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(Ch. 49) Want him

Emma’s POV.

I looked at the alarm clock placed on the side table which showed 12:30 pm!!!

Oh my God!!! I overslept!

I sat up at once up and looked at Edan’s side which was empty. I could hear the shower in the bathroom running and I bet he was taking a shower. The bathroom door opened and Edan in his full glory came out. His hair wet just from taking a shower and droplets of water falling from his hair. His muscles, his abs, his V line and then that towel. It hung so low on his hips.

Damn it! Emma! Snap out!

I felt warm crept up my neck and a blushed formed on my cheeks. I heard him chuckle and I averted my eyes.


I bet I look like a mess.

“Good Morning. Or should I say afternoon!” His voice tingled in my ear and I didn’t know he was so close. One moment he was standing there and now he was right beside me.

Good Gracious!

“Good afternoon,” I whispered.

I looked at him as his face so close to mine and our eyes held each other. I could smell his minty breath. He had brushed his teeth and already taken a bath. And me? I was probably looking like a filthy animal in front of him. I pushed him aside and stood up to went to the washroom.

“Hey! My morning kiss?” He held my arm gently and pulled me to him.

“Uuh! Not now.” I noticed his towel hanging dangerously low as my heart flipped. His touch creating electrifying spark throughout my body and my mind was running wild just by thinking, how low his towel was.


“Why?” He complained.

Because I bet I smell like a skunk by now.

“Aah... I’ll tell you. But first, put on a shirt and please wear a pant. Would you!”

Just to imagine if that towel would fall off.

Oh, My God!

“Emma! I could tell you are thinking something dirty.” He teased noticing my blush as my eyes wide open.

Damn him!

I spun around and entered the washroom as I heard him chuckle. I did my business and took off my clothes. Hoping into the shower, I welcomed the water. As the water fell on my body, I felt my body relaxed. I took my time in the warm shower enjoying it.

Last night I had a nightmare and it was the worst of all the nightmares I ever had. That horrible nightmare t led me to tell Edan about Den. After telling him I went to sleep in his arms as he never stopped saying soothing words in my ear.

It felt so good to finally let it all out as my head felt a lot light headed after telling him all about me. I was glad he didn’t think of me as a bad luck or a thorn in his life.I always thought that my presence was a bad luck and my fate was no nigger than a cursed one. I never loved myself. I hated my mere existence but then Edan changed my life. He came and made me feel loved. I started loving myself, I started loving him. He made me believe, he made me believe in having hope in life.

A smile made its way to my lips as I turned off the tap and took the bathrobe hanging there. Wearing it, I remembered that I have no fresh clothes to wear. I didn’t brought any because I never thought that we will end up staying the night here. Thinking what to do now, I unlocked the door and peeped outside. Edan was fully dressed and he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He was wearing a grey shirt with worn out blue jeans.

The robe I was wearing was so big as compared to my body figure and I was 100% sure that it was of Edan’s. I folded the sleeves and hold the robe tighter to my chest. I folded the belt twice around my waist and with one hand I opened the door and with another, I clutched the robe tighter.

It’s so embarrassing.

How come? You’re not wearing a skimpy towel. For heaven’s sakes! You are wearing an oversized robe and your whole body is covered.

Yeah right. It’s not like I’m naked but why I feel like one.

“Edan! I don’t have anything to wear.” I whispered and Edan’s head turned towards mine as a smirk plastered on his face.

“Edan!” I complained as his lips still in that smirk.

“Could you please ask Lily to lend me her one dress?” I asked but his eyes never leaving my side. He stood up and with three long strides, he was standing in front of me as I suck in a breath. His eyes burning with desire and lust. His lips claimed mine in a sweet and a passionate kiss as I closed my eyes and responded.

I was so lost in him, in that kiss. My hand which was clutching the robe tightly left its place and went to his silky jet black hair. My other hand around his neck. His tongue explored my mouth as his lips made it’s way to my jawline and then to my ear. He kissed the sensitive spot behind my ear and I moaned in pleasure.

His hand went to the collar of my robe and he slightly lowered it. My both shoulders were exposed by now. His hand holding my robe in place on my arms. He kissed my neck and my eyes rolled back in pleasure. My hair was wet because of the shower making my neck wet. He nibbled and kissed on the same spot, he kissed last night and I moaned with pleasure as I whispered his name. His lips descend down and down until it reached just above my valley.

“So damn beautiful.” He groaned as my heart leap a beat.

I don’t want him to stop. His hand slides down my arms along with my robe. My cleavage showing. A little more down and my breasts would be fully exposed.

Why am I not stopping him?

Because you want him.

Yes, I want him so badly.

Instantly door opened and came in rushing Drake followed my Ella. They both chasing each other as Edan instantly covered my bare shoulders with the robe and I held it tighter. My face fully red by now.

“Uncle Ed! Uncle Ed! Ella is saying she’s your favorite.” Drake complained.

“Yes, I am.” Ella pulled her tongue out at him. They both were 5 years old and so cute.

