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(Ch. 39) A Visitor

Emma’s POV.

I was sitting in my office while staring blankly at my laptop. My mind was all this time busy thinking about the answer to his question. Although I have asked for some time before replying to him but still, I do have to answer him someday. After thinking about my emotions for half an hour, I was completely going to lose my mind. I groaned and dug my head in my hands.

Urgh!!!! What should I do?

Maybe I should give in. Maybe I should say yes. What the worse could happen?

I may just end up heartbroken.

Or I may have the greatest time of my life...

Yes! I’ll try. Besides one can’t know anything without trying and I believe that if I won’t try it now, I will definitely regret it later. I don’t want to have any more regrets in my life. I already have a lot of regrets from my past.

I was silly and an idiot. I was stupid to just think that my world had come to an end after that night. I was stupid to spend my past three years afraid of falling for a guy, afraid of the thing that all guys are alike and are beasts. I should have just moved on like every other girl. I shouldn’t have shown that bastard Den that he had affected me in any way. I should have known that it was only a matter of a game for him. He had f**k many girls behind my back and I was just stupid back then to trust him again and again.

At first, the mere thought of him made me cringe, gave me nightmares. He had destroyed me completely and had taken my happy life from me. But then Edan came in. He came as my knight in a shining armour. He became the prince that I once dreamed when I was 8.

I think it may sound silly, but I think I liked him the very same moment when we bumped.

I was mesmerized by him. Especially his eyes, I think his eyes were the first thing I fell for. His blue eyes were so captivating and mesmerizing. I could bring myself to calm by only looking at them. At first, he did prove to be a jerk by forcing me to work for him and I hated him for that but now I’m glad he did.

Without him I believe that I would have been the same lost girl, I would have hated guys and just maybe loathed the very sight of them. But now Edan is making me change my thoughts and ideas.

This thought just made me chuckle. I was indeed a big stupid girl to think that all boys were dumbass and jerks but now I have a new perspective on them. I knew I was wrong, my thoughts were wrong and Edan helped me to realize it and because of him, they had started to change.

I smiled at the thought of us. Edan and Me.

A smile plastered on my lips remembering him. I believe I do love him because his mere thought made my heart to run wildly.

I looked at the wallpaper on my laptop. It was a picture of my family when I was of age 10. I smiled whilst looking at the picture. I just love my family. A thought came to my mind as I remember I haven’t search anything about Edan before. I instantly typed Edan Wilton on Google and clicked the search button. Instantly his pictures, his bio, his previous affairs and different articles about him showed up. I read his bio and was astonished to see the achievements he had achieved.

Edan Wilton.
Status: Unmarried.
C.E.O. of one of the most successful companies of whole America.
Edan Wilton is the son of Karl Wilton. He had an older brother and a younger sister. He became the C.E.O. of the company at the age of 19 because of his father’s poor health conditions.
Those years were a difficult time for Wilton’s family but the new C.E.O. at that time with intense hard work and under the guidance of his father stabilize his company.
He continued his studies along with his work. He got the education in business through an online college and got passed by excellent grades. He got his degree and strengthen his position in the industrial world.
The Wilton’s co. is now counted among the top 4 companies of whole America, and Wilton’s family is considered as one of the richest families in the world.

I gasped while reading about him. This article made me think about how powerful Edan and his family could be. I clicked on another article and it was based on his past and current affairs.

Edan Wilton.
A man of every girl’s dream. He is handsome, charming and sexy with a body that everyone admires. Some say he’s a player while some say he’s a lover. But what’s true? Nobody knows.
He had been seen with many models, actors and different beautiful girls. There have been many affairs and flings about him. But nobody knows if any of his relationships were serious or not.
He’s the guy that every girl admires. He’s cold, arrogant, serious but yet sexy.
He had been seen with many girls but they didn’t last more than a few days. Recently he’s seen with another girl at one of his restaurants but nobody knows if she’s just one of his flings or one of his one night stands.
Or is she the lucky girl that has captured his eyes or is she just a gold digger? Is she going to be something important in his life? Or will she be tossed away by him like his past affairs?

I was shocked by reading this a lot of a rubbish about that girl. Who these people even were to judge a person by not even knowing her? They were no one to tell who she was and what her aim was. It’s her problem and Edan’s not theirs. We all know these are the gossips that people just love to read about celebrities or some rich bachelors. These gossips, rumours are almost always big lies but these gossips do affect a person status, his life, and his character.

But still one shouldn’t just judge a person by hearing all those bullshits about him unless one meet him in person. There are many different faces and different stories behind a person’s face. A person just does not change himself without any reason. There are a series of events in one’s life that caused one to change. I knew it because I had experienced it myself. I knew the reasons which caused a change in my own behaviour.

