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(Ch. 43) Dinner

Emma’s POV.

“Wait! Sorry son. What you just said? Your girlfriend? This lady right here is your girlfriend?”

My heart beating faster by every passing second as his father inquired Edan with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Yes, Dad. She’s the one.” Edan smiled looking towards me.

His father looked at me for a moment and then a smile cracked on his face.

“Well then. Welcome to our family dear!” He smiled and enveloped me in a tight hug and my expressions changed to a shocked one.

What just happened?

One time he’s just like I’m not that girl for Edan and the very next moment I’m welcomed?

“I didn’t mean to startle you. I was just shocked to finally meet my stubborn son’s girl. I never thought I would see one.” He chuckled


I smiled feeling a little embarrassed. I knew he got the idea of me being nervous or feared because of my facial expressions.

“Hey, hon! Finally, your prayers been answered.” He chuckled looking towards his wife.

Edan’s mom simply nodded. Her eyes looking me like I’m a kind of some specimen or an object under observation by the science students. She stood up and walked towards her husband. Her eyes boring into mine like as if she’s trying to search something?

“Hi! It’s really nice to meet you guys.” I said politely with a forced smile.

How could I just smile with his mother looking towards me like I’m some kind of alien? No offense but I like Edan’s father. He was nice. But until now I can’t just say anything about his mother.

“Isn’t she beautiful hon!” His father commented and I replied with a thank you as she simply nodded.

Now I was getting more nervous and confused under her continuous stare. Her stares were giving me shivers. It makes me feel like I did a big damn mistake by falling for Edan and let alone come here with him...

“Mom! Dad! Where are others?” Edan asked them and sensing my nervousness, took my hand.

“They must be in the lawn.” His mother replied.

“They are probably waiting for you.” With that, his mother went out of the living room while giving me a last look.

At least she didn’t glare at me.

Should I be thankful? Well, thanks. I guess!

“Calm down. She’s not bad. She’s just kind of... You know...just concerned.” Edan whispered in my ear.

Well, tell me about that! Concern for her son?

“Why? Can’t this little boy take care of himself?” I teased.

He chuckled and encircled an arm around my waist. He pulled me closer, so close that there wasn’t any space left between us as his eyes raked own my face. Thank God his father had left with his wife just now or I would have been a nervous wreck by now. Especially having Edan this close to me.

“Believe me, sweetheart! It isn’t little.” He smirked and my eyes shot wide on realizing what he was referring to. A deep red color made its way to my cheeks and I bet I was looking like a ripe tomato by now.

Damn it! What the hell Edan! Eww. He’s so...


“Edan!” I complained.

“What? I just told you a fact.” He winked acting all innocent.

“Yeah right!” I rolled my eyes at which he just chuckled and gave a quick peck on my lips.

“Let’s go. They all are waiting to finally meet my girlfriend.” His arms still encircled around my waist.

“Girlfriend? Really? I don’t remember agreeing with you to be your girlfriend. Or I’m missing something?” I smirked and poked his cheek as he just smiled.

I know I wasn’t ready to be his girlfriend when he first asked me but now I was ready to enter into this relationship.

Yes, I was. I wasn’t stepping back. I love him and I want to remain by his side. I want Edan with me. I want him to be there for me when there’s no one. I want him to be my light, my savior, my ray of hope at the end of the tunnel of despair. I want him to never leave me.

“Well, you can’t do anything now. Whether you agree or not. Whether you like it or not. You are mine. My girlfriend. My everything. I’m not leaving you ever.” He looked straight to my eyes and I could just tell that those words were straight from his heart. His eyes held no regret, no confusion but pure confidence, pure care for me. Love for me.

“Well, my possessive boyfriend. Let me tell you. I’m really honored to be your girlfriend and above all, I don’t want you to leave me ever. I want you to hold me like this forever.” I gave him a quick peck.

I told him the truth. And that was the truth. I don’t want him to ever give up on us. He had never done it and I hope he never do it. Despite all my rejections, all my No’s he kept on striving and ended in making me fall for him, to fall for him hard. A satisfied smile made its way to his lips and he claimed my lips in a brief, lingering kiss.

“Let’s go.”

With me in his arms. We headed towards the lawn. As we entered, the beautiful odor of different flowers engulfed us. At least there were 40 rows of different types of flowers. There were 4 rows having 4 different colors of rose plants. Then there were at least 2 rows of Jasmine. At least 3 rows of tulips and poppy. Some other flowers of different species which I hadn’t seen before were also planted.

I bet they were imported from other countries. A fountain was lighted at the other corner. It was made of marble. A shape of an angel was sculptured. There were some swings also present at the other corner. At the center, some furniture was present. A center table surrounded by chairs. A couple which I could tell was around 80 was sitting. His parents were beside them. Edan along with me headed towards where they were. My heart speed up as it started throbbing against my rib cage and the nervousness was back.


“Hey, Granny and Grandpa!” Edan left my hand and hugged the elderly couple.

“My favorite grandson is finally here.” His grandmother kissed him on his cheek.

