Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 20) Jealous

Emma's POV.

It's been a week since I got drunk and ended up in Edan's house, and then I passed out and he took care of me - which I was still confused why he cared - and we ended up being just friends. Yes, just friends and nothing more. I finally decided to give Edan a chance with a relationship of friendship. I would have never thought that one day, I'll be on friendly terms with that arrogant jerk who bumped into me the first day. I guess a person as well as thoughts change with the passage of time.

That night he tried to ask me about Den. He questioned but I kept quite. I wasn't ready to tell him all, in fact, if he had read my diary then why he wanted me to tell him about Den? When I took a bit long to reply, he switched the topic himself - not pushing me - and he didn't question further.

There were thousands of questions roaming in my head but I don't know how to find their answers. They all started from why I passed out and ended at why I felt safe around Edan? Why my heart start to beat faster on seeing him? Every morning why I feel excited to see him?

I think these were the questions whose answers couldn't be found.

After getting at home on Sunday morning, I explained Kate all about my absence and after yelling at me and scolding me for being careless, she finally calmed down and understood the situation.

Now, I was heading towards the office with a man walking just beside me. A man who was now my bodyguard. Yes, my bodyguard Lious which Edan practically forced me to have. After seeing that accident at the bar, he was extra conscious, and I don't know why was he caring about me so much. I don't think every employer treats his employee like this. Right? So, why was he giving me some extra treatment?

I even tried to ask him the reason but he didn't tell me anything at all. All he had to say was "This is for your own safety Emma." We argued on this topic for one hour but the hot headed stubborn ass he was, he threatened me by saying, "If you're not going to hire Lious as your bodyguard than move in with me."

Was he even serious? Why would I even move in with him? He was not my boyfriend and I don't think assistant usually live in their boss's home. Sometimes, I can't just understand him and his actions.

I entered the building and went to the 24th floor whilst Lious stays out during my office hours. I entered Edan's office to see him busy on the laptop.

"So Mr. Wilton what is my schedule for today?" I said gaining attention from Edan.

"So we're back to Mr. Wilton?" He smiled earning a smile from me.

"We set up some rules on our friendship," I said. "Don't you remember?" I asked remembering the rules. "The one of them, not to use first names in office hours." I reminded him.

"I know that but we're alone now and I have been calling you Emma the past week. Now what?" He retorted.

"So now, you're wasting my time. What's my schedule for today?" I shifted the topic, trying to act if I was super serious and controlled my smile that was threatening to appear on my lips.

After becoming friends with my boss, I think my work has gone a bit more exciting. The way he would make jokes in between our conversations, the lunch we would have together, this all was fun. I think I made a good choice in giving him a chance. Although, he said to see for one month but I could see already that this will go very well. It might not end up like last time.

"We have a meeting with Mr. Brown today in an hour so be prepared for that and you're going to work a little late today, there are some papers that need to be sorted." He replied in his business tone.

"Noted." With that, I headed towards my office and replied to some important emails.

At ten, I went to the meeting room and made all the preparations needed for the meeting. I set the projector and slides. I placed the files on the table and stood straight taking a view of how the place was looking.

"Looks like you have all sorted out." I turned around to see Edan. I smiled at him. "Yep! All done."

"Thank god you're keeping your promise of smiling." He got closer and held my hand as my heart flipped.

"Edan we are in office," I reminded although enjoying his warmth.

Why do I enjoy his presence so much? This was not good. We were just friends.

"I'm just holding your hand. It's a friendly gesture," he replied smoothly.

"Mr. Wilton! Guests could be arriving at any minute." I drew back my hand. I don't want rumours to spread about me and Edan. Although we were just friends but people won't care when spreading false rumours. I don't want to get famous by the name of a gold digger, so, I have to be cautious.

"It's time," I said and Edan nodded. We went to the elevator to receive our guests. The elevator opened and a man of tanned skin stepped out of it. He was older than Edan and looked like if he was in his forties.

Edan shook hands with him and then his attention drew towards me.

"Who is this beautiful lady?" Mr. Brown smirked and believe me I didn't like that damn smirk of his. Edan tensed a bit and replied. "She's Miss James. My PA."

"Nice to meet you, Miss. James." He smiled and his eyes raked on my body as I felt disgusted by this man. My mind only thinking one thing. Can I just kill this asshole? Because I really wanted to!

"Nice to meet you too. Mr. Brown." I fake smiled for the sake of our deal.

"Oh! Call me Charles," he replied smiling.

I nodded and inwardly rolled my eyes.

I'll most probably call you a bastard!

"Should we start?" Edan said rather harshly ushering us to the meeting room. His mood seemed a bit off. What just happened to him?

"Oh yes," Mr. Brown said still looking at me and I hated him but I had to control my temper for the sake of our project.

After an hour our meeting ended and we signed the deal. During the whole meeting, I could see Charles looking at me. His lips all this time in a damn perverted smirk and his eyes raking all over my body.

"Till later Miss James," he said as the meeting ended and kissed my hand. My eyes widened on this out-of-the-place chivalry. A wave of disgust washed over me when his lips touched my hand.

Eww! Now I have to wash my hand with an antibacterial soap and then put on some disinfectant.

After he left, we went towards our office and I inwardly thanked god to finally get rid of that bastard.

"What was that?" Edan snapped as soon as we were alone. "What?" I asked confused at his sudden change of attitude.

What did I do? I even controlled my temper back then and didn't create a huge scene. So what happened to him now?

