Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 36) A Date


1 week later.

“Emma! You are going to be late.” I heard Kate from the other side of the door as I was busy rinsing my hair.

“I’m just coming.”

“Hurry up! Only half an hour is left.” She yelled.

“Okay! Just coming.” I yelled back and groaned.

Come on! Can’t you wait for a sec...

I turned off the tap, put on my robe, wrap my hair in a towel and stepped out.

“Sit down. I’m going to do your make up.” Kate pushed me in front of the mirror and made me sit there.

“Makeup? No! I’m not gonna wear any makeup.” I argued.

I’m not gonna wear any makeup. No way... Not at all!!!

“Oh for crying out loud! Stop arguing and let the makeup queen do her work. I bet he’s gonna blow up his control once he gets his eyes on you.” Kate smirked and I might say, that smirk was a scary one.

“No Kate! Please. I shouldn’t have told you about that.” I huffed in regret.

Why I even told her about this?

Well, you needed an advice idiot.

Yeah, right!

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. And after a year, it’s finally becoming true. Yay! I finally get to do a makeover of you.” She grinned while drying my hair and then rolling them.

“You had really been very stubborn. Making him wait for this long. I can’t imagine how he would have kept himself in control...” Kate chuckled and I simply smiled remembering him.

“After 2 months, you finally agreed. You finally let your feelings lead you. I’m glad.” She kept talking whilst finished my curls.

Two months have been passed since that day when he first bumped into me, since our first encounter and then there is the day when I started working for him, I must add forcefully. But the little scenario that we had last week, in which I kind of blurted out those words. I finally decided to follow my feelings. I decided to put this whatever thing we had to test. To test whether it’s gonna be a success or a complete breakdown. But now I was not gonna step back, I was ready to go for it.

“Let me look.” I tried to look in the mirror but before I could see, Kate placed a cloth on it.

“Ah... No. Not now.” She giggled and started applying a little base on my face.

“You aren’t making me a monster. Are you?” I chuckled.

“Oh yes! A delicious, sexy monster. And believe me, he won’t be able to hold himself back tonight.” Kate looked proud but I shivered at this thought.

“Calm down! It will be fun.” She patted my back seeing my reaction. I shook my head at her childish behaviour.

“Shut up Kate! Or else I’m not going.” I tried to give her a glare but failed miserably and Kate laughed.

“Do you really think he would let you go that easily? After making him wait for this much? Do you think you can back away now?” She teased and there it was again, that smirk of her.

My cheeks warmed up. I knew now, I can’t back away and I don’t want to... I was ready. I was going to teach my heart to love again. I was not stepping back now. Not this time.

“Here, I’m done with your base. Now a little eyeshade and a pink lipstick.” She took out the things from her drawer.

“Uh! No, a red lipstick will do.” Kate muttered to herself and took it out.

I was sitting right now in front of the covered mirror in Kate’s room. I didn’t have anything for a makeover and weren’t much fond of it but Kate insisted me that she would do a makeover and would take care of my make up so here I was stuck and having a makeover.

“There you go. Done!” She closed her eyeshades kit and gathering her stuff, smiled proudly. Finally, after half an hour, she allowed me to let go.

“Now, go get dressed.” She pushed me into my room. I smiled at her giddiness. She was more excited than me.

I put on my sky blue knee length dress. It had a sky blue net having a beautiful floral design on it. It fitted me perfectly. My shoulders covered my the dress transparent net and my arms bare as the dress was sleeveless.

It wasn’t a bit revealing and according to my taste. Kate insisted me to buy a bit more revealing one so that I’ll look sexy but I refused. We argued about it but in the end, I won the battle. Besides, it’s me who has to wear it. So, I ended up buying it and now I was loving it.

“Are you ready?” Kate knocked and I replied with a yes.

I put on my blue heels. My legs bare. I grabbed my clutch and put the lipstick, some tissues and my phone in it.

“Oh my God!” Kate gasped the moment, I stepped out. I looked at Kate to see her mouth open and her eyes wide.

“What? Is something wrong?” I asked concerned while looking at my dress to see if something was wrong with it.

“You look breathtaking. I’m sure he won’t be able to take his hands of you.” She commented and my cheeks heat up. Thousands of butterflies invaded my stomach and a sly smile took its place on my lips.

