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(Ch. 15) Partying with Friends

Emma's POV.

It's been two weeks since I went to my parents for dinner with Edan I may add, but thanks to Edan, I didn't have to take a bus on my way back. I had a tight schedule the past two weeks, there were four deals that we wanted because those deals were with the most wealthiest CEO of the whole of America. Although Edan's company also stood in the top companies but by bounding a deal with those companies, it'll be a great benefit for us. In order to get that deals, I had worked so hard, and thankfully we got three of them and now I was praying for the fourth one.

Today was Saturday that means I could sleep all day and rest. I was lying in my bed when I heard my phone buzz. I took my phone to see a message from Edan. Since that day when I cried in Edan's arm, I felt a bit guilty for treating him the way I do. He isn't that bad and moreover, he didn't ever mention it nor even push me to tell him that.

He was not a jerk after all, I guess.

I read the message from Edan.

'Thanks for your hard work. We got the fourth deal also and for that, we're going to Mexico.'

'That's great. When will we leave?' I texted a quick reply.

'We're leaving on Monday. There's going to be a four-day stay.' His message came the second instant.

'Okay.' I texted.

I put my phone aside and went to sleep. After almost two hours I heard my phone buzz disturbing my beauty sleep as I groaned and without looking at the ID, I snapped.


"Young miss! That's not the way to talk to your mother." Mum yelled at me.


"Sorry, mum. I didn't know that it was you, I was sleeping," I apologized as I yawned.

"Sleeping at this time of day?"

"Yes mum, I had been so busy in the last two weeks." I rubbed my eyes and yawned again.

"Oh, my baby! you know you choose this profession. We already told you how hard it is, and it's just the start, but nope, you didn't listen to us at all, and you don't have to work this hard. Your father's company is yours. Come work with him."

"Mom! I want to learn and establish myself with my own strength. I don't regret my decisions," I answered.

"Okay, as you wish." She sighed knowing she couldn't force me. We had talked a lot about this in the past years and my mom knows well that she couldn't convince me.

"So I had called you to ask how have been things going on between you and Edan?"

My eyes shot up at the mention of his name and I quickly jerked up to sit straight.

"What do you mean? He's my boss, my employer and I'm his employee. There's nothing between us and never will be." I stated.

"Okay. No need to get aggressive, but still, Emma just move on. You can't just sit here and mourn forever. Besides Edan is a good person and the plus point, your father knows him personally, "

"Mom! Just leave this topic I don't want to talk about it."

"Okay dear," she paused and then heaved a long sigh.

I knew she wanted me to be happy and to move on but I can't just continue to start trusting people again. What if it all ended the same way it did back then? I am afraid. Sorry, mom! I can't repeat my mistake again.

"So... How about your university?" She said after a moment.

"Yeah, about that. I got accepted into NYU!" I told her with joy. "I will be doing masters from there, I am so happy." I was overjoyed. I just got a letter yesterday saying I got the admission.


"Waoh! Another good news from my girl. We are proud to be your parents. Love you."

"Thanks, mum. Love you too!" I replied with a smile.

"Have you told Edan about that?"


"How are you going to manage that?" I could tell my mom was a little worried now.

"I'm saving some money. Still, there are three months left for the classes to start. So if I had saved enough money, I'll just quit that job." I told her.

I hadn't told her about that contract for three years nor she knows that I don't have the liberty to quit my job. My boss has the authority of that and I must say it's just so unfair.

"I know you'll figure it out. You are a smart girl."

"Thanks, mum."

"But still, you know we are always here for you. You don't have to work and stress yourself." Mom said her usual sentence and I replied with my usual reply.

"Mom! I know you are always there for me. But you know how I love to earn for my own needs and how I wanted to have an independent life."

"Yes sweetie, I know," she sighed.

"Okay, bye then. Take your beauty sleep," she chuckled making me smile.

"Yeah, mom. Bye," I chuckled in response and hung up the phone. I put it aside and tried to sleep but couldn't do so. I shifted on my bed as my mind was constantly pondering on one thing.

How was I gonna quit that job? Maybe if I told Edan he will understand that. He surely will. I hope.

I don't know for how long I was just on my bed staring at the ceiling until Kate told me that it was almost 6 in the evening.

"You aren't ready," she said while standing near my bed, her hands on her hips.

"Oh! I'll be in half an hour." I told her, getting up to get ready.

