Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 42) Edan's Family

Emma’s POV.

“Are you fine?” Edan asked me for the fifth time and like all the other times I simply nodded.

“You don’t look fine. Emma! Is something wrong? Tell me.” He placed his hand on mine and I didn’t know how to tell him.

What should I tell him?

I was just so scared right now. After reading that letter from Den. I just can’t concentrate on a single thing. My mind replaying those words in the letters constantly as a shudder ran down my spine everytime.

Dear My sweet Emy!


Why? Why he had to come back? Why when all the things in my life started going back to normal? Why he came to ruin me again? Wasn’t the damage he did four years ago enough?


Edan took my hand and bringing it to his lips, he gently kissed. His lips created an electronic sensation in my whole body and a sense of relaxation.

“Are you nervous?” He asked still concerned.


It was partly true. Yes, I was nervous. I was nervous to meet his family especially his mother after that incident. But above all I was scared, I was worried by him.

Those words just don’t leave my mind.

Those words...

My sweet Emy!

Do you really think that you could escape from me? Were you that dumb to not know that I’ll find you no matter where you go?

Huh! I’m back. I’m back for you. I gave you a chance, a second chance. You could have been with me right now. And not with that fucking rich asshole. We could have been like before. But you ruined that and now you’re gonna pay for that Emy!

Your worst nightmare is back. And this time you won’t be able to get rid of it.

And don’t you dare say a word to your that fucking bastard or you’ll face the consequences. And believe me, my sweet Emy, I’ll just love to crush him.

From yours,


I nearly gagged while reading the word yours. I wanna scream on remembering those words. I was dying inside by reading that threat. I haven’t told anyone, not even Kate about it. I don’t even know how I gather up my courage and managed to make myself ready for this dinner.

“Emma! Stop frowning. Everything’s gonna be just fine. Don’t worry my mother will like you.” Edan assured, still thinking that I was nervous because of this family meeting but in reality, the reason is quite different.

He drew soothing circles on my palm with his thumb and I felt myself a little bit at ease but a worry still inside my mind.

“We are here.” I looked through the window and looked a mansion. It was beautifully designed. The architecture of the house was absolutely breathless. A garden filled with all kinds of flowers and trees surrounded both sides of the mansion. The gate opened automatically as Edan stopped the car in front of the main entrance of the house.

“Ready?” I looked towards him and simply nodded.

He came to my side and gave me his hand. I took it and stood beside him. His arm engulfed around my waist and he pulled me closer to his body.

“Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be just fine.” His breath fanning on my neck and I shivered.

I should really get used to it. But every time when I’m intimately close to him. It’s just a hell of a new thing and I just can’t control it. A driver came and drove his car away.

Still holding me close to his body we entered his house. The interior was 10 times more beautiful. The pictures hanging the walls. Their frames I could tell were made of gold and the pictures looked really expensive. There were antique pieces placed at every corner. A chandelier hanging from the top. The designing, the architecture, the whole house looked like it could take one’s breath away. The whole house looked like it belongs to some royalty. The size of the house looked 3 times enormous than mine.

He led me to a living room. A butler opened the door as my heart raced up.

Oh God! Help me! I hope I don’t make any blunder and don’t make a fool out of myself. Oh, God! Please help me.

I haven't felt like this before not even during an interview or an exam. As some people get a hell of a nervous while giving an interview or when appearing in exams. But I wasn’t like this. I had a great self-confidence. I was never afraid to face anything until Edan came.

I still remember how hell I was confused and nervous while meeting my new Boss. My lips curled into a slight smile while remembering that day.

He squeezed my hand a little assuring that everything will be fine as I gave him a small smile. A person who looks like he was in his sixties was sitting on the couch, beside him was Edan’s mom.

“Hi, Dad!” Edan greeted the man.

He stood up and gave Edan a hug and smiled.

“Finally! My stubborn son is back.” He chuckled.

I looked at his father. His eyes blue like Edan’s. His masculine features also resembling Edan’s. He looked like as the old version of Edan. Only the difference was that his father had blonde hair and most of his hair had turned grey.

“And who is this beautiful young lady?” His attention turned towards me.

“Dad! Meet my girlfriend. Emma James.” My heart just did a flip by hearing the word girlfriend from his mouth. And especially knowing that it was me who he was referring to. I just can’t stop from feeling the happiness, the joy, the love.

“Wait! Sorry son. What you just said? Your girlfriend? This lady right here is your girlfriend?” His father questioned and my heart just dropped.

What if he hadn’t like the fact that I was his girlfriend? I know I wasn’t that beautiful and I don’t suite with Edan. I may have a status but not as much as higher than Edan’s. I did wrong. I made a mistake coming here. I knew that they’ll never like the thought of Edan dating me.

And now all I want was to escape in thin air....

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