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(Ch. 27) Two can play this game

Edan’s POV.

I don’t know what was taking her this long as she should be ready by now. I couldn’t wait more as my patience was getting the best of me. It was enough already!

I knocked again and this time harder.

“Hey, Rose... Open the door.” I banged on the door.

The door opened and finally, I would be able to see Emma. I went in and looked around the room but there was no sign of her.

Where was she?

“Where is she?” I asked Rose glaring at her. I was so worried right now. Where could she be possibly gone?

“Aah... Sir. She...”

“She... What?” I questioned getting impatient.

Damn! Edan calm down.

“She is so darn stubborn Sir. She won’t listen to me. I tried to do her makeup but she refused and” She stopped while talking.

“And what? Tell me.” My mind jumbling with questions.

Did Emma run away? Did she go back to her house? But how could that be possible I was sitting in the living room and I didn’t saw her leaving the penthouse. So where could she be gone?

“Sir... She refused to dress up and went to your bed... She said that she just wants to sleep, nothing more than that. And she also said that you are a jerk for bringing her here.” She said smiling at her words and a small smile threatened to escape on my lips but I resisted it.

“You can go now,” I ordered her and she nodded. After that, she left the room. My anger seemed to fade away as a smile played on my lips.

So sweet Emma! Where are you?

I looked towards my bed and there was someone behind the blankets which I was sure was Emma. I went towards the bed.

“Emma wake up...” I said in a playful tone while going closer to the bed.

“I know you’re stubborn but I also get what I want so I’m not gonna give up... And if your not gonna get up then I’m gonna punish you...” I smirked thinking about the ways of punishing her. But she didn’t move a bit, so I get closer and pulled away from the blanket from the bed. My smile faded. This was not Emma. Where was she? I saw the pillows arranged on my bed.


I heard the door being locked and turned my attention to the sound. It was my bedroom’s door. Someone was laughing on the other side, I went to it and tried to open it but it was locked.

“What the hell?” I cursed at the stupid door. Someone had locked me inside my own room.

Damn it... And where was Emma? Shit!

“Open the fucking door...!” I yelled banging on the door. That person was so going to regret this. I clenched my fists.

“First be nice... Mr. Wilton. You should really control yourself.” I heard a chuckle from the other side and my anger faded away as it had evaporated out of me by hearing that voice. My furious expression was replaced by a surprised one and a wide grin spread on my lips.

“And what if I don’t wanna be nice?” I smirked.

“Well, then you aren’t getting out...” I heard her chuckle and I could tell it wasn’t a fake one.

“My dear sweet sweet Emma. Let me out. Or else.... you’re gonna be in a deep trouble.” I hold in my laugh and trying my best to act seriously.

“Well, Mr. Wilton... I’m ready for that... But how are you gonna do that? You are locked in my little game and now you’re not getting out.” She said playfully and started laughing. I had never heard her laugh before, she must be enjoying this but I wasn’t going to get defeated.

“Well... I guess you’re right I’m locked up indeed. You won...” I said trying my best to find another key around the room. I was sure I have seen one key around here somewhere. I looked through my wardrobe and drawers.

“I win? Seriously? I thought you were... well whatever.” She said with disbelief.

“Well... Now open up.” I said calmly still looking around for the key.

“Nope.” She said popping the ‘p’ sound.

Aah... Bingo! Found it...

I took the key from my drawer and now I need a solid plan for getting out of here.

“Edan? You still there? Are you okay?” Emma said with a tone filled with care.

Did she care for me?

But why?

“Edan?” She said knocking on the door.

And then I got a plan... I didn’t reply and stay quiet.

“Edan? Edan?” She kept on calling my name but I kept silent.

“Edan just say something...” She shouted from the other side.

“I know these games of yours... Your fine, I know it. Well now, I’m not going to open it till night...and I’m going home.” With that, I heard the clicking of her heels going down the stairs.

I opened the door and went outside locking it from outside. I went downstairs with light steps. So that she couldn’t hear them. I heard the shuffling of pans in my kitchen and glanced at it to see Emma looking for something in the fridge... She must be hungry for I was sure she hadn’t taken her breakfast because I didn’t give her the chance for that.

She put a frying pan on the stove and started mixing all the ingredients she had taken out. As she did that she sang a song and I had to agree she had a really nice voice. She looked so perfect, so stunning in that dress. Her hair getting on her face. She looked in peace, so relax like not a care in the world but I know deep down there was something disturbing her... After making pancakes she put them on two plates. I saw her coming to my direction and I hid in the room beside my room. It’s a small room where I do most of my exercise She went in front of my room.

