Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 30) Three Words

Emma’s POV.

We escaped from the back door of the hall, where that charity event was being held. I was embarrassed by how vulnerable I looked in front of him. He must be thinking that I was such a crybaby but I can’t help it. I was far more scared, after that scene with Den. I saw lust in their eyes and I believed, it was not a good sign. So, I was glad that I was with Edan now. For the first time, I was this much relieved. At least he gave me that sense of security...

I looked outside the car while Edan was sitting beside me, still holding my hand. His mere touch was so healing and it always seems to ease me a little. I looked towards my surroundings.

This place... It was not the way to my apartment. Where were we going?

“Edan? We are not going in the right direction.” I said still looking outside.

Where were we heading?

“Yes, We are.” He stated in a calm tune.

“No, we are not. This is not the way to my apartment.” I retorted.

“Your apartment? Who said we’re going to yours.”

“What? What do you mean by that? But you-”

“Well, let me remind you, my sweet Emma. You are mine for the whole night.” My head turned towards him in an instant at his words. My mouth agape as I stared at him.

He got to be kidding me...

“You are kidding. Right?” I said with a little fear. It’s not like I haven’t spend a night with him. It’s just I don’t want to spend another with him. What if I get attached to him? I was afraid that one day what if I fell for him? What if I fall in love?


No! Don’t think of that.

“No. You are taking me to my apartment.” I said, pleading him with my eyes.

Please, Edan! Don’t make this hard for me. I don’t want to put your life in misery. Please.

“No. You’re coming with me.” He stated in a final order.


“Ssh...” He said while lifting my chin as my eyes met with him.

Those eyes... They were my weakness now. Why Edan? Why were you doing this to me? Why your eyes had to be that affected!

“Understood?” His eyes still looking into mine. I want to say no, I want to tell him no. But my stupid head nodded in a yes.


It frustrates me. Why don’t I have a control of my body?

Damn me!

After some time, we reached his building. I followed him towards the elevator that opened in his penthouse. Still, the same as I remember...

He went to the couch and threw his jacket and necktie on it. I stood there still, not knowing what to do.

“Are you hungry?” I looked at Edan to see he was asking that question.

Yes, I was way too hungry as I haven’t eaten anything in the event too.

“A little,” I replied, looking down.

“As I thought. Maria! Set the table for two.” He said to an elderly woman standing in the kitchen and she nodded.

After refreshing a bit, we went to the table. Edan sitting in front of me. I looked at my food and started eating along with Edan. We both not uttering a single word. Only the noise of clattering of spoon with the plate could be heard.

Tell him about your admission in university... My conscience reminded me as I bit on my lower lip.

I looked at him, his eyes fixed on mine. As soon as my eyes met with him, I instantly looked away.

No. I couldn’t tell him now. He seemed to be in a bad mood.

But you have to tell him.

But maybe not today.

In the end, I decided on not telling him yet.

After finishing our meals, we went in the living room.

“Maria, you can go for now,” Edan ordered her and she nodded. After giving a smile to me, she left. That means Edan and me were alone. Alone... My heart skipped a beat at this as I gulped, feeling nervous. I sat on the couch as my mind wondering.

What now? What should I do?

I looked around to see there were some pictures hanging on the wall. I haven’t seen them before.

You haven’t noticed them before.

Well, of course, I haven’t. I hadn’t paid much attention to his penthouse.

Suddenly a slow music started playing in the background. I turned my attention to the source and looked around to see Edan standing in his white shirt. His above three buttons opened showing his muscular chest. I couldn’t help but gulp at the sight of him. His muscles bulging from his shirt.

How could someone be that sexy? Was it even possible?

Of course... There is a live example in front of you.

“Are you going to remain there and admire me?” I came out of my trance by his husky voice and looked at him. He was smirking. I instantly blushed after realizing that I had been caught red-handed while I was checking on him.

What was wrong with me? Snap out, Emma...

He moved towards me and I stood up from the couch. He stopped just a few inches from me. We both looking in each other eyes. Instantly the lights were dimmed and the volume of the low romantic music was increased. And in the next moment, I was in Edan’s arms. My cheeks got all shades of red.

“You owe me a dance. You know that. Right?” He whispered in a seductive tone in my ear.

Dance? No, I can’t...

“I can’t dance,” I stated the truth.

“Not a problem. Let’s have some dance lessons then.” He again whispered seductively and lead me to follow his steps. His one hand on my waist while other on my thigh and my both hands automatically moved around his neck. Our gaze locked in each other. During this time I stepped on his shoes two to three times but thankfully he didn’t complain.

In no time, I was swaying my body according to the music. Our bodies following a beautiful rhythm. This was the most romantic moment of my life and for the first time, I don’t want to end this. Our gaze interlocked, there was something strange in his eyes, something I couldn’t comprehend.

I placed my head on his muscular bare chest, whilst his hold got stronger around my waist bringing me closer to his body if that was even possible. I could hear his heart beat, fast as mine. I had forgotten the joy and happiness hidden in dancing, and Edan has helped me to finally realize it once again. I don’t want to part away from him right now. My eyes started to drop heavily and I don’t know when I dozed on his chest.

Edan’s POV.

I looked down when I heard the soft breathing of Emma. I guess she had doze to sleep on my chest. I looked at her, I haven’t seen anyone like her. She was looking so beautiful and sexy in that dress, and the thing which I liked the most was that she was wearing the dress, I had bought for her. She just drives me insane. She had become my addiction and a strong addiction. I was addicted to her. I know this was not good but I can’t help it, I was not gonna give up on her.

I was going to make her MINE...Only mine.

I gently lifted her up and went towards my bedroom. I placed her gently on the bed and she stirred. Her eyes opened up gently, looking into mine. I kissed her forehead. I could tell she wasn’t comfortable in that dress. I walked to my closet and took out a black button up shirt and handed to her.

“Wear this. You will feel comfortable.”

With that, I headed towards the washroom. After doing my business, I came out and saw her already lying on the bed. I headed towards it and as I laid on the bed, I couldn’t help but to think about the beautiful woman lying beside me. I turned my head to see Emma’s face towards mine. She wasn’t asleep but looking towards me.


“For giving you a shirt?” I asked.

“No. I mean... Yes... I mean... Not for this... I mean...” She stuttered and I chuckled.

“I mean thanks for everything, for saving me, for that amazing dance and for---”

“Hush...” I cut her sentence and drew her closer.

“Edan. Thanks for everything...” She whispered and rested her head on my shoulder. She nuzzled deeper and my heart accelerated. It was like I had won something great, something beautiful. There I know, my feelings for her. I exactly know what I really felt for her, and now I want to tell her.

“Emma?” I whispered.


“You-You’re my everything... And I-I-I know you may not be ready for this... But... I couldn’t hold it in. The more I keep it in... The more it hurts me. I want to get it out now. I’m tired of hiding it.” I started in a calm and slow voice.


It was quite difficult... I haven’t done this before to anyone.

“Uhm...” She said while nuzzling more.

I decided to continue. I was going to get this out...

“Emma.” I whispered.

“I-I L-Love you.” And there I said it, it was hard.

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