’m done.” With that, I left the table.

How could they talk about this? And in front of Edan? He was gonna think of me like an idiot. My whole reputation, gratitude was finished, ruined. I went into the balcony and I didn’t stop my tears this time. I cried and cried, I want to get this out. I was crying my pain out. I was crying on my fate, on my destiny. I was crying on what he turned me into. He destroyed my happiness, he made me vulnerable and no matter how much I try to be strong, I end up getting torn again by his name.

Why did I fall for that monster?

“Are you okay?” I didn’t know when someone came behind me as I tried to wipe my tears.

“Why you care?” I said trying my hard to stop my tears but couldn’t help it. The whole past playing before my eyes like a movie.

Please! Just stop!


“Go on! Laugh at me. Make fun of me. But I’m not in a mood to argue with you.” I said sobbing still trying my best to stop myself from crying in front of him.

“I’m not here to make fun of you. I’m just here to see if you’re okay.” I looked at him, my eyes red and puffy from crying.

“Why?” I whispered.

“I don’t know... Look everyone has something in the past that they don’t want to remind but you can’t just cut it out of your life. It’s a part of your life and it helps you to become brave... just like you are Emma.” Edan replied seeing in my eye as I looked at him blank. I was surprised by those words and especially from Edan’s mouth. He just sounded like the total opposite of a jerk...He came closer and holding my face gently, he wiped my tears with his thumb and my stomach turned upside down.

“I don’t want to see you cry again. You are brave. You are a fighter, you don’t easily give up. So wipe down those tears and don’t you ever cry again.” His words gave me confidence for some unknown reason. I don’t know how to thank him as his mere touch made me calm.


I closed the distance between us as I came closer and holding his shirt with my hands, I hid my face in his muscular chest. His body went rigid at once as he didn’t respond. His hands hung on both side of his body and he didn’t utter a word. I thought he didn’t like this.

My mistake!

I drew back a little, embarrassed at my actions. I turned around to leave but was stopped by a hand. He held my arm and in a swift motion, I was back in his arms. He held me tighter this time as I hid my face in his chest.

“You can let it out.” He said softly caressing my back.

And this was enough, I couldn’t stop my tears more. I cried and cried remembering Den. Whenever someone mentions his name, all bad memories came alive as if it all just happened yesterday and then I couldn’t just control it.

Edan kissed on my head as he continued to soothe my pain. After 10 minutes, I came to ease. His shirt was soaked in my tears but he didn’t let me go, he didn’t complain and he remained there for me. He held me closer and I also didn’t want him to let me go. I could feel like I was safe now and this was the strangest thing.

“I should go now. It’s getting late.” He said after some time as I nodded.

“I’ll come too.” My voice close to a mere whisper.

“Aren’t you gonna stay the weekend here?” He inquired as I shook my head. Tomorrow my family would head to Seattle to meet my aunt so there was no need for me staying here.

“Then let’s head back.”

I nodded while letting him go but he didn’t leave my hand. His rough hand holding my soft one as we went downstairs and headed to the living room.

“Look Emma! I’m sorry.” My father said as we reached the living room, by then Edan had left my hand as I simply nodded.

“We should leave now, it’s getting late,” Edan said.

“Oh... Well, do come again. We wish you both could stay a little more.” My mother said.

“Next time. Sure.” Edan smiled looking in my direction and I wondered will there be a next time?

“Sis...” I turned my head to see Sofia.


“Sorry for what I said at the table.”

“It’s fine now,” I replied while hugging her.

We went to the door and Edan was beside me.

“We will come meet you.” My parents hugged me.

“Sure.” I hugged them back.

“ didn’t tell us how you both met..!” Sofia asked giving the life to that topic.

Not again...

“Oh yes.” My mother said looking at me and I bit my tongue.

“Miss James is my PA,” Edan told them to cut off my confusion.

There eyes wide opened as if they had just received a great shock. All the things they said about my boss in front of my boss. Well! That was quite embarrassing. But no! They weren’t embarrassed at all. Instead, my father said.

“Edan! I’m so glad that my daughter is in good hands. I trust you more than anything...Take care of my daughter.”

Seriously... Why even he had to say that. It’s like I was getting married or something.

My parents could be so out of control sometimes but you can’t blame them when you’re their eldest kid. They want the best for you and they are extra cautious.

“I surely will...” Edan smirked at me making me to scowl.

Such an idiot!

But this idiot comforted you!

My conscience reminded me.

After bidding goodbye, we went to the car and drove back. I was so tired that I went to sleep. I felt a warm coat over me as I smiled and mumbled a thank you to Edan. Today was a whole roller coaster ride of emotions...

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