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(Ch. 16) Den

Emma's POV.

Our eyes met and I instantly turned around to hide from him. All those memories came alive and now they were playing in my mind like a horror movie. At once, I felt my body falling apart as I became weak and I have to get it out, to forget it. His face from that night, his hands grabbing mine tightly and his body burying me beneath him as I cried for help... I thought that I had gotten over it but was I wrong? I thought I was strong now then why couldn't I face him?

"Hey, Emma. Are you alright?" I heard Kevin's voice and quickly wiped out the tears in my eyes.

"Yes." I gave him a fake smile, trying my best to hold back the tears.

"Hey, Kev! We have not finished our dance yet," Violet came after him and looked angrily at him.

"Uuh... Violet."

"Come on." She grabbed his collar and dragged him on the dance floor again.

I smiled a little at his reaction but my smile faded away on remembering Den. I wanted to forget him, I wanted to forget what he did to me. This was supposed to be my night but why it got ruined. Wiping my tears, I ordered a glass of whiskey and drank it all. It burnt my throat but I want more. By night I had 7 shots and now I was feeling a lot dizzy as the people around me were swirling in circles. I have lost my senses completely.

"Emma are you okay?" Kate asked me with concern.

"Yeahhhh...." I cheered.

"You're drunk." Kate looked at me and I pouted.

"Sooooo?" I hiccupped, swaying my head from side to side.

"Let's go home."

"Nope..." I pouted again and then started giggling.

"Kai! You had a twin sister." I giggled.


I giggled again.

"Emma let's go," She held my hand.

"No!" I pulled my hand and stood up to go somewhere.

I heard her voice calling me but I didn't listen. I wanted to stay. She told me to enjoy, so, I was doing it. I stumble through the dance floor while bumping in people, a man held my hand.

"Let's dance babe," he said with a grin, his brown eyes looking in mine. I looked at him and giggled.

"Nope, I don't danc..." I hiccupped and pulling my hand, went outside. I hiccupped again and went to sit on the bench as my body was swaying. The whole area was swinging before my eyes and my head was swaying in the air. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out. My vision getting blurry. Without noticing who was calling I answered it.

"HHellloooo!" I hiccupped again.

"Emma? Are you drunk?" I heard a concerned voice of some guy.

"Nah..." I again hiccupped, giggling.

"Where are you?" His tone getting angry. What's wrong with him? Who was he? My Dad?

"Who are you?" I giggled completely losing my senses.


"Don't get angry, Dad. I'll be home before midnight," I hiccupped again.

"Dad? What the fuck! Emma? Where are you?"

Why was dad getting angry? I was having funnn...

"Goodbye. I love you...." With that, I hung up.

Funny Dad!

I was feeling a bit tipsy now as I rested my head on the back of the bench. My breathing shallow and my face flush.

"Look who is it! My sweet girlfriend."

I jolted at the familiar voice as my hair at the nape of my neck rose up. Goosebumps formed on my entire body as a shiver ran down my spine. I looked up to see Den. My vision blurry as I blinked twice to make it clear, hoping that what I was seeing right now is just a dream. But no, it was really him.


"Yes. This is me, Emy. Miss me?" he smirked and I cringed at his nickname for me. I quickly stood up but again fell on the bench

"Stay away from m-me." I stood up again trying my best to be brave but I was too drunk for that now. I wanted to forget him but why was he standing right in front of me? Leave me alone. No!

"Do you really want that?" He came closer as I tried to step back.

"No! Don't come closer! Stay away..." I screamed.

"What if I don't want to?" He smirked, coming closer and closer.

"P-Please..." I tried to run but I stumbled on my feet. He held my arm and pushed me towards him furiously.

"You're not going anywhere Emy! Not this time!" He held me tighter, his one hand on my waist and other holding my arm.

"Let me go..." I looked at him furiously trying to push him away.

"Oh no, You're not going anywhere," he stroked my cheek lightly as I turned my face away from his dirty touch.

"I might say. You're looking stunningly sexy," he said while brushing his hand on my bare shoulders and I wanted to punch him. I tried to, but his grip was stronger on me and I was too weak. I hated him. I wanted to kill him.

"You know Emy, I wanted to fuck you so bad back then but your smarty brain figured it out and you ran away," He whispered in my ear as my body shivered. "You were lucky that night but now," he paused. He was smirking, his eyes raking on my body making me feel disgusted.

"I am not letting you escape, my Emy," his voice reminding me of the whole incident when he tried to take my most precious thing from me when he tried to rape me.

"You are a BASTARD!" I spat on him and this made him furious as he held me even tighter, hurting me.

"Ahhh," I winced in pain looking around for anyone but sadly we were alone.

"No one's going to listen to you. There is a high blast of music playing inside the club," he smirked.

