Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 62) A New Step

Emma’s POV.

5 years later.

It's still hard to believe that five years have been passed since that awful day. The day when I almost lost everything. My family, my friends, my love, my life. Everything! That day I thought it was my last.

But I got another chance, another life and this time. I had made up my mind to not to hold anything back. I promised that this time I’ll show how much I love Edan.

Its been five years now since I started dating Edan and in these five years I just felt my love getting more and more intensified day by day and now it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I am hundred times fold in love with him.

I am crazily, madly and insanely in love with this man!

God! Is it even possible to love someone this much?

Although due to that severe accident, my one year was just lost and because of those injuries I wasn’t able to continue my studies but the very next year I started my studies and now I have completed them and gain a degree in business administration.

Those 5 years were a nervous wreck for me. I studied my best and got so engrossed in my studies that Edan started complaining. I do admit it! I wasn’t giving him the time he wanted with me. I was always busy with my studies.

Although Edan told me to not fret myself and there’s no need to push myself this hard. But I wanted to stabilize my own self and moreover I wanted to give Edan a challenging person. I wanted to built my own status up to his level.

I have always been an independent girl and I want to remain one but now Edan’s trying his best to spoil me. He’s training me to depend on him.

Well! Hope it ends well!

Either he’ll lose or I!

Let see who wins!

I looked at the most devilish handsome man asleep beside me. We had kept late at night as he made love to me countless times and as I moaned his name. I looked at my left hand and there on the third finger, I had the most beautiful diamond ring. The day Edan proposed me was still all fresh in my mind.

I remember how he proposed me a week ago. There wasn’t anything lavishing or too expensive. It was simple, decent yet elegant. And it captured my heart. He took me to the same little cottage where his childhood memories were born. The same place which I loved the most.

The floor was fully carpeted with red roses and a table was set with candles, lit in the middle. That night was a full moon night and how the lake was shining and glowing was magnificent. The moon rays giving a glitter appearance to the lake surface and it looked like if tiny fairies with their pixie dust and sparkly wings were dancing on the water.

Just by thinking of it again, I felt my breath taken away.

The moment he proposed me I went numb. It felt like I was just watching a very beautiful dream. A dream I was afraid that it may shattered into pieces. I took twenty minutes to finally let my mind believe that its real, to assure myself that now I’ll be never alone. I’ll always be safe!

Remembering this again, my eyes again welled up with tears. The same way they did when he was proposing me. I sniffled.

He makes me so happy. My body was terribly bruised and injured in the accident. Although my body had recovered but it does still have those scary scars. Even on my head, there was a scar but it mostly got cover by my hair.

Despite all of those scary scars and all cuts which had made my body ugly in my opinion, Edan would always say me that I have a beautiful body and I wasn’t just beautiful outside but my heart is beautiful as well. He always make me feel overwhelmed, loved and so special.

I wiped my tears and sniffled.

“Emma? Baby? Are you hurt? Don’t cry! Sweet heart!” I didn’t knew when Edan got up but in an instant I was in his muscular arms. My head rested on his bare chest.

“I’m not hurt. Its just... I’m so happy to have you. These are tears of joy. I... I don’t even know how did I deserve someone like you...”

“I’m the happiest one! I got my queen! My life! My soul! My air!”

Those words again.

I love this man so much!!!

Again, is it even possible to love this much?

“Edan?” I whispered looking in his blue eyes. The same eyes whom I fell for the first time. My deep ocean, my peace!

“Hush baby!” He silent me with his hungry lips. His tongue gain entry in my mouth exploring it and I gave him the full excess. His hands moved down to my breast, fondling them as I moaned.

But before we could go further I felt my stomach turning upside down as I felt bile rising up my throat. I cut off from the kiss and rushed to the washroom as I puked. Edan rushed beside me and held my hair behind my ears and rubbed my back gently. I breathed heavily as he took me back to the bed.

“I’m calling the doctor!” He said and grab his phone.

“No! I’m fine! No need! I think its just a bit food poisoning. I’ll be fine!” I assured him but he being a stubborn man ended up calling the doctor.

“I don’t care if its just a minor thing! As long as it concern you! I’m not letting it loose!” I rolled my eyes at his over protectiveness.

I threw on his shirt on me and Edan made me lie on bed and covered me with a duvet. The doctor arrived and after checking my temperature and asking few questions about my diet. He gave me the medicine and also advised Edan to let me visit a gynecologist. With that he went back and Edan went downstairs to get something to eat for me. He came back with a bowl of soup.

“I don’t want to eat anything!”

I wasn’t hungry at all!

“You have to eat this. Sweetheart! Its for your own good.” He brought the spoon near my mouth but by seeing the mere sight of it, I felt sick again and I ran to washroom to throw up.

“Now that’s serious! We’re going to the gynecologist right now!” He lifted me up and placed me on the bed.

He took out my clothes and I put them on. I did want to argue with him but didn’t had the energy too. I was so drained out by now. After throwing up two times and won’t eating anything. My energy level was zero. After 15 minutes drive, we were in the hospital. As we were waiting for our turn, I suddenly had the sudden urge to eat some green mangoes.

“Edan! I want some green mangoes!” My head was placed on his shoulder as I whispered.

“What?” He looked at me confused.

“I want them!”

“OK! We’ll buy them on our way back!”

“No! I want them now!” I really want them. I suddenly felt this great urge to eat them.

“OK. I’m coming right away!” He sighed and after giving me a brief kiss on my lips, he went out. As I was waiting for him to return, my turn came up so I went to see the doctor. The doctor was an elderly woman of 40 age. She had black eyes and brunette hair. She gave me a heart warming smile and gestured me to sit down.

“So Miss?” She rose her eyebrows asking me for my name.

“Uh... Its Emma James!” I smiled.

“So Emma! What symptoms you’re facing and what are your assumptions about it? She looked at me as I told her about me thinking that its just a bit food poisoning.

“Are you married?” She was writing something on the writing pad as she asked me that question.

“Uh... No!”

“Have you been in any sexual relationship?” Her eyes fixed on the writing pad.

“Yes! Actually I’m engaged!” I smiled.

“I see! So Miss James! Are your periods due?” Her question took me by surprise.

From all of her these questions, I had also started thinking of the reason of my this sudden condition.

“Yes! Its just two weeks.”

“I’ll have to perform some test.” She smiled and I slightly nodded my head.

After half an hour I was done with all the tests and made my way to the patient’s bed.

“I’ll inform you tomorrow of the results which will confirm it. But I think your pregnant.” She smiled and I just stood there all lost.


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