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(Ch. 65) A New Bond

Emma’s POV.

If some one would have said to me six years ago that I would be standing in front of a mirror in my wedding gown and would be marrying to a man I loved the most with his baby growing inside me. I would have laugh the whole thought away.

Seeing the fact that I used to hate boys and how I hate the fact of marriage. It did sound impossible at that time but now seeing my reflection in the mirror it makes me wonder... It makes me wonder how life changes, how time changes. The time never remains the same. People change, situations change and by and by our world change.

I was used to be a girl who hated herself, who considered herself no more than a bad luck. A karma! Who think of herself as no one, who feels that her existence was nothing. A girl who felt that she meant nothing to anyone. Who felt that she was no body. She has always underestimated herself, hated herself, hated her life and just wanted to end everything.

How her life changed, how she changed and just because of one person.


He brought me back to life. Brought me back from the agony, the despair. He became my reason to live, gave my life a meaning. He became my strength. There is indeed some one special in this world. Some one who is only meant for you. Who is made for you. Who will make your life meaningful. Who will love you, cherish you.

We just have to wait for the right one!

“Emma. Its time. Oh boy! That man is so impatient. He is saying he’s gonna just barge in.” Mom complained as she entered the room.

“Look at my baby! You look so gorgeous!” My dad said as he gave me a hug.

“I can’t believe. My baby is finally getting married! Gosh!”

“Mom! Please! You are gonna make me cry and it’ll ruin the make up.” I held back my tears and brought up a smile.

“I don’t care. You are beautiful even without any make up.” My head turned to that man. My lips parted as well as my parents.

“Edan? What the hell! What are you doing here? Its bad lu-”

“Yeah! Yeah! Bad luck? I don’t believe that shit! I’m here to get my bride.” Edan cut my dad off and headed towards me. A smile on my face. He was looking the same old handsome, sexy, authoritative man.

The man who could just bring any woman to her knees and this man now is mine. He chose me. He captured my soul, my heart, my life.

“No. You will not see her in another half an hour. Go wait in the aisle.” My mom stood between us making him frown and me chuckle. My face was covered with the veil and in my hands was the most beautiful bouquet of red roses.

“OK. Just one kiss!” He stepped closer but my mom stopped him.

“You can kiss her all you want after this wedding.”

“What-” He groaned and my mom gave him a stern glare making him shut his mouth.

“Fine.” He turned back and cursing under his breath went out as we all burst in laughter.

“He is a one heck of a stubborn, impatient man.” My dad remarked to which I totally agreed.

“Let’s go before he comes back.”

My mom smiled and kissed me on my head.

“Be happy always. Don’t forget that. We are always here for you.” I nodded and hugged her.

“I know. I love you.” I tried my best to hold back my tears.

“We love you more.” My mom and dad hugged me one last time and then taking my dad’s arm I went to the aisle.

My heart beating faster and my stomach flipped down whilst a deep blush formed on my cheeks and my lips in a huge grin. My heart overwhelmed with happiness as I stared at the most gorgeous man beside me.

“We all are here to-”

“Hey! Can we just cut this out and came to the end part?” Edan cut the priest off as he just started. I nudge him with my elbow as he sighed. A smile on my lips as he groaned.

“Fine. Please continue.” He whispered standing straight. The priest continue and then it was time for our vows.

“My dear wife Emma! I don’t know what to say. I mean... I just felt the luckiest man alive today. I don’t know how to express what I am feeling today. The truth is... I think the words would just not be enough to explain my love for you.” Edan paused and looked at me giving me a heart melting, billion dollar smile.

“You are my air in which I breath. You are my soul, my heart, my mind which controls my body. You are my life. My day, my night. My eternity, my present and my future. And I promise you I’ll be your strength. I’ll be your shoulder to cry on. I’ll be there in the hour of despair and glory. I’ll be there for you in your darkest and happiest hours. I vow that I’ll always protect you and our baby. I vow that I’ll never leave you. I vow that I will always love you and cherish you. My sweet Emma! My life! My Emma!” His eyes locked in mine as my heart and my mind was running on wild and crazy.

