Destined to Love

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(Ch. 17) Night with my Boss

Emma’s POV.

I felt two muscular arms carrying me as I opened my eyes to see Edan. I looked at my surroundings to see he was carrying me towards an elevator.

“E-Edan.” I tried to call him but it came out much like a whisper.

“You’re awake.” He looked at me with a smile as I tried to ease up my headache.

“W-Where a-am I-I?” It was difficult for me to talk and my head was spinning with pain as I closed my eyes to ease it. I feeling so weak right now.

“Ssshh... Just keep silent.” He said politely to me and I remained silent. I hidmy face in his shirt and nuzzled in his chest. I heard the lift door open as I peek to see Edan entering in the penthouse and with slow steps.

“Welcome home. Sir.” A maid around the age of 40 welcomed him.

Edan ignored her and went past her. He climbed the stairs and I was afraid that he will drop me so I gripped his shirt tighter. He took me towards a room, there was a king size bed in the middle of the room as he gently put me on the bed and kissed my forehead. I could seem to ease up a little by his kiss.He went out of the room and after 20 minutes, he returned with a bowl.

“You should eat something.” He said to me while sitting beside me.

“I don’t want to.”

I wasn’t hungry at all.

“Yes, you will.” He said firmly leaving no space to argue.

He took some soup on the spoon, blew it and moved it towards me. I blinked twice.

Should I eat it? This all feels a little awkward.


A lot awkward!

“Come on.”

Now I was feeling like a small child whose being taken care. Dwelling whether I should or not, at last, I decided to open my mouth to eat it.

“That’s my girl.” He smiled looking into my eyes.

After finishing the soup, he went downstairs and brought a glass of water. He helped me to get up and gave me some pills.

“This will help you with your drunken state.”

I took the medicine and laid on the bed. That soup really helped me. He went towards the end of the bed and sat there. He took my feet and removed my heels and I was feeling so damn embarrassed. He’s my boss and he was doing that.

Why is he doing that? I should just die of embarrassment!

“Edan leave it.” My face got red with embarrassment.

Why is he doing it?

“It’s okay, you will feel a little comfortable without wearing them.” With that, he removed my heels.

“You should take some sleep.” He patted my head as I gave him a weak smile. I know he had seen everything and now he must be thinking who was he? I know his mind was full of questions but he wasn’t asking any. I liked him for this, he does not push you to tell you. My thoughts about him were all wrong.He was about to leave when I held on to his hand. I don’t know why I did that? But I did stop him.It was kind of an involuntary action which I didn’t quite understand. He turned his head to see me as he knelt down so his face was in front of me.

“Where are you going to sleep?” I questioned.

“There are plenty of rooms.” He replied politely. I looked into his blue eyes, feeling at peace. My mind thinking about what could have happened, if he hadn’t saved me? I am sure Den would have hurt me in the most terrible way possible. Why when everything seems to get settled down, someone has to come and ruined it completely. Why it has to be me?

I hate my life...

I hate myself...

I’m a pure bad luck.

I looked in Edan’s eyes and the next thing which I said was a shock to me too.

“Don’t leave me,” I whispered a little embarrassed at what I was saying. I was afraid that Den will come for me or this was just a dream and when I’ll wake up I’ll be in Den’s room.

He blinked for a few minutes and then he nodded. He removed his shirt and I couldn’t seem to blink my eyes. I looked at his chest and abs. He smirked at my reaction and I immediately turned my head to the other side.He laid right beside me. My face facing him.

Damn! Why he has to remove his shirt!

“Have you eaten something?” I asked.

“Why? You care about me?” He smirked.

What the? I was just saying formally. This idiot.

“No. I don’t. I was just asking because I don’t want your grumbling stomach to disturb my sleep.” I lied with a frown as he chuckled.

“You know you’re bad at lying.”He poked me on the cheek slightly as I pouted.

“You know you’re a jerk.”

“You look cute when you pout.” He smiled showing his thousand dollars smile.

“Don’t make me regret my decision” I retorted. Blood rushed in my cheeks making them warm up.

I was going to turn my head to other side but Edan put his arm around me and in a swift motion, I was in his arms as I gasped. He held me tightly in his arms and I was a lightly shocked. This was the second time I was in his arms and I felt safe. I felt like no ones gonna get me now. It feels like now I was safe from Den...

My breath hinged at the thought of what could he had done to me as again that haunted night swirl before my eyes. I controlled my tears and drew closer to hide my head in his bare chest. I tried my best to control my tears but it was useless, two or three tears were able to leave my eyes as a sob left my mouth. Edan nuzzled his face into my hair and tighten his arms around me.

“Emma stop crying. Don’t you ever cry again.” He rubbed my back with his hand.

“He’s not going to ever get you again. I will never let him get my Emma again.”

My Emma? It felt great to hear those words from his mouth.

But why? Why they sounded so damn good?

These words made my worries fade away as a smile took place on my face.I looked into his blue eyes and I could just drown in them forever.

“That’s the smile I’m looking for. You would not stop smiling again. Especially not around me. Okay?”

I nodded with a smile.

“And if you did. I’m gonna punish you.” He said with a playful smile as I rose my eyebrows at his statement.

“And how you’re gonna punish me?” I challenged him.

“Watch me.” He smirked as he let go of me and climbed on top of me.

“What are y-” I was cut off mid-sentence when he started tickling me. His fingers tickling my belly and stomach as I laughed.

“Stop!” I yelled as my eyes filled up with tears due to laughter.

“Edannn!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Stop it... I promise.” With that he let me go and returned to his previous position. I was still bringing myself back from all the laughter and my mood had been switched to a good one right now because of Edan.

“You look even cuter when you laugh.” I blushed at his comment.

“And even more cute when you blush.” He kissed my cheek and my eyes got wide open at his action as I gasped. His kiss sending shivers right down my spine.

God! Help me!

“I’m going to sleep.” To avoid myself from another heart attack by him, I shut my eyes, turned to other side and pretended to be asleep.

“You’re full of surprises.” He chuckled and held me closer, nuzzled into my hair and in that position, we went into a peaceful sleep.

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