Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 50) Moving in.

Emma’s POV.

“Yup! That’s the last box.” I said as Edan placed the last box in the trunk of his car.

“Good. Now let’s go.” He headed towards the driver seat and I turned towards Kate.

“I’m sorry Kate. I-...Ouch!! Hell, what was that for!!!” I glared at her as I rubbed my side which was sore by Kate’s elbow kick.

“You idiot. You silly girl. What are you sorry for? Damn girl! You just got a person who loves you. Who cares for you. He loves you. You love him. And he asks you to move in with him. He truly loves you.” She smiled making me smile at the thought..

“Although you did give that poor guy a tough time but look! He didn’t back away. He loves you. I- I just wanna tell you that don’t feel sorry. Don’t ever regret your decision. Always remain by his side. Emma! I’m really happy for you.” She hugged me.

“Thanks, Kate. But I am sorry that I’m leaving you.”

“It’s fine. We will hang out. Don’t worry about me.” She hugged me tighter as I hugged her back.

“Thanks. I love you!”

“Love ya more!” We drew back from the hug on hearing the honk of Edan’s car.

“Hmm. Impatient! Aren’t he!” Kate teased and I laughed. I bid her one last time and sat in the passenger seat.

“I was starting to think that you have changed your mind.” I smiled as Edan complained.

“What if I had?”

“Ah! No. Not gonna happen!”

“Why? Can’t I have an option?” I pouted.

“Baby! You can have all the options you want once we have reached home.” He chuckled.

“What options?” I asked getting curious at his words.

“Not gonna tell.” He teased.

“What? Why?” I pouted and he just grinned.

I was a curious cat and Edan knows it and now he was taking advantage of my weakness.

“Edan!” I complained and he started laughing

“I’m just teasing you, sweetheart!”

I folded my arms and huffed.

“I hate you.”

“And I love you. My Emma!” He looked into my eyes for a second and then turn his attention to the road as my lips broke in a slight smile.

I love you too. My Edan....

After reaching his place, he asked the guards to bring my all packages up to his penthouse. They brought all of the boxes one by one and Edan told them to place it in the living room. I selected a room and started arranging all of my stuff.

“Woah! Finally its done.” I stretched my back after three hours.

I was so tired...

I looked around my room as I have spent last three hours in arranging it. I arranged my clothes in the walk-in closet, placed my toiletries in the bathroom and placed my perfumes and other necessities on my dressing table. I placed all my kinds of stuff neatly arranged in there new places. This room was bigger than mine that I had in the apartment.

A big LED was attached to the front wall. The bed in the centre, a king size one. A walk-in closet and a dressing table. A study table beside it and a bookshelf filled with different books. A big window covered with black curtains. And guess what! A balcony! I always wanted one. I had it at my parent’s house. And now I have it here too.

“Uh! Done?” I turned around to see Edan holding two cups.

I nodded grinning as he handed me the cup of hot green tea and headed towards my bed. I sat beside him and sipped through my cup.

Mmmm! So tasty!

“It looks great.” He commented roaming his eyes around my room.

“Uhm.” I hummed with a smile.

“So, tired?” He questioned and I nodded stretching my neck to another side.

“I offer you my help. Besides why you have to stay in a separate room. We could share one.” He complained.

“Edan! We have been through this. I like my privacy. And about your help. I was fine. I wanted to do this by myself.” I smiled as he huffed in anger. I chuckled and placed the empty cup on the bedside. I took his empty cup too and placed it on the table.

“Look! It doesn’t matter we sleep together or not. We live together now. Under one roof in one house. So we will be together many times a day.” I sat on his lap and ruffled his hair.

His hair is so soft...

“But I miss you.” He pouted and that made me giggle.

“You’re acting like a baby...” I giggled.

“Oh really!” His lips turned up in a naughty smirk and his eyes showing a glint of amusement.

That smirk and that glint!

Emma! It’s trouble.

I quickly get up from his lap and stood up as his eyebrows rose up.

“Oh no, miss! You’re not going anywhere. I’m gonna tell you what this baby can do.” He tried to grab my hand but I step back.

“Not so fast Mr. Wilton.” I laughed and ran outside my room and into the living room.

“Miss James. You’re pulling the wrong string here.” I could hear his steps descending the stairs.

“What? What string?” I batted my eyelashes and masked an innocent face as he gave me a warning look.

“Oh! I’ll tell you.” I shrieked as he came towards me as I ran and went behind the sofa.

“You’re not gonna catch me...” I poked my tongue at him as he laughed looking at me amused.

“Then watch me.” He stepped forward and I ran behind the other couch.

Seeing him come nearer I ran towards the close gate. I opened them and ran into the garden. The air thick with the scent of beautiful flowers. He had a special garden made in the left side of the penthouse and a small pond much like a small swimming pool. Well, I think this guy can do impossible things as well. Like a garden in a penthouse.


“You are in so trouble now. Wait till I get you!” I heard Edan’s voice and shrieked.

I ran without glancing back. Suddenly my bare foot hit a rock and right in front of me was that pond surrounded by round hard rocks for decoration.

Oh God! I’m gonna fall!

I screamed and closed my eyes waiting for the cold water to hit my body.

“Emma!” I heard Edan’s voice as I landed in the pond filled with water.

