Destined to Love

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(Ch. 19) Not More than Friends

Emma’s POV.

I flutter opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings, trying to comprehend what had happened. I was on a king size bed and heard sounds coming from outside. I turned on the lamp as it was dark in here and looked at the clock to see it was 9 pm already. My stomach grumbled and it felt like I hadn’t eaten for 2 days. My mind pondering on those questions.

What happened? How long have I been sleeping? And whose room was this? Had someone kidnapped me? No probably not, if it had happened I wouldn’t be on this soft comfortable bed; I would have been in a dusty, broken room and would have been tied up like the girls who got kidnap in the movies unless the kidnapper is a gentle, kind man.

I laughed at my nonsense thoughts.

Gentle, kind kidnapper? What a crazy thought!

I tried to stand up but I was too lazy to get up and decided to stay put in this warm, cozy duvet. I heard a voice coming from the door and suddenly it opened up. A figure standing there. His chest bare and he was wearing boxers. I hide in the duvet as I heard footsteps getting closer and felt the bed moved. I heard slight snores and guessed that he had slept.

Wow! What a fast sleeper!

I removed my duvet and shift my side to see his face and I was wrong. He wasn’t asleep but wide awake looking at me...

“You’re awake...” I heard Edan’s voice.

“E-Edan?” I whispered slowly.

“Yes, it’s me....” He turned on his side of the lamp to make himself visible.

“What happened?” I asked as I don’t know how I ended up here. I was so confused right now.

“We were having an argument and then you passed out... I was so worried sick about you.” He kissed my forehead and stroked my cheek gently.

His warmth... I don’t want to leave it.

I held his hand on my cheek and closed my eyes enjoying the warmth.

“Emma?” Edan called me.

I opened my eyes to see him smiling

“You know I missed you so much.” he smiled and I switched the topic.

“How long I’ve been sleeping?”

“For two weeks.” He replied.

What? Two weeks? Oh shit.

“Two weeks?” I sat up at once.

What the? How?

I looked at my clothes as they were so comfortable. I wasn’t in my dress, I was in an oversized shirt and boxers. The shirt was so big that my one shoulder was revealing. I wasn’t used to this kind of clothes. They were too revealing and out of my comfort zone but...

Wait for a second! Where was my lingerie? And how I ended up dressed like this? Did Edan do that? Or did we?

Oh no... I was so confused right now. Turning my head, I saw Edan smirking and I knew he had gotten the idea of what I was thinking.

Damn this jerk!

“Edan! What did you do? I swear I’m gonna kill you this time.? I’m not gonna forgive you...” I threatened him as he started laughing.

“I had so missed that Emma... My Emma...” He said between laughs as he winked at me.

“Excuse me. Your Emma? I’m no ones...”

I was feeling so fresh, I wasn’t tired at all, though I felt a bit weak but I can deal with that jerk. I was a little hungry too.

“Okay... Calm down.” He chuckled as I was fuming with anger.

How dare he laugh at me!

“I was just kidding. You had slept for one day... And we didn’t do anything....which I would not mind if you want to... and to clear your thoughts a maid changed your clothes...and I swear I didn’t even peek which I wouldn’t mind either...” He smirked as I rolled my eyes at him.

“You’re a jerk and a pervert...” I said sticking out my tongue.

He sat up resting his head on the headboard. “A handsome jerk...” He smirked and I rolled my eyes at his comment.

I looked at the ceiling and tried to remember what actually happened before I passed out.

“Why did you help me? Why did you take care of me?” I whispered.

“I don’t know Emma. It’s a strange feeling. I don’t know why I care about you and why I want you by my side...” I looked at him. He sighed and looked at me, showing me his tantalizing smile.

“I just don’t know...” I looked into his eyes.

Those blue eyes... I was in love with those eyes...

“I was wrong about you. You aren’t that bad as I thought you were. I thought you’re selfish, arrogant, playboy, rude jerk who loves to play with women. I guess... I was wrong. but you’re still a jerk... a sweet jerk though.” I whispered as a smile crept across my lips.

“A sweet jerk? Wow... What a compliment... I never had that one before.” He smirked and let out a chuckle.

