Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 40) Confess.

Emma’s POV.

“What’s going on here?” I heard a voice but I couldn’t see the person who has just come because of Edan. He was on top of me. But by the voice, I could tell it was an elderly woman.

“Mom!” Edan looked in the direction of the voice.

Did he just say, mom? Is it Mrs. Wilton. Oh my God! What she’ll think of us? And she caught us in that position. Oh my God... I feel so embarrassed...

I pushed Edan of me and stood straight. Edan looked at me with questioning looks. Whilst I dug my head downwards.

I was so embarrassed...

“Mom! What are you doing here?” Edan said looking at his mom.

“I just came to remind you about our dinner tonight. You weren’t picking my phone. And you know you have to be there. Your grandparents are coming tonight.” His mom reminded him but I could sense a hint of anger or frustration in her voice.

Was it because of the thing she had just seen?

“Mom, I knew that and I hadn’t forgotten,” Edan replied coolly.

“Edan! I came here also to inform you about a visit of my friend. She’s visiting us from London. And I must add she has a beautiful daughter. I thought you might li-”

“Mom! Stop it!!” Edan cut her mid-sentence and I looked in his direction.

I could tell what his mother was talking about. Of course! I’m not that dumb. She was arranging a date for him. For Edan. For my Edan. I felt like crying knowing that Edan could be with someone else.

“Mom! I’m not gonna meet any of your friend’s daughter nor any other girl. I’ve told you a thousand times before to stop setting me up with one of your chosen girls.” Edan gritted while I felt a little relieved. I don’t want to lose him. I want him to be only mine. I won’t be able to survive without him.

“Edan! You’ve been giving me the same excuse every time. Son! I want your happiness. I want you to get serious, stop goofing here and there and stop playing with girls.” She shot me a glare and then started talking. I felt that someone had slapped me on my face. I couldn’t believe that she too think of me as some slut.

“I want that you should just stop being a player. For once find a real girl for yourself.”

I looked down as I couldn’t bear to look at his mother. I was really ashamed of myself. I felt myself at low.

I heard Edan chuckled and I was surprised to hear it.

“Well, mom! Then this is probably a good news for you. I’ve found a girl for me.” I looked at Edan with shocked eyes. He was smiling and looking towards me.

“Really? Who?” His mother asked him with a demanding tone. My heart started to beat faster by every second.

“Her name is Emma James. She is beautiful, talented, hardworking and above all, she is kind hearted well not with guys but with girls and I’m glad for that.” He chuckled as I stood there frozen on the ground and couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe that I was listening to this.

“She is my special girl and I knew it the day I met her. I knew deep down that I had fallen for her but took a little longer to realize it.” He smiled and then looked towards his mom.

“Mom! I’ve found my girl. She’s mine and I’m only hers. She’s my first and gonna be the last love. I love her more than my own self and I’ll be always by her side. So, stop setting me up with one of your heiresses.” Edan replied and again looked at me showing me his satisfying smile.

“And who is she?” His mother asked

Edan came closer to me and wiped the tears from my eyes which I didn’t know had fallen. He caressed my face and kissed me on my forehead. I closed my eyes and lost myself in treasuring this moment as I gently hold both of his wrists. I placed a hand on his and wish that we could stay like this forever.

Edan and me...


I knew that his mother had just got a clear answer now.

“I see. I’m sure that you’re going to bring her to dinner tonight. We all want to meet her. And be there at 7 pm sharp.” With that, she turned around and left the office.

I stood frozen on the ground as I couldn’t take my eyes off Edan. I felt something warm inside my heart. I felt new emotions. The way he said those words, I knew they were straight from his heart. There was not a single lie in them and his eyes said that all.

I could see love in them and not for some other girl but me. His love is only for me. I doubted him, I doubted his feelings for me. I doubted my own feelings but now I know I truly love him. With him my every day is special. When I’m with him it seems like I’m in an entirely new world.

I felt tears on my cheeks that had managed to escape from my eyes.

“Why are you crying?” Edan wiped my tears with his thumb, drawing soothing circles on my skin.

“I’m happy,” I replied. My heart was filled with overwhelmed emotion, with feelings. The feeling of being loved.

“I’m glad you are. I’ve told you before I only love you.” He chuckled.

“Edan I-”

“I don’t care if you don’t love me back. I don’t care if you haven’t fallen for me but just always remember this I am never letting you go. I’m never gonna let you leave my side. I’ll protect you. I’ll keep you safe. I want you, Emma, only you.” He breathed heavily.

“I haven’t done this before.” He chuckled as I smiled.

“So, it was kind of difficult for me to say it but I just couldn’t keep it in. I wanted to tell you how much I love you. And thank God. I’m feeling lighter now after telling you my feelings.” He smiled and it made me smile wider.

“There’s my smile. Emma! Don’t you ever stop smiling. I love that smile on your face. I want you to let go of your past and always keep smiling. Just remember I am always there to protect you even if I have to kill my own self.”

“No. Don’t say that. Don’t say about killing your own self. I would die if something would happen to you. Promise me that you’ll never leave me. You’ll always be there for me.” I held his hands in mine and stared at him with fear in my eyes. The thought of Edan being hurt... I couldn’t stand it.

“I promise. But you have to promise you will always smile.”

I smiled and Edan grinned.

“I promise I will always smile because now I have a reason to smile.” With that, I drew closer and kissed him gently on his lips.

“Because now I have someone to love.” I paused and looked in his deep ocean eyes as his ears eagerly waiting to complete my sentence.

“I love you Edan.”

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