Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 59) Farewell

Emma’s POV.

“Edan!” I called his name and upon calling his name, I got a slap on my face from that bastard.

“Stop calling his damn name you bitch! Once we got home, its my name you’re all gonna scream for.” He smirked.

“Damn you! Fuck you! You Bastard! Phsyco! You’ll never be able to get what you want!” I glared at him with bloodshot eyes.

My hands were tied up followed by my legs. I was in a van beside that bastard Den. He kidnapped me and right in front of Edan. And he had also shot Edan.

Just like in my dream...


I felt my heart getting heavy and I wanna cry. But I can’t show this damn ass-whole that he had affected me in any way. I won’t cry in front of him.

But Edan! I don’t know how will he be now? I want to see him, I want to be by his side. Edan! Please don’t give up on me! Please Edan! I’m sorry for dragging you into my crap life. But still I know I’m being selfish! But I still want you. Please Edan! Don’t give up on me.

I want you! just you!

I wanted to shout out all of this to Edan. I wish I could see him just last time once more. I never showed him, how much I love him.

I want another chance!

“Have you taken care of that Taylor?” My eyes widen on hearing her name from Den.

“Yes sir. We have taken care of her. She won’t be able to get alive.” His man said to which Den smirked.

“That pawn. We had played well that game!” He laughed and then his eyes landed on mine.

“What did you do?” I shouted.

“Uh! Calm down Emy!” He held my face in his hands and inched closer.

“You’re an idiot. I know you had trust issues! Well I played quite good. Didn’t I?”

My eyes glaring at him and my heart drowning. My lips quivered but I didn’t let my tears slip. Taylor set him up. I knew there was something else to this story the moment Edan ran after me and caught my arm. When I looked in his eyes, I only saw worry and fear.

Was that fear, was it for me? Was he afraid to lose me?

I knew deep down that he won’t hurt me but at that time seeing that scene replayed before my eyes, my heart was hurt. I wasn’t able to think straight at that time. Its my fault! My fault Edan’s hurt and I was kidnapped. I helped him succeed in his plan. I doubted Edan! How could I?

Edan! I’m sorry. Sorry.

Please God! Give me an other chance. Please! I beg you.

I bend my head down as tears trailed down my face.

Please! Save me Edan.


I tried to hold back the tears but they just won’t stop. I was an idiot indeed!

“Sir! We’re being followed!”

“What? Damn that rich boy! How many times do I have to shot him?” Den groaned and cursed as an unknowingly smile crept on my face.

Edan! He was here!

“Edan!” I screamed.

“Damn you! Shut up you slut!” He slapped on my face and grabbed me by my hair as I groaned in pain.

“I think that lover boy has a wish to die! Let’s us grant his wish!” My eyes were blood shot as I screamed at him.

“You’ll never be able to get me! I belonged to Edan! My heart! My soul! My body! It all belongs to Edan!”

At this I earned a kick on my stomach and coughed as blood came out of my mind.

“Shut up! I’ll see whose name you’ll be screaming in next 24 hours. First I’ll kill your lover before your eyes and then I’ll finish you after I am done with you.”

I groaned in pain and coughed as blood came out of my mouth.

“You’ll never be able to get me! I’ll never love you!” I whispered.

“Ha! I don’t need your love. I just want your body!”

“You! You motherfucker! Asswhole!”

I heard sirens of police mobiles and this sound sounded as a melody against my ears, a song to heavens.

I know he’ll save me.

“Damn! Fuck him! Speed up!” He yelled at the driver as I sat there quite now. I believe in him. He’ll save me. I trust him. I love him! I know I’ll be soon free.

“Speed up! We need to get out of here!” He yelled.

“Turn around! Take that route!” He was constantly yelling and shouting.

“Sir! That routes not save! We’ll not be able to manage the van on that road. Its so uneven.”

“Do what I say!” He took out his gun and placed on the driver’s head. The van took a sudden turn and a satisfied smile took place on Den’s lips. Suddenly a honk was heard as Den shouted.

“Turn the van to other side!”

“Sir! I can’t control it!” The driver panicked.

“Damn!” He said as hot blazing lights came flashing and my mind trying to register what was going on.

“Fuck you!” Den screamed as I heard a bang, everything knocked out and went black.

What happened? Did I got in an accident? What’s going on?

“Emma! Emma! Emma! Please! Don’t leave me! EMMA!” I heard someone’s voice. I couldn’t feel my body. It couldn’t feel anything.


That voice! Edan?

I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t do it.

I was hearing police sirens and sirens of ambulance. I felt my body being lifted and placed on a stretcher.

“Emma!” I heard his voice again and it felt like he was crying.

I tried my best to open my eyes. I wanted to see him if it was going to be the last time. My eyes slightly opened but nothing was clear as a sharp pain went through my head.

“Emma! Everything will be fine. Please! Don’t leave me! Please! I beg you!” I felt his warm hands on mine.

I don’t know! I don’t know if everything will be fine or not. But I was glad that I got to see him one last time.

“I.... I am s-sorry... E-Edan! Don’t... Don’t... Cry!” I breathed out.

“Emma!” He kissed my head.

My stretcher was placed inside some van again as I couldn’t make out my surrounding. All I was hearing those sirens and Edan’s voice.

I think I have lived my life. I was glad at least I got to see Edan, at least I got to listen his voice last time. I had so many regrets.

I wish I could have spend more time with Edan! I wanted to see us in future. Our family. Me, Edan and our kids. But not all wishes come true.

“I... T-Thank y-you Edan! I-!” I breathed out and then everything black out.

I hope we meet again!

Edan’s POV.

“Emma! Emma! Please Emma! Don’t leave me!” I screamed as I was holding her hand.

Her body all covered in blood, her body cold, limp.

Emma! Please! Don’t leave me!

My tears never stopping, my heart heavy as I had a deep fear inside.

I was scared! I was scared of losing her!

She cannot leave me.

She has to come back...

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