“I Love you. And always will. I have one heart and now it belongs to you. Take care of it.” He ended and I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

It was the most beautiful thing. Most beautiful feeling. I never realized how much I meant for him. How much he loves me.

Edan! What are you?

Can someone be like this? Can someone love a person this much?

Yes! He can! He loves me and his love is pure. I know that and I don’t have any doubt in it.

“My dearest stubborn husband. My love of the life. My everything. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your love. You became my light when I was lost. You became my reason to live. You became my reason to come back to life. You were always there for me when I needed you. You kept on trying and continue to love me with the sane passion. Your love never did waver a bit. Although all those cold shoulders I gave you back then, you never did stop loving me for once.” I looked at him with apologizing eyes.

I wish I hadn’t been that cold and rude to him back then.

“Sometimes I think its just all a dream. Sometimes I think I don’t deserve you. Sometimes it seems so surreal but when I see that love in your eyes... I knew that its not just a dream but my reality. My present. My breath, my life and my future. I vow you that I’ll be always there for you. I’ll never leave you, will never let anything come between us. I vow you to cherish your love. To love you back with all I have got. I will take care of your heart, your love. Mine heart was yours the day I met you. I just took a long time to realize it. Thank you for everything. I don’t think I can even repay it. My Edan! Please always love me, never leave me or else I won’t be able to survive. You are my drug. My salvation. I love you... And my love for you is never ending love.” I wiped the tears which I tried best to hold back but failed miserably.

These all words were straight from my heart. I meant each and every word I said.

“Amen! I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest said and Edan took my veil above my head, revealing my face.

His eyes locked in mine as his hand moved up holding my face gently. His lips inched closer and as he was gonna kiss me, I drew my face away.

“What?” He stared at me shocked as I smirked. A mischievous glint in my eyes as I heard the crowd chuckled.

“Mrs. Edan! You’re being naughty.” He remarked grabbing me by my waist as my body was crushed in his.

“Learned from my teacher.” I whispered as his eyes looked at me amusingly.

“You have an amazing teacher I guess.” He held my chin and gently lift it up.

“Nah! Not that much.” I giggled.

“He is an amazing kisser too. Let me show you.” His lips claimed mine and my body immediately responded.

I kissed him back and my arms went around his neck. My arms went to his hair and his hands tightened around my waist.

“Ahm.” Before the things got hot, thankfully the priest coughed.

We parted our lips as the crowd went wild. All cheering and clapping. My face blushed red just thinking how wild, crazy things could have gotten.

“I can’t wait to have you under me. Can we just sneak out?” Edan whispered kissing my sensitive spot behind my ear.

“No...” I chuckled.

“Let’s cut the cake.” I said and grabbing his hand headed towards where all were waiting. After cutting the cake we danced together. After that I had a dance with Edan’s dad and then with mines.

“I pray that you always remain happy and may god shower his countless blessings on you.” Edan’s grandparents hugged me and his grandmother planted a kiss on my forhead. I smiled and thanked them for giving me so much love.

“Emma! You look so gorgeous. A true beauty.”

“Yup. I totally agree.” Both Isabelle and Lily hugged me.

“Welcome to our family.” Edan’s mum said and gave me a tight hug.

“Thank you mom!” I smiled.

“Let’s have a family photo.” Lily arranged all of us in a group. Edan and me in the center as his arm around my waist. My hand on my flat belly as Edan’s hand on mine. My parents standing at my side and Edan’s parents at his side. His grandparents sited in the chair in front of us. And Lily, Belle, Justin and Sofie standing in the second row. Whilst for Ella, Drake and Elliot. These three were standing in the center in the third row.

The photographer took the picture as we all said cheese.

This was my family now.

My future...

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