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(Ch. 54) Forgotten

Emma’s POV.

Its been two weeks since that scene caused with Edan’s mum. Both of us hadn’t discussed it after that day.

“Just leave it. Forget it happened!” Those were the Edan’s words and after that we haven’t discussed it again. I have been living in Edan’s house or should I say our house as demanded by my boss. Edan argued that this was not his house now but it was ours. Everything in it was ours. We had gone by now to atleast 5 dates while other than that we stay at home. By living with Edan. I came to know more about him.

I came to know that he could cook and no joking. His dishes taste delicious. Other than that he is also allergic to cats. Once we went to park and there was sitting an old nice lady with her cute, adorable white fur cat. Edan and I went to her. I greeted her and asked if I could sit there. The lady was so nice and warm hearted. Suddenly Edan started sneezing. I thought that it was due to winter breeze but he kept sneezing all the way home and then he caught a mild fever as well. The next morning he told me that he think he is allergic to cats.

I laughed so hard at him.

Next time. I tested him. I brought home the pet cat of Violet and poor Edan, he kept on sneezing whole day. OK. I admit that was my fault. But poor Edan. I felt really bad for him... I had come to know a lot more about it. His care, his love had intensified since I first came in his house. Or was I just dreaming?

“So, what are you cooking?” I came out of my thoughts as I felt a pair of hands around my waist. His breath fanned my neck and he placed his head on my shoulder. My back was pressed against his front.

“Something.” I replied with a smile.

“Hmm. Smell delicious!” I laughed at this.

“Seriously Edan? Smell delicious? I am just chopping the red chillies. I haven’t even started making the dish.”

“Oh! Yeah!” He chuckled.

“But I bet its gonna be delicious!”

I shook my head at his nonsense.

“What will you take for sweet dish? Should I make some custard? or ice cream? or may be iced cupcakes?”

Or I should make something else?

What will Edan like?

“Nah! I want um... I think what I really want is you. I want you in my arms.” He kissed me behind my ear as I giggled and felt thousands of butterflies in my stomach.

“Hard to make that dish! I’m sorry I don’t think I will be able to offer you any sweet dish tonight.” I said in a sweet voice as I escaped from his hold and placed a fry pan on the stove. Taking the freeze chicken from the fridge I opened the pack and after cutting it into small pieces, I fried them.

“That’s not fair!” He complained and I could imagine him now looking at me with a pout.

“Well. May be you can order it from out.” I smiled still frying the chicken.

“Very funny Emma!”

“I know right!” I laughed.

“Em-” Before he could complete my name, the phone rang and excusing himself, he went out to receive it.

I returned my attention to my cooking. Today I was making a traditional southern food dinner consisting of fried chicken with macaroni and cheese, collard greens, breaded fried okra and cornbread. I finished my cooking and set the table.

I looked around to see for Edan but still no sign of him.

That phone took so long!

Who is he calling?

I went to see where he had gone. I went to the gym room but no sign of him, I went in the living room and checked his study too but he wasn’t there too.

“Ah! Dinners ready?” I spun around at his voice.

“Yeah!” I answered still confused.

Who was he talking too?

May be it was related to business.

But he took half an hour. That’s way long.

May be it was his relative. Lily or Justin? Or it could be his mom?

“Emma! Hey!”

Shit! I zoned out!

“Yeah! Yeah dinners ready!”

We went in the kitchen and took our places on the dining table. This whole time, my mind drifting to the person who could have called him. We ate the dinner in silence besides Edan commenting that dinner was really delicious and I was really glad that he liked it.

“Um... Dinner was so tasty! Absolutely delicious! OK. I’ll just see you in the morning. Good night!” He stood up after finishing and before I could say anything, he gave me a quick peck on my lips.

“Good night baby!” With that he went towards his room as I remain seated there confused. I really thought that may be we could spend some time together. May be we could watch a movie and cuddle. I do really miss him, his warmth, his masculine scent. I miss being in his arms. With disappointed face, I loaded the dishwasher and went to my room. After tossing in the bed for an hour or two I finally went to sleep.

Its been two days since Edan got a phone from that mysterious person. And after that phone he had been really busy.

Or is it just myself?

Is it my thought only?

But he is not my usual Edan now. He won’t pass any naughty remarks or he won’t even kiss me like he used too. He usually give me a peck and its mostly like morning kiss or good night kiss. When he’s sitting in front of me his eyes don’t meet mine. He may be sitting in front of me but his mind isn’t with me. I don’t know where his mind is drifted too.

Well, please let today be different...

I picked up my phone and call my mom.

“Hi Emma! How are you sweetheart? Its been so long since you last call! How’s Edan? Have something happened already between you? Have you moved on?” I chuckled at my mom’s shot of questions.

“Mom! Hi! I missed you.” I smiled.

“Oh baby! I missed you too.”

“Mom! I was just thinking to come over today.”

I was planning to go to my parent’s house today. Tomorrow was kind of special day for me and I wanted to spend it with my family. I wanted to reach there today and enjoy it with them.

“Why? Why today? Is something special today?” My mom asked and my heart just fell in my chest.

