Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 56) Some Love

Edan’s POV.

The rays of light stinging my eyes as I blocked them with my hand and tried to open my eyes. I closed them and opened them again to adjust my vision with the room’s brightness. After managing my sight to the room’s brightness, I turned my head to look at the most beautiful woman at my side. I smiled at her as she looked so peaceful sleeping. Her head placed on my bare chest and our legs entangled.

A wide grin made it’s way on my lips remembering the last night. Last night was just ecstatic and it was the best night of my life. We made love several times as she screamed my name in pleasure.

Last night I had made Emma fully mine. And to know she was a virgin and I was her first. This made me the most luckiest and happiest man. And I’ll make it sure that I’ll be her last. As it was her first, I kept it gentle. I was well aware not to stress her out.

Last night, I couldn’t get enough of her. My whole body was yearning for her. How our bodies fit one another and how they mold in one, made me believe that we were destined., that she is just made for me and I am for her. She is my soul mate and I am his and now we won’t be parting.

I kissed her on her head and rub my hand gently on her bare back. She purred like a kitten and buried her head deep in the crook of my neck. Her one arm circled around me as I chuckled at my feisty fox. The moment she crossed my path, I knew my life wouldn’t be same now because now she would be in it. My every day got adventurous as my life became a thriller movie. Her smile, her laugh, her anger.... Every thing of her made my life fun.

I kissed her forehead and caressed her naked back. My eyes staring at the ceiling as I heard my phone vibrate.

“Hello?” I said in an authoritative voice.

“Sir! Today is your meeting with the Russian investors for the company project.” Miss Seville reminded me.

Darn! I forgot about it.

“OK! Prepare everything.” With that I cut off the phone.

“Hey!” I heard her sweet voice and I turned my attention to her.

“Hey. Good morning. How are you feeling?”

On my question, her eyes widen and a deep red blush formed on her cheeks. It seems like she just remembered what we did last night.

“What happened?” I smirked at her.

She quickly hid herself under the duvet making me laugh. Well, that was new sight to my eyes. Today I saw her one more new side.

“Are you acting like you’re shy?”

“I’m not acting idiot! I am!” Her sudden reply made me laugh harder.

“Why?” I came on top of her supporting my weight on my hands. I took the duvet off her head as she gasped and her eyes widen on seeing me this close, on top of her.

“Just stop with your blushing. Or else I’m gonna take you right now.” I whispered seductively in her ear, brushing my lips with her ear and tracing wet kisses on her jawline. Her breathe hinged and she immediately covered her face with her hands. I laughed harder on seeing her like this. This time she looked so naive and innocent. A complete opposite of fierce and strong Emma.

Every time, I discover a new side of her. Every time I came to know about something more, something different, something new about her.

She was interesting...

Again the phone vibrated making me frown.

What the heck!

Emma looked towards the vibrating phone and whispered.

“You should pick it up.”

I nodded and pick up the phone.

“Sir. The investors are here!”

“What? Wasn’t meeting at 10?”

“S-Sorry sir! There was a misunderstanding.... It was a-at 9.”

“Damn it! You should have informed me. Listen carefully! Miss Seville! This is your last mistake. I won’t tolerate one more. GOT IT!!” I barked and with a last warning cut the line.


I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed. On hearing her call my name, my anger lessened.

Damn! I don’t wanna leave her. I wanna spent my day with her.

Damn these investors!

“The Russian investors are here... I have to go. I... I am s-”

“Its fine. Go. I’ll come too.” She cut me mid sentence and gave me a warm hearted smile, getting up.

“No! No need too. Take rest. You will be sore.”

“Yes. A bit.” She blushed and I smiled as I kissed her on the head. I took my boxers and putting them on went towards the bathroom.

Damn those investors! I had planned of taking a shower together with Emma and now because of them, I have to go. I took a quickest shower and came out with a towel around my torso. I looked at the bed as Emma was lying there silent wearing my shirt.

I quickly dressed up and buckled up the watch around my wrist.

“Emma! Sorry.” I went towards the bed and looked in her eyes.

“Its fine. I know we have been waiting for them for quite a time. Its important.” She gave a smile which I knew was a forced one.

I’ll make it up to you. I promise.

“Take good care of yourself. Take a hot bath. It’ll help you.” I kissed her lips in a sweet brief kiss.

“Don’t drive too fast. Be careful!” She smiled at me and nodding, I went out.

