Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 29) Charity Event

Emma’s POV.

It has already been four days since Edan took me for shopping and I don’t know what happened to him there but he was acting a little weird that day. During these four days, we haven’t talked a lot beside our professional talk. I tried to talk to him but he was always too busy in his work so I didn’t get the chance. I was feeling a little worried about his behavior. It felt like he was ignoring me for some unknown reason.

Was he mad at me? Or angry? But why? I hadn’t done anything.

I need to know what’s bothering him.

I heard the door open and looked up to see Edan. My heart skipped a beat by looking at him.

Why does my heart do that every time I see him?

Stupid heart!

“The charity event will start at 4 pm. Be ready by that.” He said in a calm but ordering tune and left my office.

Charity Event? Oh! I totally forgot.

A charity event was to be held at 16th of November. That means it was today. I looked at my watch to see the time. I still had three hours before the event starts. I hurriedly finished my work and went to my apartment after informing Edan. Kate was still at work. Her relationship with Jim was getting better and I was happy for her.

At least, someone had found her happiness.

I had just taken a shower in the morning so I’ll skip it now. I looked at my wardrobe to see what to wear for the event.

It should be decent, not too revealing and comfortable.

I thought and took out three dresses. One was black with a neckline, the other was red which was strapless and the last one was purple which Edan bought me, it had a deep V shape from above and was sleeveless. After looking at them for like half an hour I decided to go for the purple dress. It was simple and I liked it. Moreover, Edan was the one bought it for me so I’ll definitely go for it. I looked at the clock showing 3:30

“Only half an hour left before the event starts,” I whispered and went into the kitchen to eat something. I drank a glass of juice and ate an apple. I hurriedly changed into my attire and looked myself in the mirror. It showed a little of my cleavage but not too much and it was comfortable. I decided to let my hair fall straight and put on some liner and mascara. I put on my silver and purple 5" inch heels, put on a thin layer of my strawberry lip gloss and there I was ready.

Dropping my phone and lip gloss along with some tissue papers in case of some emergency in my silver clutch, I waited for Edan. I heard a horn and took a glance at my watch to see exactly 4 pm.

Edan and his punctuality...

To say that I was not nervous would be an understatement. Because I was way too nervous. First because of the event, I had never been to such events. And second, because of Edan. He always makes me nervous, whenever I’m around him, and whenever I’m alone with him.

But you won’t be alone with him in Charity event... There will be hundreds of people.

I agreed with my conscience as I heard another horn and went out of my apartment after locking the door. Taking the lift down to the ground floor, I came out. I was excited to see Edan. But to my dismay... It was not Edan, but his driver.

Uuh... Why? Poor me!

“Madam, Sir had sent me to pick you up.” He replied and I nodded, getting in.

We stopped in front of Edan’s building. After sometime Edan came out and my silly heart again flipped at the sight of him.

Seriously! Stupid heart! Stop it! I order you to stop it!

He was looking handsome in a black suit. His one hand in his pocket and in another hand he was holding his phone. He was wearing black shades.

He sat beside me and the car started. Hundreds of butterflies started dancing in my stomach and I couldn’t bear to look at him because it seems like he was in a bad mood. I could tell there was something disturbing him. We stopped in front of a five-star restaurant and the driver opened the door for me. I came out followed by Edan. As soon as we came out of the car, hundreds and thousands of flashes and clicking of cameras started. It was difficult for me to open my eyes in this much brightness. Hundreds and thousands of questions were thrown at Edan.

“Mr. Wilton. Who is this girl? Is she your girlfriend?” One of the reporters asked and I instantly looked towards Edan.

However, he didn’t reply and just smirked looking towards me. I could not see his blue eyes because of that black shades he was wearing.

Everyone shouting different random crazy questions and they all related to his current relationship status.

“Mr. Wilton. Is she your fiance.?”

“Mr. Wilton. What is your relationship status now?”

And Blah... Blah...

Seriously! What’s their problem? Why were they involving them in his private matters? And moreover why they are suspecting me as his girlfriend or fiancé?

I was being pushed by the crowd when suddenly a warm hand caught mine and made me escape from that crowd. I looked up to see Edan. We entered into the hall, Edan still holding my hand. The hall was fully decorated and it looked beautiful. He let go my hand and I felt a little disappointed.

Emma... Why are you acting this way? Are you falling in love with him? Why are you not staying away from him? Why does your heart want to be with him? Why are you behaving this strange?


I shook my head to shake these random questions away.

“This is my PA. Miss James.” I came out of my trance and looked up to see a man who was around 30 looking towards me with a creepy smile.

“Hello. Miss James. I’m Mr. Turner but you can call me Daniel.” He said with that creepy smile and shook hand with me. When I felt like that he didn’t have any intention to let go my hand, I pulled it away.

“Maybe we can hang out sometime. Miss. James.”


“No. Miss. James is not free. We have a really tight schedule.” Edan replied in a rude tune and I looked at him to see his jaw tightened.

“Well, too bad, but still here’s my card.” He handed me his card and after winking towards me, he went away. Edan snatched the card from my hand and tore it into two pieces.

“You are no going out with him.” He said in an orderly manner and went towards the table leaving me more confused at his strange behavior.

What has happened to Edan? Why is he acting strangely? Why is he behaving so demanding? Where is the nice and sweet Edan that made me laugh, that made me smile? I want that Edan back...

I swallowed a lump in my throat and went towards the table. I sat beside him. He was talking to a man sitting in front of him.