“No, I’m his favorite.” Drake shot a glare at her.

“No. I am.” They both started fighting and I looked at them adoringly as Edan chuckled.

“Actually. You both are my favorite. No need to fight.” Edan picked them both up. Drake in his one arm and Ella in his other arm and they both giggled.

“Told ya!” Drake laughed making me laugh too.

“OK. I’ll just be back.” Edan came and after giving me a quick peck on my lips, went outside with both troublemakers.

I felt a bit disappointed as well as a bit glad. Disappointed because we got interrupted but glad because I was still afraid. I wasn’t ready and the nightmare of last night made my fear reborn. After 5 minutes Edan returned with a yellow dress and taking it, I rushed to the washroom. It was just below my knees and it fitted perfectly.

I head towards my dressing table and taking a brush, I gently brush my hair easing all the knots in them. Edan was sitting on the bed with his mobile in his hands. I looked at myself in the mirror as my eyes widen when I noticed something. Shifting my hair to another side of my neck, I look at the mark.

A hickey!

Damn him!

“Edan!!!” I whispered yelled.

“What? Are you okay?” In a second he was standing beside me as I glared at him.

“What’s this?” I glared pointing at the mark.

“A love mark.” He said with a smirk like it was a normal thing.

“You... Urgh! Edan! It’s so big.” I looked at it again.

Crap! How I’m gonna hide it.

“Just as I wanted. To let everyone know you are mine.” His voice tingling my ear as his voice husky and then he kissed my earlobe and licked my sensitive spot. My body moaned with pleasure.

Emma! Stop it!

Gaining my senses, I pushed him.

“I’m not allowing you to kiss me. You will probably put your mark somewhere else also.”

“How you know that? Darn it! My plan’s ruined.” He pouted.

“You’re impossible.” I rolled my eyes.

“Of course I am.” He gave me a peck on my lips as we stared into each other eyes. He said after a while breaking our drowning stare.

“Emma! Mom is waiting downstairs.”

His mom! My mind drifted to her expressions from yesterday and from last night. It clearly showed that she hated me but I don’t know why she hates me. I can’t just understand her problem.

She’s testing you. You have to act strong and pass this test. Be bold. Be brave. Be tough.

You can face her.

My conscience reminded me as I nodded and shifted my hair to the side where that love mark was, to hide it.

“Hey, that’s not fair! I guess I have to give you one on the right side too.” He came closer as a mischievous glint in his eyes and a smirk on his lips.

“Oh NO, Mr. Wilton! ” I placed my hand on his chest to stop him.

“Don’t you fool me with these eyes. You know it won’t work on me.” His puppy dog eyes making it difficult for me as he looked so cute like a small kid wanting to have a piece of candy.

“Okay. You won.” He said and back away but not alone. He took my hand and pulled me into him.

“You didn’t give me my kiss.”

“Lair! You just kissed me the moment I step out of the bathroom.”

“That was a morning kiss. What about my afternoon kiss?”

He’s really impossible!

“You’re a bad boy. You’re not getting it.” I laughed and freed myself from his hold and went downstairs.

We spent the whole day there at Edan’s parent’s house. His mother asked me a little about myself, my family and my future ambitions. I was shocked when she talked to me. I was nervous replying to her. But I kept a composed behavior. I kept on smiling and answered each of her questions boldly as she simply nodded.

Edan dropped me at my home at 8 pm and said me to pack up my things because I’ll be moving to his place tomorrow. I again tried to convince him to just leave the whole idea of moving in but he said it’s final. He won’t hear anything now so I just give in. I knew how stubborn he was and no way he was gonna agree with me so I agreed with him.

And I know...

Deep down...

I want that too...

Unknown POV.

I was waiting for him at a stranded and a deserted bar. By the appearance of the bar, it could be easily guessed that civilized citizens will never think of coming here. Two men whose bodies were covered with tattoos and had long beards were drinking whiskey, a girl whose hair was dyed pink and blue was sitting beside them chewing a bubble gum and popping the bubble every now and then. A bartender was present. He had piercings in his ears and in his eyebrows.

They looked like killers or great robbers. A sudden panic rushed throughout my body.

Why would he want to see me in a place like this?

What does he want?

I was wondering when I saw him enter. He was wearing a mask around his face to hide the lower part of his face. His eyes visible. A cap placed on his head and he was wearing a long coat.

“Listen to me.” He said while sitting in front of me.

“Why have you called me here?” I questioned looking at him.

“Its none of your business why I have called you here. Just stick to the plan.” He snapped making me flinch.

“What you want now? I have been keeping an eye on them.”

“I want you to act fast. I can’t wait any longer.” He said coldly. His eyes like daggers ready to kill a person.

“But he will ruin me. I’ll lose my job.” I was afraid of what he might do to me.

I agreed on helping him to succeed his plans but now as the plan was succeeding, it was making me afraid.

“I’ll pay you the double of your salary. Just do this work.” He glared, giving me a dangerous threat and gave me an envelope. My eyes widen on seeing the amount in it.

“OK. I’ll do it.”

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