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(Ch. 66) Our Honeymoon

Edan’s POV.

“Good Morning Mrs. Edan.” I kissed my beautiful wife the moment she opened her eyes.

“Morning Mr. Edan.” She gave me her most beautiful smile and stretched her arms yawning. Finally this woman who had captured my heart, my mind, my life. She was finally my wife. She was mine now. Only mine. Her heart, her soul, her body, her beautiful smile. Everything was mine now. I was the reason behind her beautiful smile, behind her happiness.

“So? How’s our baby doing?” I kissed her still flat belly as she giggled. She was now one month pregnant with our baby.

“Fine.” She giggled.

“Who you think she’ll be like?” I rubbed her belly as she settled her head on my shoulder. Her hand above my hand.

“She? What makes you think that it will be a girl?”

“I feel it deep down. I know it will be our little princess.”

“But what if it’s a boy. A Prince?” She said as I smiled.

“So what? No matter what’s the gender. It will be our baby.”

I kissed her on her head and engulfed her in my arms drawing her body so close, not an inch apart.

“But I want a princess just like you.”

“And I want a Prince just like you.” She groaned and I chuckled.

“Then let’s get settle on one thing.” I got on top of him and placing my both hands on both sides of his head I stared in her grey eyes.

“How about twins?” I inched closer kissing her jawline.

“W...What??” She breathed out as I kissed her sensitive spot behind her ear.

“Let’s make one more.” I smirked as she gasped.


“Well. We can try.” I kissed her neck and then trailed wet kisses down her naked body as she moaned. Her hand raked in my hair making me go wild and my hand fondled with her breasts as she moaned my name. I kissed her neck, jawline and all the way to her ear. Licking the sweet spot behind her ear, I gently nibbled her earlobe making her gasped.

I captured her lips in a deep, tender kiss. My tongue gain entry in her as she responded. Our tongues danced in unison. I explored her mouth and kissed her deeply. I wanted to pour all the love in that kiss. I wanted her to feel my love. I wanted to tell her countless times how much I love her. To show her she was my one and only everything.

“E-Edan....” She breathed out as I gain entry in her.

She shouted my name with pleasure as we made wild love countless times.

I’m glad she was in my life now.

And I’m never letting her go.

“Wow!” She swirled around in the open grounds. Her eyes amazed to see all of the beautifully architecture building. The design was its own example. The whole building was a true beauty.

We were on our honeymoon. It was a whole month trip. And it was all thanks to both dad and Justin. They decided to hold on the business till I return. They made it possible to spend a whole month with my lovely wife. I decided to show her some Asian countries.

After visiting to Japan, Korea, China and Turkey we were now in India. Currently it was our last week of our honeymoon.

We were visiting the famous Taj Mahal and after that we planned to head towards a minar famous by the name of Qutab Minar.

“Its beautiful.” She whispered and continued to take pictures of it.

“It says that a Mughal emperor made this Mahal in the remembrance of his beloved wife whom he loved the most.” My hands went around her waist pushing her into my body. Her back against my chest.

“Really?” She looked at me with amused eyes.

“Yeah. I read it by myself. He used to love her wife dearly and after she died. He was in agony and then build this beautiful monument just for her.”

I rested my head on his shoulder telling about the history behind this mahal. She listened with so much interest and was amazed by their love story. We spent whole three days in India and then decided to move on to the next place.

“Where are we headed now?” Emma asked as she was staring out the window of the airplane.

The airplane landed on the airport and she again questioned the same thing.

“Edan? Where are we?”

“A country known as Pakistan.” I replied as she stared at me confused.

“I’m gonna show you some different cultures and we are gonna try some different food.” I replied.

“Okay. I’m excited.” She grinned.

Her eyes looking around as a deep excitement in them. Right now she was looking like a little girl who was just traveling through a fairy land of her dreams. I decided to show her some Asian countries to let her experience new things and to know more about world. We had tasted so far different kinds of foods. Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Chinese and many more. And now we will try some traditional Pakistani dishes. The first stop we made was a simple restaurant. Not any five star, luxurious restaurant. A simple ordinary small place. The whole place was crowded.

“Gosh! What is that heavenly smell?” Emma held my hand as she mumbled.

A waiter showed us to our seats and handed our menus. The waiter said something in their language but we couldn’t make it.

“Excuse me! But can you repeat in English?” Emma said politely to the young boy.

“E-English?” He questioned and we nodded.

“Oh!” He motioned us to wait by his hand and went in.

After a few minutes another waiter came with a notepad in his hand.

“Hi! I’ll be your waiter for today.” A young lad having brown eyes, black hair with a tan skin said.

“Ready to order?” He asked and I nodded.

“What’s your best dish? I mean we want to try something traditional.” I looked at Emma as if she was fine with it and she was all the while smiling.

“Ah! Yes! I’ll bring right away.” He went in.

“So? I mean its not that luxurious but I-”

“Its amazing. I don’t care about any luxury or some queen treatment. I love all of it. Our honeymoon. I-Its just....just amazing.” She cut me off giving me a heart warming smile.

“I am glad you did.” I took her hand and rubbed circles with my thumb giving her a adoringly loving smile. My eyes showing my love for her the same way she was looking at me.

