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(Ch. 58) Accident

Taylor’s POV.

I picked up the call as my phone was ringing in my pocket.

“Hello?” I said as I was looking through the papers placed on my desk.

Since Emma had resigned, my work’s been doubled. A huge pile was still placed which was needed to be checked thoroughly before handing them to right authorities. Then, I have to plan the meetings with the coming shipments.

Oh God! I haven’t even rested for a while.

“Listen! Move your lazy ass. Be quick! The targets here.” By the cold voice I knew who it was and by target I knew what he meant.

“She had entered the building and on her way.” I replied with an OK and prepared myself for my role. The role for which I was paid for. I retouched my make up and opened my upper two buttons of blouse to make my cleavage a bit more visible. I hurriedly entered his office without knocking. By my sudden entry he looked in my direction.

The same old cold expression!

Why can’t he love me the way he had loved that bitch? Why can’t his heart be owned by me? I’m more sexier, more prettier than her and I could fulfill his desires.

Then why she?

“What is it Miss Seville?” He was sitting on his desk, his eyes looking at me like they could just slay me to death.

I need to be strong.

Don’t let him effect you...

Don’t let his stare weaken you or else Den will kill me.

“Sir. There is something you need to check.” I replied.

“What is it?” He was still sitting in his chair and now had directed his eyes back to documents he was going through.

Damn! Its not progressing! I have to do something.

“Sir! Someone’s waiting for you! She’s outside.” His eyes looked towards me.

“Sent her in!”

“No! I mean she won’t. She won’t come. She.... She asked for your presence out of this office.” I tried to make up the best excuse to make him stand up from his desk so that I could take my next move.

“OK! But it better be good!” He stood up and started walking towards the door.

“Wait!” I called out and he turned looking in my direction.

I went towards him and acted as if my ankle was twisted due to my high heeled boots. I fell towards him and encircled his neck by my arms. He’s arm went around my waist to steady me.

Just perfect!

I smiled inwardly knowing that the prey had now been caught in the net. I heard the elevator door ding open, giving me the clue that someone is coming.

I hope that she is the one coming!

I pulled him by his tie and captured his lips, my hands went in his jet black hair as I kissed him, taking him by surprise. The door opened and there I knew we had succeeded. The flash of hurt, that pain that I saw in her eyes was the result, that I have done my task properly. She quickly turned back on her heels as I heard her muffled cries.

Edan pushed me aside ruthlessly, making me fall hard on the ground as I groaned in pain but did feel satisfied.

“Damn you! I’ll kill you! You whore! You motherfucker!” He glared at me and then went after her.

I quickly took my phone out and dialing the number, I reported the situation.

“She’s on his way. But Edan is after her too.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll take care of the situation. You have done well. Your reward awaits. Meet my men in the basement, they are waiting for you.” I sense a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

I dropped the call and stood up.

Sorry Edan!

If I cannot have you!

Then no one can!

I went to the basement and looked for Den’s men. Two men were standing there and I went towards them.

“You have done well sweetie!” I cringed at their way of calling me. I slapped the guy’s hand away as he grabbed my face.

“Where’s the reward?” I questioned.

“Oh! You will get your reward. But first let us have ours!” My eyes widen and a chill ran through my spine as they looked at me.

“W-What do y-you mean?” I stepped back and decided to run.

“Boss said that we could f*ck you as many times as we want when your work’s done.” One of them grabbed me by my wrist as I groaned in pain.

“Hel-” Before I could scream, a piece of cloth was placed on my mouth and then everything went black.

I never thought that I would end up like this!

I had written my own destiny! I took this route and now I have to pay! He lied to me and I helped him and now I was entrapped in it myself.

Edan’s POV.

Damn that Taylor! She set me up!

I was sure, Emma would be heart broken thinking that I had deceived her. She was already so insecure.

Damn! That fucking whore!

I ran for Emma as fast I can. I need to stop her and to end this misunderstanding. I need to stop her before something happens! I felt something bad was going to happen and I have to get to her before that. I spotted her as she exit my building. I rushed towards her, outside the building and grabbed her arm, stopped her from running.

“Emma! Please...” I turned her towards me as she was crying and her head was hung down.

’Leave me.” She whispered and struggled to make her arm free.

“No! Listen to me Emma!” I tightened my hold around him as she looked in my eyes. Her eyes showing pain and hurt in them and my heart bleed on knowing the reason to this pain was me.

“Em-” Before I could say a word a deep pain went through my body followed by a sound of gun fire. My eyes widen as I fell on the ground. A sharp pain ran throughout my body. Someone had shot me. My security guards ushered towards me and people started gathering.

“Edan!” I heard her sweet voice as guards pushed her aside to hold me.

She was looking at me shocked as her eyes showed fear. She was scared, afraid of loosing me. I tried to stood up but failed. My body felt weak as I pushed my guards aside and managed to stand up. I cringed at the pain and closed my eyes.

Damn! It hurts!

“Ed-” I heard my name cut by a scream. I opened my eyes as I saw the same guy from the bar from that time in a black van. Emma was tied up beside him. Her eyes scared to death and a smirk plastered on that guy’s face.

My heart clenched as I saw the van took off and my heart dropped in my stomach. Just in a blink of an eye, I had missed Emma from my hands. I can’t even rush to her because of being shot. She just vanished before my own eyes and I wasn’t able to save her. I wasn’t able to do anything.


“Bring my car! We need to follow that van!” I shouted but also groaned at the pain.

“Sir! You have been shot! Please we will ta-”

“Shut the hell up! Where is my driver?” I yelled.

My anger was getting the best of me and all I wanted was to get my hands on him and rip his throat apart. I managed to sit in the car and asked my driver to follow that van. Calling Lious, I asked about her as he told me that currently he was chasing that car. He was just behind it and I felt a bit ease but my heart was still beating faster with fear.

I can’t lose her!

I will never lose her!

There were two cars of my guards behind mine. We managed to spot that van and It was going at a very fast speed.

“Faster! We need to catch this van!” I yelled.

A sharp pain would ran through my body whenever I’ll shout or yell. But right now Emma was more important to me than my own self! I need to catch up to them! I cannot let her slip through my fingers! I heard the police sirens as two police mobiles crossed us. My men must have informed the police as well.

“This time you won’t be able to escape me. I’ll bring you to your end!” I gritted my teeth.

You have called your own death Den!

You have welcomed your own death!

And I’ll be sure to greet you well!

The van gain more speed and took an abrupt turn in a wrong direction. My eyes widen, my heart ceased to beat and I felt my whole body getting numb as that van collided into a heavy loaded truck.

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