Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 47) Monster

Emma’s POV.

I looked at my surroundings and saw that I was standing in a middle of a well-furnished room. The walls painted white and the furniture in it was of maroon color. A bed placed in the corner with decorative plants on both sides of it. A fire place at the left side and a closet on the right. I moved towards the windows and peeped through them to saw mountains covered with snow as the sun rays were shining on them and the blue sky adding the beauty to this all ready breathtaking scene. I shivered as it was chilly in here.

Turning myself around, I looked for Edan but couldn’t find him.

Where could he go?

I grabbed my white coat and went in the garden. It was a small cottage in the middle of mountains and a small garden behind it with different kinds of winter plants planted there. The long trees in front so tall and looked like as if their barks gently touching the sky. The birds chirping and the sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds.

I guess the sun is feeling a bit chilly too.

I thought and smiled at my stupid, childish thought. Shaking my head at my own nonsense, I looked through the garden to find Edan but still no sign of him. I went inside the cottage and searched the rooms again and there, I saw a figure standing in front of the big window in the last room.

“Edan?” I went to him and hugged him from the back as my hands encircled around his waist. He turned around and smashed his lips on mine and I returned the kiss back, my hands went to his black hair.

“I missed you my Emy!” His words startled me as a deep fear formed inside me.


Edan never calls me that.

I pushed him away and parted my lips as my eyes went up to his face. My heart started beating with fear as my body started to feel weak. He was not Edan but that monster. I was sure I saw Edan standing there but where is he now? And how did this beast came here?

My body started to panic. Sweat beads formed on my head and the hair on the nape of my neck stood up.

“Missed me Emy?” He smirked and hold me tighter as he started kissing my neck.

It disgusts me. The sense of his lips, his body against mine disgusts me. His mere presence disgusts me. I pushed him away but his hold gets tighter, so tight that my waist would be crushed if he continued to hold me with the same force. I pushed him away but he didn’t flinch.

“Let go of me! You Bastard!” I yelled trying my best to get away from him but he growled showing that I had evoked his anger. He gripped my hair and pulled my face up forcefully as I shrieked at the pain. Tears welled up in my eyes.

Edan! Where are you?

I need you Edan!

“This time your rich boyfriend isn’t going to save you.” He smirked and I screamed.


But no sign of him.

I fell to the ground by his slap. My cheek hurting so badly as tears made their way out of my eyes. I cried holding my cheek.

Emma! You’re strong. Fight for yourself.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me by it to stand up. His eyes burning with rage and a smirk plastered on his face.

You need to be strong. Fight him.

I reminded myself and mustering up my strength, I aimed for his face but he dodged. As he dodged, I kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine as he groaned in pain. I tried to free myself from his grip but he hardened his grip making me cry in pain.

“You fucking whore!” He growled and dragged towards the bed as my legs struggling to run away from him. He pushed me on the bed and stood in front of me. Opening his shirt he tossed it on the floor and my eyes widened with fear. That night was going to be repeated again and this time there was no one to save me.

“Now you’re gonna get what you really deserve. You are a whore.” He climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck and I tried my hardest pushed him but he grabbed my hands with his one hand and rested them above my head as I screamed for help. My kicking legs were buried under his strong body and now I was helpless.

“Please no. Stop!” I pleaded as his kisses became hurtful and his every touch making my body scream from pain.

“So now you are begging me? My sweet Emy! By the time I’m done fucking you. You will be screaming my name.” He smirked making my tears fall down my face.


“Edan!” I screamed but it came much like a whimper. The tears cascading down my eyes as I started sobbing.

“Stop calling him! You were, are and will remain mine.” He slapped me on my face as I shrieked in pain. He held my face in his hand and squeezing it, crashed his lips on mine. He kissed me so hard that I was sure my lips were bruised by now as I could taste the blood in my mouth.

I heard him unbuckle his belt as my eyes shocked open with terror in them and I tried to scream but his lips were still on me. With one hand he was grabbing my wrist tightly and with another hand, he unbuckle his belt.


He is going to rape me.

No! Not that night again!

Edan where are you?


That voice, it was of Edan’s as hope filled in my heart. He was here to save me from this beast. He came for me. I turned my head towards the door and there he was. His eyes bloodshot and I was glad to see him. I knew he would come for me. I knew he wouldn’t leave me.


My eyes widen as I heard a voice. Edan’s body went limp and he fell on the ground. His body lying there lifeless as blood surrounded him.

“EDAN!!!!” I screamed and wriggle myself to get free. I wanted to run up to him. I wanted to tell him that he can’t leave me. He promised me he’ll remain by my side forever. He cannot leave me alone. He promised to me. He has to be fine, he has to save me and we have to face this demon together. He can’t leave me, he can’t leave me... He just can’t...

“EDAN!!!!!” I screamed on top of my lungs but he didn’t moved.

“Edan...” My voice became lower and lower by every second.

He can’t leave me...

He promised....


Tears streaming down my eyes as I felt my soul being taken away with his. My body getting numb and my eyes not believing what was in front of me. My mind wasn’t helping and my arms and legs were limp now.

“There. Now no one’s gonna disturb us.” I heard his voice as my mind still battling.

He shot him...

That monster shot my Edan...

It’s all because of me...

Edan had died because of me...

Everything was finished now..

Everything is my fault....

A tear escaped down my eyes as that monster took the my most precious thing from me. That night repeated itself. That horrible night returned and this time no one was able to save me. Today he got what he wanted four years ago. Today once again, he broke me into pieces. He broke my soul, my mind. He took my Edan and left me lifeless.

“Edan!” I whispered his name one last time as his voice still in my mind.

“Emma! Emma!” I was still hearing his voice.

His voice! It was still lingering in my mind.

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