“Shut up!” I averted my eyes from her grinning face. The doorbell rang making my nerves to speed up as nervousness engulfed me.

“Oh! Looks like lover boy is here....” Kate giggled. A smile on my lips as I grabbed my coat and with a heart filled with different emotions, I headed towards the door.

Thousands of thoughts crossing my mind.

What will be his reaction? Will he like me this way? What will he be wearing?

And many many more questions, jumbling in my mind.

I opened the door and then my breath hitched at the sight of the very same person standing in front of me. He was standing there in full glory. Looking handsome and sexy. He was wearing a black suit as usual. The shirt white and first two buttons open.

Our gaze met. His eyes shifted from my eyes to my body.

“You look beautiful,” Edan commented and I felt my cheeks warm up.

“You too.” Before I could shut my mouth the words escaped my big snotty mouth.

“Uuuh... I mean handsome. Y-You, look handsome.” I flushed.

Damn it!!!! Control it, Emma!
What is wrong with you?Snap out!

Edan chuckled and handed me a bouquet of white and red roses.

My heart filled with emotions, heavy emotions. My heart raced up. No one has ever affected me in this way. This mere gentle action from Edan just made my heart flutter.

“Thank you. They are beautiful. I love them.” I found my voice and replied.

“Don’t know which ones your favourite. So, I just kind of picked them up.” Edan smiled.

“I love them. Thank you.” I thanked him for the second time.

“Shall we?” He asked me just like a gentleman.So,unlike Edan! I smiled at him and slightly nodded. He forwarded his elbow and smiling I took it. We entered the elevator and coming to the ground floor, we headed towards his car.

He started the car and the engine came alive. He started driving and I remained silent for the whole time. We both silent. None of us started the conversation.

I wasn’t sure what to say. My heart was beating abnormally by his mere presence and now and then I would take deep breaths to calm down my running nerves. His car as well smelled of him and I loved it. I loved his presence, his scent.

Emma! Snap out. What are you thinking...

Uhhh! I’m behaving like an idiot.

The car came to a halt and my attention drifted towards the amazing breathtaking five-star restaurant in front.

“We’re here,” Edan spoke and I simply nodded. I stepped outside the car and so did Edan. We both headed towards the reception desk.

“Names please?” A girl with blonde hair tied up in a bun and wearing a black and white uniform inquired as her eyes on the list.

“Edan Wilton,” Edan said in a firm tone.

In an instant, her head shot up and her eyes widen like she had seen a ghost. Her face got pale on meeting her eyes with Edan.

“I-I’m s-so s-sorry sir. I-I didn’t realize i-it was you...” Her lips quivered.

Edan only nodded and without giving her a second glance. He gently took my hand and went inside towards the VIP lounge.

I was still confused by that little scenario that just happened a while ago.

Why was that girl so scared? How did she know him?

Idiot. He is a well known billionaire... Everyone knows about him. It was you dumb that had never heard of him.

Well, that’s true. I wasn’t too much in gossips.

My eyes widen by the beauty that the restaurant holds. A big chandelier hanging in the centre of the hall. The floor fully carpeted and a few tables were occupied by the costumers. Everyone busy in their own little world.

I felt his arm encircled around my waist. His touch warm and I could feel his warmth on my skin despite the presence of the fabric of my dress. I could feel my cheeks burning up.

Why is he affecting me this way???

This feeling cannot be defined. It’s indescribable...

“Mr. Wilton. This way please.” A waiter said and we followed him.

He led us to a seat near a big window. The window reflecting the peaceful night outside. Edan let go of me and we sat down, facing each other.

“What will you order?” The same boy asked and we both took a look at our menus. After taking our order, he nodded and left us. I looked around the restaurant and admired the beautiful architecture of this building. A sweet smile on my lips as the sweet melody of an orchestra playing in the restaurant.

“Emma!” He whispered and I looked into his eyes.

“Hmm?” I hummed.

“You... You had made me speechless.” I furrowed my eyebrows at his words.

“Speechless? For what?” I questioned.