“Hey, grandma!I thought that I was your favorite.” I heard a voice from behind me as I turned around to come face to face with no other than the same girl.

The mystery girl.

Her eyes wide open and I’m pretty sure I had the same expression like hers.

“Everyone meet my girlfriend. Emma James. Emma! Meet my grandparents.” I turned to meet his grandparents.

“Hi!” I politely greeted.

“So we finally get to meet you. Come give this old woman a hug.” I first felt hesitated but then step forward. I bent down and she enveloped me in a tight hug.

“I’m glad to meet you finally. We all have been waiting to meet you.” His grandmother said softly and my lips curled into a smile.

I like her. She was so nice and sweet. It reminds me of my own grandmother. She had always loved me. We had a strong bond. My other cousins used to say that I was her favorite but she used to love every each of his grandchildren with same love. She passed away when I was ten.

I miss her.

“Ruby! You’re squeezing her.”

“Oh, Robert! Shut up! You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to finally meet Ed’s girl.” She said to her husband.

Ed’s girl?

I felt my cheeks warm up as a slight blush formed on my face. She let go of me and gave me a last kiss on my cheek. Then his grandfather hugged me.

“Ed! Aren’t you gonna introduce us?” The same girl complained as Edan chuckled.

“Emma! Meet my sister Lily and my brother Justin.”

Sister? Damn, he was with her sister that night in the restaurant. And I thought she was his...

Idiot! Emma, you’re an idiot.

“Hi, there! So my idiot brother had finally decided to show up with her girlfriend.” She said and hugged me tightly.

“Nice to meet you,” I said returning the hug.

“Again.” She winked and chuckled.

“I think I did a great job by sending Ed after you that night.” I know very well to what night she was referring to as I smiled remembering that night. It was the night when I realized my feelings for her. I had realized then that I like Edan but I kept on denying.

“Hi!” I said to Justin and he replied with a hi and smiled. He had blonde hair like his fathers with chocolate brown eyes like his mother’s. He was really handsome.

But not more than Edan.

Seriously! That’s not the time to think about it.

I shake that silly thought away.

Today, I finally met Edan’s family. They all were nice and welcoming. I was really glad that they had accepted me, well apart from his mother. I think she hates me. But why? I don’t seem to get the reason.

“Dinners ready.” A maid entered and informed us.

“Well, its time for dinner. Let’s go.” His father stood up and entered the house followed by other family members.

“Where’s Belle?” Edan questioned Justin as we all were headed in.

Belle? Is there someone left whom I hadn’t met.

“She said she’ll be here in 10 minutes. She and the kids were at her parents. Now they are on their way.” He replied and Edan nodded.

Kids? That means she’s Justin’s wife. I didn’t know that he was married and had kids. Edan never told me about that.

We were all settled down on the table. Edan sitting beside me and Lily my other side. Beside Lily was her grandparents, Edan’s parents were sitting beside him. At least three chairs were empty in front of us. Justin was sitting in front of Edan. The maids entered with different dishes in their hands. By and by the table got filled with different dishes. There were bottles of wines and juices also placed on the table.

“Sorry. I got stuck in the traffic.” I heard a feminine voice.

I looked at the source of the voice and I must say she was pretty. She had green eyes and curly blonde hair. She had tan skin as she was wearing a knee length dress.

She kissed Edan’s mum’s cheek.

“It’s okay dear! We hadn’t started yet. Where are my troublemakers?” Edan’s mom smiled.

Woah! She smiled. I can't believe it.

“Uncle Ed!!!” Before anyone could say a word. Two kids came running in.

They looked like they were twins. They both had blonde hair. The girl wearing a pink frock and a pink headband on her hair. She looked so adorable. The boy wearing a casual T-shirt and shorts. Edan stood up from his chair and picked them up.

“We missed you.” They said in unison.

Aww! They’re so adorable.

“Really?” Edan grinned and kissed them on their cheeks.

They nodded, then their attention drew towards me.

“Uncle Ed! Is she’s the fairy you were talking about?” The boy said making me eyes widen in surprise.


My stupid heart flipped. He called me a fairy? All these are simple words but when they came from the person that matters the most to you, that loves you. It made you feel special.

“She’s is the one.” Edan looked into my eyes and gave a heart drenching smile.

“She’s pretty.” They both say in unison and then giggled.

“That she is.”

Thousands of butterflies invaded my stomach as I swallow in my heart.

“Dinners getting cold,” Robert said and Edan returned to his seat.

The new girl which I believe was Belle went to her husband and giving him a quick peck on his lips, she and her kids sat in the vacant seats.

“Hi, there! I’m Isabelle.” She smiled.

“Hi! I’m Emma. Nice to meet you.” I returned her smile.


“Ladies! No talking on the dinner table.” Isabelle was cut off by Edan’s mum as she chuckled.

“As you say, mom.”

I smiled continuing my dinner.

It felt great around Edan’s family. They give you the warmth and feeling of your own family. I loved how loving they were and I was really glad that I met them.

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