Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 48) Revealing the Past

Edan’s POV.

I looked at her sleeping so peacefully. Her head placed on my chest and her arm encircled around my waist as her legs entangled with mines. She was so damn beautiful, so damn perfect, so damn cute... I was really glad I was able to make her move in with me. I just can’t live without her now. I’ve found my girl after a long time and now I was not giving her up.

Emma’s my girl.

She’s my everything. My life, my soul, my breath, my air and I love her so much.

I caressed her soft black silky straight hair as she mumbled something in her sleep and dug her head deeper into my neck. I felt a tingling sensation as smile made its way to my lips and I kissed her head. Carefully I untangle my self from her and placed my pillow in her arms. She hugged it and purred like a kitten, making me chuckle.

Leaving her sleeping peacefully I went to the washroom. After doing my business. I came out and headed downstairs to have a glass of water. I opened the fridge, took a bottle of water out and gulp it. Placing the bottle back I headed towards my room and as I reached the middle of corridor to my room, I heard someone screaming my name.


Taking long strides, I rushed towards my room as different type of questions popping into my mind. Why did she scream? Had she seen something? Is she hurt? What if a thief just broke in my room? But it ain’t possible due to high security around every corner of our house.

What could have happened?

As I entered the room, I heard her screaming my name as her body wriggling to make herself free from something.

“Edan!” She again screamed as her eyes closed and she was crying in her sleep.

Oh my God! She was having a nightmare.

I shook her to wake her up but she continued screaming my name and then her body stilled for a second. Her screaming turned into slight whispers as her bottom lip started quivering. Tears rolled down her closed eyes as her body went numb on the bed.

“Edan!” She whispered and my heart was bleeding seeing her like that. Her state was serious and she looked in so much pain.

“Emma! Emma! Damn it!” I took her in my arms and shook her again.

“Emma! Wake up! Please!” I patted her cheek trying to wake her up. I was dying inside seeing her like this. My breath hinged and my body shaking with her every rolling tear. I shook her one more time as her eyes opened, her breathing rapid and his eyes met with mine and this time there was terror and great fear in them.

“Edan!” She whispered and then embracing in my arms, starting crying harder.

Her silent cries filled the whole room as I buried her head in my chest and tried to comfort her.

“Shsh... It was only a dream.” I soothed her hair and rubbed my hands up and down her cold arms.

“It’s Okay. I’m here. You are safe.” I kissed her head and continued saying soothing words in her ear. Soon her crying turned into muffled sobs as her breathing become normal.

“Do you need water?”

She shook a no and I stayed there with her in my arms. After a moment, she started talking as my mind trying to figure out what she was talking about.

“He k-killed you... He killed you in front of m-me...” She sobbed, burying her head deeper as her body trembled in my arms.

What? Who killed me?

“It was all my f-fault. You... You tried to help me.” Her voice getting lower and lower every second.

“Emma! Who killed me?” I whispered as she replied.

“That monster. That beast. He...” Her tears never leaving her eyes and I hushed her.

“It’s Okay. Don’t say a word.” I kissed her on the forehead still caressing her back.

I want to know who she was talking about, what was her nightmare about but she was not in a condition to tell. I laid her on the bed with my arms around her waist. My arms encircling her protectively as her head still buried in my neck, my hands caressing her back up and down as her sobs quite down.

“Sleep Emma! I’m watching you. I’m here. No one’s going to get here.” I kissed her and drew her body closer to mine. Her breathing evened giving the sign that she was asleep now.

As long as I have known Emma. She’s a strong and a brave person. She doesn’t give up easily. She is a fighter but seeing her condition a while ago worries me. What could have possibly happened in her dream that she reacted this way? And who killed me?

With these thoughts in my mind, I drifted to sleep along with her in my arms.

The sun rays coming through the window stung my eyes as I squeezed my eyes and then opened them. Trying to adjust my vision according to the light in the room, I groaned and went up to cover the big window with the curtains. I turned around towards the bed and saw Emma sitting. She was looking down, her hands holding the duvet tightly.

“Emma! Are you Okay? Is everything alright?” I was worried about her, especially after the last night. I sat beside her and gently push the strands of her hair behind her ear.

“I- I had a nightmare.” She whispered and I nodded.

Of course, she had.

“He... He killed you. Killed you in front of my own eyes and...and I wasn’t... I wasn’t able to save you.” Her eyes became teary as one or two tears made its way down her cheek. Her eyes staring at her own hands as if she was seeing something on them. The thing I hate the most is to see her cry. I can’t stand seeing her like this.

“It’s Okay. You don’t have to...” I pulled her into my lap and kissed her head, rubbing my hand up and down her arm.

“No! I want to. I want to get it out.” She looked into my eyes, her eyes red and puffy from crying and I nodded still caressing her arm.

“It all started four years ago.” She sighed and I got confused about what she was talking about. How come the thing that happened four years ago is related to her nightmare?

Her past!

My mind clicked. She was going to reveal her past. She was finally going to tell me about it.