“But I still hate you...” I remarked smiling as he started laughing and muttered something under his breath but I couldn’t make it.

“So can now we be friends?” He said raising his eyebrows, his eyes filled with hope.

I thought for a second.

Should I?

Aah... What bad could happen?

It’s not like I’ll fall in love with him?

Right? Or will you Emma...

Nah...! Never gonna happen I laughed mentally at my stupid thoughts. I don’t believe in love now nor a relationship. That’s all bullshit.

“Okay... Fine. We’ll be friends, nothing more than that...” I agreed and emphasized each and every word to make it clear. He didn’t reply for a second but then he replied with a fine.

My stomach grumbled as Edan chuckled. “I bet you’re hungry...”

“Yep! Very much hungry.” I replied, a little embarrassed at my stomach.

“Let’s go in the kitchen.” Edan stood up and we went downstairs to find something for me to eat. After looking at the ingredients available in the fridge we decided to cook a quick pasta. I took out all the ingredients and place them on the shelf.

“You know how to cook?” Edan asked me surprised.

“Yes. Why wouldn’t I?” I took out the chicken from the packet and placing it on the cutting board, started to cut it into small pieces while I placed the noodles in the water to boil.

“Usually most women suck in cooking, so I was a little shocked, you can say.” He replied looking at me curiously.

“Yeah. They are all brats or bitches who knew nothing than flirting with guys...” I replied looking at him mostly referring to his previous filings. Mostly cooking was a women thing. But I was not quite sure if his previous flings know how to even toast a bread. He chuckled at my response.

“Are you just gonna keep staring or would you help me with it?” I glared at him while putting my hands on my hips.

“By the way what you starin’ at?” I raised my eyebrows demanding an answer.

“I’m just seeing how sexy Emma looked in my clothes...” He smirked as my cheeks warmed up at his comment and I turned my face to hide the blushing red face of mine behind my hairs

“Shut up and make yourself useful.”

“What should I do? My lady!” I felt his warm breath against my ear as I sucked in a deep breath.

How did he even get here so fast?


“G-Go cut the v-vegetables” I stammered and quickly went to the fridge to escape this strange nervousness.

“Oouch...” I turned my head at the voice of Edan.

“What happened?” I looked at his finger, a cut on it, it wasn’t that deep but it was bleeding. I took him to the living room and brought the first aid kit. Taking his hand in mine, I put some anti-infection as he winced, after that I bandaged it.

“What were you thinking while cutting those vegetables? You should have been careful!” I said a bit angrily.

“I was thinking about someone.” He said staring into my eyes.

“I don’t care who the hell you were thinking about. You were supposed to cut the vegetables not your fingers.” I replied a bit harshly. I don’t know why but I felt a bit curious about whom he was thinking.

“I was thinking about someone special...” He replied seeing my expressions.

“And who is this someone special?” I tried to stop my question but my damn big mouth.

“Why? You jealous?” He teased me.

“What? Me? Jealous? No way...” I huffed.

Why would I be even jealous? He was not my boyfriend.

I was just curious...

Not jealous.

“I should check the pasta. Now sit here...” I ordered and quickly turned towards the kitchen, still curious about that someone special...I set the table and we both ate the pasta.

“It’s good... not bad as I was expecting” I rolled my eyes at his comment.

I ate the pasta as I was so damn hungry. I looked at Edan staring at me with amused eyes.


“Nothing! Just...” He paused and I raised my eyebrows demanding an answer.


“You’re eating like a bear.” He chuckled whilst taking another bite.

“Oh! Shut up...”

Rolling my eyes, I continued to eat my dinner. “So when we’re leaving for Mexico?”

“There’s been a change of plans. Mr. Brown will be coming here for that deal so we don’t need to go.” He replied.

“Well, that’s great,” I replied though a little disappointed as I wanted to see Mexico.

“Emma?” He questioned.

“Hmm?” I said chewing my food.

“Who was he?” he whispered questioned me.

“Who?” I asked while eating and savoring the amazing taste of the pasta.

“The one at the club.” My bite stuck in my throat and my body went numb. My fork fell on the floor at his question and I knew clearly now to whom he was referring.

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