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(Ch. 61) Hope

Edan’s POV.

It had been 2 weeks since that horrible day and Emma was still in coma. The doctors said that she was improving. Her health’s been better but still we don’t know when she’ll be out of coma. These weeks were a wreck for me and my business but thanks to dad and Justin, they managed to keep up the business. At nights we would stay on our turns as everyone wanted to stay with Emma.

That bastard died that day at that very moment. And for Taylor, her dead body was found in an abandoned cottage in the forest outside the city. The police was still investigating on this.

Emma’s sister and brother would come twice a week and would tell her stories. They would wish her good luck and will pray for her health. All of us were trying to do our best to be there for her.

Justin, Lily, Belle and even mom visited her after one day. Emma’s friend Kate, Violet and Kevin often visit her. Even her one friend also came from Britain to see her. I guess her name was Alice. We all were here for her, we all were there to lent our strengths to her.

I sat beside her and watched her breathing normally. She looked like if she was in a deep sleep and by just calling her name or shaking her gently she’ll wake up this instant.

The bandages on her head were removed but her arms were still plastered. The doctor said that her both arms and a leg was fractured due to that accident, there were scars on her stomach and she got injured badly but thankfully all of her internal organs were safe. Probably because she was in the back of the van. When the truck collided with the van it destroyed its front part completely. The passengers in the front seats were crushed to death due to the accident. The third man also died a week ago. He was also injured severely.

I looked at Emma and held her hand.

“Emma! I’m waiting for you. Please come back to me!” I whispered.

“I miss you.” I kissed her on her hand and drew circles with my thumb on her palm. My eyes looking at her with longing and I don’t know when I drifted to sleep. My head was laid beside her hand and I was sitting on the chair. My eyes shot up on feeling her hand move. Her little finger moved a bit making my heart filled with hope.

“Emma?” I stood up and gently whispered her name.

“Emma!” I called out her name and caress her head. My eyes lit up with hope that she was gonna open her eyes sooner.

Suddenly her heart beat fasten and the beats on the electrocardiograph sped up but after a bit they slowed down.

What’s happening to her?

My heart was beating faster as my hands got sweaty and my whole body drenched in terror of losing her.

“Doctor!” I shouted still holding her hand.

“Emma! Hang in there!”

The doctor rushed in followed by two nurses. He asked me to step aside to check upon her.

“Her heart beats dying down. We need to give an electric shock. Nurse! Prepare everything! Hurry!” On hearing those words, my heart started pounding harder. All that fear came rushing back to me and only one thing was in my mind.

I can’t lose her!

“Doctor? What’s going on?” I yelled.

“Sir! We are trying to take control! Relax!” He said making my anger boil up.

How could I relax? Seeing that person whom I love the most dying in front of me! How can I relax?

“We are losing the beat! Hurry up!” The doctor was shouting at the nurses.

“Sir! You need to go from here.” One of the nurse said to me but I refused to move.

“No! I’m not going anywhere! She needs me!” I shouted at her.

“Sir! The doctors are trying there best! Please! You must abide by the hospital rules.” The nurse said and argued with me. In the end she succeeded in getting me out as I stood outside the room and watched through the window. I couldn’t hear their voices but I was sure, it was something severe.

The doctor took two electrodes and placed it on Emma’s chest as her body rose a bit by that shocks. He did this to her 4 times. Seeing her like this made my heart clenched and knowing that I couldn’t do anything make it more worse. Seeing her suffer and getting through all of this make me feel helpless, defeated and torn.

I wish I could save her. I wish I had the way to take her pain away. Seeing my baby suffering from all of this wanted me to just place myself instead of hers if that could be possible.

“What happened?” I questioned as soon as the doctor stepped out.

“We still don’t know. But we think her blood pressure got severely low that’s why at once her heart beat slowed down to an extent of diminishing. But thank God by giving those shocks on time, we had regained her normal rate of heart beat. She’s stable now.” On hearing his words, my mind relaxed for a bit and I took a sigh of relief.

