Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 44) Getting to Know

Emma’s POV.

The dinner went quite well and I could tell there were strict rules of no talking while eating here. Not a single person uttered a single word. Only the clattering of plates, our knives and forks can be heard. Only twice did Belle say her kids to behave who were playing with there food. They look so adorable. I wanna cuddle them and give them a tight hug.

Aww. I just love kids...

I smiled looking at them, they pouted when their mother scolded them for playing with food.

“Imagine our kids like that. You’ll be teaching them manners just like that and for me, I’ll be entertaining myself by the show.” Edan brushed his lips to my ears and whispered.

I could sense a smirk plastered there on his face.

Our kids?

I blushed. My whole body warmed up as my checks radiating heat. They were deep red by now which I was sure. I could just think about it. Edan, me and our kids. Our little happy family.


Where did that thought just dawned from? I hate Edan for this. He could easily sweep me away by just his damn words.

No offense! But the thought is quite wonderful.

Before I could resist, a smile made its way to my lips.

We finished the dinner and soon we were served with the sweet dish. After we all were done with our dinner. We stood up. The maids came one after another to carry away the dishes.

“I guess you like that idea,” Edan whispered in my ear leaving a gentle kiss there and I felt electric shocks throughout my body.

Damn it Edan! Stop it.

I glared at him but failed miserably. He was having an amused smile on his face.

“Edan! Stop it.” I mouthed.

“So bad! I can’t resist you. But you have to admit that thought is quite awesome. You and me with our kids. Just us. And-”

“Edan!” I tried to hold a stern face but a damn smile just cracked open on my lips as I placed a hand over my mouth to hide it.

“I know you are thinking it too.” He winked.

“Awww. We hate to interrupt you two lovebirds.” I turned around to see Lily and Belle.

“But that girl is ours for the rest of the night.”


They both grinned as Lily held my right arm and Belle handed her daughter to Edan.

“Hey! That’s not fair.” Edan complained.

“Oh! Don’t get lovesick, my brother! We’ll return her to you. But for now, she’s ours.” Lily teased and grinned.


“We aren’t hearing anything from you. You take care of Ella.” Isabelle handed her to Edan.

“Bye.” Lily waved him giggling and took my arm.

We left a confused Edan and headed in the opposite direction. Isabelle and Lily laughing while my lips twitched in a slight smile.

Oh, poor Edan.

We went upstairs and into a room. The room was colored in purple with mauve color curtains hung on the window. A middle-sized bed placed in the center. At the corner was a walk-in closet. Beside it was placed a dressing table.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Lily smiled.

I along with Isabelle moved towards the couch placed near the window as Lily sat in front of us on her bed.

“So Emma! Finally. Like finally you had made my brother fall for you.” Lily grinned and a slight blush created on my cheeks.

Well, the feeling was mutual. We both fell for each other. I just took some time to realize it.

“Do you even talk? I haven’t heard you say a single word so far.” I chuckled as Isabelle said that.

“I actually do.” I smiled.

“So how you both met?” Isabelle grinned.

“Oh! Lemme tell!” Lily cheered.

“Yeah, why not? Go ahead.” I smiled. And then she went on telling about that night. The night when I went on a blind date with Kate and met his brother. But I know the truth was different.

“Oh! So you both met because of Lil?” Isabelle looked at me as I chewed on my inner cheek.

“Actually. Uh...”

Should I tell them about me being his PA? Should I tell them that I had already known him before that night?

“Hmm?” They both questioned with a sparkle in their eyes.

OK, I’ll tell them. There’s no point in hiding it.

“Actually I was working as Edan’s PA. And I had known him already before that night.”

“Oh my God!” They said in a unison.

“He never told me about that.” Lily pouted.

“Nor me,” Isabelle complained and I laughed.

“How much time you had spend being his PA?”

“Uh! It’s almost 3 months.”

I smiled remembering our three months. Our first encounter, my new job, my new boss, our fights, my rejection, his tries, his confession. A lot of things just happened in these three months. A lot of things. But these are the best months of my life.

