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(Ch. 64) Reunion

Emma’s POV.

We were on our way to Edan’s parents house. My family was also invited and it was going to be a grand dinner. More like a party for me getting pregnant.

Edan had only told about it to his brother Justin and he had arranged all that grand party to celebrate it. Whilst for others, they all were completely unaware of the reason for this gathering. It was just a big reunion or a family dinner for them. Edan and I decided to surprise them by breaking this news.

“You look breathtaking. I could kiss you senselessly right now.” His eyes looking me up and down as his lips in a smirk. I slapped his shoulder and glared at him.

“Edan! You know where it’ll end up.” I reminded him the last time he kissed me in the car.

The memory was vivid in my mind. All live and fresh! It was Kevin’s and Violet’s engagement party and we were on the way to their’s place. I was wearing a satin red dress. It was off shoulders and had a slit, showing my right leg. It did drive him crazy that day and I must admit. I enjoyed teasing him. Well, it started with the sweet kiss, which gave rise to a deep, sensual kiss and than we ended up making love in the car. I knew how we were one hour late and everyone shot questions at us and we had to lie.

Of course! We can’t just say “Hey! We were having sex in the car and that’s why we are late!”

In the end we succeeded in convincing them all that we were just caught up in traffic.

“Flashback to that day?” His teasing voice brought me back to reality.

“Nope.” I lied.

“Uh hu! Then let me remind you. That day we had sex in the car and I still remember it clear and vivid. How you moaned my name as I entered my d-”

“OK! I remember it! Cut it out! Jeez!”

I blushed furiously and my ears going all red. I felt my cheeks warmed up and my heart beat fasten. I turned my head to other side and placed my hands on my lap. A hidden smile on my lips.

I do remember it!

He chuckled and then his warm hand held mine. I looked in his direction as he glanced at me.

“You look damn cute! I love that I’m the reason behind this face of yours!” He kissed my knuckles and then placed his hand along with mine on his lap.

A smiles took its place on my lips.

I love that too!

“Emma! My dear!”

“Mom!” My mum embraced me in a tight hug as soon as I stepped into the house.

“Sis!” Sofie embraced me next and followed by her my younger brother Elliot.

“Did you miss me my teddy bear?” I rubbed my nose gently with his as he frowned.

“I’m not small anymore! I’m a young man!” He complained and huffed making us all laugh.

He was of 12 years now and he hated when we treat him like a little boy. He acted like a gentleman most of the time and that make him more adorable. He always act one around Ella. They look so adorable together.

“OK! Sorry sir!” I bowed in front of him as he smiled showing his perfect teeth.

“Yup! I missed you.” He hopped in my arms as he hugged me tighter this time. After a moment, I let him go and hugged my dad, who kissed me on my head.

“Uh! Where are your parents?” I turned my head towards Edan.

“They all are in the balcony. Come!” He held my hand and together we went to meet his parents.

“Ouch!” I yelped as both Ella and Drake literally jumped over me and I was just gonna fall on the tiled floor if it wasn’t for Edan. He held me by my waist and steady me.

“Don’t want to hurt you and our baby!” He whispered in my ear and I nodded.

I need to be careful.

“Aunt Em! Uncle Ed!” They said while grinning.

“You are here! What took you so long?”

“Yeah! What was holding you back? Where is Elli?”

Ella and Drake bombarded us with questions. They were 10 years old now. I chuckled on hearing the cute nickname that Ella had given to Elliot.

They were still so adorable and cute!

“Kids! Behave!” They shut their mouths on hearing their mum’s voice and frowned.

“Sorry Em!” Isabelle hugged me.

“Bro! Great arrangement!” Edan gave Justin a bro hug.

“Its just the trailer!” Justin replied as Edan chuckled.


I heard my name and I know who was that!


“God! Where were you hidin’? Its been a week!” She complained the moment she hugged me tighter.

“I missed you too.” I chuckled.

“Hey! We old people are here too.” We all turned our attention to his mom and dad.

And now mine too!

“Mom! Dad!” I went closer to them as they both hugged me.