“Thanks doctor!” He nodded and went on his way.

1 month later.

A month by now has passed and still Emma hadn’t gain consciousness. Her injuries had quite recovered and doctor was saying that she was recovering fast. We were all glad of her fast recovery but were in a shadow of despair for not hearing her voice for more than a month but we all were strong and had hope that she’ll regain her conscious very soon.

We all were here for her!

It was my turn for staying the night with her. I wanted to spend every night, every hour, every minute and every second with her but the whole of the family insisted me to take rest and not to push myself too hard.

“Edan! You need to take rest. Take care of your own self! Emma would have never wanted to see you like this. Take care of yourself for Emma!” They all said and lectured me for keeping my own self healthy and fit. So, I had no choice but to do what they say.

I was still cut off from my business world. Currently my dad along with Justin were taking care of it. Justin had given up her book writing for a while and helped dad to manage the business and thanks to them the company was running fine.

My mom had also realized my love for Emma and had now showing us her full support. She was ashamed of what she did to her. She had also said sorry countless times no matter if Emma was listening or not.

I removed my coat and set it on the sofa and drawing the chair closer to her bed, I sat there. I slept there by her side with my head on my arms as my warm hand was holding her cold one.

I dreamt of her as she was continuously laughing at me as I was twirling her in my arms. She was looking in my eyes. Her beautiful grey eyes, her beautiful scent make me want to nuzzle my head in her crook. Her sweet laughter, her smile and her touch making me go wild as I wanted to kiss her senselessly.

She looked breathtaking and beautiful as I looked at her and how she blushed, made her look so damn cute.

I miss her so much!

I opened my eyes to reality as I felt my hand being gripped tightly. I looked at her and when her lips moved, I couldn’t stop my tears.

“E-E...E-Ede-en...!” She whispered still not opening her eyes and my lips broke into a huge smile.

“Emma?” I kissed her forehead. My tears steaming down my face unknowingly.

“I’m here.” I whispered and looked at her face. She slightly opened her eyes and then closed them again. After managing her vision to the room brightness, she opened her eyes. As soon as our eyes met, Emma broke out into tears.

“Shush! Baby girl! Don’t cry!” I hugged her and caressed her arms.

I was beyond happy today. It felt like my life has been returned and my soul had been given back to me.

“Wa...” Her voice was hoarse and she wasn’t able to speak easily. I quickly took a glass of water and helped her to sit up a bit and drink it. My heart was going crazy and my lips never letting go of that big smile.

Finally! My baby was back!

I placed the glass on the table.

“Emma! Say something. I am dying to hear your voice.” I caress her arms and kissed her on her head.

“Edan! Edan! Edan! E-Edan...” She continued saying my name and then burst out into tears. A smile never leaving my lips. I don’t know for how long I haven’t smiled like this.

Probably from almost two months. When Emma was with me back then, I used to smile daily. She was the reason I smile and now that reason was back. I sat beside her and drew her to my chest. Her head placed on my chest and my hands caressing her back.

“Its fine. Everything’s fine. Hush!” I whispered in her ear and kissed her on her head.

I had missed her so much! Her touch! Her voice! The feeling of her in my arms. I missed her so much!

“I... I am sorry. I thought.... I thought...that I would never... Edan! It scares me...” I knew what she was trying to say. She was scared of losing me. She had the same fear as mine.

“I’m not letting you go anywhere! Don’t worry. I’ll always get you.” I kissed her head.

I felt so happy, so relaxed today. Having her back in my arms safe and sound was the best feeling I had ever felt.

I continued saying soothing, relaxing words in her ear and I didn’t realize when she dozed to sleep. Her head placed on my chest and her body engulfed in my arms.

My soul, my heart, my life had returned to me and this time I will be sure to not let it go!

I won’t let her go...

Not in a million years...

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