“I was in my first year of high school. Still 14. It was my first day. I... I met him there in my first class. He was sitting right beside me.” She was staring towards the front wall, her expression blank.

“We talked a bit and instantly we were friends. He was funny, handsome and cute.” I felt a pang of jealousy.

“We stayed as friends for some time until he...he kissed me and confessed to me. I was shocked at that time. I...I had a crush on him. I was stupid. An idiot. I was young and a complete idiotic person. I fell for him. I fell for him hard.” Her face still not showing any emotion as my jaw tightened and my blood boiled at the thought of her with someone else.

“He used to give me gifts. We used to hang out, go on a date. My parents were happy for me. He was my first love and he was gonna be my last. At least that what I thought. I don’t know how much times we recited those three words to each other. Our relationship was like that of a fairytale. No fights, no misunderstandings. Just us” For a moment a smile made its way to her lips but in the next moment, it was gone as for me, I was trying my best to control my anger.

“At the end of the year, he...” Her eyes this time turned into a scared one.

“He got into a bad company. He started drinking, dealing with drugs. He used to force me, threaten me, beat me up.” She paused and enveloping herself in her arms, she continued.

“I didn’t like the way he had turned. He had turned into a beast. He...” She started whimpering as my mind wondering what could have happened.

Did he hurt her?

I swear! If he had. I’ll kill that asshole.

“Did he hurt you?” I asked. My voice laced with anger as she just kept on staring at the wall. Tears never leaving her eyes.

“Dammit, Emma! Tell me!” I shook her.

“And then that night came...” She paused making my anger out of my control.

Night? What night?


“He said, he had a surprise for me. He said he wanted to apologize and I trusted him. But that all was a lie.” She was whispering those words as tears were rolling down her cheeks. Her eyes staring in front and it looked like this all way playing before her eyes like a movie.

“He....” She tried to talk but her voice cracked.

“Emma...” I called out her name but she didn’t responded.

“He tried to...” She took a deep breath and then finished the sentence making me blind with the fire of revenge, my eyes widened and my hands clenched into fists.

“He tried to rape me.” Her face showing no emotions and my blood boiled.

I was gonna kill that fucking bastard for sure!!!

“Did he?” He growled as she shook her head.

“I was saved. He...he tried to, but my friends saved me in time. I hate the person he had turned into. He used to hurt me. He used to beat me up. I... I thought he loved me. I always forgave him. I believed in him. I trusted him. I believed in our love. Until that night...”

She ducked her head in her hands and started crying. I drew her to my chest tighter. I tried to calm my anger. My eyes bloodshot as my inner beast demanding to release itself. I want to kill him. I want to suck down his little inch of blood.

“Edan! He cheated on me. He played with my emotions, he played with my feeling. And... And it was not just first time. He played with them again and again. He played with my heart, with my trust. But still I continued to trust him with all my heart. I was heartbroken. He ditched me. He cheated. he tried to rape me, he broke my trust, broke my heart. He broke me and left me shattered.”

I caressed her back as my nostrils flaring with rage and revenge.

“So this all is related to your nightmare?” I questioned as she nodded.

“He succeeded in his plan. He raped me in my nightmare. I screamed, I screamed your name. At first, you didn’t come but then you came to save me. But...” She paused as her body stiffened again.

“He shot you. He shot you right in front of me. Edan! I wasn’t able to save you. I saw you. I saw you as your body went limp. The blood. The gunshot. I can still hear it. I can see your blood on my hands. You died because of me. I was the reason behind it.” She sobbed and shivered badly as I hugged her tighter, her head in my neck, her hands encircled around my neck.

“Shush! Everything’s alright. I’m here. Look I’m alive. Everything’s fine.” I whispered in her ear and I was dying from inside. I hated seeing her like this, I was feeling pain and I knew her pain was far greater than what I was experiencing.

“Edan! I don’t know what would I do if something happens to you. I don’t want to lose you. Edan!” She continued to sob making my heart rip by her every word.

“Hush baby! I’m here. No one’s gonna hurt me or you. Okay?” I looked in her eyes as she slightly nodded. She placed her head against my chest and listened to my beating heart, who was beating because of her.

“You must be thinking of me as a pathetic loser. A vulnerable cry girl. A bad luck.” She slightly chuckled and I shook my head.

“No. Not at all. You are the strongest woman I had ever met. You are tough, strong and a fighter. Your past shows how much strong you are. You didn’t let anything waver you. You know what I see?”

“What?” She whispered as her eyes met with mine. Her eyes holding a sense of concern. I came closer and bringing my mouth near her ear, I whispered.

“A tough, fierce, strong, stubborn yet beautiful and sexy woman. And.” I kissed her ear and nibble it.

“This woman is mine.”

I claimed her lips in a gentle sweet kiss, savoring her taste as she closed her eyes and wrapped her eyes around my neck.

I was glad that she told me about her past. I still can’t believe what she’s been through and that was all that man’s fault. Emma doesn’t deserved that kind of cruelty, no one does...

I will kill that man. He might have killed me in a dream but I’ll kill him in reality. He made a wrong mistake messing with my Emma.

And now...

He will pay...

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