Emma’s POV.

Oh God! Why did I let him go!

I miss him...

I tossed on the bed and hugged my pillow missing the presence of Edan beside me. Last night was just unexplainable. I was so scared as being my first time, I had no experience. I was afraid. I thought that it would pain as it did in my nightmare when he rapped me up. I thought my body will ache with pain but Edan made my whole fear go. The way he made love to me was beyond everything. I felt like I was in cloud nine as my body got drowned in a pool of pure ecstasy. He made me scream his name in pleasure. He made me got wild and I didn’t know that such pleasure do exist. At first I felt pain but the pleasure I felt later on was just can’t be defined. He made me enter a world of pure ecstasy and pleasure.

My cheeks warmed up as my lips in a grin. I tossed on the other side and his my burning face in the pillow. MY phone rang and I came out of my trance, as I picked it up.


“Hey. I forgot to tell you one thing.”

It was Edan and upon hearing his voice, my heart skipped a beat.

What did he forget to tell me? He had just left 5 minutes ago.

“What?” I questioned.

“Love you.” He said as a whole damn zoo invaded in my stomach. A big smile plastered on my face.

He just call me to said that...

“You too. Love you.”

“Really? Last night you said you hate me.” I could sense a smirk on his lips as I rolled my eyes and shook my head at his cocky behavior.

“Shut up and drive carefully!” The smile never leaving my lips.

“Yes boss!” His voice held a teasing tune as I laughed and drop the line.

I got up and took a warm, hot bath. After that I disposed the sheets which contain the sign of giving him my precious thing. I didn’t regret though. I gave him that because I love him.

The rest of the day went like normal. Maria came and did all the housework. I took my laptop and decided to surf the net for a while. My phone rang, showing Kate’s name.

“Oh! Hey! Kate!” I answered her call whilst sipping my coffee.

“Emma! Finally! You had done it!”

My eyes widen at her high pitched, excited voice.

Done it?

What she meant by that?

How? How she knew I had lost my virginity?

“W-What... I-I... H-How... How you-”

“Damn it girl! Its all over the net.”

What? What she’s saying?

My mind swirled around as I couldn’t wrap my self about what he was saying. How Edan making love to me got surfed on the internet? Oh God! It’s so embarrassing.... It can’t happen.

“The wealthiest billionaire finally found a girl of her dreams!” Kate continued as my body shaking with surprise.

“What? Kate! What you are taking about?” My heart hammering in my chest.

“Emma! How many times I had tell you to keep up with the gossips! Girl!!! Come on!” Kate complained as usual, giving me lectures to keep up with what’s happening around the world.

“OK. Mom!” I rolled my eyes.

“Tell me what you meant by I have done it. Done what? And who found the dream girl?”

“Mr. Wilton. Your so called boyfriend had answered the media what they all were waiting for.” Kate said in a shrieking, excited voice.

“What are you talking about?” I was confused.

What had Edan told? And what answer media wanted?

“Oh god! Emma! Read this one. I’m sending you. Wait!”

She dropped the line and sent me the article. My mind relaxed knowing that it wasn’t what I was thinking as I started reading it and my eyes widen whilst going through it. It was about the latest interview with Edan.

Mr. Wilton. The world’s known billionaire. A sexy, arrogant and the most handsome of all. His very presence screams of power. His presence made the women drool and the men fear.

This handsome young man took over the Wilton’s co. at a very young age and made it in the top companies. This young man had been seen with many women. But his heart never belong to anyone. Recently he had been spotted with a girl in a restaurant. But no one knows if its real or just one of his flings.

No one knows about his love life until now.

Recently whilst talking with one of our reporter he had confirmed that he had found his queen. He had confirmed that he’s in love. The heart of this arrogant, sexy Greek god had been finally captured by a Goddess.

On questioning him about her, Mr. Wilton only replied us with a promise that he will introduce her very soon.

The question arise now. Who is this girl? Who is his queen who had captured his heart? And when we’ll be able to meet her?

My heart throbbing fast as I read it again and my heart beat could be heard in my ears loud and clear as my mind wondering whether it was true or was this all a dream.

Was this Queen, this girl me? Was it really me?

I couldn’t seem to function properly as that words were jumbling in my mind. I was trying to digest everything. It was still hard to believe that how fast my life took a turn. From a person that hates her own self to a person who is now being loved by someone. How fast the things changed and it was all because of Edan...

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