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(Ch. 52) Trouble

Edan’s POV.

“Sir. These are the files you said me to bring.”

“Okay. Leave them here.” I said while looking through the documents.

“Yes sir.”

“Miss Seville. Send Emma in my office.” I ordered her as I wanted Emma to go through these documents one last time.

“Sir. She had left her office an hour ago.” My face jerked up by hearing her sentence.

Left her office an hour ago?

“What do you mean by that? Where is she?” My voice cold enough to run the chills through a person’s body. She flinched and started stuttering.

“S-Sir I j-just saw her l-leave. I-I don’t k-know Sir.”

“Damn it! Get out!” I pinched the bridge of my nose and banged my fist on the table.

Where had she gone? Why didn’t she tell me?


Emma! What are you planing to do!

I pick up my phone and dialed her number.

“The user is not responding. Please leave a message.”

Darn it!

Emma! Pick up! Where are you! I tried again but still no answer.

I dialed another number.

“Hello Sir!”

“Where is Emma? Are you there?” I was getting worried now.

“Yes Sir! I have been keeping an eye on her from a safe distance.” I felt a bit relieved in hearing the news.

“Where is she?” My voice cold and authoritative.

“Sir! She’s in a restaurant.”

“Okay. Send me the address.”

“Yes sir!”

I drove as fast as I could. The restaurant which Lious told me wasn’t that much far from my building. It was a 30 minutes drive but I was worried. My mind shooting questions at me.

Why did she came here?

Whom she was going to meet?

I have checked already, Violet and Kevin were in their offices. Whilst I call Kate too. She said she was in the cafe. Her shift had just started at 1 pm. So with whom Emma was? And why didn’t she tell me about it? Who is that person whom I don’t know about?

I parked the car and went out. Heading towards the entrance door, my eyes landed on her as she was coming out of the restaurant, her head bent low.


What happened to her?

I rushed towards her. My heart beating faster by every step. Thousands of questions jumbling in my mind as my blood boiling and rage built inside me.

What happened to her? Is she alright? Did someone hurt her?

I’ll kill that person who had hurt her.

“Emma!” I grabbed her by her arms. I would have taken her by shock because she looked at me stunned and with wide eyes. Her eyes red and puffy, her cheeks wet and stained with tears.

“Emma! Are you fine? What happened? Did someone hurt you? Why are you crying? Are you hurt?” I looked through her face and arms to see if there were any sign of bruise or injury.

“E-Edan! I-I...”

“Emma! What happened!” I was getting paranoid seeing her like this.

The Emma I know won’t just cry due to some small talks. She’s brave, she’s dauntless. Something’s definitely not right.

“Edan! I’m fine. Let’s go.” She forced a smile.

Oh Emma! I know you better than this. I know when you’re smiling for real and when you’re forcing a smile. I know when you are alright and when you are disturbed.

“Edan! Look I’m fine. I- I.... Uh... I ran into the door while coming out. So yeah! I am fine.” She gave me again one of her forced smile as I held her face in my hand.

I know you Emma! I know when you’re lying or not.

“Fine. I’ll just go in and meet that door which made you cry.”

“Ed-” Before she could protest I entered the restaurant.

My eyes roaming around the area to see if I could judge out the person who got the guts to make my Emma cry. As I was looking through the area Emma came beside me.

“Look Edan! There is no one. Let’s go.” I looked in her eyes and I know she was lying. She can’t even look straight in my eyes. I look up and there my eyes caught something. No it caught someone. I moved towards the third table. But Emma stopped me by putting her hand on my chest.

“E-Edan. Let’s go.” She stuttered and for the first time she stuttered. There was definitely something bothering Emma.

“She’s the one. Right Emma!” I look straight in her eyes as her eyes looked in that direction and widen.

“Uh!... No.” She averted her eyes confirming my suspicion.

Yup! She’s the one.

She’s the one who had hurt her.

Now she will pay!

I moved towards that woman, her back facing me and her hand holding a glass of champagne.

“Who do you think you are Miss? Who gave you-” I barked as I moved towards her but my tongue got tied up on seeing the person in front as my eyes widen.

“Mom?” I looked at her.

“Sir! Are you OK!” I heard a female’s voice.

“Yeah we are fine.” My mom dismissed the girl which I guess was a waitress. She would have come here because of me roaring.

“Edan! What a surprise! Come sit dear. Give your mom a little time.” Her face smiling and she glanced at my side to where Emma stood but quickly turned her attention to me. I heard Emma move and looked at her as she went outside.

What could have my mom done to make Emma cry? How could have she hurt her?

“Mom! What did you said to her?” I looked straight in her eyes.

“I stated the truth.” She sipped from her glass and shrugged her shoulders.

“What truth?” My temper was flaring now and I need to know.

“Uh nothing son! Come sit. Let’s have a drink.” She smiled and my temper was getting out of my control now.

Relax Edan! She’s your mom.

Emma’s face from earlier ,when she was broken flashed in my mind. It looked like she was done with her life. She looked so torn, so hurt and to think my mom was the reason behind it, made my blood boil. My eyes traveled to the two envelopes placed behind her purse.

“What are those?” I questioned.

“Uh... Nothing dear.” She quickly grab them and as she was going to put them inside her back, I grabbed them.

“Edan! I-” Before she could complete I opened the envelope. My eyes widen and my heart broke for a moment, I can’t believe this woman here was my mother. How could she!

“Edan? Its not what you’re thinking!” She stood up and held my arm as I jerked her away.

“How could you!” My jaw tightened. My hands gripping the envelope so hard that the money as well as the envelope crumpled.

“Edan! She’s not the right person. She doesn’t love you. She is a gold di-”

“ENOUGH!” I barked out.

Some people starting looking at us as a waitress came towards me but I shot a glare at her. She didn’t dare to step one more step. My attention turned towards the woman standing in front of me. I can’t believe she was my mom.

“I won’t hear another word! I love her and she’s the only woman whose gonna come in my life! I don’t care you like her or not! I’m not letting her go!” I gritted my teeth.

“Look what she’s doing! That brat had made us fight! Everything was fine before that bitch came! That witch has bewitched you. She had made you against me! That brat!”

“I said enough!” I growled as I threw the envelope on the table. It knocked the glass down and it broke into tiny pieces. The whole area went silent. Their attention towards me. People started staring at me but I don’t give a damn about them. My blood boiling, my jaws tightened and if this woman wasn’t my mom, I would have ruined that person. But unluckily this person was no other but my so called mom.

“She has nothing to do with it. She’s not the reason we are like this. She didn’t even told me a word about it. What’s happening now is non of her fault. Its yours. This all is happening because of you! You always had that pride in you. You always thought you could buy anything with your money. But you’re wrong. You can never buy respect nor love from your money.”

After saying those words I didn’t look back and headed outside as my eyes searched for Emma. My heart was bleeding with pain and I had never felt like this before. I was in agony, I was in grief. I still can’t wrap my fingers around what my mom had done.

Why this life is so unfair!

Why can’t she just accept the fact that I love Emma! Why can’t she accept her!

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