“I would thank you all for coming to this event. Your presence means a lot to us.” Everyone turned their attention to the person speaking on the stage.

“The money which you will donate will be used to diagnose cancer patients. Your money will help those people who think that they cannot survive and they cannot live. The children which are suffering from cancer are our children and it is our duty to help them.” Everyone was listening to him. His speech was really motivating and emotional.

“In the end, I will again personally thank you all for helping our poor children. These children are the shining stars of our country and we are the light of hope for them. Thanks again.”

Everyone clapped and welcomed. After that dinner was served. I was not in the mood to eat, there was only one thing disturbing me.

What the heck was wrong with Edan? Why was he not talking to me?

I just drank a glass of juice and didn’t eat much.

“Excuse me.” I turned my attention to a young girl.

“Yes?” I inquired politely.

“Are you a PA?”

“Uuh... Yes, I am.” I replied still confused.

“Please follow me.” With that, she turned around and I followed her. She led me to a room which looked like more of a dressing room. There were many women standing. Everyone was looking beautiful. Some of them were wearing too short dresses and some were wearing too revealing. I, on the other hand, looked different from all, for I wasn’t wearing a too revealing dress nor it was too short. My dress reached mid thighs.

“Your number is 20.” The girl said handing me a small card on which 20 was written.

Wait... 20? What number?

“What number 20?” I asked with full confusion.

“Your turn is the 20th and last turn.”

“What turn?” I was still confused.

“Haven’t you read the invitation Miss? There is going to be an auction. So be ready.” With that, she rolled her eyes and sashayed out of the room as I recalled what I read on the invitation.

It is compulsory for all PA’s and secretaries to participate.

Shit! So, it was to participate in this damn auction.

What the hell?

“No. 1” I heard the speaker and the lady which I guess was around 22 went out.

I could hear them saying.

“2000 dollars? 3000 dollars?.... Okay, this beautiful woman is sold to that man for 35,000 dollars for a dance.”

For a dance? Oh, thank God. It’s only a dance and I don’t know how to dance so it will not be a biggie.

“And for one night.” The speaker announced as my heart dropped dead.

WHAT??? A Night? A Fucking NIGHT?

Who does that?

No... No... I can’t just spend one night, one whole fucking night with a total stranger. I must get out of here... But how?

I looked around to see if I could escape from this room. But there was no way out, people were everywhere. And moreover, I don’t know anything about this place. I may get lost in here. Aah... Where I had trapped myself?

“No. 10.” By and by the room started to empty and now only two of the girls were left as my mind raking on my made assumptions.

What if nobody wants to buy me? Well... That will surely be a relief. Because I’m not as beautiful and sexy as other girls. So, I may escape from this, luckily...

I hope...

Oh, God... Help me.

“No. 20.”

Well... Here goes everything.

With shaking legs, I gulped on to my fear and went out on the stage.

“So for Miss. James. Shall we start from 1500 dollars.? Anyone?” I looked towards the crowd and every single eye was settled on me.

Oh... Please. Just don’t buy me. I’m hideous. You won’t get anything from me.

I was praying continuously as my body drenched in fear.

“I’ll buy it.” Mr. Turner said grinning and I wanted to escape in thin air.


Oh, No! Not him... Anyone but him.

“I’ll give 2500” came another voice and I turned my head to see no other than Mr. Brown.

Double shit!

I will take back my words!

God! Help me!

“4000 dollars.” Came another voice and this thing went like forever. This all situation was making me ill and my body was shaking with fear.

“6000 dollars.” Mr. Turner said smirking, looking at me.

I just hate him...

“8000 dollars.” This time Mr. Brown said making me groan.

Come on old man. Look at your age.

“10,000 dollars.”


“30,000 dollars.”

“WOW... 30,000 dollars? Is there anyone who can give more?” The person standing beside me said into the microphone.

“70,000 dollars.” Mr. Brown said and Mr. Turner raised his hand in defeat.

Fuck you!

No! No! I was going to be sold to Mr. Brown.

I was on the verge of crying.

Please, not that bastard...

“Okay. This young lady is being sold to-”

“100,000 dollars.” A voice interrupted the announcement and everyone looked in that direction.

There I saw Edan standing, his hands in his pockets as he was leaning against the wall.

“120,000 dollars.” Mr. Brown said with a smirk and I want to throw him something.

Seriously old man... Quit it.

“200,000 dollars,” Edan stated, still in a calm posture as Mr. Brown smirked but raised his hand in defeat and I thanked god as there didn’t come a big amount than this.

“Okay. This young Lady is sold to Mr. Wilton. Now you may have your dance partners and enjoy.” With that light become dim and a slow music started to play.

Still, on the verge of crying, I headed towards Edan. I was so scared, my heart beating faster and it felt like it will stop any minute now. What would have happened to me if I was being sold to that old Brown or to that Turner? This mere thought makes me shiver with fear.

I came closer to Edan. He was standing, looking at me. He was not wearing his black shades anymore.

I went closer and there I could not control anymore. I hugged him, my hands encircled around his waist and my head on his chest and some tears managed to escape from my eyes. I sobbed slightly, not looking at him. I was afraid of the situation which could possibly happen. They both give me negative vibes. I felt Edan’s arm encircled around me and he kissed on my head.

“Emma... Stop crying. You are safe now. I will never ever let that happen. You are only MINE.” Edan said kissing on my head and I sniffled.

“Let’s go home.” He said and taking my hand we escaped from the back door. His driver was waiting there for us. I was so glad that I was with Edan and not that bastards. But one thing was sure, I was never ever going to such charity events again.

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