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(Ch. 5) Emma James

Emma's POV.

I took the tray of empty cups and plates into the kitchen and tossed them into the washing basin.

"Hey, George," I greeted the young boy having blonde curly hair and black eyes. He was around seventeen-year-old and worked here as a part-timer. He was still in high school and due to financial problems, he had to work. He was washing the plates as today was his duty to do the washing.

"Hi Emma!" He smiled. "You didn't come yesterday. Everything alright?"

"Yeah. Just got extra tired the other day. I just couldn't find the energy to come. You know,"

"Oh, you okay now?" He asked and I nodded, "Yup. All good,"

He nodded and smiling, I excused myself to finish the rest of my shift. He's a good boy still young and learning stuff. It's sad that he had to work at such a young age and study along with it. My father never allowed me to work and study side by side. He always wanted me to focus on my grades without any worries. Now, when I was free these days, I decided to get a job.

"Hi! Can I take your order?" I asked the young couple sitting at the table by the window. I noted their order and went to the next table. I noted three table's orders and gave the note to the kitchen staff. I'd pick the order once they'll ring the bell indicating the order was ready to go. Today was Sunday so this place was fully loaded.

My yesterday was spent lying on my bed as I was too exhausted from all that shopping and all thanks to Alice. Alice did drag me along and made me visit every shop of that big mall as she said.

Because of that long trip with her, I felt a mild fever, so I texted Miss Johns telling her about my absence. At first she refused giving me one as I had my leave for this month already taken but I promised her that I'd make it up. Thankfully, she understood that and allowed me to have a leave, and for that, I was really grateful to her. No matter how strict she was but she still cared for her employees.

Alice left for Britain yesterday and after she was gone, the whole place looked empty and lonely. We even cried while hugging each other, for I'd surely miss her. We have been together under one roof for four years straight and now we were like sisters. I knew that moment was sad, leaving your friend who is like a sister to you but we had to. She had her career all set up and had a bright future to accomplish. But we'd remain in contact for sure.

Last night at 6:30, Kate came with her luggage to stay with me. I helped her in settling into her room and around 10, we were done. After that, we ordered some light food and after eating it, we went straight to our beds as we both had to work in the morning.

I came at the cafe early in the morning - thank god, I was not late today - I thanked Miss John's for letting me have a leave yesterday and promised her that today, I'd work extra shifts to pay for my lost hours. So, I have been working continuously since eight in the morning. In between, I would catch my breath at the staff room but as the place was fully loaded today, I couldn't rest.

"Emma dear!"

I heard my name and turned to see Miss Johns. She had that usual sweet smile on her face that reached up to her hazel eyes. Her almost grey hair was tied up in a bun and her face as usual fresh. Not a single sign of stress on her face. She was happy with her husband and was living happily in their seventies.

"Yes, Miss Johns?" I asked politely.

"While you were on a leave yesterday, there was some gentleman who asked about you,"

"A gentleman? Who and what about me?" I inquired.

"He did know your first name and was asking about your full name, how much time you have worked here, and one or two other things as well. I didn't give him all of the details, just told about your name and the time you have spent here working. I thought that he was some old lost friend or relative of yours. I must say he was handsome and quite a gentleman." She laughed lightly. "Did he tell his name?" I inquired.

"No. When I asked him, he didn't reply and just smiled. But he looked as if he was in his 70s. I thought maybe he was some old relative of yours," she explained and I thought about it for a while. "How did he look?"

"Hmm..." She thought for a moment. "Well, he was quite good-looking and a smooth talker too. Ah... also, he had black hair that were half close to being grey and he had quite charming brown eyes. Say, if I wouldn't be married and so in love with my husband, I might have gone with him," she joked and then winked at me. I chuckled. "It's probably nothing," I said, assuring her with a smile.

"Maybe some old friend of my father or maybe some old lost relative of mine," I slightly chuckled to ease up the tension that had built up inside me by this information. She nodded smiling and went back leaving me in my thoughts.

I bit my inner cheek. My mind was trying to figure out who could he be? And what did he want from me? I don't think I have some lost relative so I guess maybe it could be some old fellow of my dad. But why he asked about me?


Edan's POV.

"Have you collected the information about her?" I looked at Mr. Daniel as it had already been two days since I gave him his task.

