Destined to Love

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(Ch. 7) My New Boss

Emma’s POV.

The lift door opened on the 24th floor as I stepped outside of it and saw a double wooden door in the front. It was painted black with white borders. The whole floor consisted of a room having this wooden double door and a small cabin beside it. In the right corner in front of the cabin was another room whose door was closed by a lock and I wondered what that room holds.

The center of the floor was arranged into more like a waiting area with brown colored couches arranged around a black wooden table. The table was decorated by artificial plants placed on them. Beside them was a rack holding some books which I bet must be some magazines.

I straightened my clothes and swirling my front loose hair around my finger, I curled them a bit. Letting out a long breath, I took my first step towards my boss’s office. I felt a bit nervous as I walked towards the door and it was strange for me. I was not a nervous type girl and always tries to face everything with confidence but this situation seemed to be an exception. Just before knocking, I took a glance at my attire and pulled my skirt down a bit to cover a bit more of my legs.

Good! I was ready!

I knocked at the door as a voice came.

“Come in” And on hearing that voice, it kind of sounded familiar.

Nah! Must be my imagination.

Not giving it a second thought, I opened the door slowly and my eyes widen as I looked at the office. I was shocked at the interior design of the room. The office was designed elegantly and was simple and decent. This design was different from the outside one as the room itself screamed of power and authority.

“WOW!” I gasped lightly.

It was simple black and white theme but yet so beautiful. There was a white couch in the corner with a black table in the front, a mini fridge was by its side. A bookshelf with office files was placed in the other corner and the main table in front of the main door.

I took a look at the main table. It was black with a white design made on it. A huge window was showing the beautiful scene of the busy city as some sun rays had made their way in.

I saw a figure standing in front of the window. His back was towards me and the sunlight rays casting a large shadow of the body behind it. His stature strong, his shoulders broad and his all presence screamed of power and this room’s theme suited him. I shuddered a bit thinking about the person holding this firm, strong posture but composed my confident behavior.

“Take a seat.” His voice came.

That voice again sounded a little familiar... I think I have heard it before. Or not. I was not quite sure.

I took a seat in front of his desk. I was unknowingly biting my bottom lip and playing with my fingers. A habit of mine when I was nervous but this all was strange because I was not a nervous kind of girl, I was usually so confident but there was something in this room making me nervous.

But what was it?

“Miss Emma James! Nice to meet you again.” His voice emphasized on again as my mind wondered what he meant.


Did I hear him right? I don’t think so...

He must be mistaken.

“Sorry, Sir. We haven’t met before. You must be mistaken.” I stated the truth.

“Are you sure?” I could see a playful smile from the side of his face as my brows furrowed in confusion.

“Yes. Sir. I am absolutely su-” I was cut off when he turned, looking straight into my eyes.

Those blue eyes!

How could I forget them?

Those piercing eyes which I tried to forget. Those taunting eyes with which I had the staring contest.

I couldn’t forget them!

I was shocked, confused and tongue tied as I wasn’t having a single idea about what should I do. I was frozen on my seat and as I opened my mouth to make a remark, no words came out.

Damn it!

Come to your senses Emma!

Composing my surprised self and trying to untangle my tied tongue, after a moment I found the courage to speak.

“You-You...You JERK!!!” I said standing from my seat as his eyes widen and the same damn smirk took place on his lips like that day.

Damn him!

Edan’s POV.

I saw her entered the building through the camera and she looked like a professional business woman. The grey suit which she was wearing looked good on her and I got very excited, grinning like a child.


What’s happening? I am not like that...

What the heck!

I waited for her for almost one hour as I was pacing in my office. She was probably signing that contract I especially made for her, so she can’t quit for three years. Because I know that once she would see me who I was, she would quit straight away. So I made that contract. Just for her.

I sat on my seat while waiting for her to arrive. After five minutes of more wait, a knock came from the door as I stood up from my seat and stood in front of the large window, facing outside and watching the busy hustle and bustle of the New York city.

“Come in,” I said in my demanding voice.

The door slightly opened as I heard her gasped lightly and I have to control the urge to turn around and see her expression.

“Take a seat,” I said calmly.

I heard the seat being pulled but she didn’t utter a single word.

“Miss Emma James! Nice to meet you again.”

“Sorry, Sir. We haven’t met before. You must be mistaken.” She said making my smile wider.

So she didn’t recognize me?

Poor girl!

“Are you Sure?” I asked her in a playful tune.

“Yes. Sir. I am absolutely su-” I didn’t let her finish her sentence and turned to face her looking straight into her eyes.

She was shocked, her eyes wide opened as her mouth agape and then she closed it. She was surprised as she opened her mouth again to say something but nothing came out. She was tongue tied but the most interesting thing was her shocked expression. After a moment, she sighed as she looked at me and her eyes burned up with rage.

“You-You... You JERK!” She yelled as she stood up from her seat, glaring at me. A smile formed on my lips on hearing the way she called me.

Interesting way to greet your boss...

She was standing in front of my desk. I looked at her, as she was looking amazing. Her 5′3 inches figure a little taller with the heels she was wearing. Her clothes not that tight showing her slight curves of hip and breasts. Her face with light makeup as her black hair in a messy bun. She looked pretty. Not sexy but pretty.

“This Jerk is your new boss Miss James. You should respect me.” I smirked, making my eyes meet hers.

“Oh, No! That’s not true. This is a dream. A terrible dream. A nightmare.” She said while pinching herself on the arm as I saw her amused.

Naive girl!

“Oowch..!” She yelped slightly, rubbing her arm where she just pinched making me grin.

“So Miss James! Are you awake now?”

“Why? Why you? Out of all companies. Out of all people. Why you?” She sighed as I shoved my hands in my pockets.

“I don’t know. Maybe you’re lucky, working for this sexy, handsome boss of yours.” I winked as she rolled her eyes and gave me a scornful expression.

“Yeah dream on... Haven’t you seen yourself in a mirror? Handsome? Sexy? You just insulted those words. Besides I hate you and I am not gonna work for you.” She raised her head in confidence, a victory one sided smile on her lips.

Woah! That hurts.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me then.” The same smirk on my face.

I won’t let her win...

“Oh no! I better quit than working for you.” She turned and started walking towards the door.

Wow! Attitude! I like it!

“Oh, No. You can not Miss!” I said while moving towards her.

“Oh Yes I can. And I will.” She said stopping midway and turning towards me.

“No, you cannot.” I gave her my stern look giving her a warning glare.

I won’t let her...

I was a few inches away from her. Our eyes as if playing a staring contest seeing who will win, just like that time.

“Watch me then.” She glared, challenging me.

“I quit.” She emphasized every word as she spun around in a flash and started to walk towards the door to leave my office making me astound at her behavior.

I won’t let you, Emma James!

I instantly held her arm and pulled her to face me. I may have applied a little much force because she stumbled on her heels as she gasped, her eyes widen and she fell into my arms. I was shocked too as I was holding her in my arms. My hands on her waist and her hands grasping my shoulders to steady herself. Our faces a few inches away as I stared into her grey eyes. They were beautiful like silver moon. She was staring me back with the same shocked expression and I felt like my heart’s string being pulled.

No! I must be hallucinating!

She smelled so nice. Her scent was like that of jasmine. Her hair brownish black, silky as I slightly touched her hair. A beautiful scent of her hairs. I looked at her lips and no wonder they were red, cherry-like. And all I want was to taste those luscious lips at that time.

Damn! What’s going on!

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