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(Ch. 38) Confused

Emma’s POV.

I entered the building feeling a bit nervous. I passed through Taylor but couldn’t ignore the death glares she was giving me. She’s been giving me those glares since the first day I entered this building and I don’t know the reason behind it.

Seriously what’s her problem? I didn’t do anything... What does she want from me?

I always tried to act nice with her but she always ends up being a bitch. She would normally won’t talk to me and if she would probably because it’s something important, she would always be rude.

I ignored her death glares and made my way to Edan’s office. I smiled on remembering our date. It was so magical, so romantic, so undefined. It was the best date and that gift he gave me was the best. I loved everything. From the beginning to the last. From the moment he gave me the bouquet of roses to the time when we shared our last kiss of the day. Everything was saved in my memory and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. I had fun with him. The fun which I hadn’t had for like a long time. Not in ages, I enjoyed this much.

He made me feel loved...

A smile on my lips as I knocked his door and heard a come in. I stepped in and closed the door. I looked around but no sign of him.

Where could he be?

“Looking for me sweetheart?” A sexy, raspy voice came from behind me and the very next moment I was enclosed in a back hug. His hands on my waist and his breath on my neck and I bit my lower lip enjoying his presence against mine.

“No. Not at all. I wasn’t looking for you. I was looking for....” I paused thinking of a name.
“Kevin. Yup, I was looking for him. Have you seen him.” I smiled. I knew he doesn’t like him much, probably because he thinks that he was interested in me and this thought makes me laugh every time.

Oh! Poor Edan.

“Oh really? And why would he be here? It’s my office after all.” I could sense that smirk on his face and I mentally smacked my head.

OK. Now, what to say? Damn it, Emma! It’s Edan’s office after all. Why would Kevin be here? Dumb girl...

But still, I decided to play along.

Let’s see how far I’ll make it.

“Oh! Sorry then. I might have mistakenly come here. I should probably leave. I have to find him. You know I haven’t seen him for a while.” I smirked emphasizing for a while.

I freed myself from his grip and turning around, I walked past him and headed towards the door.

Yes... I won... Mr. Wilton.
Haha! In your face.

I laughed a victory laugh inwardly.

“Don’t play with my temper miss James.” He grabbed my arm and swirled me back into his embrace. This time I was looking straight into his eyes.

“I don’t think I have that much time to play with your temper, Mr. Wilton.” Despite his intense gaze, I managed to play along.

After all, I won’t lose to him.

“You really love teasing me. Don’t you?” He whispered in a sexy tone and drew his face closer.

Yes! I love teasing you.

“Oh! Was I teasing you? I’m so sorry. Now, will you excuse me. I have work to do.” I smiled and tried to wriggle myself out of his embrace. Luckily, I managed to escape him and ran into my office and let out a deep chuckle.

I just love teasing him and playing with his games. I love the way he makes me feel.

I love everything about him.

I noticed some files and after checking them and reading them, I sent them to Edan. Not by my own self but with the help of Violet. I called her and asked for her help. Now it was my lunch time so I took my purse and headed to the cafeteria.

I walked into the cafeteria and saw Kevin and Violet sitting at the end table. By the look on Violet’s face, I could tell she was blushing and that Kevin, I bet was making some remarks on her. Violet saw me and waved at me.

“So?” I sat down and smirked.

“How far you both have gone? Huh?” I grinned as Kevin chocked on to the water he was drinking. Violet’s cheeks become a deep crimson red colour.

“Awwww!!! Someone’s blushing!!!!” I said in a sing-song voice and she hid her face in her hair.

“Am I proud to know that I’m the reason behind that blush of yours...” Kevin remarked as Violet at once looked at him surprised. Kevin smirked while wiping his face and then winked at her causing her blush to intensify more. They were so adorable. They just suited each other so perfectly. Like a match made in heaven.

My idea about guys was finally starting to change. First Edan and now Kevin. They both made me think that maybe all guys are not the same. There is indeed someone in the world who will love you, who will care for you. Who will make you believe that you are not alone. Who will make you feel loved, make you feel cherished. There is someone in this world only made for you. We have to only wait for the right one.

“So, how’s everything with Edan? And why did you send me to his office this morning?” Violet asked with a smile.

“About that. I wasn’t just in the mood to meet him. That’s all.” I said with a smile whilst remembering this morning and took a sip of my coffee.

“What do you mean by everything with Edan? And who Edan? Oh! Wait a sec! Is that Mr. Wilton you are talking about?” Kevin looked at us wide eyes trying to comprehend what we both were talking about.

“Yes, Kev! They are dating.” Violet giggled whilst Kevin stared as if he had seen a ghost. I blushed at the mention of us dating.

“Look who’s the one blushing now...” Violet started laughing and I couldn’t hold back my lips from smiling.

“H-How How it all happened? And where was I?” Kevin asked confused.

I haven’t told anyone about us. Well except Kate and Violet and that was all thanks to that Truth and Dare game. I haven’t even told my mom about it. I just don’t know how to tell her. Or should I even tell her or not now?

Of course! She’s your mom Emma. You should tell her.

But I was afraid. I don’t even know what was our relationship now? And how far it’s gonna make it? Will Edan continue to love me with the same emotions? Will he always remain by my side? Will he love me till the end? Will I be able to give him back the love that he wants? Am I that much worthy? Am I even worthy to have him? Should I take a step forward?

Emma! It’s in your hands. It’s you who’s gonna decide whether you want this relationship or you want to end it. Whether you should give him a yes or a no. Whether you should tell him about your true feelings or not.

It is you who has this right, who has this opportunity, who has the second piece of this relationship. You are the one who will choose. And this choice will affect not only you but Edan too.

“Hey! You completely zoned out.” Violet snapped her fingers in front of my face and I came out of my trance.

“Oh sorry!” I replied sheepishly.

After a little chat with them. I bid them goodbye and headed towards my office. Those thoughts still surrounding me.

Should I say yes?

What will happen if I say no? Will everything ends up between us? Or will Edan keep on trying his best to continue our relationship?

What will happen if I say yes? Will he love me till eternity? Will we succeed in our relationship? Will we be married? Will I be happy with him?

Of course! I feel like I’m the luckiest and happiest girl in this world when I’m with him. I can’t imagine myself without Edan. He had captured my mind, my heart. I couldn’t leave him now nor ever.

But again a part of me holds me back. Am I taking things too fastly? Should I take more time? Should I be first sure about my own feelings?


So many questions...

What should I do?

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