Destined to Love

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(Ch. 23) Blind Date

Emma’s POV.

I was feeling a lot nervous and confused right now. I hadn’t told anyone about that mind-blowing kiss, not even Kate nor mom or dad. I don’t want anyone to start thinking or at least start hoping for my future relationship...It was a mistake... A big mistake...and that’s all.

I hope today Edan won’t mention it at all or else I won’t be able to face him. I decided to take a leave but I needed money for my college and I need to save it. I was planning on telling Edan about my admission and that I may stop working here but I couldn’t find the right time to.

I entered my office to see Edan standing there. As I entered, our eyes met and my heart dropped in my chest.

“Hello, Sir,” I whispered breaking our stare.

“Hello Miss James,” he replied and I looked up at the use of my surname.

Miss James? Did I hear him right?

“Miss James. I understand that you’re not ready for any relationship and nor am I...And it was a mistake. So I thought we should just keep our professional relationship. It will be best for both of us.” He said a bit coldly, answering my unspoken question and there my heart shattered into tiny million pieces.

I felt like someone had hit me, like my world had come to an end but why I felt that way? I felt heartbroken and it felt like an important part of my life had been taken away from me...

But why?

Emma, you want this and now it’s done. You want to end this whatever thing you both had between and now its ended. You should thank him for that...

I lowered my head and nodded controlling the tears.

“Check these files and sent them to my office.” With that, he brushed past me as I sucked in a breath by his sudden touch.

I glanced back to see that he had already left. Sighing, I went to my desk still controlling my tears.

You idiot Emma... You wanted that... Didn’t you? You wanted to never ever fall in love. You wanted to end those strange wanted to forget about that kiss and thank God Edan is helping you with that.

He now understands that...that damn kiss was just a foolish mistake. Believe it, Emma, he had kissed thousands of women and not just any ordinary women...women better than you.

Look at yourself you’re nothing compared to just shut your damn tears and act like a brave had your whole life ahead of should fulfill your stop crying over a man..

My conscience reminded me as I wiped away my tears and started looking the files. After finishing them I went into Edan’s office and put the files on his table.

“Sir. These are the files you said.” I told him

“Fine. Take this one and check it.” He ordered not even looking at me.

I took it and went into my office I was too disappointed that he didn’t even take a glance at me. I guess he hates me...that confession was just a big ugly drama and I was just being fooled...

I was such a big fool!

“Huh...Edan I know you were just playing with me.” I scoffed. My eyes getting teary. A part of me still not believing this but I guess I was hell wrong...

I need to get a hold of my self. I can’t let him get me.

Come on Emma! Be brave... It’s not the end of a world.

But... Why it hurts?

I opened the file and took a look at the documents. Below the documents, there was a paper more like an invitation as I read it.

A charity event is going to be held at 16th of November to raise the funds for children suffering from cancer. All of the money will be given to the cancer hospitals. All well-established CEOs are invited. Moreover,actors and models are invited too. There will be a dinner arranged for all. There will be a dance ball and an auction to raise the charity. So please helpus to save our children.

P.S. It’s compulsory for the PA’s and secretaries to participate.

Thanks for your cooperation.

I read it again and again. Well, it’s good to raise charity for poor children but what did it mean by it’s compulsory for PA’s and secretaries to participate and participate in what? I hadn’t been to these events before.

Oh well! I guess it is probably nothing important to wonder.

It was going to be held after a week.

Shrugging, I turned my attention to my unfinished work. After going through half of the file, I decided to take a break. As my break finished, I completed the rest of my work and went to Edan’s office.

“Sir?” I called out.

“Yes?” He questioned still not looking at me as his eyes on the laptop.

Why was he doing this to me?

“I have finished my work,” I told him

“Fine. You can go home now.” He ordered still not looking at me.

I nodded, glad at the sudden leave but disappointed by his rude and cold behavior and left his office. As I left the building, Lious came to me.

“Madam?” He questioned.

“Oh, Lious! I’ve told you to call me Emma” I smiled.

“Are you alright? You’ve been frowning since you have left that building,” he spoke as we walked towards the bus station.

“Ah... Nothing.” I sighed.

I wish it was nothing...

“So, Edan told you to look after me. Right?” I turned my attention to him and he nodded.

“Well... I want you to just leave me alone. I can take care of myself and moreover I don’t want his mercy or pity.” I told him.

“But madam-” he started.

“Edan and I had worked out and we had talked about this and he did agree as well. So, you’re free to leave.” I lied with a warm smile on my lips.

It’s not that I hate Lious, he’s nice and polite and I love his company, but I’m not that type of girl who can’t take care of herself and moreover I don’t want Edan’s mercy or something. I don’t want his care, I don’t want his help.

“But Emm-”

“That’s an order. Edan told you to do as I say and I don’t need any bodyguard so please.” I cut his sentence.

I like privacy.

“OK. But if you ever need me just call me. You are still a friend to me.” He said and hugged me. I hugged him back.

“Bye...” I told him and he gave me a last hug and went away. Taking a bus home, I entered my apartment to see Kate rushing here and there.

“Kate? What are you doing?” I looked at her confused while throwing my tired self on the couch.

“Aah...Emma welcome back.” She smiled and went to her room.

“Get ready!”

“For what?” I tossed my shoes and placed my feet on the table in front.

“Aah...I’ll tell you later just get ready.” She answered.

“Nah! I am too tired.”

I ain’t gonna go anywhere. My stamina was zero right now.

“Em! Just get ready. We have to go somewhere.” She rushed to the kitchen and gulped a glass of water to ease her drying throat due to running all over the place.

“Kate? What’s going on? Just tell me.” I demanded and this time glared at her.

“Actually.....I’ve got a date and that guy is bringing another guy and he told me to bring a friend of”

My eyes widen as I stood straight.

