Destined to Love (Unedited)

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(Ch. 67) Destined to Love

Emma’s POV

A few months later...

“Fuck you.... Damn you..... Damn it.... I am gonna kill you if you touch me again!!!” I screamed as my forehead was covered in sweat. My breathing rapid and I was gasping for air. I was in so much pain right now and all I could do was scream.

“Emma! Hold on. You have to be strong.” Edan was constantly beside me holding my hand and comforting me but it wasn't helping.

“It hurts! Damn it!” I screamed as the doctor was asking me to push harder.

“Ma’am! Just a little bit.” She said and my temper was just flaring.

Can't she see? Is she blind? I am pushing harder.

Damn it!

“Emma! Sweetheart! Baby! Please just a bit.” Edan said as he was holding my hand and I held it tighter. My whole body was covered in sweat. My heart beating faster and I was gasping.

It hurts so damn much!

Soon the room filled with little cries and I let out a heavy breath. I relaxed and slowly felt my whole pain fading away as those cries rang in my ears. Edan looked in my eyes and I stared in his.

“You did it.” He kissed my forehead and smiled.

“Here you go. It's a girl.” The doctor handed our little princess in his hands after dressing her in a blanket.

We never wished to know the gender of the baby before the birth. We both wanted it to be a surprise. We didn’t care if it would be a girl or a boy. It was our baby and we would love her with all of our hearts.

“She’s beautiful. See! She’s just like you.” Edan sat beside me and I looked at my daughter.

My princess!

My life!

I looked in Edan’s eyes as a single tear fell from his eyes making me smile. He was looking at our baby as a smile on his face.

“Emma! Thank you. Thank you for giving me this gift of the life. You had made my life beautiful. I love you.” He kissed me on my dry lips. The baby started crying and I took her from him.

“I think she’s hungry.” I said and fed her as her cries stopped.

“She’s just like you. You have given birth to a beautiful princess.” Edan wiped the tears of happiness from my eyes and kiss the bridge of my nose as I sighed.

“Let me see my grandchild.” Edan’s Mom came in followed by Dad. They both looked at their princess who was sleeping now in my arms. Mom held our daughter in her hands and kissed her.

“She’s so cute.”

“Give her to me now.” Dad said.

“No! I want to spend some time with my doll.” Mom continued to hold her despite all the complains from Dad. I could see the happiness in all of their eyes as they looked at our princess.

“Thanks Emma. You have given such a cute doll to us.” Mom kissed me and hugged me as Dad held his grand daughter. I smiled feeling so lucky. My princess will have a loving family. A family whose life now depends on her. Whose happiness is what we desire now.

“Here you go.” Dad handed her to me after playing with her for some time and her eyes opened. I placed my finger below her lips as I cooed.

“Whose our little fairy? Whose our precious sweet heart?” I rubbed my nose with her small button nose as she closed her eyes.

“You are our little princess. My munchkin.” I kissed her as she gave me her first smile. I looked at her adorably and then the next moment she started crying.

“Uh! What happened! Hush!” I rocked her gently in my arms.

“Mommy’s here sweetheart. Look Daddy’s here too.” I rocked her gently as she stopped crying.

“She’s just like you. A sudden mood swinger.” Edan said as I chuckled.

Yup! May be!

“She has blue eyes just like yours.” I stared at his blue deep ocean eyes.

“You know what? Your eyes were the first thing I fell in love with.” I snuggle in his arms feeling at peace and comfortable.

“Should I be jealous of my eyes? Because you fell in love with them first and not with my heart.” He chuckled making me smile.

“But you were a jerk back then.” I stated the truth remembering our first meeting and then how he forced me to work in his office. How time flies and how world changes? My world changed because of my Edan.

“You were a quite feisty girl back then and there you just captured my attention and after that...” He paused and held my hand rubbing soothing circles on it.

“You managed to squeeze in my heart, my mind and even my whole presence.” He took my hand and kissed the palm of my hand.

I rested my head on his shoulder and could not help but wonder how had my life changed. From a nobody to Mrs. Edan. From a helpless, torn girl to a loving mother. From a weak being to a strong person.

