Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 3) Who is She?

Edan's POV.

I was sitting in my office trying to do some work. I looked through the documents placed on my table. There were at least 10 files placed on my desk waiting for my approval, I needed to get through them and then I have to go for a dinner-meeting with the board of directors but I couldn't seem to. I looked at the clock showing five in the evening. The dinner was scheduled around nine at night so I had just four hours to complete my work and then to get ready for dinner.

I took the first blue-colored file and skimmed through the reports in them. My mind in between diverting to the earlier encounter I had with that feisty girl. God! I need to focus! I closed my eyes and let out a sigh. I counted to ten slowly and after putting my mind at ease, I opened my eyes and returned my attention to my unfinished work. Hardly have I finished looking through two files when my mind again drifted to her.

No matter how hard I tried to concentrate on work, I just couldn't seem to. I just couldn't seem to get her off my mind, I couldn't seem to forget about that little encounter I had with that wild girl no matter how much I wanted to. I had never been to that area of the city and it was just by chance, an accident.

I was returning from an important meeting when suddenly the car came to a halt. On asking, the driver told me that the car's back tyre was punctured and it would take at least twenty to thirty minutes to change it. Having no choice, I decided to wander a bit in that unknown area. That's when I saw a peculiar coffee shop Café Latté. I had never been to these one kind of shops. Mostly whatever kind of coffee I wanted was served to me in my office.

I was busy writing a message on my phone to inform about my tardiness to an important meeting due to that stupid tyre. I was looking at my phone, typing the message, when I bumped into her. She fell on the floor and I looked at her for a moment to see the empty cup on her head and the coffee on her clothes. Her expression was hilarious. Her mouth opened agape and her eyes wide open with bewilderment. I wanted to laugh at her expression, she looked like a drenched cat covered in milk. Her hair was all sticky due to the coffee that just fell on her.

I kept my stance high and authoritative. I ignored her because I didn't care at all. She took my attention the moment she yelled those words 'I'm talking to you! You dumb head.' I was surprised to see how brave she was. Didn't she know who she was dealing with? I could have ruined her with a snap of my fingers. I decided to continue to ignore her but she didn't back away. She continued yelling at me, until my attention was all on hers.

She was fuming with anger. Her hair all sticky and messy and her face slightly turning to red from all the anger. I couldn't seem to concentrate on what she was yelling. The only thing I knew was, it was fun and I was enjoying it. I was observing her face, her expressions rather than her words. She seemed beautiful and without any makeup on her face. Her face plain and her lips pink.

When she fell on the floor and a blonde girl rushed towards her calling her name, a slight smile formed on my lips.

Her name was Emma...

She was talking to that girl and I could tell from her face that she was furious, mad and ready to attack, and at that time, only one word flashed through my mind.


"I am going to teach him some manners," was all I heard her say as I smile inwardly at her behaviour and her words.

What a woman! I thought.

I remember how I caught and held her hand when she was going to punch me. I pressed her hand behind her back and slightly pulled her close. I loved the way she sucked in a breath when our bodies collided and there, my mind wanted to see more of her. I intentionally grab her waist with my other hand and pulled her closer to my body. As our bodies collided, I saw her gasp as my eyes shifted to her slightly parted lips. She was strong and yet so weak. She seemed weak and fragile but her mind was stronger. She tried to set her hand free, but my grip was stronger. She wanted me to say sorry. Didn't she know who I was? The world's most handsome billionaire apologizing to some young naive girl? God! That'll be absurd...

All women fall for me. They drool at the sight of me. My one look at them, and they're in front of me on their knees. They beg for spending time with me. My one snap of finger makes them go crazy for me and my body. I have never said sorry or please to anyone. So, what made her think that I'll apologize to her? Stupid girl.

I smirked and closed my eyes. My papers were all scattered on the desk in front of me and I still couldn't concentrate because she won't just leave my mind.

Darn it!

I thought of her expression when I winked at her and called her by her name. She was confused, surprised and angry at the same time. She was furious at first and then shocked. She was probably wondering how I knew her name but she didn't know I was eavesdropping on her little conversation. Such an innocent girl...

She seemed interesting and now she had me interested in her. I thought about our little accident when a sudden thought crossed my mind. Pressing the button on the intercom, I called my secretary.

"Miss Seville?"

"Yes, sir," she answered at once.

She was my secretary and had worked for me for a few months now. Like every woman, she wasn't able to resist me either. What can I say? If women offer themselves to you then why should I resist? Besides, they were the one who can't resist me, they all yearn for me. She was indeed good in bed, but now, I don't want anything from her. She's here only to do her work. I was already done with her.

"Send Mr. Daniel in my office," I ordered firmly.

"OK, sir."

I waited for him as I continued to fidget my pen in my fingers. He was the most trust-worthy employee in my company, and I could trust him in any case. He had been working here for 40 years now and he had my greatest trust.

"Mr Wilton, you asked for my presence?" He said from the other side of the door while slightly knocking it.

"Yes. Come in."

He came in and stood in front of my desk. His hair already halfway to grey and he was in his 70s but still, his dedication to his work makes him our best employee. He had been working for this company when my dad was handling it.

"Yes, sir. How can I help you?" He said in his manly voice and I gave him his new task.

"Mr. Daniel, I have a task for you," I looked at him and he nodded. "Yes sir? I'll take on any task you'll say."

"Thank you Mr.Daniel. But this task is not business related. It is more of a personal work so it should remain confidential," I explained to him the nature of the task. I didn't want the media to get ahold of this. They'd probably run it with headlines of 'The Greatest bachelor looking for a girl?' and I didn't want that.

"Sure sir. Don't worry," he nodded his head in understatement.

"Ok then. I want you to investigate a girl named Emma. I don't know her full name, but you can find out about her at a shop called Café Latté. That shop is around street five or four near to where I had a meeting today morning. I want every detail of her. Also do a bit of background check on her. Got it?" I looked straight into his eyes and he nodded, "Sure, sir. I will get to it right now,"

"Okay. You're dismissed now," I motioned him to leave and he turned around.

"Uh...Mr. Daniel?" I stopped him mid-way. "Yes, sir?" He asked while turning his head towards me as I gave him a stern look. "Remember, this conversation should remain between the two of us, no third person. Okay?"

"Yes, sir." He nodded in understatement and then left.

I leaned against the back of my chair and rested my head on it. My eyes staring at the ceiling above me. I sighed. A smirk on my lips at the thought of the new task that I just gave. There was something about that girl that made me interested. I guess it was her challenging behaviour. She was challenging and I loved challenges. I think it'd be quite a fun to take on this new challenge as this new girl feels like a great challenge.

It'd be quite fun... I could feel it. She was naive, innocent and feisty. She was different and unique, challenging and interesting.

I wanted her...

I wanted to explore her...

My body feeling all excited just by thinking about it. Back then, when our bodies collided, I felt an electrifying effect. I loved the presence of her body against mine. It was new for me. By looking at her, she looked in her twenties but still she looked innocent. Won't it be fun to have her, to taste her?

Suddenly, my mind started playing images of her. Her body below mine, her deep moans asking for more, her messy hair curled around my hand, her pink lips lock with mine, and her body pinned under mine. At once, I felt my body heating up.

I opened my eyes before my mind could run more wild and intense images of her. I raked my hand through my black hair, frowning at the thoughts. God! What have I gotten myself into?

I let out a sigh and got up to take a quick shower to cool me down.

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