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(Ch. 4) Shopping

Emma's POV.

I was so regretting agreeing to Alice to go shopping and all to blame was me myself. Why did I come here in the first place? Why did I agree? Was my mind turned upside down or lost? I shouldn't have come. I should have refused her and instead hear her continuous chattering of please and please. At least, my legs wouldn't have been hurting with throbbing pain like now.

We came to the mall at five in the evening and now according to my phone, it showed nine. It has been four damn hours now and she had just bought three dresses. Three fucking dresses in four damn hours.

I have been following her for four hours and now my feet and legs were hurting like hell and I swear, I could just literally fall on the tiled floor any minute now. I was literally dragging my poor body against its will.

"Alice! Just choose it..." I told her for the fifth time while groaning and shifting from one foot to another. I was tired as hell! Damn! Why couldn't she just choose one?

"But which one?" She pouted making me curse under my breath on my not-so-lucky-day.

Definitely! This day was a pure bad luck. First, I woke up late. Second, I got scolded by my employer and third, I had an encounter with that jerk-face and now the last one, shopping. I think in my all day-experience, the most dreaded one might be this thing we call shopping. I don't get it, how people so easily walk for straight six to seven hours in a mall? One thing was sure, once I'll be all rich and have my dream job, I'll be hiring a person specially to do my shopping because my experience of shopping so far was a very scary and tiring one. So, no thank you.

"Emma! You ain't listening!"

"Ah! What? No no! I am." Damn! Where have I gotten myself into?

"Emma! Choose," She was holding two dresses. One, a red lace dress with a neckline and the other, a knee-length black dress.

"Just choose any," I groaned trying my best to finish with this as soon as possible. I turned my head to one side and then the other to ease the cramp in my back.

"Emma, you are suppose to help me, which, you are not!" She retorted making me sigh in defeat. "Fine! Just take the red one,"

"Are you sure?" She said whilst taking a look at the red dress as I nodded trying to convince her so we can head back home. I missed my comfy PJs and my bed.

She stood there looking between two dresses then she gave a smile. "Hey! What if I'll try both? And you can tell me which suits me the best,"

"Hey wait-" She rushed into the dressing room before even giving me a chance to answer. She again left me hanging on to my poor tiny legs.

"Urgh!!!" There was no use of me protesting. So, I did the only thing I could and that was to wait. I looked around the shop to see for a sitting place but this damn shop was having only two sofas which were already full. On one, two of the elder women were sitting and on the other, some poor husbands or boyfriends were waiting for their wives or girlfriends. I couldn't help but pity them. Poor people must have been dragged to shopping like me. So, I had no choice but to keep standing there waiting for her to come out.

She opened the door of changing room and came out. "So, how do I look?" She twirled in a circle in front of me. "You look great. Now, can we go?" I gave a thumbs up trying my best to leave. I just wanted to leave this hell and nothing more. Was that a lot to ask?

"Emma!" She lightly yelled at me making me cry inwardly at my fate. "Aaah, fine... It looks great but it's a bit loose. Don't you think?" I stated the truth as she took a look in the mirror.

"Yeah, you're right. Lemme try the other one," She said while controlling her joy and I knew, I could only do was to stand here and wait for her again, without any choice. I knew how she goes mad while shopping and no one, I mean no one could stop her. After five minutes of waiting, she finally came out.

I gasped. Wow! She looked breathtakingly beautiful. The black dress hugging her body showing her perfect curves. It was strapless and had a black sparkling net at the bottom of it. The colour bringing out her fair complexion making her look even prettier.

"So?" She raised her eyebrows as I gave her two thumbs up with a big smile. "WOW! You look hot Alice. It looks awesome, I think it's only meant for you. Take it!" She grinned on my compliment. "Really!" She chirped and rushing towards me, pulled me into a hug.

"I am gonna buy it," She declared and I thanked god. Finally! A success. She changed back into her clothes, went to the cashier and paid for it.

"Thank you," she whispered the young boy who handed her the bag having her dress.

I was so glad that this terrifying trip was finally coming to an end. Now we will head back to our apartment where I'll embrace my comforty night suit and then I will fall into a deep and peaceful slumber. A smile form on my lips just thinking about it until those words registered my mind. "Now where to?" Alice said while thinking as we were heading out of the shop.

What? Did I hear her right? Where to? Oh no!