His hand rested on mine which was placed on the table. His fingers intertwined with mine. My hand looked small and delicate in his. I was surprised at how our hands fit perfectly. It felt like they were meant for each other.

Strange....Or crazy...Right?

“You look really beautiful, gorgeous. I have never seen you in make up before.” His eyes looking at me intently and I blushed at his remark.

“Well, Kate kind of forced me to put makeup. It was not my idea. It’s the first time I had wore it.” I replied softly.

This is so unlike me...I’m acting like a madly in love girl. Blushing and talking softly. Trying to impress him.

What? Seriously! Impress him. Idiot Emma...

“Well, I’m really flattered to know that you had done it for me. To make me impressed.” He smirked and my eyes widen.

What the hell!!! Did I say it aloud? Or had he read my mind?

“Dream on. Why would I want to impress some jerk like you!” I rolled my eyes, trying to hide my smile. I heard him chuckle.

“So, we are back to jerk? Well, let me tell you. This jerk is madly in love with a stubborn girl. A stubborn but a beautiful girl.” His eyes locked in mine and I could sense sincerity in his every word.

I couldn’t help but smile at his words. He really knows how to make me smile. He knows how to love someone. A thought crossed my mind suddenly.

Maybe this time I’ll not end up broken. Maybe I could find love... Maybe we were destined to meet on that day...

I smiled at that simple yet difficult thought.

Edan! You are really something...

“Care to tell me, why are you smiling? It’s not that I didn’t like it... I just love your smile. Is it me you are thinking about?” He smirked again.

My cheeks warm up and couldn’t help but to grin like a silly little girl. I dug my head down into my hair.

“Looks like I was right.” He chuckled and I couldn’t meet his eyes. I was shy.

For god sake...I don’t know where this shyness came from?

This is so unlike me...

“Emma! You are something special. I don’t know if it was the love at first sight or something else. The day I led my eyes on you. I knew right then that I want you.” His hand held my chin lightly and gently lifted it, making my eyes to meet with his.

“Thank you for everything. For letting me love you. For believing in me. For this...” He took my hand and bringing it to his lips, he gently kissed it. My face flushed and a deep crimson colour took its place on my cheeks and my breath hastened. I could only smile in response.

The remaining evening was spent in a normal way. Edan made me smile, made me laugh. He cracked some jokes and I was really enjoying his company. It was the best evening I ever had. It was the time that I never wanted to end. I came to know that the restaurant was of Edan’s. No doubt the poor girl was scared to see her big boss.

I noticed today that his behaviour towards his employees was not a sweet one. Always authoritative and to the point. But with me, he was a totally changed person. He was a cold, ruthless, arrogant boss towards his employees but with me, he was the complete opposite person. Loving, caring, gentle and kind who makes me feel like special.

I had a firm belief that I won’t regret this decision...

After having our date in that restaurant, Edan drove me back. I was standing in front of my apartment now as Edan in front of me.

“Close your eyes,” Edan said huskily.

“Why? Are you gonna kiss me?” As soon as those words left my mouth I regretted. Shit...I blurted out.

Edan chuckled.

“I don’t think there’s any need for you to close your eyes at that time. Because I will kiss you senselessly whether you close your eyes or not.” He held me by my waist and pulling me closer to his body, whispered seductively in my ear. My body shivered as he kissed my sensitive spot behind the ear.

“Now close ’em.” He whispered and let me go.

I closed my eyes and my heart beating furiously and my running wildly. Different thoughts invading my mind and making me think that what he is gonna do. I felt something placed around my neck and my heart flipped.

“Open ’em.” He said as I opened my eyes and gasped at the beautiful necklace around my neck.

It was the same necklace that I had seen in the gift shop. A platinum heart shape necklace with a diamond in the centre.

“Oh my God... Edan! I... I can’t take it. It’s really expensive.” I said admiring the beautiful little thing around my neck.

“It’s meant for you. It is a gift that will remind you of our first date. It will remind you that you are only mine.” He held my hand and looked into my eyes.

You are mine...Mine...

These words. I felt safe by just hearing them from his mouth. I smiled and stood on my tip toes. Bringing my face closer to his, I kissed him on his cheek.

“Thank you. I loved it.” I whispered as his eyes widen and the next moment, his lips crashed on mine.

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