Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 57) Betrayal

Emma’s POV.

I looked at Edan as he was eating his dinner. As for me, my appetite had just vanished and I couldn’t swallow a single bite. There was only one thing in my mind.

That article that I had read!

“Emma? Are you OK?”

“Huh?” I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying as I was so lost in my own self.

“Are you feeling well?” He questioned and I nodded still not uttering a single word.

“You don’t seem well. Where is that cheerful and happy, teasing and challenging Emma? My Emma?” He put his fork down and held my hand drawing soothing circles with his thumb on my palm as I felt relaxed by his mere touch.

“I am fine.” I whispered.

“You aren’t eating.”

“I... I just lost my appetite. I am not hungry anymore.” I collected my plate and placing it on the kitchen counter, went to sit on the couch in the living room. Edan followed me and sat beside me. His arm encircled around my waist drawing me closer.

“Baby! What’s wrong? Are you still feeling sore? I’m sorry I should have been more gentle. After all it was your first time.” He kissed my forehead.

“Its not that. I’m fine. Don’t blame yourself! Don’t take this upon you! Its not your fault!” I quickly said feeling bad that Edan was taking the blame on himself, thinking that he was the reason behind my foul mood.

“That time was the best. I... I never felt that pleased.” I blushed on remembering our last night. It was something that I would never forget.

“Glad to know. So then what else’s the matter?” He drew me closer and placed me on his lap. My legs were placed on the couch and my back was rested on Edan’s chest. I placed my head on his chest and listened to the sweet melody of its heart beat.

“Edan! I read an article about you today.” I started as he chuckled then started playing with my hair.


“It said that you had found someone who had captured your heart!” My heart was now beating like a drum and its voice could be heard loud and clear.

“Indeed I have.” He chuckled and kissed my head.

“I had found that diamond, that flower, that goddess who had captured not only my heart but also my soul.” His voice so soft as he gently whispered those words in my ear, brushing his lips slightly.

My whole body was on fire just by his words. They made my heart beat faster, my legs weaken and my mind spin. I felt warm, comforted, loved and cherished.

But were these words really meant for me?

Of course! They were meant for you.

Emma! Remove all your doubts!

He loves you.

Listening myself I told him what was really bothering me.

“It said you will introduce her to media soon. I know its me. Right?” I breathed out.

“Of course baby!”

“But what if I ended up being an insult for you? What if just my existence resulted in disgrace for you? What if-”

I was in the mid of my rambling when he hushed me by putting his finger on my lips. Then his finger got replaced by his warm lips.

“You will never be a disgrace to me. Don’t underestimate yourself so much. You are my strength, my life, my soul.” He gave me a brief kiss.

“You are my everything. I know you’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” He hugged me tighter and I nuzzled my head in his neck.

His cologne smelled so good. His arms encircled around me protectively and the way he was saying soothing words in my ear. One thing was sure. I’ll do my best to give Edan the strength he needed. I’ll try my best to be there when he needed me.

“Thanks. I’ll try my best to be with you whenever you want. I promise I’ll be your strength.” I whispered planting a kiss on his neck.

His hold tighten around mine and his breathing accelerated. I smiled knowing the effect I had on him.

“You already are my strength!” His words made me grin wider.

“Edan!” I breathed out.

My eyes were getting heavy. I felt so tired and exhausted. I had spent whole day worrying about it. I guess it had drained my spirit and energy.

“Edan! I... love you... so much!” I nuzzled deeper in his neck, my arms placed in between his and my chest. His arms holding me and his hands gently caressing my back.

“I too... Love you My Emma!” I heard him say as I doze to sleep.

I had never felt this much at peace in my entire life. I wish we could remain like this forever.

Den’s POV.

“We are doing this tomorrow. I am done with this rich boy.” I placed a punch on the punching bag.

“But isn’t it too early? I mean you said to wait 1 or 2 weeks and now all of a sudden?”

“Who’s the boss here?” I growled grabbing him by his neck as he coughed and whispered.


“Good!” I let go off him and he gasped for air.

“Call her! Tell her we’re taking action tomorrow. And prepare everything.” I growled at my men and they hurriedly went to make preparations for tomorrow.

Emy! You’re coming home sweetheart!

Only one night to go!

I smirked. Tomorrow she’ll be with me. In my bed under me, I’ll make her forget about that fucking bastard! I took her old picture from my pocket in which she was wearing glasses and was laughing at me.

“I’m coming to get you.” I kissed her and then burnt her picture.

She was mine and will always be mine!

Emma’s POV.

I stretched my arms and yawned. I looked at my surroundings and found myself in Edan’s room. Last night I remember I fell asleep in Edan’s arms and he must have carried me here. I still remember his words from last night. Remembering his words placed a huge smile on my face.

He makes me feel so special!

But where was he now? His side was empty and I was sure he wasn’t in bathroom as well. I got up and went downstairs but no sign of him.

Where could he had gone?

I returned in the room and sat on the bed. My eyes caught a red rose placed on the side table. Below it was a note.

I opened it and read it.

~Dear My Emma.~

Sorry! I have to go. A meeting came up. I didn’t want to disturb you so I didn’t wake you up besides you looked so cute while sleeping. I’ll return at home late at night. I have a dinner with my investors tonight.

So, don’t wait for me. And you should stop your pouting! ;)

~Love, Edan.~

I smiled on reading the last line. He knew me so well now because I was pouting the whole while reading the letter. I do feel sad because I won’t be able to see him all day.

I should call him.

Or wait!

I have a better idea!

I’ll go surprise him.

Yup! Its been a while I had left office. This way I’ll be able to meet Kevin and Violet too. Thinking about it, I felt all energetic again. I quickly showered and wore my best dress. I did a quick breakfast and went to see Edan. This whole time I was grinning like an idiot. A lovesick teenager.

I entered the building and went straight to his office. Taylor wasn’t sitting in her usual place. Her desk was empty but by seeing the paper works scattered, I could bet she had just left. The papers were scattered on floor as well.

I guess she was in a quite hurry!

Well! Like I care!

I stood in front of Edan’s office door. I remembered when I first entered these doors. I was hired as his assistant and was so mad to find him as my boss. I do remember how I always used to call him a jerk.

Well! What can I say? He was a jerk back then!

And now....

He’s a love able jerk!

I smiled inwardly. I never would have thought that I Emma James would be standing here as Edan’s girl now. That guy whom I thought I hated. The guy whom I thought was just a player. The guy whom I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that I would fall for.

But he was the guy who taught my heart to love.

He changed me.

And now I love him.

I opened the door with a grin but as soon as my eyes landed on them, my grin fade away, my heart clenched and tears started rolling down my eyes. The same scene that happened years ago came flashing back in front of my eyes. Only the difference was that. At that time it was Den and now it was Edan. Tears continued rolling down my cheeks as I saw their lips connected and how they were kissing. Edan’s arm was around Taylor’s waist and her hands in his hair.

I quickly turned around and went downstairs.

I was wrong!

All men were alike!

But why does my heart still believe that there was something else behind this story and not what I had just seen.

I wish it would be true. But history do repeat itself. And this time I don’t think I’ll be able to mend my broken heart. In fact I had even lost my heart. I had only one heart that I had given to him. And now it was broken, shattered and burnt to ashes as I could just cry.

Edan! Why?

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