Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 6) You're Hired

Edan's POV.

"Miss Seville?" I acknowledged her.

She was standing right in front of my desk and my cold intense stare was staring directly into her eyes. "Yes, sir?" She merely whispered.

"Call Miss James and tell her that she's hired." I forwarded the file of Emma in front of her. Her eyes widen as her lips parted on hearing my words. She took the file with her trembling hands as she stuttered, "But...But sir, there aren't any vacant s-seats,"

She was right and I knew that there wasn't any vacant position available. But I don't care. I was the CEO of this business and if I want it, I can create it. "There is actually," I said coldly while straightening my back. "You go now and call her right away that she's been hired as my PA,"

Her face at once became pale and her eyes widened with horror. She was standing there in front of me but it felt like she would fall right away. I didn't know what just happened to her and I don't care.

"You can go now," I repeated myself but she didn't move and then after a moment, she said, "S-Sir but... Sir, am I being fired? Have I done anything wrong? I'm so sorry. Please don't fire me," She started pleading as her lower lip started quivering, making me confused. What was she doing? I was not firing anyone. I was just creating a new position.

Why would I fire her? I don't fire people just for fun. She was talented, graduated, responsible and also she was experienced. She was a good employee and I haven't heard a single complaint against her. She performs her duty well and this was all what I needed.

"I am not firing anyone. Call E- I mean Miss James and tell her she had been hired as my personal assistant, however, you'll continue to work as my secretary. You'll handle the major documents and ongoing meetings with our old clients. " I ordered her as she slightly nodded understanding my words.

I was just trying to make a temporary post for Emma, not to fire anyone. She seemed all strong and the way she resisted my charms, I wanted to prove to her that she was no different, that she'll end up falling for me like every single woman. Although she graduated and wasn't eligible for this job but what could I do? I wanted her.

"Now leave." I dismissed her and she left my office without a word. A smirk took its place on my lips, remembering Emma's red furious face from that day. She was interesting and now I was interested. Just a ten-minute encounter with that feisty fox made me a hungry wolf and now this wolf wanted to hunt that fox down.

I closed my eyes and sighed. In an instant, her red face fuming with anger, the expression on her face, the burning rage in her silver eyes came in front of my eyes as my heart skipped a beat. Damn it! What was that? This was strange. My heart never skipped a beat and it just did by remembering her mad expression? Maybe it was due to the excitement that I was feeling. The excitement of taking up a new challenge. Yes! That must be it. But still, I need to forget her. She was just an ordinary woman. She was no special. I shouldn't think about her anymore.

To divert my mind from her, I decided to review the plans for the new project.

Emma's POV.

I was so busy right now. Today, the cafe was extra crowded as it was a Tuesday and on Tuesday, we sell our special red velvet strawberry cake made by one of our best chefs. The cake was loved by our customers a lot, so every Tuesday, our cafe would be extra crowded. I was so busy since eight in the morning. I was constantly working, taking orders, serving and was now tired of all the work. My shift was going to end after just another half an hour and then I'd be able to catch my breath.

At 3:00 pm my shift was finally over as Lucinda came to take my place and started her shift which would end at 10 pm. I greeted her and went to change in my casual dress. I requested Samantha for my favourite cup of Americano. Kate was on leave today so Samantha was the one taking her place. Her coffee was delicious as well but still, my vote would again be with Kate's coffee. I took the cup, thanked her and as I was leaving the cafe, my mind drifted to the encounter I had with that jerk four days ago and my mood changed to a foul one.

God! Why was I even thinking about him? It's not like I'd see him again and if I did luckily, I won't miss the chance of greeting his face with my punch. I won't ever forgive him for spilling my coffee and then the nerve of that jerk... He didn't even care to apologize. Such an asshole! Whatever! Just forget him and enjoy yourself. I shook my thoughts clear.

I reached the bus station and waited for the bus. As it arrived, I paid my bus fare and sat on the left side close to the window. Looking out towards the street, I sipped my coffee. The phone in my pant's pocket buzzed and I took it out to see unknown caller identity. I shrugged and decided to leave it not knowing who it was. The phone rang again as I departed from the bus but I ignored it. It rang for the third time as I was walking to my house and then finally, I decided to pick it up thinking it might be something important.

"Hello?" I said politely.

