Destined to Love

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(Ch. 8) That Jerk

Emma’s POV.

I headed towards the door to leave this hell of a office of his after yelling at him. At once, I felt a strong grip on my arm pulling me backwards. I stumbled on my heels as I gasped and fell into his arms.

Damn these heels...

My eyes wide opened as my stomach flipped. My hands holding his shoulders to steady myself as his strong firm hand around my waist. I was staring into his blue eyes as his deep eyes penetrating into my soul. Our faces few inches apart as my eyes raked on his well-sculptured face. He looked more handsome from this close.

Dammit! What did I just say?

Not good.

His eyes staring into mine and I could see his face moving towards me as I gulped down the strange feeling building inside me.

What was he trying to do?

I instantly turned my face to the other side as a strange thought came across my mind.

Was he going to kiss me?

Oh no! I would never let that happen.


He took my chin in his hands as his touch sent shivers down my spine. He turned my face to his side so that I was seeing him straight in his blue eyes.

What the hell!

My heart was beating as hell and I was sure he could hear it and all I wanted was to escape away from him to a far away distance. He inched closer as I held my breath and closed my eyes as if I was scared.

Damn! Why was I scared? I should punch his damn handsome face!

I tried to push him away to free myself but his hold around my waist firm. I thought I was strong but now I believe he’s stronger. I struggled but it was of no use. We were so close that I could even smell his cologne. A muscular sent mixed with that slight smell of rosewood. He inched closer and now we were breathing one air and I could feel his warm breath against my skin.

Damn you Jerk! Get away from me!

I wanted to punch him but my body was numb and I don’t know what was happening to me. He inched closer to my ear as my breath hinged.

“Miss James! Congratulations! You’re my new PA.” He whispered in my ear, his voice tickling my ear.

“And you’re going to start from today.” He said while drawing back, his lips slightly brushing my earlobe.

Fuck! What is this jerk doing!

I pushed him away with all my will as he released me and started walking out of his office. A damn smirk on his damn face as I was catching my breath. I was speechless and shocked. I couldn’t seem to breathe as I don’t wanna imagine what could have happened. For once I really thought he was gonna kiss me.


Damn him!

What happened to me back then? That was so unlike me. Normally I would have beaten the shit out of a man. But when I was in his arms I felt numb. I couldn’t seem to function and it felt like he just suck out the life from me and why my stomach flipped? I hadn’t taken anything unhealthy for my breakfast. Urgh!!! He’s making me confused and mad!


“Are you coming, Miss James?” His voice brought me back to reality.

What should I do? Should I follow him?

“I am not going to wait forever.” He again said and huffing, I finally decided to follow him as he led me to a small office.

There was a black colored table not as big as his and a black colored seat. On the table, a laptop was placed. Beside it was some files and a pen holder. A black sofa was placed beside the door with a water dispenser at its side. The whole furniture of the room was black and only the white wallpapers making a room bit bright. There were two doors one leading to the corridor and the other I really don’t know.

“This is your office, Miss James.”



Was I just going to thank him?

HIM? That jerk. Why would I even thank him?

For making me entrap or for sexually harassing me?

“Wait a sec. I didn’t say I would work for you?” I glared.

“I don’t think you had any other choice, you are stuck with me.” He said victoriously, his hands in his pocket and he was standing in the door.

“Everyone has a choice and I believe that I also have one.” I retorted.

“No, you don’t.” He replied with a calm attitude making my blood boil. My temper was flaring up seeing him this calm. Why was he this calm and what does he want from me?

“Remember that little contract you signed. You could not quit. It’s in m-”

“I know that. you don’t need to remind me!”

I was getting irritated with this conversation. Why can’t he let me go? There are probably hundreds of other people more qualified than me. Then why me? Has he lost his mind or something? or I guess he must have slipped on the stairs and banged his head on the floor.

“Then this pretty smart brains of yours also know that by violating that contract you will be in grave danger.” He smirked and I gritted my teeth.

Yeah, I know that I could lose everything. He could make a case on me. He is far more powerful than me and he can ruin me and my family.

Curse him!

“And Miss James if you’re thinking to break that contract. I could make your life hell within the snap of my fingers. And believe me, you don’t want that.” He threatened with his damn smirk as I curled my hands in fists.

What is wrong with him! This bipolar attitude. I hate him even more. One moment he is acting like a big jerk and in the next moment he is threatening me. I hate this man. So fucking hate this man!

“I will not...” There was nothing I could do now. He indeed had trapped me.

“Good.” A smile crept across his lips and my hands itched to wipe his damn smile away.

Damn it!

“And about your pay. You will get 500$ per week. There will be an additional bonus for overwork and I can make you stay after office hours in case of unfinished work. The weekends will be off. Your salary will be increased by noticing your work and responsibility. You will pass me important calls, reply my emails, set my schedule, and will accompany me to the meetings. Is that clear?” He asked me firmly after explaining me.

500$? And plus extra for over work. Wow!

“Yes.” I gritted my teeth.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Can I just kill him? Because I really want to.

“Good. Now be a good girl and start your work” he smirked.

“And by the way Miss James you should never interrupt your Boss when he’s talking or else your boss will punish you.” He smirked and then left.

I let out a low groan. For once when I started thinking that everything is going to be fine, someone has to completely ruin it.

Wow! Lucky me.

I took a look at my office and I couldn’t lie. It was good.. I still couldn’t believe that my salary is going to be 500$ per week. With this much amount, I will be able to take admission in university and also save some money for shopping and rent. This amount is far more higher than my coffee shop salary. I went towards that small door which I was not quite sure where it leads to. Maybe washroom. I turned the knob and opened it. I took a look and saw that it was Edan’s office. He was reading some files.

Oh! Its a connecting door between his and my office!

I was just going to back away when he looked at me.


“Miss me already?” I rolled my eyes at his question.

Miss him? Never!

“Don’t you dare roll your eyes on me.”

Huh..! Like I was gonna listen to that jerk. He could force me to work for him but couldn’t force me to change my actions.

I instantly closed the door before he could make another remark on my actions and went to my desk. I sat on the leather seat as it was so comfortable and I was enjoying my moment when the intercom beeped.

“Miss James take a look at those files and bring them here.” His voice came.

I didn’t say anything and started doing my work. After an hour I was done. I took the files in my hand and went to his office. Knocking at the door, I waited for the majesty’s permission.


“Come in.”

I put the files on his table as I didn’t want to talk to him. I turned to leave his office before he could give another cocky remark.

“Take your lunch break. After that set my schedule and also bring me a cup of black coffee.”

Wow! Not a cocky remark this time? Strange!

I nodded and left his office.

He might have won this time but the next time, the victory will be mine!

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