They both grinned looking towards me.

I couldn’t tell what they were thinking or what was going on in their minds. But I could tell by that sparkle in their eyes and that smile they were giving to me , it was related to us.

“What?” I raised my eyebrows questioning.

“Nothing.” They giggled.

OK! Something’s fishy is going here.

“So Isabelle!”

“Call me Belle.” I nodded.

“So, Belle! What were the names if those adorable troublemakers?” I asked smiling, remembering those two adorable, cute kids.

“Well, they are twin. Ella and Drake. And believe me, they are troublemakers. They are always up to something. And would you believe? Justin is with them too! He always helps them to succeed in their plans. He had spoiled them.” Belle complained.

“It sounds so cute.” I chuckled.

“Cute? Oh, you don’t know it, Emma!” She chuckled as I laughed.

“Lily? So a college student?”

“Just got in NYU.” She smiled.

“Really? Wow! I just got in too.” I told her about my semester and my admission there and she was thrilled to know.

“We will live together in an apartment. Yeah! That means we get to spend more time together.”

“Apartment? You won’t be residing in the dorms?” Mostly college girls reside in dorms. Some say that they want to get the full college experience. They love to party, going out and some just bunk their classes also.

Well, that’s college. No hard and fast discipline. No restrictions. A student has a free will. They could either go to college or not. Their choice. Then there are parties nearly every weekend. One could just feel the sense of freedom there. But one can also be carried away with its charms. College life is although a life of fun, adventure and exploring a hell of a new world but it is also the path to your future career. It could turn your life into a different one.

“No. I wanna live in a separate apartment. I am not into living in domes. I like my privacy and I like my own space. So no. I’m not much of a fan of them. And besides Edan is damn possessive. He won’t like the idea of me living in one of the dorms. Would you believe he is super concerned about the type of friends I make.” She sighed.

Tell me about that. Edan is possessive? Well, I know that. He was even so pissed when he gets to know about Kevin. And he was a friend only. I smiled remembering his reaction when he first got jealous of Kevin.

And how could I forget that time? It was the time when he first kissed me and I declared it a mistake. Well, that mistake led me and ended me in falling in love with Edan. It was the best mistake I had ever made.

“Never mind. But I love my big brothers. They only want my safety.” Lily smiled wide showing her white teeth.

“Well, you are their little princess.” Belle smiled.

“That I am. But I’m not little now.” She pouted.

“But for them. You will always be their little princess.” Belle said chuckling as I agreed, Lily groaned but then she cracked laughing.

“So Emma! Do you like our family?” Belle questioned and I nodded.

I love them and there was no doubt in that.

“Actually I love your family. You all had just made me feel like I’m in my own house with my own family. You had given me the warm, the comfort, the love, the care that my own family would give. Thank you all for that.” I stated the truth.

“Aww! That’s so sweet of you. Thanks and you are always welcome.” Lily and Belle enveloped me in a group hug.

Yup! Feels like home.

“But I guess your mother isn’t much thrilled about me,” I said with disappointment..

They looked me for a second and then started laughing, making me wonder what did I say?

“Believe me, Emma!” Lily laughed.

“Belle, you remember when Justin brought you to meet us?” Lily said laughing.

“Yeah! How could I forget that.” Belle replied and I looked at them confused.

“Hey! Hello! Could someone please solve this puzzle?” I asked trying to comprehend what they were saying.

“OK. We will tell you.” Belle said recovering from laughter.

I was thrilled to know about that time. Belle told me how his mother was cold with her and how heck she was nervous. She laughed while telling me about how she tripped while getting out of the car. But thankfully Justin was there to catch her. I laughed and heard her story with amusement and curiosity.

“So you see she’s just testing you. You have to be bold and prove her that you are that girl for Ed. Believe me, she’s gonna love you.” Belle assured me and I nodded.

I felt my phone beep.

2 messages.

I opened them and a smile came on my lips seeing, they were from no other than but Edan.

Missing you. Come on! Come back already.

I smiled feeling my stomach flipped.

Emma! Are you coming or should I come?