Oh no! Please god, don’t let it be what I am thinking. Please don’t let it be... Please...

“Sooo... I said I’ll bring you.” She smiled sheepishly and closed her eyes.

And there! It was exactly what I was thinking. Damn it!

“WHAT....! You did what?” I yelled at her.

Now I was sure what exactly she had done... How could she?

“Sorry....but please Emma...please. It means a lot to me.” She pleaded.

“, a big NO! I’m not doing this kind of shits. I’m not going on a date. No way in hell...” I yelled at her.

How could she do that? I was not going...

Never ever...

“Emma...Please for me.” She pleaded giving me her puppy eyes and I death glared at her.

Not this time Miss Kate. I was not falling for your tricks. I was not going and that was final...

“Uh... No.” I replied.

“Emma, I’ll do whole house chores for a week. No! I’ll do it for a month. Please...” She pleaded.

“Are you trying to bribe me? Well, it’s not working...” I retorted.

“Fine. Don’t go! I’ll just call Jim and told him I’m not coming.” She sniffed and bowed her head down. She took out her phone to cancel her date and there, I felt a bit bad deep inside.

“You can go. I’m not stopping you.” I said feeling a little bad for her. She really wanted to go.

“If you’re not going then I’m also not going.” She rebutted and folded her arms, frowning.

What? For God Sake!

Crap! I was stuck.

What should I do?

“Fine. I’ll go.” I sighed in defeat and her face brightened.

“But believe me... If he tried to make a move on me; I’m going to kick his pretty damn ass.” I threatened giving a stern look.

“Thanks, Em... I love you...” She cheered and enveloped me in a hug.

We were standing in front of a restaurant and by the look of it, it wasn’t a fancy, high five restaurant. It was a normal place. We entered and sat at a table close to a big window, slow music was playing and some of the people were dancing on the small dance floor.

“Hey, Jim!” Kate greeted him with excitement and I turned my head to see a guy with brown hairs and tan skin. His eyes were black. Beside him was...


“Kevin?” I said and this made Kate turned her attention to him.

“Emma? So you’re my blind date?” he smiled and hugged me.

“Hey, Kev!” Kate greeted him and he gave a warm smile.

“You know each other?” Jim asked confused looking at us and we nodded.

“Yeah... We are friends...great friends.” Kate replied.

“So that means no introductions. Well, great for me.” Jim chuckled and looked at me as Kate let out a small laugh and I smiled a little.

“I’m starving Jim,” Kate said while grabbing his arm and we all sat in our seats.

“I’m so glad that you’re my date...” Kevin smiled, staring at me. He was sitting in front of me and I returned his smile.

“Me too.”

“Really? That means you don’t hate me or something. Right?” Kevin raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Yeah. You can say that... Believe me, I don’t do these was Kate who brought me into this.” I looked at him and chuckled.

“Me too. Jim forced me. He would always rant that I don’t have a girlfriend and all. So, here he is, trying to set me up on a blind date.” he laughed making me smile.

“So what will you order?” We turned our attention to Jim who had asked us. I took my menu and read it. After deciding I gave my order. The others did the same.

I looked at Kevin and he was looking at me.

“What?” I questioned confused.

“You look beautiful,” he commented.

“Thanks...” I don’t know what else to say. I hadn’t spent too much time in getting ready because I wasn’t ready for this date. Why? Because I was technically forced to come here. I was wearing a blue frock like dress with long sleeves. It reached my knees as I don’t like too revealing clothes so I decided to wear that dress. I just love it for its design.

“So do you like Violet?” I took him by surprise as he chocked on his own breath making me laugh. His eyes got wide and he was looking at me blankly.

“Hm?” I raised my eyebrows demanding an answer.

“Uuh... Um... No?” His answer came out much like a question and I could see he was lying.

“Liarr....” I teased him making his cheeks turn into a slight red color.

“Aww! You are blushing...” I continued to tease him, enjoying how he was reacting.

He looks kinda cute...

“No I’m not.” he retorted.

“Yeah. Yeah. I know.” I smirked.

“So, you like her?” I asked again.

“I know you like her... Just admit that.” I convinced him, grinning.

“Uuhh...” he was speechless now.

Poor deer caught in red light!

“Kevin stop lying...I know the look in your eyes when you look at her.” I told him the truth. I have been noticing him since I met him. The way he looks at her, it’s written all over his face.

“Is it that obvious?” He spoke up, his eyes looking down.

“A little. You should ask her out. I’m pretty sure she would say a yes.” By then our order was there but I didn’t let this change our topic. I took a spoon and started eating the soup that I ordered.

“You think so. I-I don’t know if she likes me or not.” Kevin said while taking a piece of his chicken.

“Believe me, she would say yes and I’m sure she likes you too.” I took one more spoon of my soup, slurping it.

Kate and Jim were talking about there future plans and about the things they like and dislike. I was pretty sure they were planning to have a serious relationship. However, they do look cute together.

“OK, I’ll try.” Kevin finally said after thinking for a while.

I smiled at him and finished my soup. We all had finished our meals and now we had ordered some ice cream as a sweet dish.

“Wanna dance?” Jim asked Kate and she nodded grinning.

Jim took her hand and went to the dance floor. They sway together on the low beat music.

“I am not going to say you to have a dance with me because I’m pretty sure your answer will be no...” Kevin said to me and I agreed with him.

I look out the window, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, the dim lights on the streets as few people were passing by. I was enjoying the time when my eyes caught something.

Dark black hair, broad shoulders, long strides and the way his presence screams of power... I know who that was.


And...And he was not alone, a woman was with him. They both talking and laughing and I could tell Edan was enjoying himself. His hand on her waist and they were coming towards this restaurant.


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