"What have I done to you?" I wanted to be strong but I was a weakling now seeing that I was helpless. If I wouldn't be drunk now, I might be able to fight him but it was hopeless now. I shouldn't have stayed. I should have left this shit club. I should have run.

"What have you done to me?" He asked, his voice getting angrier.

"You are mine, Emy! keep it in mind. No matter where you go I'll find you. I'll get you, I'll own you," he said as his hands playing with the strap of my dress.

"Let go of me." I slapped his face with my free hand. His eyes shot up as fire raised in them. He looked at me with anger and this time he held my both hands with his one.

"Bad move Emma dear. Bad move." With that, he crashed his lips on mine pushing me hard towards the tree. I tried to break free but I was trapped. His tongue wanted to enter in my mouth but I kept my mouth closed. This made him more aggressive. He drew back and free my hands. I took in a breath still scared. His eyes were raging with fire and he looked like a beast unleashed. At once, he slapped me in the face so hard that I fell on the ground. My eyes filled with tears as he held my hair in his hand and I shrieked. My cheek stinging with the burning pain. My whole body aching.

"You're being naughty, but I know how to treat you." He pulled me up with my hair as I cried in pain. He started to drag me towards a car as I continued to cry, shouting for help but there was no one to help me.

Edan's POV.

I have been worried sick since that phone call. I had called Emma to tell her about the change of plans for Mexico but by the voice of her, I could tell she was drunk. I tried to ask her where she was but to no avail. I called Mr. Daniel to track her phone as he told me that she was in club 7 downtown. Right now I was in my car and driving as fast as I could to reach her before something happen to her. She must be with her friends and I do not have to be worried about her but I was having this uneasy feeling inside me which wasn't allowing me to rest. I saw the club and went in hurriedly. I searched for her in the whole club but couldn't find her.

Crap! Where could she be?

"Where are you, Emma?" I muttered to myself.

Now that feeling was getting more and more intense as it was making me worried sick. I looked in the washrooms even ladies too which I knew I did wrong but who cares. I searched the whole area twice but no sign of her. My eyes landed on the door and I opened it to see a garden but there was no one. Only some cars were parked in the alley. I was just closing the door when I heard someone crying and shouting for help.

That voice... Sounds familiar...

No! Please let her be safe...

A fear built inside me as I followed the voice. My heart beating faster with a fear continuing to build inside me and there I saw Emma being dragged by her hair. A guy around her age was dragging her and she was crying for help as she was trying to fight. My blood boiled up seeing her in that condition and all I wanted was to murder whoever that bastard was. I ran towards her and throw a punch on that guy's face. He fell on the floor releasing Emma and I ran towards her as I held her cheeks. I looked into her eyes as they were all bloody red and scared. She was all broke, she was crying and I could see the pain on her face.

"Ed-Ed-" Her voice cracked out. She couldn't even speak properly.

I had never seen her like this. In these three weeks time, I had seen her either smiling or getting angry on of my teasing behaviour. The last time I saw her cry was on her family's dinner on the mention of some guy and now she was in this state all because of this guy.

My mind clicked on a random thought as my eyes bloodshot

He must be the same person...

Damn it! I will kill him.

I stood up and turned towards the guy as he was getting up, he tried to stand up and I threw another punch on his face followed by another. My eyes were blinded by now by the fire of revenge for her.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" I yelled at him while kicking him in his stomach as he groaned in pain.

"How dare you made MY EMMA CRY!" I was so boiled up right now. I wanted to crush every bone of his body, I wanted to suck out the last inch of his blood, I want to beat the shit out of him, I wanted to kill him. Kill him for hurting my Emma.

I haven't felt this way before. It was a new feeling. It was a feeling of bloodthirst. Seeing Emma like that had made me lost my mind and I didn't care if he'd get killed by my hands.

"Stop-p" I heard Emma's voice but I didn't listen to her. I just wanted to kill this bastard, how dare he did this.

"P-Please. You're..." she coughed, "He'll.. die," her voice hoarse. I turned my head to see Emma trying to get up.

Why she still cared for him? Why does she care if he gets killed after all the things he had done to her? This made me more aggressive and I kicked him again. By now his face was bleeding and I knew his jaw was broken by now and he couldn't stand.

"E-Edan P-Pleas-" I turned my attention to see Emma crying, pleading me to stop. Sighing I let go of him and went to Emma.

"Are you Okay?"

"I want to leave." Her voice cracked as her breathing shallow.

I nodded and tried to get her up but she wasn't in a condition to walk. I carried her in my arms and walked her towards the car. She rested her head on my chest as I put her gently on the passenger seat and put a seat belt around her. I pushed the seat a bit back so she could rest. I covered her with my jacket and closing her door, sat in the driver's seat and started the car, I held her hand in my hand and drove the car to my house. I was not going to let her out of my sight again.


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