“Mom! Aren’t you forgetting something? Not today but Tomorrow i-”

“Oh sorry hon! Your dad’s calling. Bye. Love ya!” Before I could remind her about my birthday she hung up. I can’t believe my mum don’t remember my birthday.

Well. Its OK! Its the first time, no need to fret about it.

It’s fine. I can hang out with my friends.

Yup!! Definitely! With Violet and Kevin and Kate!

I call them but unfortunately they had plans too. Violet and Kevin were having a date tonight. Whilst for Kate, she said she is visiting her grandma.

So, Emma I guess you are alone tonight and tomorrow too!

Hmm. Yup!

Well, I don’t expect any thing from Edan. I have never told Edan about my birthday nor we had a talked on this topic and it would feel awkward telling him at the last hour.

So it’s just you Emma.

Bringing my knees closer to my chest, I placed my head on them and opened up my phone. The date showing thirteen of December and my birthday was on 14th. I sighed and opening up the gallery of my phone, looked at the pictures from last year. I smiled remembering how dad forgot my birthday cake at the shop and had to ran back to get it but unfortunately, it was already sold. Dad waited for another two hours and got another cake prepared for me. At that time, my mom got really mad at him for being careless.

Smiling at the old memories, I sighed and came out of my room. I looked around for Edan but no sign of him. I went to a nearby grocery store and bought a small cake for my own celebration..

I spent my whole day in bed whilst reading a novel, I was feeling really bad as there wasn’t a single person to celebrate my birthday with me. Although it was tomorrow but I was hoping to spend tonight with my loved ones. But no one was with me!

I missed how my parents used to wish me at 12 midnight. And now they don’t even remember!

Whom should I complain! Why am I even complaining!

Emma! Stop getting frustrated!

Yup! I should stop it.

I continued my novel. I didn’t knew how much time had passed but suddenly the lights went out. I hurriedly look my phone and turn on the torch. The phone showed it was 11:55.

I looked through the window to see if the black out was in the whole city or not. But whole city was glimmering by the lights, that means there’s been problem with the penthouse electricity. I left my room and went out to living room. The whole place was dark, only the light of my mobile torch or the moonlight coming from the glass door was illuminating the room.

“Emma!” I heard Edan’s voice and looked at the direction from it was coming.

“Edan! Where are you?” I shouted.

“In garden.” I heard his voice and went towards the garden.

I opened the door and stepped out. A sudden chill went through my body when the cool breeze strike me as I was wearing my night PJs and wasn’t having my warm coat.

Damn! I should have brought my coat!

I felt a coat placed on my shoulders and by the cologne, I was sure who it belonged too. I turned around and saw Edan. He was smiling while I was angry. He haven’t showed up his face since morning and now he was smiling at me.

How dare he smile like everything’s fine!

“Someone’s in a bad mood!” He teased and poked my cheek.

“Ha! Like you care!” I turned towards the door to get inside.

I took his coat off me and handed it to him. Seeing at my phone, I became more sad.


They had seriously forgotten my birthday.

I went towards the door to get inside, so I could get to my room and wish my ownself but before I could take another step, Edan grabbed my hand.

Oh God! I even missed his mere touch of hands.! I missed him.

“Leaving already Sweetheart!” I heard his voice. I could still hint a teasing tune in his voice.

So, still in a mood to joke!

Well, too bad... ’Cause I’m not in one!

“Yes!” I whispered and in a swift motion, he spun me around and enclosed my body in his warm arms.

“Too sad baby? Not letting you go!” He buried his head in my crook and kissed there.


I was going to say him to leave me so I could go to my room but before that could happen. The whole sky lit up with beautiful fireworks and my eyes stared at them with aw. I loved how different colors of fireworks lit up the sky. My mind was in full confused state right now as I couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

“Happy Birthday Emma!” I looked down from the sky and in Edan’s eyes. His lips holding the same smile showing his white teeth, his million dollars smile.

I looked in the sky as “Happy Birthday my Emma” was being flashed up and my eyes got welled up by tears. Edan touched my face and wipe the tears from my eyes by his thumb.

“I guess you like it!” He smiled.

“I-I love it. But... But how did you-”

“How did I know? Well I have my ways! Happy Birthday my Emma. I love you!” He took out a small box wrapped up in a cute gift paper. On top of it was a white rose.

I was speechless. I was beyond happy. At one moment I was sad, broken and angry that no one remember it but at the very next moment this man just made it the best birthday of my life.

“Aren’t you gonna open it?” He questioned as I smiled and opened my gift. Inside it was a velvet purple box. My heart throbbing against my chest heavily assuming what could it be.

Is there a ring?

What if its an engagement ring?

Is Edan proposing me?

With my heart hammering in my rib cage, I opened it and was captivated by the beauty of it. Edan took it out and placed in around my arm. It was the most beautiful bracelet I had ever seen. It was made of platinum with two heart dangling at one side. On one heart it was engraved my Emma while on other, it was engraved yours Edan.

“Love it?”

He asked as I nodded and kissed the bracelet. Then I stood on my tip toes and kissed Edan on his lips. His arm quickly went around my waist and he deepened the kiss. One thing was sure now, no matter what will happen now, I was never gonna regret it. I love him more than ever! And may be tonight...

I might fully give myself to him.

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