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(Ch. 9) New Friends

Emma's POV.

Taking my purse from my office, I went to the cafeteria. It was on the 5th floor - a long way down. Thank god! The building had the elevator or else I would have been dead in the middle of the stairs. It was easy to go down the stairs but to climb up and especially to the twenty fourth floor, I'd be dead meat in the middle track.

I went to the counter and ordered a sandwich along with a bottle of water. After giving my order, I went to sit at an empty table. I looked around the entire space. This cafeteria was taking up half of this floor as it was quite huge. Everything in this place was either painted in brown color or designed with it. The cafeteria was fully loaded with employees from different departments, chatting, gossiping or just having a bite of their lunch.

I was waiting for my order when someone came up and stood in front of my table. I looked up to see a young woman having ginger-colored hair, her eyes green and her cheeks lightly freckled. She looked like she was in her late twenties.

"Excuse me. Can I sit here? There aren't any vacant seats," she asked politely. I nodded with a smile. "Yeah. Sure."

"Thank you very much," she sat right in front of me and we remained silent. No one was speaking or no one knew how to start a conversation. I was never a conversation starter but in fights, it was a different thing. She opened up her mouth but then closed it. It felt like she was going to say something but stopped. Five minutes passed and then ten, the atmosphere between us still awkward and silent. None of us taking the first step to a conversation.

"So a new employee?" She broke the silence and asked with a question at once.

"Yes, It's my first day today," I smiled giving her an answer.

"In which department?"

"Ah... Actually I am Mr. Wilton's new PA."

"Oh! So you're the new girl? See. Well, good luck with your new job," She winked. I could feel what she said. I was pretty sure that I'd be needing a lot of luck to deal with my jerk boss and the bad-ass attitude of his.

"So, for how long have you been working here?" I decided to continue the conversation as we both were waiting for our order to arrive. It was already more than ten minutes and still my order wasn't ready.

"Almost a month," She answered as I simply nodded. We both went silent again.

"Order number 134! Your order's ready!"

I heard my order number and went up to take it. I took the tray of my sandwich along with my water bottle and returned to my seat. As I came back, the woman in front got up and went to the counter to take her order.

She returned with a bowl of some simple salad which was a little bit creamy along with a cup of juice. I guess her secret to her curvy smart body must be this. Only some salad and juice? I don't think I can live that life.

"So how's Mr. Wilton?" I asked while munching my food.

"What do you mean?" She asked whilst taking a spoonful of her food.

"I mean his behaviour with the employees,"

"Oh that? Well," she paused and took a sip of her juice. "He is super rude, the most arrogant boss one can have, he just fires people by the snap of his fingers depending mostly on his mood. But the devil got charms too. He is sexy, I mean the sexiest, handsome, charming billionaire bachelor. You know every woman in this world falls for him, or that's what the articles say so," she chuckled, "and who wouldn't? I mean, come on! He is your whole course meal," she laughed and I shuddered at the thought of full course meal.


"By every woman, you mean you too?" This question took her by surprise as she stared at me. She didn't say anything and I instantly felt ashamed at my question. I guess she didn't like it, I shouldn't have said that. I should apologize. "I am s-"

She started laughing at once cutting me off as I stared at the girl, confused. I was still trying to figure out the reason behind her sudden roar of laughter. Did I tell a joke or was she laughing at me?

"I am sorry," she said between laughs trying to control herself and then continued, "It was a good one. "

"Uh... what?" I was still confused. What happened just now and what was this good one thingy?

"I mean, not every woman may be. He is a full course meal no doubt, but along with that, he got attitude issues," she shrugged her shoulders. She was exactly right. I mean, tell me about that! I haven't seen a single person with that much attitude and ride behaviour. I guess, he forgot to learn manners.

"Also," she continued. "Right now, my eyes are on someone else. " She grinned as a tint of red colour took its place on her cheeks. She ate a spoonful of her salad and I took a bite of my sandwich. I took a sip of water to help the dry sandwich gulp down my throat without choking.

"Ah... You know his secretary Taylor Seville?" She whispered.

"Uhm..." I nodded still eating my sandwich and whispered back, "She is the one who gave me all the information and I must say, she is not so nice. She was seeing me like she's going to kill me."

"Oh!" She said with a smirk and then grinned.

"What?" I was getting confused again at her reactions. What does she meant by oh? And why that smirk and then a grin?

"It's clear. She was jealous," She continued grinning making my brows furrow.

"Jealous of what? Me?" I scoffed. "No way!"

"Why not? You know I have heard that she was also a one night stand of Mr. Wilton but she is still trying to become something more. She wants to get the title of Mrs. Wilton," She whispered and I cringed at the mere thought.

Who would want to get married to that jerk? She must truly be an idiot to dream of that. But why jealous? It's not like I wanted to take her place. She can have that jerk all to herself. In fact, I would bond them into one with my own hands.

She has a curvy body, is sexy and hot. I would say any man could fall for her. Their couple would be great! She has beautiful green eyes, blonde hair. But me? I was nothing compared to her. I have brownish black hair, grey eyes. I was not so curvy also. Why would anyone be jealous of me? It was surreal...

"Hey, you still there?" Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.