“Edan? I have brought some breakfast. Are you in there? Of course, you are! Edan! If you want it then say something nice like pretty Please...” she put the tray on the table outside my room.

Pretty Please? Why would I even say that? Such a naive girl, did she really thought that I will be trapped in her this game?

I smiled at her actions, she doesn’t know at all that I was not in there.

“If your not gonna reply to me then I’m not going to talk to you ever.” With that, she stood there waiting for my reply. Her temper rose up and her eyes glaring at the door.

Why won’t she just open it? She was so darn stubborn.

“F*ck you!” She yelled and I was surprised on hearing those words from her mouth. I never knew that she would say that... I should really stop now.

“I hate you...” She turned towards the stairs and as she walked past the gym room I grabbed her arm and pulled her in. She let out a shriek surprised by this action. I held her in my arms and covered her eyes with my hand. Her back on my chest.

“Let me go!” She shouted at me.

“Do you really want that?” I said in a husky tone in her ear, kissing her on the cheek.

“Edan? B-But h-how? You-You were in...” She didn’t understand at all at how I had escaped from her little game and I smiled inwardly.

“Surprised? I told you I always get what I want.” I said seductively in her ear. Her cheeks became all shades of red and I liked the effect I had on her.

“Well... Miss James. Let me tell you. Two can play this game.” I whispered in her ear. I really love the way that Emma was in my arms. I don’t want to let her go. One day she was gonna be the death of mine.

I removed my hand from her eyes and she turned her face towards me... She looked breathtaking, sexy. No one had ever affected me this way, she just turns me on. Ignite the fire in me. And I love the way she made me feel, I had never felt like this before.

“How? How y-you... uuh... You are an idiot, I hate you.” Her eyes glaring at me, she pushed me to free herself but I made my grip stronger around him.

“It’s time for your punishment sweetheart.” Her eyes shot up looking at me wide eyes... I told her that I was gonna punish her and now its time for that.

“You won’t dare...”

“Wanna bet?”


I cut her sentence and drew her closer not leaving a space between us and my lips crashed on hers like a hungry wolf.

I loved that kiss, I was sure that I will never get bored with her... Every day was an adventure with Emma. I had never met someone like her, she was unique, she was different, she doesn’t give a damn about what other people think about her... She was special and moreover, she was MINE...

Emma’s POV.

Thousands of butterflies started dancing in my stomach as soon as his lips met mine. I want to kiss him with the same emotions, with the same passion but I have to take control of myself... I was not ready for another relationship and I never will be. Although the fact I like him, still I have to end this before it goes way out of hand. I need to stop this but why Edan was making it difficult for me? Why?

I pulled my face away and escaped from his hug.

“Are you done?” I said putting my hands on my hips. I was still confused how he had managed to escape from that room. I was pretty sure I had locked it.

“No, I’m not...” A smirk plastered on his lips.

“Oh please shut up.“I rolled my eyes leaving the room, I was still not in the mood to talk to him. Although my mood had lightened up a bit... Because of that kiss.
But I was still going to give him the silent treatment.

Why he hadn’t replied to me, I was so worried sick I thought something might have happened to him... I hate him.

No, you don’t...You like him...

Uuh... Shut up.

I went to the kitchen and started eating the pancakes I had made. Because of that jerk yet so handsome and sexy and-- wait! what am I saying?

Geez! Let’s start again.

Because of that jerk Edan I hadn’t taken my breakfast.

Now that’s right...

I saw Edan with his plate as he sat right in front of me. A mischievous smile on his face, I stick my eyes to everything except him.

“So aren’t you going to talk?”

I didn’t reply to him, I was definitely going for a silent treatment.

“Well. I should be the one doing that.” he took his last bite and I did the same. I put the plates in the dishwasher and wondered.

Now, what to do? I even don’t know why I had been dressed this way?

“Come on,” with that he took my hand and went to his car.

Where were we going now? I wanted to ask but I remained silent.

I ain’t talking to him!

He started the engine and after 30 minutes we were standing in the front of a huge mall and I had only one question inside my head. Why had he brought me here?

This time I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

“Why are we here?”

“Looks like someone is out of its shell.” he mocked and smiled looking at me. I rolled my eyes. He had worn a cap and sunglasses which I don’t know why?

What was he planning to do?

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