Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 63) A New Member

Emma’s POV.

“What happened?” Edan asked me the moment I stepped out of the doctors room.

“Nothing! She just took some tests. The results will come tomorrow.” I said deciding to not tell him yet.

“Are you feeling fine?” He held my hand and drew me closer. I simply nodded.

We head back to our house. On my way back I made a stop at a pharmacy and bought some pills that the doctor wrote and a kit. Edan was sitting in the car as he got an important call. I placed them in the colored shopping bag.

“Everything’s fine! Right?” He asked for the third time and I simply nodded giving him a smile.

I won’t tell him yet. I want to confirm it first and then break these news. I don’t want him to get disappointed on knowing that it was just a mere hormonal imbalance or a bit food poisoning.

“OK.” He smiled and started the engine.

I was lying on the bed. My face facing the ceiling as I was thinking of my situation.

Am I really pregnant?

That pregnancy kit that I bought showed positive results.

I sighed and rubbed on my flat tummy.

Is there really a life growing inside of me? Am I really going to become a mom? And Edan? How he’ll react on hearing the news?

As I was thinking about his reaction, my phone ringed.


“Miss James?” On hearing my name I answered with a yes.

“I am Doctor Mari from the hospital. Your results are here.” On hearing those words, my heart raced up and my breath fasten.

What if the result’s negative?

What if its nothing?

I had different kinds of questions jumbling in my mind.

“Y-Yes?” I whispered afraid to hear the answer.

In the same moment, Edan entered the room and seeing my worried expressions he raised his eyebrows asking what was the matter.

“Congratulations! You are pregnant.” The moment I heard the news my heart went crazy, beating faster.

I was pregnant.

The tears started streaming down my eyes as I held a hand on my mouth, muffling my cries. The phone dropped from my hands as a different kind of emotions ran through my body.

I am going to be a mom!

I can’t believe it. We are going to have a baby! I felt so overjoyed, so happy.

“Emma! What happened! Why are you crying? Who was on that phone?” Edan sat beside me and drew me on his lap.

“Edan! The... The doctor called.” I said between cries.

“And? What did she said?” His hold tighten around me.

“Sweetheart! Everything’s gonna be fine.” He was continuously rubbing my back. My tears never leaving my eyes and my heart overwhelmed with joy.

“Edan... You’re going to...become!” I smiled between my tears and for a moment he froze as his eyes staring in mine like he was searching for something.

Edan’s POV.

I entered our room after an hour of sorting out the documents to see Emma talking on the phone. Her facial expressions worried and I raise my eyebrows asking if everything was alright. She didn’t answer and then started crying. The phone fell in her lap as she held her mouth. The sounds of her sobs filling the room and my heart instantly sank on seeing her like this. I haven’t seen her like this in a long time. The tears never leaving her eyes as she continued to hold back her sobs.

“Emma! What happened? Why are you crying? Who was on the phone?” I asked as I drew her on my lap and rubbed her back gently.

Who could be the person on that phone and what had he said that caused my Emma to cry like this?

“Edan! The... The doctor called.” She mumbled between her cries.

The doctor?

My heart clenched as a deep fear came in my mind.

Oh god! Please don’t let Emma be ill!

What if doctor had told her about some illness that she had. And that made her cry like this.


I won’t let anything to hurt her!

I promised that I’ll never lose her again!

I won’t let anything happen to her!

“Sweetheart! Everything’s gonna be fine.” I hugged her tightly.

I’m here for you.

I’ll never leave you...

“Edan... You’re going to...become!” My body froze for a moment on hearing this and I stared in her eyes, to see if this all wasn’t just a joke.

“What?” I whispered not believing my ears.

“We are going to have a baby.” She smiled. Her eyes still having those tears.

“You are pregnant?” I asked to confirm it again.

“Y-Yes...” She smiled and my heart felt all the joy in the world.

A smile broke on my lips as I felt cheeks getting wet. It felt like I had just been on a roller coaster ride of whole new emotions. I stood up and grab Emma by her waist. Lifting her up, I swirl her in the air as she giggled.

“We are going to have a baby! I’m going to be a dad!” I shouted and Emma giggled. She wiped the tears of joy from my eyes with her thumb as I chuckled.

“I am so happy...” I said kissing her soft tender lips.

“So am I!” She kissed me back.

We were going to have a family of our own. We were going to start our own life, our own story. I felt the most luckiest man alive in this world. I got that woman whom I loved the most and she loves me back and now I was going to be a father. I was going to have someone who will call me daddy. Someone whom I was going to spoil with toys. Someone whose all wishes I was going to full fill. My family! My own child!

“I love you... You had given me so many things.” I kissed her again.

“No! Its you who had given me all! You were the one who saved me. You are the one who was my strength and still is. You gave me this place. You become my light in the tunnel of despair. You became my hope. Thanks to you Edan!” She kissed me back and raked her hands on my hair, driving me wild.

I deepened the kiss as her legs wrap around my torso. I lay her gently on the bed still not breaking the kiss. I removed her clothes followed by mine.

“How about we celebrate it!” I smirked looking in her eyes. A smile on her lips.

“You have a one dirty mind! Mr. Wilton!” She giggled embracing her arms around my neck.

“Yes Mrs. Edan! Very dirty when it comes to you.” I smirked loving the way I called her.

Mrs. Edan!

I love this!

“Yup. Very Very dirty mind.” I confirmed it again.

“You’re a naughty boy.” Her compliment made me chuckle.

“Then be my teacher and punish me.” I smirked kissing her jawline and she chuckled in response.

“OK!” She said and started tickling my stomach making me laugh.

“You’re punishment. You’re not getting anything today!” She sneaked from beneath me and snatching the duvet covered her beautiful body from my eyes as I groaned.

“Mrs. Edan! Be a good girl and come back!” I warned.

“Nope.” My eyes widen as she stuck her tongue out and shook her head.

“I did warned you.” I stood up and took a step at her. Seeing me came closer, she shrieked and ran to the opposite side of room.

“I bet our baby is going to be very naughty.” A smirk plastered on my lips.

“Just like his father? Nah! I won’t let that happen!” She chuckled and winked at me making me look at her with wide shocked, amused eyes.

“You.... Come here!” I tried to grab her arm but missed it. She ran beside the coach. Her hands still holding the duvet covering her soft body.

“Emma! Last warning!” I warned her as I was looking at her with amusing eyes.

“No. No. No.” She squeezed shut her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me. I took this as my cue and jumping over the couch I grabbed her.

“Got you!” She stared at me surprised and then a sly smile took its place on her lips.

Why she’s smiling?

“Why are-” She cut me off with her lips on mine.

My hold around her lighten a bit as she deepened the kiss. She stepped forward making me to stepped backward. She continue to step forward making me go backwards. I felt the bed behind my knees as I fell on the bed. She break the kiss hovering over me. Her beautiful eyes staring in mine. Blue against her moonlight grey. She drew her face closer and nibble my ear as she whispered.

“” My eyes widen as in a moment she stood up and ran towards the washroom giggling, leaving me shocked. A huge grin plastered on my lips.

I had spoiled her.

I had turn her into a temptress.

I can’t help but to feel proud of my self at this.

I have taught her well!

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