"Miss Emma James?" The voice inquired and I could tell she was a young woman. "Yes, that's me," I said waiting to know what kind of business the other person has with me.

"Congratulations. You have been hired as a personal assistant of Mr. Edan Wilton," She informed me and for a moment my mind stopped working. "Uh... What? I think I misheard something." I chuckled. I knew my mind was playing just tricks on me.

"No, you heard correct. You'll start from tomorrow. Be at Wilton's co. at 9 am sharp." She agreed to what my brain heard a second ago. "I-I...." I opener my mouth and then closed it again. I didn't know what to say. I was speechless and shocked and surprised. Was this a prank call because if it was, then it wasn't funny. But if it was true then yikes!!! I got it! After almost two months, I finally got it. God! Was I dreaming? But why did they call me after two months? This was strange. But who cared? I didn't because I was just too happy to be caring about this stuff. Finally! I got it! My first step towards my success and dream job.

"Thank you thank you thank-" I started rambling as she cut me off. "Remember, you should be here at exactly 9:00 am. I will give you the rest of the instructions tomorrow. See you tomorrow at work," She said ending the talk. "Bye... Thanks again."

The call ended. It was so hard for me to control my excitement as I was going crazy with joy. Eeeeeehhhhh!!!!! I screamed in my head trying my best to control myself but it was so hard. I was getting crazy with madness, giggling and jumping up and down. By that time, two or three people gathered around me and the others while walking, stared at me. Some laughing and some shaking their heads at my foolishness. They were surprised by my sudden behaviour and were looking like they had seen a joker.

Who would not? When you suddenly start jumping up and down after just receiving a call in the middle of the path, everyone will surely look at you like you have gone mad.

"Sorry, guys. Just got a good news. Sorry..." I said while joining my hands bowing in front of them making me look like more of a fool.


I went to my apartment, all the way grinning like a kid who had just gotten a candy. "Kate! Guess what happened?" I said in a sing-song voice grinning showing my set of 32 white teeth. I climbed up on the living room sofa and started jumping up and down on it.

She came up and started jumping along me. "I don't know why we are jumping but it's fun." She giggled. "I got a good news!" I declared still jumping.

"Good news? You got a boyfriend?" She said with sparkling eyes making my eyes go wide open and I stopped. "What? NO! You're terrible at guessing," I scrunch my nose up at what she just said and sat down. She stopped too and sat beside me.

Why did she even think that? A boyfriend? Not even in my dreams! No! Never ever!

"You told me to guess," She shrugged playing innocent as I rolled my eyes. "Such a great guess," I mocked.

"Ok, sorry. So, tell me, what's the news. You're killing me with suspense right here," She fanned her face with her hand, acting like a drama queen. I chuckled at her horrible acting.

"I got a job!" I squealed as I started jumped up and down again, screaming. "B-But you already had a job," She said with confusion, seeing me getting out of my control.

"Not that job. A better one! I am going to work as the personal assistant of CEO of Wilton Co." I screamed as her eyes widen and then she screamed with me. "Wow! Oh my God! That's great," She said excitedly while standing up and she hugged me."I am so happy for you!" She exclaimed.

I thanked her as I was indeed happy right now. To me, it meant more than just winning the lottery of life. I would finally be able to stand up on my own feet and took my first major step towards my dream, I just hope it pays well.

"Let's celebrate. We should go to a club and have a party and-" She started going extra hyper as I chuckled at her. "Woah...! Calm down," I stopped her from her rambling. "Hold your horses' girl!"

"Let's go to a club..." She said while moving towards her room to get ready as I immediately stopped her. "Oh no. I am not going anywhere. I have to prepare myself for tomorrow. I have a big day," I told her and started to move towards my room. "Wait," she stopped me. "Then at least we could have a little teeny weeny celebration..." She tried to convince me acting like a 3-year-old girl with pleading eyes. I chuckled, "Fine... A teeny weeny celebration is all right," I said copying her actions and laughing.

"Yes!" She cheered and rushed to get her phone and I went to my room.

Finally, I had the job I had dreamt about. I don't know why they didn't call me earlier and now a sudden call at the most unexpected time. Maybe I wasn't selected then and maybe they got someone more qualified. But one thing was sure, unexpected surprises are the best!