Our order arrived. The smell was heavenly amazing. However the dish looked like if it was some kind of green weeds. A spoonful of butter was placed in the center of it and beside it the whole plate was simple. Not much of decoration for presentation. It was simple. Beside it was placed some kind of round flat buns.

“Sir. Its called Saag and these flat buns like things. These are known as chapatti but in our language its called commonly as Rotti.” The waiter said.

We thanked him and started our lunch.

Emma’s POV.

“Mmmm.” I moaned as the moment I took the first bite.

We were not eating with fork and knife but we were eating with that Rotti. The taste was so heavenly great.

Mmmm! I’m loving this!

This whole honeymoon was amazing. I got to saw a lot of things, a lot of new places which I never knew existed. I have tasted so much amazing foods so far. Sushi, Rice cakes, Chinese noodles, Turkish cava, Chicken Tikka, Biryani, this Saag now and many more new things. I even tasted those spicy thing known as gol gappay or pani purry.

My pregnancy has made me to get addicted to spicy food. I’m always in the mood to eat something spicy. But Edan is trying his best to keep control on it saying that I would get a stomach ache if I continued like this. We finished our lunch with a cup of green cava. It wasn’t actually green in color but was of a bit yellow color. But its taste was also so amazingly awesome.

Then Edan took me to see the Shahi Qila. It was a huge castle and it mades me wonder how Kings and Queens used to live in the past. There dresses were so heavy. They were fully embroidered with stones, rubies, emeralds and diamonds. By looking at the dresses one could tell they were of worth million dollars at that time.

Then we went to the Badshahi Mosque. Just like other religious places, the Mosque was crowded by their believers. Thousands of people offering their prayers. The next day we were again on a private jet.

I wonder... Where were we heading tonow?

Edan said it is a surprise. After half an hour we landed. It was the shortest distance I had traveled through a jet.


I said as he blind folded me and then took my hand.

“Where are we?” My eyes were covered with a blind fold and all I can see was darkness.

“Ssshh...” He whispered in my ear leading me through some kind of stairs. I took small steps carefully.

“Now... You can see...” He removed the blind fold and I opened my eyes then again squeeze them shut. The bright light stinging my eyes. I adjusted my vision to my surroundings light.

“Oh God! I...I just... Wow!” I gasped.

I looked at the beautiful cottage that stood in front of me. It was in the middle of wilderness. The whole area covered with wild trees and wild bushes. The sound of a water fall running nearby can be heard.

The cold wind rustling the yellow leaves. Not a single noise. This place was away from all the city noise, all the traffic. Only the sweet melody of rustling leaves, blowing wind and chirping of birds could be heard. The whole atmosphere was peaceful and it brings you a relaxing, calming feeling. The whole place was surrounded by mountains. Their peaks covered with white snow.

“Loved it?” He hugged me from back and I simply nodded with a huge smile on my face. My eyes not getting tired of the magnificent beauty in front of me. The scenery was a true beauty created by God. The weather was chilly here as we were wearing warm coats and gloves.

“Let’s go in.” Edan took my hand and showed me the cottage from inside.

It was a small place with a fireplace, a bedroom, a kitchen and a simple living room. It was so different from those big mansions back in America. It was a small place yet it gives you that feeling of being at home. The truth was no matter what is the place, no matter where I am. As long as I am with Edan! I am home. He was my home now.

“Its an amazing place.” I embraced my arms around him as I stood on my tip toes and kissed him.

“What is this place? Are we still in Pakistan?”

“Yes. Its Kashmir and is located in northern side of both countries.” He replied. His eyes staring at me lovingly.

“Its a beautiful place.” I remarked as I looked out through the window.

“It is said that, It’s a piece of heaven.”

What Edan just said, made me so excited to explore this place. Although it was the start of winters but still the greenery could be seen everywhere.

“How you know so much? I mean about that Taj Mahal then this place. This cottage!”

“I studied. Well a bit before planning our honeymoon. And build a cottage here just for us. I wanted it to be special. I know you are not that kind of woman who just love riches and all those big mansions. You love nature and it just made me to do all of this.” He kissed my neck as his arms around mine. Just knowing he did all of this for me, makes me fall for him all again from the start.

“That is just so sweet.” I wiped the tears of happiness from my eyes.

“I never would have thought that... I would be having such a loving husband. I never thought that I would fall in love. I guess it was just my luck... I think it was in our destiny to meet each other... And.... And then how I became your assistant...”

“About that...The first time I met you. I was just so fascinated by you. You were the first woman who just captured my mind in just a few minutes and then you managed to capture my heart as well.” He paused and I turned in his arms looking in his blue deep eyes.

“And I kind of made a special contract for you and a special position as well. Although I was having an assistant but I created that personal secretary position just for you.” He smiled sheepishly and my eyes widen.

What? That means that contract! That contract that I cannot just quite. It was just meant for me? I thought... I thought...

What the heck!

“Look Emma! My sweet wife. I knew how hot headed you were and how you hated me so I had to do that.” He looked at me with slight smile and gave me a forgiving expression.

“Hmm. I am really mad at you.” I rolled my eyes and huffed.


“But?” He raised his eyebrows.

“I’m glad you did.” I inched closer and bringing my arms around his neck I looked in his surprised blue eyes.

“I am glad you did. Or else I wouldn’t be standing here with my arrogant husband.” I brushed my lips against his as he chuckled claiming my lips.

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