"You completely zoned out."

"I am sorry. So... what's your name?" I asked trying to change the topic. I didn't want to discuss about him more. I wanted a time away for him and his thoughts.

"My name's Violet. But people call me Ginger, you know my hair," she pointed towards her ginger-colored hair. "So what's yours?"

"Mine's Emma," I replied. "Nice to meet you," she grinned.

"You too."

"Hey, Violet. I have been looking all over for you." A man's voice came and I turned my head to see a guy who seemed to be in his late twenties too. His hair blonde and his eyes brown, he had a well built face along with a slight subtle on his face. He looked handsome but not as handsome as Edan though.

Wait what? What did I just said?

Oh, it's not good. Crap!

"Hey, Kev!" Violet hugged him while standing up from her seat. "So sorry," She said while pulling back as I continued to munch on my sandwich to avoid an awkward feeling. I was the third person here.

"So who's this beautiful lady there?" His attention turned towards me. I inwardly rolled my eyes at his comment. Boys and their rubbish comments. Why do they call all women beautiful? To make a good impression on them?

"She's Emma. Mr. Wilton's PA. Emma this is Kevin, he works with me."

"Nice to meet you, my lady," He bowed in front of me and my eyes widen.

Too much chivalry...

"Yeah, you too," I forced a smile.

"Kev! stop it. What do you think we're doing? Shooting a movie of 1940 and what are you? A guard paying respect?" Violet said while cocking her eyebrows as I let out a small chuckle this time.

"Hey! You know me sweetie," Kevin winked at Violet and sat in front of me. I didn't miss the slight red color of cheeks of Violet and I think I knew who she had her eyes set on.

"So Emma! First day at work?" He asked me.

"Yeah," I answered him briefly. I didn't know what else to say. I don't do much talking with men. I hate them. The last time I was friendly and all frank with some guy would be around three or four years ago. I think that all men are alike. Playing with girl's feeling, then fucking them up and then leaving them like garbage. Leaving girls shattered into pieces after toying with their hearts.

"So how's your so far experience?" he asked another question.

"It's fine. I guess. It's been a mere few hours," I said as I wiped my mouth with a napkin and took a sip of water.

"Oh, good luck with it. Mr. Wilton could sometimes be a pain in the ass," he gave out a small chuckle and I nodded with a slight smile. "No worry. I can handle that." I surely will.

As time passed I got a bit comfortable around them. Violet was so cheery and jolly, one could forget all worries around her, and as for Kevin he wasn't that bad after all. He cracked a few jokes which were quite funny. I chuckled one or two times a bit on his crazy remarks.

There was a time once when I had a guy as my best friend. I was in my 1st year of high school. Our friendship started that time and as some months passed, that friendship of mine turned to a little crush on him. Young and so in love, I was. As a few months passed, I confessed my feelings to him because I couldn't hold the pain of seeing him with someone else that wasn't me. I still remember how a nervous wreck I was at that time. He was the first love I ever had and I wanted it to be my last. I was naive and idiot. Such an idiot and stupid girl with her heads up in clouds. I thought our story would also be a happy ending just like a fairy tale. But I forgot one thing that happy endings do not exist.

Just forget about the bitter past, Em! Don't think about it.

I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. I couldn't believe that my chest still aches by remembering about it.

I turned my attention to them. They both were joking, laughing and in between Kevin would tease Violet and then she would start hitting him, but he would continue to chuckle. I really enjoyed their company and sensed a chemistry between them or that might be a facade too.

I looked at the time to see I had been here for sixty minutes now. Damn! I didn't notice I have been sitting here for an hour. I hurriedly stood up.

"Thanks to both of you. I really enjoyed your company. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!" I bid them goodbye and went to the lift. I pressed the twenty fourth floor button and as the door closed, I remembered. Darn it! I forgot his coffee!

I instantly pressed the 5th-floor button again and went to the counter. I ordered a black coffee, took the cup and went to his office.

"You're thirty minutes late Miss James," he said coldly as soon as I entered his den. His intense blue eyes looking at me.

"I forgot. Well here's your coffee." I put the coffee on his table and as I was going to withdraw my hand, he instantly grabbed it. A cold shiver ran down my spine by his mere touch.


"Don't ever get late. I hate tardiness," he whispered but it was more like a warning that he gave.

"Okay. " I gritted my teeth trying my best to keep my temper in control. "Good, " he said and let my hand go. My jaws clenched as I drew my hand away. Jerk! He was truly a born jerk!

I hurriedly left his office and went to mine. I set his schedule and by three, I was done. It was so difficult to arrange all the meetings, his business tour, his dinner plans and other things. I never knew just setting a simple schedule would be so hectic. After taking a look at some other files I took a glance at my watch showing it was five in the evening now and that means I was free to go. Taking my purse, I entered the lift and pressed the ground floor button. The lift made few stops at different floors as more people came in. The doors dinged open at the ground floor and coming out, I walked through the slightly crowded lobby and left the building. I went to the bus status and took a bus straight to my apartment. I was so tired by now.

Gosh! What a day!


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So there's a little about Emma's past but you'll find out why she hates guys and how her boyfriend ditched her later on. All in good time.

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