"Not a minute above it." With that, she left my room.

I had promised Kate that this time I'll go to the club. She wants to have a celebration for my job and for my admission to the university. So, I couldn't escape this time. I got up, took a shower and came out to decide what to wear now. I looked at my wardrobe as I stood there still thinking.

"I need to buy new clothes," I muttered to myself.

After looking for ten minutes, I decided to wear my red dress. It had two straps, it reached just a little above my knees. It wasn't that tight but hung on my body perfectly, I let my hair fall on my back in natural waves. I applied some lotion on my face to moisturize it and then put on eyeliner in a thin line. I gave my eyelashes a slightly thick volume by my mascara. My eyes looked good. Now time for my lips. I took out my red lipgloss and applying a thin layer on my lips, I was ready.

"Emma hurry up. We're leaving," Kate called me. "Yup! Coming," I answered back and taking my perfume, sprayed it a little.

I took my purse, put on my red satin high heels and went downstairs upon hearing a honk. There was a car parked outside and Kevin was driving it. Violet was sitting beside him whilst Kate and I sat in the back. "Ready ladies?" Kevin asked. "Yes!" We all cheered together. He started the car and drove towards the club.

After I introduced Kate to Violet and Kevin a week ago they became great friends. When I told them about NYU, they were very happy and also wanted to celebrate. They all decided to go to a club this Saturday night and I had no choice but to agree with them. Kevin stopped the car in front of the club as we stepped out and stood in front of the club.

"You look smoking hot Em," Kate said to me. "Oh yes, you do." Violet agreed grinning.

"Um...Thanks?" It came out much like a question because I don't know what else to reply. I was just not used to this type of situations.

"By the way, you guys look good too. Like sexy good," I winked at them and they both chuckled.

Kate was wearing a blue dress which was having a neckline not too deep. The dress reached her thighs and her back was half bare but covered with knots of blue coloured strings. Her hair from front were pulled up in two braids from both sides, and from the back, her hair were falling on her shoulders. Whilst for Violet, she was wearing a purple coloured top. From up, it had a V-line, a little deep, so her cleavage was a bit visible, she had it paired with a tight skirt of white coloured having purple flower motifs printed on it. She was looking a bit wild but pretty. Her ginger-coloured hair were tied from left and she had them put on her right shoulder.

"Ladies! Let's go in and have some fun." By then Kevin had also returned after parking the car. Kevin cheered and we all hooted.

As we went in. A blast of loud music greeted us as there was a high pop music playing, sweating bodies dancing on the dance floor and enjoying. Some fellows drunk, some getting some shots and some making out.

Jeez... They should control that or get a room.

We went to the bartender. Kate and Violet ordered whiskey while I ordered a simple soda.

"Don't wanna get drunk?" Kevin questioned with a smile.

"No, I'm not good with hangovers," I replied politely.

Last time I got drunk was when I was heartbroken by Den and I was a complete mess. My old wounds still bleed by remembering his name and what he did to me.

Seriously! I need to control that. Do not think of the past, Emma. Just relax and enjoy.

"Let's dance," Violet gushed.

"Yes," Kate replied and got up.

"Emma let's go," Kate took my hand but I stay sited.

"No, please. I don't dance." I withdrew my hand. I don't know how to dance. I had not danced for a long time, the last time I did was when I was twelve. After that, I never had the mood to dance or in other words, den took my every inch of happiness with him.

"Emma, It's your party. Let's go," Violet tried to pursue me too.

"No, please." I pleaded.

"Girls just leave her," Kevin came in trying to help me, and I gave him a thank you smile.

"Okay, then you come with us." Violet took his hand and forced him to the dance floor. I looked at him with pity eyes and laughed slightly.

Poor he!

I was sitting alone, drinking soda and just enjoying my own company when my eyes landed on someone familiar. The lights were dim so I couldn't quite guess who he was. But that person seemed a bit familiar. I went a little closer to see who he was.

"Oh no, this can't be happening," I whispered to myself as a sudden fear started to build inside me.

My heart beating in my rib cage as I looked at that guy making out with some blonde headed girl. His one hand roaming her thigh while the other under her shirt, and that girl, she looked like she was going to strip right away.

My heart was beating faster and deep down, I was praying to god that please don't let it be him. Our eyes met and my doubt was clear now.

It was him.


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