Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 51) Meeting Edan's Mom

Emma’s POV.

I looked at him as he took long steps and in three long strides, he was standing right in front of me and I back away in an instant.

“Look mister. I don’t know who you are. This office is mine so leave!”

Oh my God! I wanna laugh so hard!

Emma! Control!

I suppressed my laughter and putting on a serious grave face, I stood close to him. His eyes red and his blue eyes showing anger.

Emma! You’re playing with fire!

So what! Let me burn.

“Emma! Don’t play with me.” Edan said in a dangerous voice.

He’s right Emma! Stop already. Stop giving this poor guy a punishment.

I shooed my stupid self and placed my hands on his chest. Slowly moving them up I buttoned his upper two buttons and straightening his shirt, look in his eyes.

“Well, Mr. Wilton! I don’t have a single idea what you’re talking about?” I said in the most innocent way possible and to worsen the burning rage in his eyes I bit my lower lip.

“Look! I’m a little busy.” I brought my lips closer to his ear and said in the most seductive tune.

“And you are wasting my time. I have a lot of work to do. So bye Mr. Wilton!” I drew back giving him a wink as he looked at me surprised.

“Emma! I’m warning you.” He grabbed my arm and turned me.

“What? What are you gonna do? Punish me?” I smirked.

I know he can’t do anything. His eyes turned from red angry one to a mischievous one as his lips turned in a smirk.

Uh oh! You’re in trouble Emma!

“Baby! You just gave me an idea! Just wait and see. I’ll punish you!” He smirked and my eyes widen.

“You won’t dare!”

Or can he?

“Oh, I can sweetheart!”

He breathed out and then his lips were on mine. He kissed me but not in a sweet, gentle way but in a fierce way as he bit my lip and I was lost. He made me lost in that kiss. He bit my lip again to gain entry which I gave him but he didn’t enter. He just kept teasing me.


My hands moved upwards but before I could grab his hair and kiss him back. He drew back leaving me bewildered.

“Do your work, Miss James. Besides you’re quite busy.”


I looked at him. A smirk plastered on his lips. He smiled which I knew was a smile of victory. He had so gained one point over me.

Darn! How could I be so dumb!

He winked and left my office leaving me surprised as well as frustrated. He is such a jerk...

“So! You wanna play Edan! Oh! This game is so on!” I smirked whispering to myself.

This game is on!

So on!!!

Let’s see who wins!

Smiling, I went to do my unfinished work. My phone beeped and I saw an address from that same unknown number. His mom sent me the time and the address for our meeting and I wonder why she wanted to meet me. Well, I was going to find it out in a few hours.

After sorting some files, I looked at the time showing 11:45. I was suppose to meet her at 12’o’clock. Packing up my stuff, I headed to meet the mistress devil. I entered the restaurant where Edan’s mom wanted to meet me. It was high-class restaurant. People wearing elegant and expensive dresses as for me, I was in my business attire. The place looked like a place designed for only royalty. I look around and at the third table, I saw her. Her eyes snapped towards mine and our eyes met. Shaking the nervousness out of me, I went towards where she was sitting.

“Hi.” I politely greeted and sat opposite to her. She didn’t reply but simply nodded.

Now what!

What should I say? Damn, I don’t even know why I am here!

“So Emma! I’ll get straight to the point.” Her voice cold.

Straight to the point? What point?

I nodded still confused.

“Look! I don’t know what you have done to my son. What spell you have cast on him or what kind of charm you have put on him. I have never seen him after some woman. But you...”

Her eyes now glaring into mine and I couldn’t seem to wrap my fingers around what she was trying to say.

“Come on! You’re not that beautiful. Even those waitress over there are better than you. I don’t know what he had seen in someone like you. You’re not his type. I don’t know what kind of witch you are and how you succeeded in caging his heart. You have bewitched him.” Her every word full of hatred and she was openly insulting me and calling me a witch. Her anger, her hatred could easily be guessed but I stayed silent.

“So I have called you here to give you an option. You can say it as a deal.” She sipped from the glass of her champagne.

“Here!” She put an envelope on the table and forward it towards me. My eyes widen as my heart clenched.

“W-Whats this?” I whisper.

“I know why you are after him. Here take this money and leave my son.”

Did I hear her right?


“What?” Tears started to well up my eyes but I put a compose behavior.

“Aren’t this enough? Here take this one too.” She pushed another envelope towards me as I stood still. My tongue couldn’t utter a word as my body was limp by now.

Never ever in my life, I had been thought as this much low person. Never in my life had someone treated me like this. How could someone be that cruel! What have I ever done to her? Is falling in love with her son is my mistake? Am I being punished for that? Is falling in love a crime?

“I know people like you, very well! You sluts don’t have anything to do but grab the rich persons. You all are gold diggers. Aren’t these enough? Huh! You’re too cheap! You want more? Okay! I’ll give you double this amount. Just leave my son!”

How dare she thought of me so low?

I hate this woman.

“Ma’am! You can keep your money back. I don’t want a single penny from you. I get it! I get it, my mistake is that I fall in love with your son. B-”

“Oh what a bitch you are! Now you’re convincing me too? You think that I will believe you? I will really believe that you love my son? Hah! I have seen many girls like you. You are one desperate bitch. You are a gold digger!”

“Enough! I had enough!” I banged my hand on the table and closed my eyes to swallow up the anger building inside me.

Emma control! Control your temper!

No! I had enough! Now I will not hear a single word.

“Mrs. Wilton. I have been talking to you respectfully. I tried to be nice. But what you said, its way more. I don’t care about your damn money. My parents taught me well. I am just still respecting you because they always taught me to respect others.” My eyes controlling back the tears which were threatened to leave.

Emma! Just control a little bit.

Don’t you dare cry in front of her.

You’re brave.

“I love Edan! And there’s nothing you could do to stop that. Do whatever you want! You will always find me by his side! And don’t worry. I’ll never ever step in your house nor I’ll become a part of your family without your permission. But just listen to it clearly. I don’t care if Edan’s a billionaire. I don’t care if he has millions of bank balance or zero. I don’t care if he’s wealthy or really poor. I love him for who he is! You think you can buy anything from money? Well, you are wrong! You can never buy respect or love from money.”

I took my purse and stood up. Fighting the tears and plastering a forced sweet smile on my face, I said my final words.

“Thank you for giving me your time. Bye.” With that, I turned and went out of the restaurant never glancing back.

This time I let my tears fall. I was broken. I was torn apart.

I was tired of my life...

I have the most fucked up life...

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