Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 41) A Letter

Edan’s POV.

“I love you.” She slightly whispered and if she wouldn’t been so close I might have missed it.

Or did I mishear? Did I hear her right? Or is my mind playing tricks on me? Did she just say she loves me? Or am I dreaming?

“What?” I asked her, staring at her.

“I l-love y-you.” She stuttered and her cheeks got a crimson red color as she hung her head low.

Okay... She- She j-just said that she loves me...

Damn it Edan!!! She confessed.


I was waiting for this time. I had started to think I’ll never be able to get her love. I thought that this thing we had will always be one-sided. I thought she will never fall for me, I thought her heart could never be melted. But now I have got her love. I have got her heart. Finally, I got her. I picked her up in my arms as I swirled her around and she giggled.

I claimed her lips in a gentle kiss filled with passion, love, and longing. She responded and returned the kiss back with the same love. My heart filled with all different emotions. I haven’t felt before. She is the only woman who had captured my heart. Who got me all wrapped up in her fingers. Who made my life revolve around her...

Our lips molding together as she was returning the kiss with the same passion. Showing me that now our feelings are mutual. We love each other. I entered her mouth and kissed her gently. I pour all my love, all my feelings I felt towards her in that kiss and bit her bottom lip as she moaned. I rested my forehead against him and looked into her eyes.

“You don’t know how much I’m happy. I finally got my girl.” I whispered and kissed on the bridge of her nose as she smiled.

Seeing her smile was the best thing. I love her smile. I always tried my best to make her smile. I wanted to erase that horrible past of her. I may not know it all but I knew deep down that she was scared. Scared of getting hurt again. It was difficult for her to even trust a person and I succeeded in gaining her trust and now I was never gonna lose it.

“Edan?” She called out.


“What if your mother thought of me as some slut or a gold digger? What if she hates me? I could sense her hatred towards me. What if-” I shushed her by placing my finger on her trembling lips.

“Nothings gonna happen. And believe me, she will love you once she gets to know you.” I knew that my mom is a kind of a possessive one. She wants what’s the best for me and I know very well she wants my happiness and my happiness lies with my Emma.

My Emma...

It sounds so damn right. I love that. I love calling her mine...

“But still-”

“No buts. I know that and I just don’t care what happens or not I will never leave you. I have promised you that I’ll always be there for you.” I kissed her gently on her lips. Devouring every kiss, her lips and every moment.

“Now be ready at seven. I’ll pick you up.”

Without giving her any room to argue I headed towards my office as I was grinning like a boy.

I love you...

I love you Edan!

I kept on recalling her confessing words. It was still hard to believe that she finally confessed. She told me that she loves me back. She admitted that I have entered into her heart and reside into her mind.

The intercom beeped and broke my train of thoughts as I answered.

“Sir! There is someone name Lious Parker. He says its something important.”

“Send him in,” I said coldly and in the next moment, I heard a knock and said a come in.

“Hello, Sir.” I nodded and shook his hand.

“So what’s the news?”

“Sir. I have been keeping an eye on Miss James as you have said me.” I nodded.

I hired him as Emma’s bodyguard. But she just refused to accept that. I know the girl she is. She wants to remain independent. She loves her privacy and doesn’t like the idea of someone invading her space. But I too was a stubborn ass after all. I wanted her to be safe.

After that incident in that bar, I want her to be safe. The thought of that bloody bastard just boils my blood. I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened to my Emma if I wouldn’t have been there. The thought of his hands on my Emma makes me want to hit something. I’ll kill him once I lay my hands on him.

“Had she noticed you?”

“I don’t think so, sir. I have been taking every step with great measures. I’ve been keeping an eye on her from a safe distance.”

I nodded. When Lious told me that Emma had refused to take her service I ordered him to always keep an eye on her. I told him to stay at a distant place from her so that she wouldn’t suspect anything and thankfully she didn’t.

“What’s the matter then?” I looked at his face with a stern expression.

“Sir. There is someone stalking Miss James. We have suspected a movement like someone is keeping a close eye on her.”


Who the hell that person is? And what does he wants from her?

“Who is that person?” I gritted my teeth with anger.

“Sir. We have sensed his presence but we still don’t know who that person is.”

“What do you mean you don’t know who the hell he is? I want every single report about him. Why do you think I’ve hired you??You have to keep an eye on her 24/7. I don’t want any kind of carelessness. Or you will pay for that.” I growled as he nodded in understatement.

“You can leave now. Give me each and every fucking report about that bastard.” I growled again and he nodded and left my office. I had my mind wrapped around the information I have got and a thought hit me like a blazing thunder.

“Miss Seville.“I pressed the intercom.

“Yes, Sir?

“Send Mr. Daniel to my office. Now.” My voice holding the firm authority.

I had a hunch about who that fucking asshole is but I need a proof to confirm my suspicions.

Emma’s POV.

I looked at my wristwatch showing it was almost 5 in evening and it was time for me to go home. I stood up and headed towards the elevator but something inside me stopped. I felt a little bit giddy as I wanna see him and said him a goodbye. I headed towards his office but then stopped mid-track.

Emma! Come on you’ll see him in two hours. Go to your home and get ready. You don’t have enough time. You are going to meet his family.

My heart started beating faster on thinking about meeting his family.

What if they don’t like me and tell Edan to leave me? What if they think me as some slut or a gold digger whose after him for his money?

What if?

With these thoughts haunting my mind, I headed towards the bus stop and took the bus to my apartment. I entered my apartment and headed towards my room as I saw a letter there on my side table and pick it.

To Emma James.

It was addressed to me. But I have never received any letter before.

“Hey Kai!”

“Yes, Em?” She shouted from the living room as she was watching one of her favorite movies on Netflix.

“Who gave this letter?” I shouted back as I flipped it around but no name was written like where had it came from or who send it.

“I don’t know. It was just lying in front of the front door. As your name was written on it, I placed it in your room.”

“OK. Thanks.”

I opened it wondering who is the one sending it. I opened the letter and on reading the first word. I froze. My hands and legs starting shaking asI held on to the bed to steady myself. I felt a fear ran down my whole body. My body trembled with shock and terror.

Dear My Sweet Emy!

He was back. He was back for me...

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