But we should be strong to face them. We shouldn’t give up that easily. We shouldn’t just surrender our selves in front of those problems and matters. We should face them. These are all a part of our lives.

Every one has its own problems in life. Life isn’t perfect and is nor easy. Life is too short and is just a matter of only moments and we should live in that moment and enjoy it. I realized all this after a long time. I know I did wrong and it was a foolish act that I wasted my time by being idle, I should have just moved on.

I guess... I wasn’t that strong back then.

But am I strong now? Will I be able to move on if Edan would leave me? Will I be strong enough to face another heartbreak?

No, I don’t think that I will be able to spend my life without him. I had just found a missing piece of me and now I don’t want to lose it. I will tell Edan about my feelings as soon as I can. I don’t want to wait much longer.

We should just tell the ones we love as soon as we can. If we love someone, we shouldn’t waste time and just tell them while we can see them. And this is what I will do now. I’m tired of lying myself and doubting my own feelings, and now I will take them out and express them.

I surfed the net a little more. I saw many pictures of him with other girls. Those girls were way more beautiful than me and there was also a picture of him sitting in a restaurant with a girl. He was smiling and I could tell he was enjoying his time. I looked all the supermodels and pretty girls with him. Some having their arms looped inside his and some clinging to him and there I felt a pang of jealousy inside me. By looking him with all those girls I felt jealous.

Yes! I admit I was jealous.

I huffed in anger and decided to take a closer look. I looked at that restaurant picture and found something odd.

“Hmm. It looks familiar. I think I have seen this place.” I muttered.

I zoomed it and realization hit me. It was the picture of us during our first date in one of his restaurants. But thank God, my back was facing the camera so my identity was hidden.

My eyes widen as realization started to dawn on me. So that means... That means that current girl with whom he is, and about whom I had read all those bullshits is no other but me?

I was taken aback by how those people thought of me and it hurt me deep knowing how people can talk shit about others without even knowing the real them.

“Hmm. Interesting picture. Isn’t it?” I shrieked a little when his voice came from behind me and I instantly shut my laptop. I stood up and turned towards him.

“What are you doing here?” I looked at him.

“It’s my building and I can go wherever I want. So how much have you searched about me? Huh?” He smirked and I bit my inner cheek. The hurt that I felt before getting replaced by nervousness.

For how long has he been standing behind me? Had he seen that I was doing a search about him?

Darn it!

“Why would I be wasting my time in searching about you? My time is far more important than to search about something or someone like you.” I grinned a victorious smile.

“Oh really?” He came closer and I back away.

“Yes. I don’t waste my time on rubbish things. You know time is precious Mr. Wilton ”

I smirked enjoying the way I was giving him counter attacks. I could see a glint of amusement in his eyes. He stepped forward and seeing him, I stepped backwards. At once, I felt something behind my legs and let out a gasp as I fell on the sofa with a thud.

Damn that sofa!

I cursed under my breath knowing that I was trapped by him. He loomed over me and trapped me by his hands. His eyes staring deeply in mine and I averted them to look for an escape but failed.

“So what were you saying? Rubbish thing? Huh? You have been playing with a beast, Miss James.” Edan smirked.

“Really?” I raised my eyebrow challenging him. Although I had no room for escape but still, I wanted to fight until the end.

“Yes, and you know what? Now, this beast is going to give you a punishment.”

He smirked and whispered huskily. Before I could retort, his lips landed on my neck and he started kissing my neck. My breath hitched up in my throat and my head to another side on its own accord to give him a better access. He trailed kisses on my jawline and at the edge of my lips. He was teasing me with his kisses.

“E-Edan!” I breathed out and could feel a smile on his lips.

He stopped and looked into my eyes. We both staring into each other eyes. Blue against grey. I was panting while he was calm. It’s strange how his light few seconds touch made me to lose my mind and my control over my body.

“Emma! What you want?” He whispered and inched closer making my mind and my heart to go wild.

“Emma? What you want?” He questioned again this time but seductively as he planted a kiss just above my lips. He was teasing me and I hated it. He was enjoying it and I wanted to push him away but my body was right now under his control.

Damn it!

“Do you want a kiss?” He whispered seductively in my ear and I bit my lower lip. My head nodded on its own.

Damn it!

“Good girl.” He smirked and gave me a victory smile, showing me that he had won. I only rolled my eyes in response.

“You have a lot to learn, my Emma!”

He whispered and his minty breath fanned on my face. He leaned in and my lips parted. Our lips inched apart and as they were about to meet, we heard a clearing of a throat.

“What’s going on here?” I heard a voice and Edan looked at the source of the voice.


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