Edan became my reason for all of this.

“What should we name her?” Edan said holding our daughter from my hands to his.

“She’s such a fragile thing. So soft and so tiny.” Edan said and held her gently with care. His strong arms wrapped around her protectively and his eyes looking at her affectionately.

“How about Amelia?” I suggested as Edan thought for it a while.

“Amelia Anna Wilton.” Edan said and I instantly fell in love with the name. It suited so perfectly and I loved how it sounds.

“Yup. I love it.” I smiled.

“Amelia! See? Your mommy liked it too.” I chuckled as Edan was talking to her as if she was older and could understand him.

“There’s a surprise for you at my parent’s house. As soon as you’ll discharge we will go there.” He said kissing me on my forehead and I simply nodded, excited to see the surprise.

The surprise was a grand party with thousands of gifts. The whole family was there. My parents, my friends, Lily, Justin and Belle with their kids, Edan’s mom and dad and of course Edan’s grandparents.

Everyone was already in love with Amelia and especially Ella, Drake and Elliot. They never once left her side. All the time convincing us to give Amelia in their arms. They were telling her stories as she was of their age and once in a while the princess will show her smile to them making them so happy.

The whole family celebrated till midnight whilst I retired earlier with Amelia as I was tired as well as in a bit pain. I placed her gently beside me and pat her gently as she slept peacefully.

I woke up with the little cries and looked around to see Edan trying to calm her down. He was rocking her in his arms and walking in the room. I looked at the clock to see it was 4 in the morning.

“Edan? I think she’s hungry. Give her to me.” I stretched my arms and he placed her gently with care. I fed her as she went back to sleep.

“She’s so hot headed like you.” Edan sat beside me and engulfed me in his arms.

“Like me? Really?”

“Yes. Like you.” He chuckled.

“Well! We will get to know about it once she’ll grow up.” I said seeing my sleeping beauty.

“I bet she’ll grow into a beautiful girl.”

“Yeah.” I agreed.

“I will not allow any boy to set an eye on her.” Suddenly his jaw clenched and his hand turned into fists.

“Edan! She’s just of one day. You’re thinking so far.” I laughed at him. How he just turned into a possessive father all of a sudden? I placed her in the crib carefully not to wake her up.

“But still. I am not allowing any-”

“Edan! Jeez! Stop thinking so much.” I lied down on the bed as a smile still lingering on my lips. I heard him huff and then an arm wrapped around mine pulling my body into his. I stared at the wall in front of me and wondered for a while. After a moment, I whispered his name slightly.

“Edan?” I said as a random question came in my mind.


“What if we had never met? What if I had never known you? What if we were not together? Then what you think we had been doing right now?”

I felt his arms tightened around mine as his breath fan on my neck. I know what would I be doing right now if I hadn’t met him. Probably I would have been dead by now. That Den would have broke me thousands time. He would have killed me. He would have force me, rape me thousands time, beat me and would have forced me to do shitty works. Just imagining all of this makes my body cold and my heart froze. A cold chill would ran down my spine and my body would shudder.

“Emma! Don’t think about what ifs! You’re with me now.” He whispered against my ear.

His arms went around me protectively as my heart relaxed. I turned to face him and looked deeply in his blue orbs. His warm hand went to my face as I held it with my cold ones.

“I would have found you no matter what. I would have found you because there is no one who could make me more complete than you. I would have found you because we were destined to love each other. We were destined to find each other.”

He looked in my eyes with the same passionate loving eyes. In all these year, I had never seen a bit difference in his love for me. I have only felt his love intensified for me. It never did once lessen.

“At first I never believed in fate and destiny but it changed the moment I met you. You were meant for me, my Emma and I was meant for you. Our love was meant for each other and not for anyone else.” He kissed me deeply on my lips as a stray tear roll down my eyes.

He was right. We were destined to love each other. We were destined to meet. We were fated. Our love for each other is our strength. And I hope our strength and love would never ever waver.

The End.
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