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(Ch. 22) Her Past

Emma's POV.

I haven't seen Edan since I left the washroom, I wondered where he had gone. It won't be a lie if I'd say I was a bit worried. He was furious at what I said to him, I knew it might have hurt him but, he should understand. He would never get the happiness he deserves from me. I am not what he needs and my presence in his life would only add misery in it. He and I can never happen. We are people from two different worlds, having two different thoughts and two different fates. So, it's better to end before a start.

I looked around in search of him. He was not in his office nor in any meeting - that I was sure - I had his schedule set and there was no meeting for him in the afternoon.

Where could he have gone?

He was too angry because I declared that intense moment that we share as a mistake and it was a mistake. A beautiful one though but it was. He should understand that it's for his own best, his own good.

"Edan, Where are you?" I murmured.

I asked Taylor but she said she didn't know. I was now beginning to worry about him.

What if he got hurt? What if an accident-

No Emma! Stop there with your thoughts. Emma! Do your work. He had probably understood that and had planned to leave you. Which you wanted... Right? You should be happy now.

My conscience reminded me and I agreed with it. It did hurt deep inside but I swallow my pain.

This was for him. His own best.

I decided to carry on with my work. By five, I had sorted all the papers which Edan said and that meant I didn't have to work extra hours. I packed my things, took a glance at his office still hoping that he might have returned but no, he wasn't there. I left the office with a heavy heart and disappointment.

Edan's POV.

"I promise," I said to Mr. James, who was going to tell me about Emma's past. Not the whole of it but something which would at least give me a bit hints about the pain she felt and the fear she still holds.

"Edan, you're a son to me," he looked at me with eyes having warmth in them. "And, I want Emma to be happy, that's what every parent wants for their child. Edan, she just can't seem to trust guys," he paused, sighed and looked at me. His eyes now showing sadness in them along with worry.

"There was once a time when Emma used to smile every day, there was not a single moment when there wasn't a smile on her lips. She was a troublemaker, the mischievous little devil," he smiled and I could tell it was a sad one. "Emma was a jolly, cheerful person, always smiling, never had cried, always wanted to face problems and challenges with a smile. She was strong too which I believe she still is." He smiled at the thought and my mind went to her smiling face.

"She used to dance, she used to sing, she used to laugh, she would find fun in everything, even in cooking and cleaning too. She was a person who could even light up your so bad mood. No one was ever bored around her." I could see his eyes which were now wet with unshed tears. Rebecca held his hand, comforting him as he gave her a broken smile.

"And then what happened?" I asked curiously.

"Until her life was shattered into pieces. She fell in love, deeply in love with a person and that person crushed her. He broke our Emma into pieces, pieces so little, so sharp that cut her deep. After that day we hadn't seen Emma the way she was. She made a promise to herself not to fall in love again, not to trust anyone again." Rebecca told me holding back her tears. My blood started to boil first at the thought of her being in such pain and second on that bastard who broke her.

"And?" I asked, controlling my anger, hoping for more but they shook their head.

"We are sorry we can't tell you more," he said.


"Edan, you need to gain her trust, you have to make her believe in herself, you have to bring our little princess back. You have to make her believe in love and trust. Please, Edan, " Emma's father held my hand as if asking for a promise or a little bit hope." We believe you can do that, " Rebecca said to me, her eyes filled with hope as well as she looked at me.

I nodded. My feelings had grown stronger for her after knowing her past although a little, but I could feel how troubled she was now. Maybe not in the same way as her but still, I think I can feel her pain.

"I promise you. I'll bring back your Emma." I assured them while getting up ready to go.

"Goodbye, thanks for everything." I thanked them and came out of his office. I walked towards the front door when I heard my name.

"Edan?" I turned my head to see Sofie. She had blonde hair and green eyes just like his father and her facial features like that of her mom.

"Yes?" I asked her. "I heard the whole conversation of yours with my parents." She started to talk.

"So?" I asked trying to see what she was trying to say.

"Do you love my sister?" She asked the straight question and my eyes got wide open at her question.

Love? Do I love her? I thought for a moment. It's true how my heart speeds up whenever I would see her, how I am so excited to spend my time with her, how my heart flutter whenever she would smile at me, how she would just sweep me away with her one glance and her anger, her furious behaviour makes me wanna tease her more, to see a more interesting side of her. But I don't know if this is called love or not.

"I don't know whether I love her or not but one thing is clear that I do like her." I lied because these feelings I believe were a bit stronger than just to like someone but I don't know what were these feelings. Is this feeling called love? I had never experienced falling in love with someone. Usually, women fall for me. It's never the other way around. Do I love Emma?

"Great, I'm sure you'll fall in love with her too," she seemed so confident saying that. "Here." She took out a piece of paper from her pant's pocket and hand it to me.

"What's this?" I asked confused looking at the number on the page.

"This is my number, if you want to know anything about Emma besides her past then you're welcomed." She told me and I looked at her confused. She rolled her eyes at me. "Like her favourite food, favourite colour, favourite places and moreover her birthday," she told me looking at my confused expression.

"Why I need to know that?"

"You are really dumb," she scoffed "These are the small steps you should take to win my sis' heart." She explained to me, though my eyes widen at her calling me dumb. She was indeed Emma's sister. Both got a way to talk with men.

"I know you're new with these things. So, I thought I could help you." She told me with a smile. She was indeed a smart little girl.

"How do you know that?" I inquired to know how does she know about all of this. "Aah... I did some research." She shrugged her shoulders like it was nothing. "There were hundreds of pictures of you with models, actors and some other girls but I hadn't find out anything about your relationships with them so, I thought maybe this is your first time." I looked at her surprised.

Seriously what was she...

"You are one clever girl," I replied. I appreciated her help but I know she won't do it just for free.

"So what do you want in return?" I questioned seeing her.

"What? Are you serious?! I don't want anything in return. I just want my sis to be happy. I love her and I want her to find someone whom she loves truly. I want my fun sis back." She replied sharply at my question.

"Look Big Bro. Uuh... Can I call you that?" She asked me for my permission as I nodded and smiled at her name for me.

"Thanks. Look, Big bro. Emma is hard to get. She had rejected hundreds of boys before, she had dated only once but it turned out to be a stroke of bad luck. I believe that she could fall in love with you, and a tip for you, Um...She doesn't fall for good looks. What I'm trying to say is if you think that she would fall for you because you are handsome, sexy or what-so-ever, then you should have another thought coming. You have to try harder and win her by taking her to dinner or her favourite places, you have to win her heart." She explained as I looked shocked at her. It seemed like a 30-year-old experienced lady in a 15-year-old girl.

" Wait, how do you know all this stuff?"

"Duh! Novels and magazines and some clicks here and there on some articles on the net." She smiled. I was shocked.

"Well, you are right about your sis not falling for good looks, I mean no one had ever rejected me while she got the nerve to just say no to my face," I replied with a slight smile.

Wild fox indeed.

I was way too surprised and angry when she rejected me. This was new to me.

"Exactly my point. So please make my sister happy and if you don't, I will hunt you alive." She threatened me reminding me of her.

Just like Emma.

"Okay. I'll call you if I need any guidance, Miss." With that, I headed towards the car and went straight to the office.

I looked at the time to see it was 5:30. I went to Emma's office and she wasn't there. I looked at the papers which were sorted out neatly.

"Emma, I've got your family support and I believe that I'm gonna get you too. I'm going to fulfil the promise made to your family and I'm gonna find out about your past. Emma! I will make you fall for me."

I made a promise to myself.

What step should I take next?


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