Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 55) A Party

Emma’s POV.

“Oh my God!” I gasped at the interior design of hall as I entered in. The hall was decorated beautifully with balloons and roses and to know that this was all for me, It made me stare at it with awe.

I can’t believe and It all seems like a dream. Yesterday I thought that no one remembers my birthday and now to see myself standing in a fully decorated room, as all my loved ones are wishing me; I felt like the luckiest woman alive.

Its strange that how I have changed. A girl who used to believe herself as a bad luck, who had always thought of herself like a piece of shit had changed into someone who not only loves herself but also had started to love life. It’s so strange how Edan changed me in a short period of time. I spent four years but I failed to change me and Edan managed to do it in a matter of few months. I was thankful to God for his presence in my life.

“Emma! It’s time to cut the cake.” I looked at Edan smiling at me holding me in his arms.

This man made my life beautiful. This man changed me.

I nodded and along with him went to cut the cake. The cake looked so delicious as it was a four layered cake. It was an ice cake and alone its design was worth mesmerizing. It was two flavored. Strawberry and Vanilla.

My favorite!

I cut the cake as the hall echoed with a Happy Birthday song. Everyone cheered and wished me as a grin never leaving my lips. I took the piece of cake in my hand and bringing it towards Edan’s mouth, I asked him to take a bite. He held my hand and took a bite of it. After that, my mom and dad took a bite of the cake in my hands.

My whole family was there. My all friends. Even Edan’s family was also there. Well! Except for his mum which I still don’t get it! What’s her problem! Why can’t she accept us.

Don’t think about it! It’s your birthday! Enjoy!

With that in my mind, I shrugged that thought away. I spent the whole afternoon with my friends and my family. Mr. Wilton and my dad were like lost friends. They were laughing whilst remembering some tales of their old time.

“I’m so glad you two are together!” My mom hugged me for the fourth time. She was so happy on seeing me and Edan together. Her eyes gleaming with tears of happiness.

“Mom! Stop getting emotional! It’s my birthday!”

“Yeah! I know. And Emma! Sorry sweetie.” She kissed my cheek as I smiled.

“We all remembered your birthday. It was just that Edan had planned this all. He wants to surprise you and we don’t want to ruin that..”

“Oh!” All I could say at that time was this and nothing else.

Edan was the reason behind this! And I thought my own family had forgotten it.

But I was not even a bit angry at him. He did make my birthday the most amazing and beautiful birthday of my life. So! This time I’ll forgive him.

“Emma! He loves you so much. Don’t let him leave you.” My held my cheek and looked at me adoringly.

“I know mom! Don’t worry, I won’t.” I smiled and wiped the tears that came in her eyes as she kissed my hands.

I won’t ever leave him. Not now... Not later...

The whole evening was a great blast of fun and enjoyment and it has ended. Everyone headed towards their houses and Edan’s dad invited my family to stay over at his house. He said that he and my dad had yet more to catch up.

Edan thought of it as a good chance too. He thought that maybe by meeting my family his mom may get rid of her crazy thought about me as some bitch. She might change and feel a bit liking towards me. May be she will realize that I also belong to a well educated and respected family.

I hope it happens.

We entered the penthouse as Edan removed his coat and threw it on the couch.

“Oh my god! I am so tired!” I rubbed my neck and stretched my body. It was the craziest, biggest party I have ever attended and as it was my birthday party so I have to thank and greet a lot of people.

It was such a pain!

A moment came when I felt like my jaw was gonna drop from smiling so much.

Oh, God!

“Next time! Please, Edan! Not this much people! A tiny celebration would be fine.”

My feet were also aching from these long heels. I just wanna go to my room and get into my cozy warm bed with my pillow in my hand. Or it will be greater if Edan could replace my pillow!

Oh! Shut up! What am I thinking!

But it would be nice!

Shut up! Urgh!

“Why a sudden blush?” I was taken aback by Edan’s voice.

Damn! Why did I have to blush!

“Uh! Nothing! Its just... Its... I mean Thanks!” I stuttered.


Edan chuckled and draw me closer with his arm around my waist.

“Maybe you can thank me by...” He said seductively in my ear and my heart sped up.

“W-What! I-I... W-What you mean!”

Damn this stuttering!

“Um!!! I don’t know. Maybe you and I....”

“Edan! Cut it out!”

I hid my face in my hands as my mind playing with all the things he could mean by this and my face started radiating heat.

“What? I didn’t say anything! You have a dirty mind sweetheart!” He smirked and I glared at him but failed miserably.

“I hate you!” I pushed myself free but he drew me closer, tightening his hold.

“But I don’t!” He kissed me on my sensitive support behind my ear, making me go weak. My legs trembled and I encircled my arms around his neck to steady myself. His lips made its way to mine and molded mine into a sensational and erotic kiss. A kiss which demands more. A burning desire arose in my body and my legs trembled and my body weaken. My heart throbbing against my rib cage and my body aching for more.


I moaned as he kissed my neck and started trailing kisses on my shoulder blade. He pulled me up and my legs on its own accord wrapped around his torso as my head threw back to give him a better access to my neck We both lost in a hot make-out session as my nails digging deep into his back.

“I can’t stop.” He said in between kisses.

Damn it!

“Edan!” I moaned as he growled.

“Emma! Make me stop...” His kisses getting intense by every second and my body burning up.

“Please! Don’t... Don’t stop....” I breathed out as my eyes rolled back by intense pleasure.

“I-I... I want this... I want you!”

And I won’t regret it.

I had already decided about it last night. I was ready to give myself to him.

I want him.

His eyes lit up for a second as he stopped kissing me and looked deep into my eyes. His eyes as if searching for something.

“Are you sure? Look... I don’t want you to hurry. Yo-”

I hushed him with a kiss on his lips and rested my head against his.

“1000% sure,” I mumbled as he chuckled and returned his lips to mine.

My legs still wrapped around his torso as he headed towards his room never once breaking our kiss. Today I was going to be fully his...

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