Another message.

Come on! At least reply. OK. I just can’t hold on anymore. I’m coming.

What? Seriously Edan.

“Looks like our Ed is getting impatient. OK. Let’s go we don’t want the lover boy to wait any longer.” Belle said probably getting the hint. I nodded and headed downstairs. As we reached the bottom stair. I saw Edan coming towards us.

“Finally! They decided to pardon you.” Edan chuckled.

“Excuse me, Mister. We were having fun.” Belle slapped him playfully on his shoulder as I chuckled and Lilly laughed.

“Getting love sick already?” Lily teased.

“Oh, you don’t know how much.” Edan looked towards me as my heart skipped a beat.

“Yeah right!” They both chuckled.

“See you around Emma!” They bid me bye and winking at me, went towards the living room, leaving us both alone.

Edan stepped forward and in a flash, his lips were on mine. I gasped at the sudden act. He took this as an opportunity and entered in my mouth, exploring it. The kiss was not gentle, nor sweet but it was wild and demanding. I melted in his arms and clung to him by my arms around his neck. He kissed me like he just can’t get enough of me. After a wild session, we parted leaving me a hot mess. My breath heavy and I was panting. He rested his forehead on mine as I was staring in his ocean eyes.

“I just can’t get enough of you.” He whispered and kissed on the bridge of my nose.

Please don’t ever get enough of me.

I smiled warmly and looked into his eyes. The same blue eyes. The same eyes for whom I fell. The blue color of them like a deep peaceful ocean. Calm and peaceful. I could just never get bored of looking at them.

“What are you searching for?” He questioned.

“Your eyes,” I whispered.

“What?” He was confused.

I chuckled and averted my eyes from his.

“Nothing.” I suppressed a smile and bit my lower lip.

Edan chuckled and we headed towards the living room. We sat on the vacant couch just across where his parents were sitting.

“So Emma! What does your father do?” Edan’s dad asked.


“Call me Karl.”

I nodded.

“Actually Karl. My dad has his own company of architecture designing. His company deals with all kinds of interior as well as exterior designs.” I replied.

“Dad! You know Mr. James. Right?”

“Yeah! I remember him. He’s my college friend. We were also one of his best clients. He’s a great businessman as well as a great friend of mine. The last time I met him was when I was the C.E.O. of Wilton’s co. But I’ll surely like to meet him again.”

“Well, Dad! Emma is the daughter of Mr. James.” Edan told him.

“What? Really? Is your father James? James Erikson?” He questioned me as I nodded.

“Yes.” I smiled.

“Great! I’m really glad. I’ll surely like to meet him. How is he?”

“He’s fine. Thank you.” He nodded and gave me a warm fatherly smile.

We talked, laughed and enjoyed our time for a while. I get to cuddle Ella and Drake. They giggled and told me stories. They both were 5 years old. I love the way they were telling the stories with their tiny, cute hands. They looked so adorable gesturing with their hands and telling the story with excitement. Their eyes sparkling. Ella has blue eyes like his grandfather and Drake has green eyes resembling his mum.

I enjoyed talking to Edan’s grandparents. His mother also laughed when Robert told us about how he was scared to even talk to Ruby when he first met her. I enjoyed their company.

“We should be going now. It’s getting late.” Edan stood up.

“Hey, son! Why don’t you just stay here the night? Its really been a long time since you last stayed here.” Karl said to his son.

“Yes, Edan! Your father’s right. Come on! Give us some time too.” His Grandparents complained.

“I don’t know. Emma! Are you fine with it?” Everyone’s attention drew towards mine.


What should I say? Yes? No?

I’ll love to stay. Maybe by staying I may get to know his mother and might get able to make her like me.

“Yes. I’ll love to stay.” I politely answered.

“OK. We’ll stay.” Edan declared and a smile cracked on everyone’s face.

They really love him and I know he loves his family too. I was nervous and afraid of meeting them, but now I was comfortable around them. I was glad that I came and had finally met them all. I was happy that Edan brought me here to meet this amazing family.

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