“Oh God!” I opened my eyes as I gasped. The water reached up to my neck as I gasped for air and rubbed my eyes, drying the water from them. Edan stood there laughing, holding his stomach and my face got red with anger and embarrassment.

How dare he!!!!

I splash water at him and tried to get out of the pond. As I was just placing a foot on the rock my step slipped. I shrieked waiting for the cold water to hit me again but a pair of hands held my arm and made me stand.

“Be careful!” He chuckled again and I glared at him.

“I don’t need your help.” I freed my arm from his grip. I must have applied to much strength because the next thing I notice, I was in the water again. And this time he laughed harder.

Damn this water!

Damn him!

I stepped out, fuming with anger. He offered his hand but I jerk it away. I headed inward as cold breeze making my body shiver.

“Emma wait!”

I ignored him.

How dare he laugh at me!

Brrr... It’s really chilly.

I went straight to my bathroom and step under a hot shower.

After remaining there for a half an hour. I grab a robe and went out. Taking a shirt, a sweater, and my pajamas out of my closet, I changed into them. I noticed a cup of hot choco placed up beside my table and covering myself in my blanket, I drank my choco. I felt really cold.

Of course you will! Its the start of December.

Yeah! Right.

“Are you OK? Did you hurt yourself?” I looked at him standing at my door.

“Like you care!” I rolled my eyes as he chuckled.

“You know what?” He came in and sit beside me, I ignored him. From now on I was going to give him a silent treatment.

Yes! I will give him one!

How can he laugh at me!

I hate him...


I feel so embarrassed...

“Aren’t you gonna say something?” I continued ignoring him and placed the cup beside my bed. I lied down and took my blanket up to my face, facing towards the other side.



“OK! Good night. I guess you are tired.” He chuckled and kissed me from top of my blanket. I heard the lights turned off and the door being closed. I took my blanket off my head and sighed.

“He didn’t even say sorry! How mean!” I groaned in disappointment. I covered my head again with a blanket, still thinking of him and the next moment sleep took over me.

I stretched my arms and yawned. Taking a look at the alarm clock, I decided to wake up. The clock showed 6:30 and that means I had enough time to get ready for work. I got ready and went downstairs to eat something.

“Hi!” I greeted as I saw Maria.

“Hello! How are you dear?” She smiled making some breakfast.

“I’m fine. How are you?”

“As usual. Fine. So what should I make for you?”

“Some pancakes and some orange juice.” I smiled.

“Here you go.” She placed the tray in front of me and thanking her, I started eating.

“Good Morning!” I heard his voice as he took a seat beside me but I ignored him.

“Good Morning sir! Your usual?”


“So are you going to keep on ignoring me?” His lips brush against my earlobe. His voice seductive.

Damn him!

It’s getting difficult...

“Uh! Thanks for the breakfast.” I quickly finished, stood up and headed towards the door.

I pressed the elevator button and went in.

“Hey! Where are you-” Before Edan could approach me, the door closed and I went out of the building.

Where is he? Why isn’t he here yet?

I heard a honk of the car and there he was waiting for me.

“Sorry, I’m late.” He said as I entered the passenger seat.

“Emma!” I heard Edan’s voice and looking at him, I asked him to hurry up.

“It’s fine. Hurry up!” He put his foot on the gas paddle and we drove towards the Wilton co. as I smiled at my plan.

“Thanks, Kevin! You’re a lifesaver!” I let out a sigh of relief.

“So... What just happened?” Kevin chuckled.

“Uh! Nothing! I’m just ignoring him.” I shrugged.

“Haha... That poor guy. Mr. Wilton. The most ruthless, arrogant and merciless billionaire ignored by a young woman. Wow!” He chuckled as I laughed.

Serves him right!

The car stopped in front of the building and stepping out, I thanked him.

“Thank you. So, I’ll see you in the lunch break.”

“Yup! Definitely.” He smiled and nodding, I entered the building and went straight to my office. I sorted out the papers placed on my desk and took some files and reviewed them.

Suddenly my phone rang as I drew it out and looked at the number.

Hmm. Unknown caller identity.

Who could it be?


“Is this Miss James?” An elderly woman’s voice questioned.

“Uuh! Yes!”

Who is she?

“I’m Mrs. Wilton. Edan’s mom.”

Edan’s mom?

But why is she calling me? What should I say? Should I say Oh sorry! I didn’t recognize you. Or Hi! How are you? Or should I say can I help you? What should I say!!

“Oh! Hi.”

Darn it! It came out wrong!

“Could we meet today?” Her voice cold, not a hint of sweet or a nice person.

“Yes!” I immediately answered.

“OK. Meet me at 3′o’clock. I’ll send you the address.”

“OK.” And with that, the line went dead as I let out a sigh of relief.

Oh my gosh! What does she want to talk about?

As I was busy with these thoughts. The door flung open and came in the grumpy, angry Edan. His sleeves folded to his arms. His above two buttons open. His eyes shot red and his nose flared as his hair a mess.

I bet he didn’t get the time to get ready. He must be in a real hurry today.

Hmmm. I wonder what happened to him?

I laughed inwardly as a smile crept across my lips.

“You’re smiling? Damn Emma!” His eyes softened a bit.

“Excuse me. Do I know you?”

Emma! You are digging your own grave.

Stop it!


I’m enjoying it.

“Oh! I’ll tell you who I am.” He headed towards me as my eyes shot wide open.

Emma! You’re dead!

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