I guess my luck wasn't that bad after all. I was just so glad right now and it was all that mattered right now for me. I didn't spend four years of hard work for nothing. Although I do admit I was just a fresh graduate with no experience at all but what could go wrong in trying? In order to gain experiences, you have to work and now I really got the job. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yessss!!! Guess I was quite lucky.

I went to the washroom and stripping out of my clothes, I took a shower. I washed my hair with my shampoo. My hair was already silky, so I didn't use conditioner. I changed into my PJ's and went downstairs.

"Yeah. Yeah. 51 block apartment 17. How much time would it take? 40 minutes? Fine, not a minute above it. Yeah, a large one with one whiskey-" Kate was on the phone as she was ordering food for our little celebration. I shook my head at the name of whiskey. I was not good with any kind of beer as even the lightest one made me end up having a hangover.

"No," I mouthed to her. "Then what?" She raised her eyebrows. "Coke will do," I mouthed back. She pouted but gave the order. "Why coke?"

"Hey. Tomorrow is an important day for me. I don't want to get up tomorrow with even a little bit of a hangover," I told her as she smiled. "Oh. OK."

After 1 hour of wait, our order came. We ate pizza along with coke and talked about some random girl stuff. We were done by nine as Kate washed the dishes and I went to the washroom. I brushed my teeth and coming out, I lied on my bed staring at the ceiling. My jaws were hurting now due to smiling for straight six hours. Tomorrow was going to be a big day for me.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm as I yawned. At night, I didn't know when I fell asleep. Stretching my limbs, I went to the washroom and doing my business, I came out. I took a look at my wardrobe to look for something professional to wear. They say your first expression is the last one, so I wanted to make a good first one. My eyes raked in the wardrobe and I took out a grey pencil skirt and a white button-up blouse. I put on my grey coat and grey stiletto heels. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and let some of my front hair loose. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I applied a slight lip gloss on my dry lips and a bit liner on my eyelids and there, I was ready.


I took a look at my silver watch showing it was almost 8:30 and taking a quick breakfast of one toast and a glass of orange juice, I quickly went to the bus station. After 25 minutes of bus driver and 5 minutes by walk, I was standing in front of The Wilton's Co. It was huge as I looked up to see the whole building. The skyscraper as if touching the sky and the blue windows reflecting the sun rays.

I was very excited to begin this new journey of my life. Today was going to be a great day and I could feel it. Taking deep breaths and with a smile on my lips, I went into the office.

"Miss James?" I looked at a young woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She had a curvy body and was beautiful and sexy.

A complete opposite of me...

"Yes, that's me," I said smiling. "I am Miss Taylor Seville, Mr. Wilton's secretary," She said with a smile, which I could tell was a fake one because it didn't reach her eyes. Fake smile? Wow! What a nice way to greet people.

"Please, come with me," She said rather rudely. I nodded but couldn't understand the reason behind her behaviour. Seriously! What was wrong with her? Did I say something wrong?

We entered a lift and went to the 24th floor. During this whole time, we both didn't utter a single word. She led me to her office and to her desk. Her office was so tidy and clean. The two walls of it were made of glass which were transparent to the lobby of this floor and the other two were painted into a light yellow-orange color giving a skin color touch. The furniture simply brown in color. She motioned me to sit in front of her as she passed me a paper.

"What's this?" I said looking at her.

"It's a contract. By signing it, you are agreeing on becoming Mr. Wilton's PA. Your pay will be decided by the Sir himself. It's a contract of 3 years and you cannot quit this job in this time period. It's in the hands of the CEO, only he can fire you. You will be fired if you do not abide by the office rules or do not take on your responsibilities," She explained to me as I listened carefully.

Well, it was not a big problem. Why would I even quit? In fact, I would work my best. This company had quite a good reputation and during our college days, we learnt that this company was among the best companies of America. I was just glad that the start of my resume will be from this firm.

Reading the contract briefly, I signed the contract and she collected it. "Now, go to the room at the end of this floor. You'll meet him there," she said quietly.

"Thank you," I said while standing and she didn't reply. She didn't like me and I was sure of it. But why? Ah.. whatever, I don't give a damn. I came out of her office still grinning like a small kid. I was so overjoyed. Finally! I got what I dreamt of.

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