"Why you let him kiss your hand?" He said furiously, making me shock. "What can I do? I could't just be rude and drew back my hand. You knew clearly that we needed that deal and I can't just blow it all in end."

I couldn't get it. What was wrong with him? Why was he overreacting? Didn't he know I was more disgusted by that man's action than him?

"OK fine! Just, just do your work." He raked his hand through his hair and angrily stormed into his office leaving me confused. What was his problem? Idiot!

Shrugging at his strange behaviour, I went into my office and sorted out the papers he said. At lunchtime, I went to the cafeteria for lunch. Violet, Kevin and me all were laughing and chatting.

It's been a few days since I had lunch here in cafeteria. This past week, Edan and me would usually have lunch in his office and once he took me to the nearby restaurant for lunch. Today as he was acting like a total jerk, I decided to dine in here. Violet was telling us about her visit to her grandma's house. She told us how much she loves gardening and how she helped her grandma in it.

"Your grandma seems like an amazing person. Why don't you-"

My phone rang at once cutting my question in mid. "Ah, wait a sec," I excused myself and took it out to see Edan calling me. I groaned.

What now?

"Yes?" I picked it up.

"Come to my office. Now!" He ordered and then the line went dead. I was confused and all surprised now. Why was he acting this way? He was fine in the morning but since that Brown guy went, Edan's acting like a complete jerk.

"Everything okay?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, just duty calls," I chuckled nervously, "I'll catch up with you guys later. Bye."

I bid them goodbyes and headed towards his office. My mood was switched to a gloomy one and I seriously needed to know why was he acting this way.

"Edan, okay. So, what happened? Why are you all fired up?" I asked a bit harshly as soon as I entered his office.

"You happened, Emma! What were you doing with Kevin?" He shouted at once. I flinched at his sudden outburst. Why was he acting all mad?

"Kevin? He's my friend and," I furrowed my brows. "From where did he come from all of a sudden?"

"Well, it doesn't seem like that one." He said getting closer as I stood my ground. This time I was not backing away. He continued, "I saw how happy you were with him. The way you were laughing and the way he was looking at you."

"What?" I scrunched up my nose. "What... What is your problem Edan?" I yelled, fuming with anger this time.

I had enough!

"Emma. Why don't you just understand? He wants you, can't you see that? He likes you." He stated staring into my eyes.

"No, he's not like that," I retorted. He was my friend and I knew it. He had no such intentions and moreover, I have seen that he likes someone else and not me. Edan was just being paranoid.

"Now you're defending him? That day you were worried about that guy who had hurt you and now him? You stopped me from hitting him, you tried to save him." His eyes red with anger making my temper flare up.

"What the! Oh God!" I scoffed trying to comprehend what was going on. I bit my inner cheek trying my best to control my temper but it was of no use.

"That was not for him, you idiot! I couldn't care less if he lives or die! "I yelled this time. "I! I was thinking of you! You could have been sent to jail for killing him. Do you think I would have been in peace knowing that someone went to jail due to me? I'm not that of a monster to live like that!" This time my heart clenched on the thought of Edan being hurt.

But why?

"You don't care about me. All you care about is your arrogant self," I said with a scorn. "You call us friends? I don't think so. If I was your friend, you wouldn't have yelled at me over such small things," I let out my anger as my voice got lower and his eyes softened.

"Emma! You are thinking all wrong. You're the one and only one whom I care about the most." He stepped forward.

"No, you don't. You liar! You're only playing with me. I know that. I'm not some idiot Edan! You never wanted to be friends. You just wanted to make fun of me," I smiled sarcastically controlling the tears in my eyes. "I'm not gonna be fooled now and fell into your trap. I...I thought you had some respect for me but I guess... I was all wrong. You are a player who can never change. Never!" My eyes glaring at him as I emphasized on the word never.

I had enough! I was all wrong. I thought that all guys were not alike but I was wrong. I was wrong thinking that this friendship will last longer, that this won't end in a bad way. I was all wrong.

"Emma that's not true. I not only respect you but also have some strange feelings for you. You are the one in my mind when I go to sleep and when I wake up. I had never felt this way before," he paused and came closer, standing only an inch from me. My heart was beating faster due to the anger and frustration I was feeling. I didn't utter a word and he continued, "I felt something when I first met you. I thought it will be over once I'll get you but I was wrong. This thing grew stronger and stronger. Every day I think about you, Emma. Only you." His eyes deeply drowning in mine and those blue eyes melting my anger. Now every word of his was making my heart twist in a strange manner. His every single word as if penetrating in my heart and my soul.

I don't know what to believe or what not to. I was confused right now. I looked into his eyes as he drew closer. He touched my cheek gently and wipe the tear with his thumb which had unknowingly escaped from my eye. I stayed there tongue tied. I wanted to yell at him, shout at him but I couldn't find my voice.

"Emma," he called my name and for the first time, it sounded strange yet soothing coming from his mouth. "It's true that I never wanted to be friends," he said making my suspicion turned to a reality. I was right. He was just toying around. I knew it. I hate him. I hate this jerk. I hate him.

"Emma, I never wanted us to be friends because... because I wanted more than that." My eyes shot up and my heart stopped for a second. My mind blank.

"Emma," he called my name again. "I'm sorry for what I'm going to do but, I can't just control it any longer," he whispered as he held my face looking at me intensely.

I don't know what Edan was talking about. He had me all confused. He can't control what and what was he going to do? I was trying to comprehend all of this and was trying to figure out his riddle when suddenly he lean in and before I could protest, his lips were on mine.


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