So comfortable!

So peaceful!

Just like home!

“How you are doing? Is Edan being a good kid? You can tell me if he had misbehave! I’ll teach him some lesson!” Dad said and I laughed as Edan looked at us mouth agape.

“Yup! A bit!” I winked at Edan as he shook his head.

“Really?” Dad glared at him as he just stood there shocked.

I wish I could capture his hilarious, shocked expression. He looked so funny.

“Hey! Dad! That’s unfair! You are spoiling her. I think that she’s the real kid of yours and I am marrying in this family! Where did my parents go?” Edan complained as we all laughed.

“Behave! Stop teasing him. You can’t even hurt a fly!” Mom slap him on his shoulder.

“What? I did know how to hurt one! Are you forgetting that day? The day I fought with those ba-”

“I remember it!” Mom rolled her eyes cutting dad mid sentence before he could start his stories again.

“What happened to mom?” I whispered.

“She’s way more than mad at me! I forgot the date we were having yesterday and now she’s pissed at me.” I smiled on hearing it.

“Now! Would you mind giving her to me?” Mom took my hand and embraced me in a hug.

“Welcome Emma!” Her voice turned to a soft, motherly voice.

The old harsh voice died. The old memories, the old harsh words! All were buried now in the past. I had buried all those deepest, darkest words, those terrifying past and had moved on. I had embraced my new family, my new life.

“Let’s go! Dinners ready!” Justin said and we all headed towards the garden.

“Edan? Where are you grandparents?”

I haven’t seen them.

“They are in Florida! Celebrating their 50th anniversary.” He smiled and I felt so glad on knowing.

They had spent 50 years together and not once their love waver for each other. They love each other with the same passion, same feeling.

I wish we could be like them too. I wish we would also live happily ever after! I wish our love for each other also remains the same! Always!

“Does something happen?” Edan looked at me and I shook my head.

“No!” I smiled and kissed him on his cheek.

He stared at me confused as I smiled and headed towards where all others were.

Thanks Edan!

For everything!

“Everyone! There is something I wanna tell you!” Edan stood up as we all were in the garden after finishing the dinner. All eyes went to Edan and he looked at me with a loving smile.

“First of all for you Emma! A surprise!” I looked at her wide eyes and confused.


For me?

What could it be?

“Surprise!.” Edan said as four people entered and my lips broke into a huge grin. My eyes welled up in tears.



We all enveloped in a hug. They all were here. My all friends. Kate! Violet! Kevin! and Alice too.

“I missed you so much girl!!!!” I hugged Alice as she started crying.

“Emma! Its been 6 years! I missed you as well! I missed our shopping. And our time!” Her voice low as she hugged me again not letting me go.

“Yeah!” I chuckled on remembering our last shopping. She dragged me literally to every shop of the mall and I knew I went with her to get those blue tantalizing piercing eyes out of my mind.

The same eyes with which I fell in love!

“Now for another news!” Edan continued as he held my hand.

“A week ago we got engaged!” He paused looking at me with endearing eyes.

“And now we are going to marry in a week time.” He smiled and every one cheered. They all were happy for us. Their faces showing the true happiness and love for us.

“I’m proud of you son!”


“Way to go!”

All were congratulating us and giving us their well wishes.

“Hold on! There’s more to it.” Edan and I chuckled. He looked at me and my hand on its own accord went to my flat belly. They all looked at us with eagerness, waiting to blew the news.

“Emma’s pregnant.” His eyes showed love, care and it reflects our future. The future of this child.

My family!

Everyone stared at us for a minute, blinked their eyes and then the whole house broke out into roar of laughter and cheering. Everyone congratulated and the celebration stayed up till late.

“I’m going to be a grandma!” My mom shrieked as she kissed me for the tenth time.

I knew all were beyond happy. Belle, Lily, Kate, Violet, Alice, my parents, his parents. Our family... Everyone was cheering. They all were happy for us. The rest of the party went on deciding the name for the baby. Everyone gave the names of their own choices. Well no one knows who the baby will be!

A Princess?

Or a Prince?

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