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(Ch. 60) Her Strength

Edan’s POV.

“She’s in a critical condition now. A lot of blood had been lost and we need to operate quickly. We'll try our best.” The doctor said explaining about the Emma’s condition. She was in emergency room and with every moment, my heart was drowning in the water of fear.

“Please! Just save her.” I pleaded. I don’t give a damn about my pride. All I wanted was for Emma to be safe. I want her back in my arms safe and sound.

“Mr. Wilton. We’ll try our best.” He assured me again and went back.

I sat on the chair in the waiting area and buried my head in my hands covered in her blood.

Emma! Please! Don’t leave me!

I wish I could have been in her place. I wish I could give anything in exchange for her life. I don’t care if I have to give my own life for her! It doesn’t matter what’s the price until she’s fine. I’ll pay any price.

Just God! Please! Save her!

Let her return to me.


I felt tears cascading down my eyes.

“Edan?” I looked up to see my family along with Emma’s mom and dad.

“Where’s my baby?” Her mom said coming towards me. Her eyes all puffy and red from crying, she held me by my collar and looked in my eyes, begging me.

“Please! Please! Tell me she’s safe! Just Nothing’s w-wrong.... Please! Tell me she’s gonna.... She’s gonna just walk up...right through that d-door. She’s g-gonna s-show...up with a s-smile... Please! Tell me... She’s fine.” Her eyes looking in mine with hope, with a plead.

I couldn’t bare to look in her eyes and averted my eyes. I wasn’t able to keep my promise! I couldn’t keep her safe.

“Calm down! Honey! She’ll be fine. We know our daughter. She’s a survivor! The toughest of us all! She’ll be fine.” Mr. James held his wife and hugged her, calming her down. He had the same fear in his eyes. Fear of losing his beloved daughter. But he acted strong for the sake of his wife and for his daughter.

“Why her? Why? Hadn’t she already suffered enough? Now this? I... I...” She burst out into tears and Mr. James was constantly saying soothing words and giving her hope.

“Edan! You’re shot!” My mom looked at me shocked.

I don’t care about me being shot. I don’t give a damn about my own self. I just wanted her to be safe! I just wanted her safety.

“Son! We need to take care of it!” My dad said sitting besides me.

I didn’t reply. I didn’t care! I don’t give a damn!

My dad called for the doctor and he took me to a room and took out the bullet. He bandaged my shoulder and my arm.

“We’re glad. There wasn’t much blood lose.” The doctor said but I stayed silent.

I was staring at the space in front of me. Thousands of things playing in my mind. Her beautiful smile. Her laughter. Her eyes. And the way her face will turn to red whenever she was angry or mad at me. All these images playing in my mind and tears again streamed down my eyes.

Damn! I wasn’t able to save her! I promised her!

I promised her that I’ll always be there for her! I promised her that she’ll be safe.

Damn! It was all my fault!

“Edan! Be strong! Emma needs us! All of us! You need to be strong for her! You’re her strength!” My dad said as if he had read my mind.

“Dad! I... I failed! I... I wasn’t able to keep her safe... Its my fault... I... I should have been in her place...” I whispered with a heavy heart.

It was all my fault!

“No son! Its not your fault! Its no ones. And what do you think would have happened to Emma if you would have been in her place? She couldn’t bear to see you hurt. So don’t say it.”

“But... I wanted her to be alright. I wanted her to be safe, to be with me. I’m afraid.... I-I am scared... I don’t want to lose her!” My voice hoarse and my eyes all red.

“She’ll come back! She’s gonna be alright!” My dad was constantly consoling me as I hoped what he’s saying is true.

“We need O-negative blood! This instant!” The nurse said rushing towards us.

“She has lost a lot of blood. It’ll be impossible to save her.” The nurse said, shattering my heart to tiny pieces as my heart dropped in my stomach.

How was I gonna find it at such a short notice?

“Anyone of you don’t have that blood group?” The nurse looked all of us.

“I have!” I looked at that person, my eyes in disbelief.

“Mom?” I whispered.

“Don’t worry! We will save her! I have seen how much she meant to you. I’ll save her! I’ll return you your life, your happiness!” She held my face in her hands and kissed my forehead.

“Please ma’am! Follow this way.” The nurse said as my mother followed her.

Four hours had passed and Emma was still in the operation theater. Her mom had dozed to sleep due to that pain killer Mr. James had given her. My dad was controlling all the situation regarding this issue and my mom was continuously giving me the reminders to be strong for Emma.

My dad took well care not to allow any publish or air any news regarding this situation. There were three men in that van along with Emma. The two of them died on the spot whilst the third was in a critical condition. That bastard wasn’t able to come out alive.

Damn! I wanted to kill him with my own hands!

Damn it!

The doctor came out and I stood up.

“Well operation succeeded.” I let out a sigh of relief and my lips turned into a slight smile.

“But we aren’t sure when she’ll wake up. She has gone in a coma. She was injured badly.” The doctor said but my smile was gone by now.


For how many days?

“You should be glad she survived. The remaining recovery as well as the length of her coma state will depend on how strong she is.” The doctor explained.

“Currently we’ll keep her in supervision. Once we transfer her to a room, you all can meet her one by one.” He said and went back as I let out a sigh.

I was glad that she was able to make through but still I won’t be able to hear her voice, won’t be able to see those beautiful eyes, that smile. I don’t know for how long I’ll be deprived of it.

“Son! Be strong! Give her the strength! She is strong. She’ll be back soon.” My dad patted my back and assured me.

“You can meet her.” The nurse informed us and I looked at Emma’s parent that if they wanted to go first, they can. Although I wanted to be the one to go and just drew her in my arms but they were her parents. They have more right.

“You can go first. When Rebecca will wake up then we’ll go.” I nodded at him and saw Emma’s mom. Her head was laid on Mr. James chest and he was holding her in her arms.

I went into the room and saw her body lying on the bed. She had a drip in her hand and an oxygen mask was placed on her mouth. Her arms wrapped in white bandage and his head was also wrapped in bandages. Her body was connected to an electrocardiograph, to measure her heart beat.

Her face had different cuts at different places. A slightly larger cut was on his forehead. I drew a chair closer and sat beside her. I took her hand and kissed it. Looking at her in this way made my heart clenched and my body weak. Seeing her like this make my heart cry the tears of blood. I wish I could just take away this pain!

Edan! Be strong! For her!

I reminded myself.

“Emma! Please, Come back. I want you! I need you! Please! Be strong. Please return to me soon.” I held her hand and whispered in her ear.

“You’re my everything. I’m waiting for you. Please! Come back quickly. Don’t you leave me hanging here! Return to me! Don’t let me wait for long.” I kissed her forehead and after remaining there for 20 minutes I head out to let others get their turn to see her.

I know you’ll be with me again! Soon! Very soon!

And this time I’ll never let you go! This time I’ll keep my promise, my love!

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