"Hey, Miss! What do you mean where to? We are going home. No other stops," I glared at her. My legs could never ever take on four more hours of continuous walking. "What? But I bought only four dresses. That's not enough. I want to buy purses and shoes and what about cosmetics? Cosmetics are a must! " she pouted. I wanted to cry.

"That's quite enough. Now let's go," Giving my final words, I headed towards the exit. I don't care whether she bought one dress or four. I just wanted to leave.

"But we've been to only a few shops." She said as I stopped mid-track and turning around, I just stared at her dumbfounded.

A few... She called them a few? I swear... We had gone to at least 20 shops and she called it a few. What was this girl? A robot?

"Emma, look, there are plenty of other shops left which we haven't been to," She grabbed my arm trying her best to stop me from exiting. "No, no, no. I'm heading out."

"No! Em! My sweet girl. My sweet amazing and a good bestie."

"Stop with your words. They ain't gonna work," I rolled my eyes.

"Emma!" She whined calling my name. "Look! We have only been to a few... say 15 shops. They aren't that much." Her lips having a sly smile.

"Oh no, miss! Not 15. 20 shops! We have visited 20 shops, Alice! 20! I am so tired. I don't know if I will be able to go to work tomorrow or not. My feet are killing me and I could just die right now. Even dying is a better option than this hell shopping," I groaned.

"Then let's take some rest first. I saw a cafe on the second floor. Let's go," She grabbed my arm and started to drag me with her. "Alice! Don't..." I begged but she was persistent in her words.

"Pretty please. I promise I'll pay you back. Maybe I can arrange a date for you. Say, with one of my classmates. He's cute." She winked at me. I scrunch my nose up. She knew clearly how it comes to dating. It was simple. I don't do boyfriend shits and I don't do dating. And she was now teasing me.

"Don't you dare! I will kill you and leave no mark," I freed my arm from her grip and straightened myself. "Oooh! Scary," she chuckled.

"You know? You are very stubborn," I stared at her as she laughed and continued to drag me up to the second floor.

Seriously, if there was a boy with me right now instead of her, I would have just dump his ass off. But I had to control my temper in case of my friends, I couldn't do that to them as I loved them. They helped me a lot when I needed them and I could never even think of hurting any one of them.

"I know... and thanks to it, I was able to make you stay," She replied to me by sticking out her tongue like a five-year-old girl making me smile. I shook my head at her childish behaviour.

We went into the cafe and sat at a table. We ordered our favourite coffee and some cake to fill in our empty stomachs. After a few minutes, the waitress came with our order as we dug in. After taking a break, talking, and eating for half an hour, we continued our journey to the remaining shops. As Alice said, she visited every shop in this mall, and I was following her like a lost torn up puppy.

By the end of the day or should I say at eleven past thirty close to midnight, she finally decided to go home and I was damn tired. My whole body was aching and my muscles were all cramped. It was a hectic day for me.

We were already full because of eating junk food on our way, so there was no need for dinner. We reached our apartment at midnight. I was holding at least ten bags full of clothes, while Alice was holding fifteen bags full of makeup, shoes, purses, etc.

Not much for a rich girl like her...

Out of those, only two bags were mine. I bought two dresses, a pair of black heels, and a purse only because Alice forced me too. I don't like to spend much money on shopping because I wanted to save some for my further studies. The pay at the cafe was not bad, just enough to fill my needs but not enough to save some money. I put all the bags in the living room and went straight to my bedroom.

"Goodnight, Emma." I heard Alice murmured. "You too..." I said back in my half sleep as I walked sleepily to my haven.

I went straight to my bed as I didn't have the tiniest strength to change my clothes.

I was tired. I was beyond tired. My body was aching from bone to bone. The purpose of going out wasn't fulfilled at all as that jerk hasn't gotten out of my mind for a single damn minute. His piercing blue eyes would flash in after every single damn minute. His smirking face never once left my mind and I wasn't able to forget all the questions popping in my mind.

Who was he? And how did he know my name? I don't remember telling him. I have never seen him before. Was he really that sexy and handsome? I didn't pay much attention to him as I was too busy dealing with his arrogant self at that time. But I do remember one thing. His blue eyes, those piercing blue eyes that made my body to shudder. What was it?

Hey, Emma! Snap out of it. What has gotten into you?! What are you thinking? You hate him! Just don't forget that. It's not like you'll see him again.

Right! It's not like I'll meet him again.

I fell into a tiresome sleep with a promise that I won't be thinking about him ever again

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