"Yes, sir. I went to that cafe the other day and collected some information. The head of that cafe didn't give me much of the information. She just told me her full name and the time she worked there. But I did find about the college she used to go. I went there today and also gathered some information from her teachers and her juniors. Here's the file containing all the information about her," He said while giving me the file.

"Did you give anyone your name or anything else?" I inquired and he shook his head. "No, sir. Not at all."

"Good. Now read it for me," I ordered, resting my head on the back of my seat. My eyes on the ceiling as my fingers intercrossed in front of my chest and my ears waiting to hear the details of this girl named Emma.

"Emma James. Age: 23. Just finished her bachelor's degree from The Western University. Very hardworking. Had good grades in high school and a remarkable performance in her college exams. She's planning to continue her studies and wants to get admission in a university for further master's studies. She started working at Café Latté about two months ago, owned by Miss Mia Johns. Miss James works as a waitress there. Her father is-"

"What was her major subject?" I asked while interrupting him.

"Sir! Business Administration. She just finished her bachelor's in business administration about two months ago."

"Okay," A smile made its way to my lips. Excellent... Exactly what I needed.

"That's enough. You can go," I said motioning him to leave as he nodded. "Sir, here's the file if you'd like to know more about her." He placed it on my desk and turning around, he headed to the door to leave when I stopped him.

"Mr. Daniel! wait,"

"Yes, sir?"

"Has she applied for a job or an internship in any companies?" I said raising my eyebrows.

"Well, sir, actually, she tried. She submitted her CV to many companies, even here too. She applied for the position of secretary, but as she was just a fresh graduate and not that much qualified and experienced, it was given to Miss Seville, and as our company wasn't offering any internship program so we didn't consider it."

"Okay, you can go now." I dismissed him as my mind thinking of something. So she did apply here. It's sad she slipped through my fingers but now I'll pull her back in.

"Emma James," I whispered her name and my lips curled up in a smirk Well, looked like it was a time for a new job for Miss Emma James.

"Miss Seville?" I called her through the intercom. "Yes, sir?"

"Come to my office now." I ordered. "Yes, sir."

She replied and came into my office right away. She was standing in front of my desk, and I could see she was nervous by my presence. I loved the impact I had on women. Miss Seville was a sexy and an attractive woman with a curvy body and had those thick blonde hair with her face always packed up by makeup.

"Miss Seville, there's some work for you," She looked up as our eyes met and I gave her a cold stare. "Bring me the files of the people who applied for the job here about two months ago," I said coldly as she nodded.

"I'll bring it right away," She hurriedly left the office as I waited for 25 minutes. But this little time felt like 2 hours and it was strange. I had never been this impatient in any case. My fingers were constantly tapping on the table as my eyes would look at the clock every now and then as a knock came.

"Come in.". She came in tapping her heels on the tiled floor. Her hands holding at least 20 files and I could see she was managing it with great difficulty.

"Sir. These are the files you-"

"Place them here and leave," I ordered her as she slightly nodded. She slightly bent down and placed them in front of my desk. I didn't miss the view of her cleavage that she showed intentionally. I knew these tactics of women. It was their way of seducing someone. But it wasn't affecting me right now because my mind was on something else.

She left immediately with fast steps as I turned my attention to the files in front. There were exactly 22 of them and I was actually surprised to know how much people applied for a single position. I do not deal with these hiring and interviewing every applicant. This job was assigned to Mr. Daniel. He interviews all the applicants and informs me when he finds the best in them. Placing each file one by one on the table, I searched for my desire file.

"Aah... Finally!" I smiled. This was strange. Finding a file and going through it was never this fun. It was all weird.

"Uh. Whatever," I shook my head to clear my thoughts. "Now, let's look at you Miss James." I grinned.

Opening the file, I looked through it. Her grades were great, no doubt she was a smart student but her qualification wasn't enough to be hired as a secretary. To get a secretary's job, she needed to have at least a master's degree. It was bad luck for her that she didn't find a job or an internship but it seemed to become good luck for me. Lucky me.

I looked at her picture staring at her grey eyes. They weren't those furious grey eyes with which I have encountered. They were calm and relaxed. A slight smile was also there on her slightly red lips. I looked at her picture closely and a smile took place across my lips as well. I knew what I was going to do now.

Miss Emma James, let's start the fun. Shall we?

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